We all know that engine needs oil in order to work properly. But, sometimes the oil is not enough for an engine to perform the way it should. That is why we have oil stabilizers which are quite good in dealing with some engine malfunction problems.

Anyhow, we are here to discuss some of the most important things about Lucas oil stabilizer so that you have a complete insight into the product. Let’s begin with the Lucas heavy duty oil stabilizer reviews.

Specification in Details:

Here are some of the most important specifications about Lucas oil stabilizer.

Pros You May Like

Cons to Know About

Key Features and Benefits

First of all, this heavy duty oil stabilizer is made out of the high-quality petroleum that is perfected through many hours in laboratory. Besides that, Lucas oil stabilizer is tested in many situations and on many ways. This all gives the quality and value to this product.

Specially Formulated

Lucas oil stabilizer is specially formulated blend made out of the premium oils in a combination with variety of petroleum additives. All of these ingredients make this product to be able to meet many standards and needs that most of the engines have.

This actually is a supplement to other oils, and in that light, Lucas oil stabilizer excels in more than just one field of performance. Anyhow, most automotive applications are compatible with Lucas oil stabilizer which makes it quite convenient choice on the market.

Primary Benefits

Some of the most important and crucial benefits of Lucas oil stabilizer are:


As for the compatibility, we can safely say that Lucas oil is quite compatible with variety of engines and oils. This amazing product is easily and safely usable with basically any automotive lubricants and oils.

Even the synthetic oils and lubricants are great in a combination with Lucas oil stabilizer. Besides that, Lucas oil stabilizer is compatible with both gasoline and diesel engines. This makes it quite good and valuable choice.

Lucas Oil vs AMSoil

With the variety of choices on the market, Lucas oil stabilizer actually is quite good product. But, there are some tough competitors as well. Namely, AMSoil is one of the most popular and definitely a great oil stabilizer.

However, the choice really depends on the person’s preferences. We can only say that Lucas oil is known for its great performance and ‘’gentle and non-greasy’’ formula.

On the other hand, AMSoil has a bit better ‘’warming sensation’’ that it gives to the engine and the whole automobile. Therefore, it really is a tough call which one to pick. But, after all, we must say that Lucas oil stabilizer is a bit better.

Anyhow, you can’t go wrong with any of these products. Just remember that Lucas oil stabilizer is specially formulated and tested through many hours in variety of situations and occasions.

Lucas Oil vs Royal Purple

Again, Lucas oil stabilizer offers a bit more than any other oil stabilizer, especially the synthetic one like Royal Purple. However, Royal Purple is great synthetic motor oil that excels well in the field of performance when it comes to rebuilt or resealed engines.

On the other hand, we have our Lucas oil stabilizer that is great in a combination with variety of engine products and oils. Simply, Lucas oil stabilizer is an oil additive while Royal Purple is high-quality synthetic motor oil.

How to Use Lucas Oil

In order to get as much as you can out of some product, you must know how to use it first. Simply speaking, Lucas oil stabilizer is not that hard to use since it has pretty easy and understandable instructions. Also there should not be any Lucas heavy duty oil stabilizer problems.

Anyhow, let’s see everything about Lucas heavy duty oil stabilizer how to use steps.

1) Changing of the Oil

It is recommendable to use Lucas oil stabilizer only when you are changing the oil in your engine. This will help you to measure the right amount of Lucas oil stabilizer that you need to add.

2) Add Lucas Oil stabilizer

The only thing that you need to remember about adding Lucas oil stabilizer is that it goes in this exact amount, 20% stabilizer and 80% oil. This proportion will provide the best possible engine performance.

3) Check your engine performance

It is also recommendable to check the engine performance and see for yourself how good Lucas oil stabilizer actually is. Besides that, keep a close look on your engine performance for a few days after adding Lucas oil stabilizer.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many miles does my vehicle need to have so I can add Lucas oil stabilizer?

Answer: It is recommendable to use it on new engines. However, when adding Lucas oil stabilizer in an engine that has high millage, you will only extend its life for at least 50%.

2. Does Lucas heavy duty oil stabilizer work with lightweight oils?

Answer: You need to find exact lightweight oil that is compatible with Lucas oil stabilizer, for example, a 5W-30 type.

3: Will Lucas oil stabilizer eliminate the factory warranty of my new vehicle?

Answer: No it won’t. Lucas oil stabilizer will never void or eliminate your new car’s warranty.

Final Verdict

In the light of everything we said above, it is quite easy to conclude that Lucas oil stabilizer is a great product that offers many benefits for the user.

With this type of oil stabilizer, you will most likely have better working engine and you will definitely prolong your engine’s life.

The only thing that is left to do is to get up and get one of these bottles of Lucas oil stabilizer. You can’t possibly go wrong with this one.