When you have a jeep or any vehicle of off-road activities, one of the key features to pay attention to would be the tires. Not all tires have the capacity to run on tough terrains.

The Duratrac and Ko2 are some of the best tires that you can have on an off-road vehicle. These are rugged tires that seem to be similar, but they have glaring differences.

Both Duratrac and Ko2 have very deep tread, which provides a good grip and footing on uneven surfaces and even loose surfaces.

In order to make a decision on which tires you will buy, you need to understand each. In this article we will look, in detail, what each tire presents.

Duratrac Tire

The Duratrac tire is a made by Goodyear, which is a reputable tire manufacturer. This is made in such a way that it will provide you with exceptional off road performance. The traction and road handling is excellent and most drivers appreciate the performance of these tires.

In the recent past, there are modern technologies that have been included and this makes the tires to be one of the best for universal driving.

With the Duratrac tire, you can use it on every terrain, in any season, without any disappointment. This is a strong and durable tire and you will notice that it comes with 2 steel belts and nylon reinforcement.

The rugged and raised tread gives is more power and there is rim lock that has also been included. This means that there would be no cases of wheel slip and the rim protector prevents any damage to the wheel.

The Good

The Bad

Ko2 Tire

Goodrich introduced terrain tires about 15 years ago and the K02 is a 4th generation tire of this company. This targeted SUVs, pickup truck as well as jeeps as the tire is suitable for off-road and on-road use. The tires will make driving easy and most drivers claim that they also boost the driving confidence.

You will enjoy greater control and the grip is perfect for most weather conditions. The durability of the tire is quite impressive and remains tough on any terrain.

The Ko2 comes with the sidewall rubber, which is twice as thick as in the other versions. This provides the strength and durability, which are enhanced by the double steel belts. The belts are reinforced with nylon and there is also a polyester wire sidewall.

The tread is made in such manner that it is cut, tear and chip proof. This is the main reason why the tire lasts twice as long as the previous versions. The interlocked treading gives the tires balance and thereby reducing the wear and stress. This is a favorite option as it comes with an exceptional footprint.

The Good

The Bad

Duratrac vs Ko2

The Duratrac and Ko2 tires are popular in their own ways and this as a result of what they have to offer. If you need the best tires for any off-road experience, the Duratrac is known to offer exceptional handling and traction. It comes with a great snow grip, which makes it a perfect winter tire, much as it works on other terrains. Duratrac tires are solid and will work on many vehicles and not disappoint.

The Ko2 tires are also known to be great in terms of performance. The durability is what stands out in the Ko2 tire and they offer a great off-road grip, similar to the Duratrac. Due to their lightweight, they are quite efficient for both on-road and off-road use.


There is a slight price difference between the Ko2 and Duratrac tires. For the Ko2, you will find them from $157, depending on where you buy them. As for the Duratrac tires, the price starts from $172, which makes them more expensive than the Ko2. There are discounts and coupons that you can choose to use, especially when you buy directly from the manufacturers.

Manufacturers’ Warranty

The Ko2 tire manufacturer offers a uniformity of the first 25% use. However, the workmanship and the materials are protected for up to 6 years, which include free replacement in first 1 year. The Duratrac, on the other hand has a 6 months uniformity assurance.

Essential Considerations

Comparing the Duratrac and Ko2 tires is essential before you can make a final decision. As you have noticed, both tires are popular and seem to be favorites for most people. You should note that these tires are not to be compared with the normal tires for use on the paved roads. These off-road tires come with a larger surface area and as such, they can easily skid.

Final Verdict

It is advisable to go into an extensive comparison before settling for any specific tire. From a far, the Duratrac and Ko2 seem to be similar. However, as you can tell from this article, each tire has its unique features as well as drawbacks. Having come this far, I believe that you have a better idea about the tires.

The Duratrac tire is a more expensive than the Ko2, but as you have seen it comes with significant advantages. The tires are durable and can be used on every terrain, in any season. We would highly recommend the Duratrac tires for any average users. The tires provide great off-road traction and handling and will be excellent for any driving condition.

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