Symptoms of Water in Gas Tank

Symptoms of Water in Gas Tank and How to Fix It

Having a car means that you have a lot of responsibilities, and therefore, you have to look out for any signs of possible breakdowns. One of the things that can really degrade your car’s engine performance is having water in your gas tank.

And, most of the people actually don’t even mention this kind of problem until it’s too late. Also, if you have water in your gas tank, your car will act weird and later on, your engine will definitely be damaged.

Luckily, we are here to discuss everything about this car problem, so that you can prevent it from happening to you. Let’s begin.

Symptoms of Water in Gas Tank

First, let’s talk about the most common symptoms that you can acknowledge if you have water in the tank.

1) Failure to Start The Engine

car engine

As we all know, your car’s engine works on fuel and therefore, you need fuel to start the car. However, if your car won’t start at all, there might be some water present in the fuel tank.

Usually, the water in the tank needs to be above the piston that is inside your car’s cylinder. This means that the piston won’t be able to complete the rotation and therefore, you can’t start your car at all.

If you notice this kind of problem, it is recommendable to check the fuel tank and see if there is any trace of water in it.

2) A Decrease in Engine Power



If there is water inside your fuel tank, your car will lose its engine power. However, this is a bit harder to notice since your car’s engine will lose its power slowly over time.

Anyhow, you will definitely notice that something is not right with your car as the vehicle’s mileage is going down. In that light, you should always check for the water in the fuel tank since you don’t want to damage your engine.

The whole process of decreasing engine power of your car will start because of bio degradation of the fuel, which will decrease your car’s power.

3) Acceleration Problems

car acceleration problems


Now, most of the cars have pretty good acceleration power, but they can all have troubles accelerating if there is water in their tank. The obvious sign of poor acceleration is when your car needs more time and force to do so.

That is possibly the most common symptom of water in tank problem. This happens because your car actually needs gas to accelerate, not water. Therefore, it will have plenty of troubles accelerating if there is water in the tank.

4) Splutter of the vehicle

Your car will definitely start to splutter when you hit the gas pedal if you have water in tank problems. This is caused by water entering the fuel system and being injected into the engine which is actually pretty bad.

The engine will not have the right kind of fuel to accelerate the car and you will notice that your car is spluttering.

So, it’s time to remove water from gas tank.

What Causes Water in Gas Tank?

It really doesn’t matter how much water you have in your car’s engine, even a small amount can cause major problems to your engine. Therefore, it is recommendable to take every precaution to prevent this from happening to your car.

But, you can’t be always secure and 100% sure that this won’t happen to you since the causes of water in gas tank are mostly uncontrollable. Anyhow, here are some of the main causes of this problem:

  • Bad fuel pump – The most common way of getting water in your gas can is with a bad top fuel pump.
  • A badly sealed cap on the gas tank – If your gas cap isn’t sealed properly, water may enter your gas tank and damage your engine.
  • Condensation of atmospheric moisture – With the accumulation of the water vapor in the gas tank, you will get a lot of water inside your gas tank.

How to Fix Water in Gas Tank

With everything said so far, let’s see how to get water out of gas tank and prevent it from happening as well.

1) Replace the Contaminated Gas

If you have water in gas tank it means that you also have contaminated gas inside as well. Not only that this gas is bad for your engine, but also, it can damage your whole car in general. However, you will need to replace contaminated gas with the high-quality fuel.

That way, you will get rid of the water in the gas tank and revitalize your car.

2) Use Octane Gas

With a simple use of octane booster, you will be able to exhaust water from the gas tank completely. Since the octane booster will absorb all of the moisture from the gas tank, you will get a whole new and completely dry gas tank.

Now, you can pour some good-quality fuel in your tank and get rid of the water in tank for good.

3) Change the Filters

Sometimes water in gas tank can get too high and therefore, you will need to replace filters as well. Simply speaking, replacing filters will definitely help you with this kind of problems and it is strongly recommendable.

On the other hand, water might get inside the filters as well, and that is just one more reason to replace them with new ones. All in all, filters are quite important and you need to check them if you have water in the gas tank.

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In the light of everything above, we can conclude that this type of problem can happen to anyone. Therefore, it is best for you to check your gas tank from time to time and act everything your car does something strange.

With that being said, we have discussed everything important about water in gas tank problem so that you can actually know what to do if it happens to you. Make sure to check twice for water in gas tank problem if you are constantly driving your car.

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