How to Remove Plasti Dip From Your Rims

For all you car enthusiasts out there, you know how awesome plasti dipping your car is. It’s like you get a completely new, custom paint job, for just a fraction of the cost. And, unlike vinyl wrapping, it stays on your car for a long time, is much cheaper and is easier to do. 

However, what if you had such a bad dipping job that your car would have ended up on a segment of Top Gear, and have you made fun of by Jeremy Clarkson? Or maybe you simply missed and covered your rims with plasti dip and now can’t seem to get it off?

Well, we have the solution. This guide should explain how to remove plasti dip with little effort and will save you from the follies of your youth (yes, we understand tribal markings on your car sounded cool at the time).

Jokes aside, this plasti dip removal guide is supposed to help you remove a coating of plasti dip that has covered and touched your rims, and so should not really be used on the rest of the car. Some of these chemicals may be abrasive and can damage the underlying paint job beneath the actual plasti dip.

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How To Remove Plasti Dip

plasti dip removal

Plasti dip removal doesn’t need to be difficult or annoying. It’s a very simple process that, while demanding a bit of patience, can make your rims as good as new. There are a couple of things you need in order to remove the plasti dip.

First, you need some kind of dip dissolver (i.e. a chemical product designed for things like this). Then, a soft rag (microfiber cloth is your best bet), paper towels, a plastic razor, and gloves.

Now, if you’re wondering why a plastic razor, it’s because you need something to scrape of parts of the coating, while at the same time not actually damage the car. So, plastic is basically your best bet.

Now, before we begin and note the steps required to remove the plasti dip, you need to understand that the process will go faster if you have fewer, thin, layers. Of course, it can be done if you have put a very thick coating of plasti dip, it will just last longer.

With that out of the way, here’s how to remove plasti dip from your rims.

Step 1:  First, remove your tires. Of course, you don’t really need to do this, but it will make your life a lot easier. Also, you will be able to do a more thorough job than with just cleaning this from the outside.

It will be much easier to remove the plasti dip when your tires are horizontal, not vertical because this will help you avoid getting some of the chemicals into even harder to reach places. So, remove the lug nuts, place your tires flat on the ground, and get to work.

Step 2: Next, put on some gloves, if you care about your hands at all. Some of the possible plasti dip removal products can be very abrasive. Then, get your product and apply it all over your rims, and be generous in doing so. Really go to town on them, and cover the rims in the product to ensure that it really seeps into the plasti dip coating.

After there is a sizable layer of this product on your rims, use the paper towels you have already prepared in advance, and rub (gently) the product into the plasti dip covered rims. Gingerly make circles on the rims and make sure that you covered all of the parts that have plasti dip on them.

This whole step primes the rims for the next step and makes everything a lot easier if it’s done correctly. Finally, let the whole thing set in for about five to ten minutes.

Step 3: Number three on our list of plasti dip removal tips is probably the most boring and complicated one. After the product has set in, prepare your plastic razor. Now, slowly, and with a moderate amount of pressure, scrape the plasti dip off.

Now, by moderate, we mean as little pressure as possible that can actually get some of the coating off. Too little means that you, obviously, won’t do anything, while too much can damage your rims. Start slowly and gingerly, and then slowly apply more force until you hit the sweet spot.

Again, we do recommend the plastic razor since if you push too strongly, there is a smaller chance that you will actually damage anything. Still, always better safe than sorry. The product should have softened everything already, so you shouldn’t have too much of a problem here.

When you have finally removed most of the coating, use your microfiber cloth, moisten it slightly with warm water, and scrub (again, gently, but not too gently) off the remaining plasti dip residue.

Step 4: Finally, when you scrubbed off all the remaining plasti dip with your razor and your towel, it’s time to clean what little has remained. You may notice now that there is a lot of residue, or dust, on your rims. All you have to do now is to use some soap or detergent and warm water and clean your rims. Simply lather it up, wash it down, and you’re good to go!

And that’s it, that’s all you have to do to remove plasti dip from your rims. Now, the next part of the guide and something you may have been wondering about the whole time is what product to use? That’s why we have compiled a list of the best plasti dip removal products, as well as some that can be useful in some other way.

Top Plasti Dip Removal Product On The Market

1. DipYourCar Dip Dissolver

This is a very powerful product that will definitely do its job. What this product does is quite simple. When you spray it on a part of your car that is coated with plasti dip, it will re-liquefy it, and, in turn, make it very easy to remove. Its best used on dry surfaces, otherwise it won’t react in the way that it should.

Furthermore, don’t forget to let it sit in a little (and avoid doing that during very hot summer days). Also, it can have adverse effects on black plastic and black tires, so try to avoid that. Still, just the speed of how this formula works makes it an amazing product and a great choice.

Not to mention that it can, and has, removed plasti dip coating that has been on a car for more than a year. So, even if you made mistakes years ago, this thing can fix most of them very quickly and effectively.


  • check Very powerful
  • check Fast acting


  • check Avoid spraying on black plastic and black rubber

2. Plasti Dip Remover

Coming from the company “Detailer´s Garage”, this is fine product that will certainly help you with removing unwanted plasti dip coating from your car. Their formula has a very high concentration of dip removers, and is quite fast acting (starts working in less than 15 minutes).

Furthermore, it is safe for any and all wheel types, and shouldn’t cause any type of damage to your car, no matter how much you coat it with this stuff. Now, here is how to use it in the most effective manner. First, lather the area you want to fix with this product.

Then, allow it to sit for about two, maybe three minutes (but not longer). After that, apply another, extra layer of this product. Then, use a pressure washer (or whatever else you wish) and remove both the product and the plasti dip.

Of course, you can use the method we mentioned above, but you do need to be fast, since it gets dry quite quickly. Furthermore, most of these products don’t really need an extra layer in order to work, but this one is safer than most products, making it a bit weaker.


  • check Fast acting
  • check Very safe


  • check Don’t let it dry
  • check May require extra layers

3.  DipYourCar PreDip Spray

This product is a bit different than the others. It’s not actually used to remove plasti dip, but it’s actually intended as a preparation for dipping. You use this by putting some of it on a washcloth, and gently rubbing it into the area you want to coat with plasti dip later.

This will really help the plasti dip stick to the car (or whichever area you want to coat). It also means you won’t have to use as much plasti dip as you usually would to get the same coat.

Before applying plasti dip, your car needs to be completely clean and dry, or else you will face a couple of issues, like the coating will clump, be uneven, or a number of other issues. It may fall off at awkward moments, or simply look ugly. That’s why you need to prep your car before you actually use plasti dip. The best way to do that is with a dedicated product, like this one.


  • check Great prep for plasti dip


  • check Need a lot of it for the whole car

4.  DipYourCar Fix it Kit

This is also a quality plasti dip remover. It’s designed to remove (or rather, re-liquefy) Plasti Dip, so that you can get rid of it easily. Now, this one is a bit easier to apply to only certain compact areas. So, for example, if you applied plasti dip incorrectly, and ended up with a lot of bumps, edges, rifts and wrinkles, this will fix it right up.

However, it has actually one very specific manner of usage. While you can, if you wish, remove the entirety of plasti dip from a car with this thing, that won’t be that effective. This product shines when used on tears and scars.

When placed on a damaged section of plasti dip coating, simply place tis product on it, and then gently (with gloves on), work and shape the area in order to remove the damage.


  • check Fixes “scarring”
  • check Versatile


  • check Acts slowly

5.  Dip Release for Tires

Now, one of the most annoying things when applying plasti dip is overspray. Now, it can be avoided by putting newspaper and tape on windows, but what about your tires? It’s a huge hassle to remove them just to put on some plasti dip, but at the same time, it’s very difficult to wrap them up efficiently.

That’s where Dip Release comes in. Simply coat your tires with this product, and any and all overspray that happens (if it even sticks) will be easily peeled off.

Now, keep in mind that this is exclusive for tires. It actually acts and sticks with the rubber, and will not help you if you put it somewhere else.


  • check Keeps your tires clean


  • check Can only used on rubber
Final Verdict

So, there you have it folks. We truly hope our guide has helped you out. By now, you should know how to remove plasti dip easily and efficiently. To sum up, you need gloves, a plasti dip removal product, a plastic razor, paper towels and a microfiber rag.

Remove your tires, apply the product, let it sit for around five to ten minutes, then remove it gently with a razor. Wipe down your rims, clean them with some soap, and you are good to go. And the best part is, you are now free to experiment (and to make mistakes) with your plasti dip concoctions since you should now know how to fix any errors.

Furthermore, using plasti dip is over twenty times cheaper than just going to a car shop and getting a new paint job.

In our humble opinion, the best product here is DipYourCar Dip Dissolver, and the one we use. It is cheap, easy to use, comes with a spray and will get rid of any extra plasti dip in no time. If you use it correctly, it will make your life a lot easier.

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