Many youngsters like to get creative and adventurous with their vehicles. One of the products to choose that changes the look of your automobile is the Plasti Dip to color the rims of the tires. As change is the flavor of life. You may want to remove the Plasti Dip and replace it with another. Here is a painless guide to removing Plasti Dip from your wheels.

What is Plasti Dip?

It is an innovation that provides a rubber coating to any surface. It is sprayed, dipped, or brushed onto any surface – like the handle, tire rims, fenders, bumpers, etc. It is also used to insulate the handles of various tools to offer better grip and prevent slippage. Some creative users also apply it to give a new look to their automobile.

The paint is flexible – does not peel, chip, crack, or become brittle. It can resist acids, alkali, weather, UV light, impact, abrasions, etc. It also insulates from electrical shock, deadens sound, and vibration heat.

To get the best results, apply 4 – 5 coats at an interval of 15 – 20 minutes. Let the object sit for 6 hours after the last coat. This helps the paint develop a strong bond with the surface. Applied in this manner the paint lasts for up to 3 years.

How to Remove Plasti Dip from the Rims

Materials required – Soap solution, an aerosol spray of aliphatic hydrocarbons, sponge, rubber gloves, stick to stir, How to Remove Plasti Dip from Your Rims?bucket, kerosene, a toothbrush, garden hose, rags, pressure washer, some cardboard and glass jar.

Method 1: Use Rust penetrant lubricants

Some aerosols have 40 – 50% aliphatic hydrocarbons like kerosene and <35% non-hazardous heavy paraffin like petroleum or mineral oil (for example – WD-40). These sprays protect the metal from corrosion, rust, penetrates and loosens the stuck parts.

It lubricates and displaces moisture. It smoothens leather and cleans surfaces like a tile, your car, etc. After you have secured this aerosol remove the wheels from the tires to prevent damage to the brake pad. Next, spray this aerosol on the tire and leave it for 5 – 8 minutes. It should penetrate the Plasti Dip and dissolve the adhesive.

If you scratch a little you will see the Plasti Dip peels off. You can use the pressure washer to remove the rubber coat. The little bits left can be removed by a toothbrush, stick, or pincers. You could even use a rag to wipe the wheel.

Method 2: Use your hands and nails

You can even peel off the rubber skin with your hands and nails. The coat behaves much like the nail gel polish on your fingers. Once you get the edge in your hold you can simply pull off the paint from the nail. This paint behaves similarly. Get hold of the edge and peel back gently and steadily. The only issue may be the object you use to pick the edge off – may scratch the surface beneath.

Method 3: Use Kerosene

This is a cost-effective and practical option. The chemicals in Plasti Dip are organic. According to chemiHow to Remove Plasti Dip from Your Rims?stry – “like dissolves like”. Thus, an organic substance will dissolve in an organic solvent. Kerosene is an organic solvent that dissolves rubber. First, remove the tire, place it on a used carton or cardboard. This would prevent a mess to clean-up later.

Take kerosene in a glass jar. Then wear rubber gloves and take a toothbrush. Dip it in the kerosene and apply carefully to the rim. Make sure you avoid the tire as it may dissolve or deform. Let the kerosene soak in for about 5 – 8 minutes. Use a wooden stick to peel off the Plasti Dip off the rim. This way you do not scratch the wheel or damage the tire. Use a rag to remove the small pieces of the paint left behind.

Once most of the paint is removed wipe the rim with a soap solution. This also helps remove the strong smell of soap. You could also rinse it with a pressure washer or a garden hose. Repeat the procedure for the rest of the tires.

Method 4: Use Adhesive Removers

The chemical composition of the chemical adhesive removers has organic solvents. Remove the tire from the car to protect the brake system. Use a face mask this would prevent inhalation of the vapors Wear gloves to protect the hands. Spray liberal amounts of Adhesive remover or dissolver on to a rag or paper towel.

Then apply it to the rim. If you have a thin tube or nozzle the liquid can be sprayed onto the rim. Let stay and soak in for 5 – 8 minutes. The peel off the coating using a wooden stick and rag. Using sharp metal will leave unsightly scratches. Then wash the wheel in soap water. You can let it drip dry or wipe it with a rag.

Method 5: Use paint thinner

Paint thinner like turpHow to Remove Plasti Dip from Your Rims?entine is an organic solvent that removes another organic compound with ease. It is used to remove coatings, oil paints, adhesives, excess grease, etc. Remove the tire. Place it in a large box.

Take sufficient amounts of paint thinner in a bottle. Soak the paper towels in this volatile liquid. And place them on the rim. The box should prevent the thinner from evaporating too quickly. If you do this method in a cooler or cold place the thinner will remain in the liquid state longer. This will allow it to do its job of dissolving another organic compound i.e. rubber quickly.

The thickness of the Plasti Dip layer will decide its effectiveness. If it is thick you may have to soak the painted rim longer. Or if it thin like nail polish then you can simply wipe it clean. Usually, the layer of Plasti Dip lifts off and can be peeled off with ease. Repeat the process for other tires then wash them with soapy water.

Method 6: Isopropyl Alcohol

Any alcohol is a good organic solvent thus it will work on the rubber paint too. Isopropyl alcohol is a volatile liquid. You can either make a set up like the paint thinner. Or dole out sufficient amounts to soak the rag or paper towel. Then place it on the rim to dissolve or lift off the paint. If the paint is thick – leave it on for 5 – 8 minutes It will curl up at the edges or dissolve like nail polish. Depending upon the thickness of the application. You can peel it using your hands and nails or a wooden stick. Repeat this step till all the wheels are done. Wash with soapy water and wipe the wheels with a rag.

Why Wash and Dry the Tire Rim?

Once you have removed the Plasti Dip you can make the rim look like new. Apply a chrome finish to the rim. The How to Remove Plasti Dip from Your Rims?color of this finish depends on the natural or actual color of the rim. This step also covers any scratches, blemishes, or marks left during the scraping and peeling process.


Plasti Dip is a rubber paint that adds color and personality to your automobile. If you would like to change the color or the look of your vehicle then you will have to remove the one in place. You can use any of the six methods described here to remove the paint. If you can afford it buy the commercial removers or used these common regents found at home. You can choose the method of removal by considering the cost, availability of the materials, and convenience. Of the methods suggested, methods 1, 3, and 6 are the best. You can even combine the three methods for the best results. But of course, the final decision is yours.