How to Siphon Gas Out of a Car

The minute you hear someone talking about how to siphon gas, you think about criminals. The practice has long been a favorite of people who like to steal fuel from others. However, you will also need to learn this skill in case of an emergency. Sometimes you are in the middle of nowhere with no fuel station in sight and just need some fuel to get you to the nearest stop.

A stranger would be able to help if they could siphon some fuel from your car. The skill could also help you when you want to winterize your car. Other situations may not be emergencies but the skill would still come in handy.

A good example is when your lawn mower is out of gasoline and you need to cut the grass but do not want to go to the fuel station to buy gas.

Now that you see how this skill comes in handy, it is time to learn how to do it. There are two main methods that you can choose when you need to siphon gas. While similar and applying the same logic, they are still a bit differentiated. They include siphoning the gas:

1. How to Siphon Gas With a Hose

how to siphon gas with a hoseHow to Siphon Gas With a Hose

This is a safe way of siphoning gasoline from your gas tank.

What You Will Need

For this process, you need to be prepared. You should therefore buy or get:

  • 2 pipes of see-through plastic tubing; one short and one long;
  • An old rag;
  • A closed gasoline can;
  • A mechanical pump;

If you do not have two plastic tubes then you can get one large one and cut it into two, ensuring that one is long enough to get into the tank and into the gasoline.

The Process

The process is very simple. However, this does not mean that you can be careless. You need to be extremely cautious to avoid inhaling any gasoline fumes during the process. To siphon the gas:

  • Remove the cap protecting your gas tank so you can have access.
  • Insert the longer plastic tubing into the gas tank.
  • Check whether the tubing is in the gasoline by gently blowing into the tube and listening for bubbles.
  • Insert the shorter plastic tubing as well but only enough to have the end in the tank but not in the gasoline.
  • Ensure that these two tubes are not squeezed.

Some cars have anti-siphon features. If you have such a car, do not bother trying to siphon using this method since the tubes will be squeezed.

  • Insert the end of the longer tube in the mouth of the gasoline can.
  • Place the plastic can on the ground, that is, lower than the level of gasoline in the car.
  • Wet the rag and then wring out the water.
  • Carefully place the rag in the mouth of the gas tank so that no air can come in or go out.
  • Blow air through the short tube and check to see that the gasoline is flowing through the longer tube and into the can. If you have a mechanical pump, use it instead of blowing with your mouth.
  • Once the liquid is flowing, you do not need to keep blowing or pumping air into the tank.
  • After you are satisfied with the amount of gasoline that you have drained from your vehicle, block the end of the longer tube with your thumb.
  • Raise the tube above the gas tank and remove your thumb. The excess gasoline should flow back into your gas tank.
  • Remove the tubes and rag and close your gas tank.

If you do not block air properly using the rag, then your gasoline will not siphon. You should always check that no air flows in or out of the tank but through the shorter plastic tubing.

2. How to Siphon Gas With a Siphon Pump

how to siphon gas with a pump

When it comes to using a siphon pump, the method is almost the same. the only major difference is that the siphon pump does most of the job.

What You Will Need

  • check Closed gasoline can;
  • check Siphon pump;
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The Process

The process is straightforward:

  • Open the cap on your gas tank.
  • Insert one end of the tube (comes with the siphon pump) into the gas tank and the other into gasoline can.
  • Use the siphon pump to get the liquid flowing and let the gasoline drain into the can.
  • Once you are satisfied with the amount collected, raise the can and remove the end of the tube.
  • Block it with your thumb then raise it above the gas tank level so the excess gas can drain into the tank.
  • Remove the tubing and replace the gas tank cap.

One of the most important things to remember is that the siphon pump only works one way. That means that only one end of the tube acts as an entry point while the other is the exit point. You need to know which is which before you use the siphon pump on your car.

If you happen to confuse the two ends, you will only end up pumping air into your gas tank and this is not advisable.

Precautions to Take

Whenever you are siphoning gas, you need to employ some precautions. This includes:

  • Always have a closed gas can. Open cans or buckets can easily lead to spillage which is dangerous. They can also let gaseous fumes escape and you might end up inhaling them.
  • Never smoke while siphoning fuel as you could start a fire.

You can also check this video for more info about how to siphon gas from a newer vehicle:

How Not to Siphon Gas: Dangers of Siphoning Gas

Dangers of Siphoning Gas

The truth is that there is another traditional way of siphoning gas. It involves blowing the air into the gas tank through one plastic tube. You then direct the end of the tube into your gasoline can when you are satisfied that the air you have blown is sufficient to kick-start the siphoning process.

This is absolutely dangerous and should not be attempted. It might seem like the only available option but it can be detrimental. Remember that gasoline has compounds that are dangerous when inhaled or ingested. If you swallow or inhale the gasoline, you could end up:

  • check Suffering from breathing difficulties;
  • check Vomiting blood;
  • check With a localized irritation;
  • check Losing your vision;

This can easily turn fatal.

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In conclusion, You should therefore stick to the two safe methods of siphoning fuel and follow the instructions to the letter to avoid any accidents.

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