What Color is Gasoline?

Having a nice car is a pretty big investment for most of the people. As we all know, there are plenty of things you need to take into consideration when it comes to a proper car maintaining.

The gasoline is one of the most important things you need to look out for. Simply put, there are different types of gasoline on the market and the color of gasoline is important for your car.

Also, the low-quality gasoline causes many problems when it comes to the car engine. This is because gasoline might be mixed with some other ingredients which are harmful to your car.

Now, let’s see everything that is important when it comes to the gasoline and its color.

The Original Gasoline Color

The Original Gasoline Color

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Most of the people think that original color of the gasoline is light brown or yellow. But, that doesn’t have to be the case. The gasoline has no original color since there are different mixes and different types of gasoline. Simply speaking, the color of the gasoline varies a lot.

Therefore, we have plenty of different colors of the gasoline that are familiar to a regular person. From the clear, yellow, light brown, purple to reddish, the gasoline color is pretty much never the same considering that it varies.

After all, we can say that the true gasoline color is simply clear. Namely, gasoline is created from the fossil fuel with a complex process of getting it.

Then, they add a different type of materials and ingredients to the original mix so the gasoline changes color.

Never the less, the gasoline is always clear and almost like water, but after the complex process of mixing the right ingredients, the gasoline changes color and becomes more dark and yellowish.

Fuel dyes

Now, the main question here is where does the color come from? Which additives do they put in the original gasoline to make it darker?

Well, there are lots of different answers to these questions.

The whole purpose of adding a different type of additives to the gasoline and making it in different colors is that so people can tell difference between the types of gasoline.

As we all know, there are diesel car engines and there are petrol car engines. Both of these engines are working in a similar concept. They burn the fuel inside them to provide maximum power which makes the car run.

Now, to avoid confusion, they make different gasoline colors so people can know which one is for their car.

Since you can’t identify the gasoline easily, manufacturers came up with the idea to dye the gasoline with different colors so the people will know what to get.

However, you can always test the gasoline if you have the right tools, but these tools are only to be found in some laboratories or specially equipped places.

So, why is the color of the gasoline important after all? Well, the gasoline might be mixed with harmful ingredients and materials that will lower the quality.

This will lead to many breakdowns or even bigger problems for your car.

Clear Gas

Clear Gas

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Now, when it comes to the quality and the overall performance of the engine, clear gasoline is possibly the best solution. But, what is exactly clear gasoline? Well, clear gasoline is the pure gas without any additives or mixtures.

Namely, the clear gasoline doesn’t contain any trace of ethanol or other ingredients. Therefore, the clear gas is definitely the best solution when it comes to fuels.

With the clear gas, you will be able to improve your mileage for sure. Also, your car engine will be less likely exposed to harmful ingredients. This will only keep your engine in a good shape and at the best performance level.

On the contrary, the gasoline with the ethanol ingredients is just not so good for your car. This is because it contains some harmful ingredients which are not that good for your car.

What Color is Unleaded Gasoline?

First of all, the unleaded gasoline is the most used gasoline. Also, it is eco-friendly and it has way less harmful ingredients for environment.

Now, the color of the unleaded gasoline is a bit more yellowish than the petrol. Namely, the unleaded gasoline doesn’t have lead in it which makes it clearer than other types of gasoline.

Also, some would say that the color of the gasoline is a bit green.

Anyhow, the unleaded gasoline is easy to spot because it has clearer color, almost like water. Also, the unleaded gasoline is quite greasy and it leaves a sparkling trace.

Testing of the Gasoline

With the right technique of testing the gasoline, you can see exactly the right level of quality of the fuel and know whether it is good or bad.

Since the quality of the gasoline is mostly connected with the ingredients, we suggest that you check the gasoline quality before every use.

1. Testing For Water

Now, some manufacturers even mix the water in the gasoline to sell it more. However, there is a nice and easy test you can do to find out if you have water in your gasoline.

First, pour the gasoline in the clear glass container and wait for it to stabilize. Next, you need to look closely from the side of the glass. If you see two layers in the glass, then your gasoline is mixed with water.

On the other hand, if there aren’t any layers or traces of water in the gasoline, you have the high-quality product. Anyhow, with the high-quality gasoline, you can definitely achieve much more with your car.

2. Testing For Alcohol

You can also find traces of alcohol in your gasoline with this easy to do test. Let’s see how you can test your gasoline for alcohol.

First, you will need a graduated cylinder. It is best recommendable to use the fifty milliliters cylinder since it has the best use here. Now, pour about ten milliliters of gasoline in that cylinder and after that, pour two milliliters of water in the same cylinder.

Next, you need to cover the cylinder and shake it for about one minute. Also, keep in mind that you don’t need to shake it so hard.

Furthermore, leave the cylinder for fifteen minutes to stabilize. After that, the water will fall down to the bottom of the cylinder and you will clearly see it separated from gasoline.

Now, if you have more than two milliliters of water in the cylinder, then the alcohol is present in the gasoline.

Otherwise, you don’t have to worry about it since there is no alcohol. This is quite easy to do since it doesn’t take much time and effort.

You can check this video for more information:

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Final Verdict

In the light of everything we said above, it is only normal to conclude that the gasoline color is important for your vehicle and its performance. With the right gasoline, your car will work like a charm.

But, if you feed it some low-quality gasoline, your car will have breakdowns.

The color of the gasoline is one of the best indicators of the quality of the gasoline. Therefore, you have the original clear gasoline color that is mixed with the other ingredients so it becomes more dark and yellowish.

Now, it is only up to you to find the right gasoline and pour it into your car.

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