We live in dangerous times, difficult times.There has been a rise in wheel thefts in recent years, and it doesn’t best wheel locksseem to be calming down. And not only that, but if your wheels get stolen, your car is essentially useless for some time (not to mention the cost of replacement wheels), and this is a crime that is impossible to trace.

Now, we understand this may have sounded drastic, but just keep in mind that car wheel theft is a thing that happens, and a thing that happens often.

Just the tires, not to mention the rims and the replacement costs, are tremendous. So, what should you do? Lock your wheels.

You can do this by either getting wheel clamps or locking lug nuts. With these two items, you can rest assured that your car´s wheels will be safe.

If you want to know how to use this, and how to get the best wheel lock for your car, just read on and find out.

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McGard Chrome Wheel Locks

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Safstar Wheel Lock Clamp

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COOCHEER Car Wheel Lock

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The Club 491 Tire Claw XL Security Device

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Genuine Toyota Wheel Lock

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10 Best Wheel Locks Review 2020:

Now, after all this, you may feel overwhelmed, as you should. There are thousands of different brands and types to choose from. Therefore, we have decided to help you out and to pick out a couple of clamps and wheel lock sets that we believe will sufficiently meet any and all of your safety needs.

1. McGard 24538 Chrome Wheel Locks

In 1964, McGard started wheel lock manufacturing and had been taking care of your safety ever since. They supply their products for over 30 car lines across the whole world, and with good reason. Here is what makes their product so great.

First, they offer 8 different key hex sizes, so that they can match whatever wrench you have, saving you the hassle of getting a new one. Also, this will help you change a flat when you’re on the road.

Next, this is very easy to use, as all you have to do is place the key over the lock and twist.

Also, all their products are computer generated, which means that there is an almost unlimited number of key patterns, keeping you extra safe. The plating on the lug nuts themselves is a triple-nickel chrome alloy, with each nickel layer has its own function.

The first helps with corrosion resistance, the next is to keep it shiny, and the third reacts with the chrome making it extra durable and extra rust resistant.

Also, all of these are hardened and tempered making them almost unbreakable with any tool you can get in a hardware store.

Also, this is for cone style seats. The dimensions are as follows: 1.46 inches long, for ½ inch – 20 thread size. They are 3/4 inches and 13/16 inches dual hex size.

However, this specific product has one flaw – you only get five lug nuts. This means that you will need to buy one more set if you want to secure your Van or truck.



2. Gorilla Guard Wheel Locks

This is a famous and quality car safety company that has always delivered. They never skimp on quality, and every phase of the products manufacture is strictly controlled in order to meet any and all quality standards.

They have a specialized external security pattern, which essentially means that it is impossible to remove these lug nuts without the actual key given to you by the manufacturer. The lug nuts are made from hardened steel and are chrome plated, meaning they will not rust and will last you for ages.

The dimensions are as follows: 12 millimeters by 1.50 thread size, with 3/4 inches and 13/16 inches dual hex key, with a length of 1.50 inches. It’s for 60-degree conical seats.

However, you will need to buy another set as like before you only get 4 lug nuts in this pack.



3. Safstar Wheel Lock Clamp

This safety clamp is made from very resistant steel that is supposed to survive any kind of weather nature throws at it. Furthermore, it has a patented and secret alloy that coats the item, ensuring that it won’t scratch or damage your rims.

And finally, it has bright and clear colors (red and yellow) that guarantee that would-be thieves will notice this, and back away very fast. It’s also very easy to set up.

The product details are as follows: it weighs 5.2 pounds, and its dimensions are 11 by 4 by 4 inches.



4. Heavy Duty Wheel Clamp

This clamp is a great choice for anyone who wants to keep his or her car safe. Made from very resistant materials, this thing will last for ages. It’s very portable and easy to store wherever you wish, and it’s even easier to set up.

It’s also quite large, and so can probably fit larger tires used on trucks and vans. However, some people have reported that this thing tends to rust a bit.

It weighs 4.7 pounds and is 21 by 10.8 by 2.5 inches large. It’s painted in bright yellow and red colors.



5. TMS Wheel Lock Clamp

This hardcore clamp will stop any wheel dead in its tracks. But, what really makes it special is that it’s adjustable, great for wheels that are anywhere from 6 to 10 inches.

Also, it has a special coating that mitigates any chance of it leaving scratch marks on your rims.

This is a great anti-theft device that will stop even the most determined of thieves. It also comes with 3 keys. Also, the lock has many combinations and is impossible to pick.

However, some people who bought this stated that it tends to rust in very cold weather.

This clamp is 4.6 pounds, and is 19.8 by 10.5 by 3.5 inches large.



6. Zento Deals Security Tire Clamp

The Zento Anti-theft vehicle lock is made from one of the strongest and most durable clamps on the market. It’s made from the highest quality ABS, and the handle has a soft coating.

This makes it, along with its light weight, very easy to carry. Furthermore, Zento states that this thing can be effective for regular cars, but also for SUVs and vans.

It’s also very, very easy to set up. It’s also quite lightweight. Still, keep in mind that it can’t really fit larger trucks.

It weighs 2 pounds and is 15 by 11 by 2 inches large.



7. COOCHEER Car Wheel Lock

This is a special, double row cylinder wheel clamp. This makes it extra strong and extra difficult to remove by thieves. It also dissuades thieves from using tools, since the shape of this clamp makes it impossible to use any serious hardware.

But, what really makes this thing special is that it’s very adjustable and easy to customize. Not only that, but it has a built-in needle that will pierce a tire if someone hotwires your car and tries to steal it.

However, all this extra features make it a bit pricey. It weighs 7.7 pounds and is 16.1 by 13.4 by 4.7 inches large.



8. The Club 491 Tire Claw XL Security Device

The main feature of this product is that it is universal. It can be placed on SUVs, vans, trailers, regular cars, and even trucks. The lock mechanism is laser encrypted, as are the keys, and it is literally impossible to copy them.

Also, the construction is durable and tough steel. However, like the previous product on the list, it is a bit pricier than most.

It weighs 6.5 pounds and is 12 by 18 by 7 inches.



9. Zone Tech Security Tire Clamp

This one wraps securely around your car wheels. It is made from very high-quality materials and is bound to last you for years. Also, it’s quite easy to set up, without necessitating any complex mechanisms and set up options.

Also, it has a PVC coating so that it won’t scratch the rims of your car. Indeed, what’s the point of protecting your car if it’s going to be damaged? However, it won’t fit bigger vehicles.

It weighs 3 pounds, and is 15 by 2 by 11 inches.



10. Genuine Toyota Accessories Wheel Lock

Another great set of Wheel Lock lug nuts. These are very dependable and high quality. It has amazing protection against corrosion since it has triple-nickel plating and a chrome overlay.

Trust us; these things will not rust, no matter the weather.

They are made by using high-precision machinery that will make every single one of these fulfill all quality standards and requirement, while still being unbreakable and impossible to remove without a dedicated key.

However, some have reported that these things are a bit difficult to remove once fitted on your wheels.



Wheel Locks Buying Guide: What to Look For

Ok, listen carefully if you don’t want to get your wheels boosted. We will explain exactly how to choose the appropriate wheel clamps and lug nuts that are supposed to keep your car safe. Let’s start with the clamps.

Choosing the right wheel clamps

The most important part here is that the clamps fit the size and shape of your wheels. There are many types of clamps on the market, and it doesn’t matter if you’re driving a caravan, an Escalade or a regular family car.

So, this means taking an accurate measurement of your wheels. Obviously, the actual radius of the wheel (including the tires too). Also, measure the wheel arch, so you know if this wheel keeps the clamp in place, or if there is any room for it to move.

Furthermore, there are heavy and lightweight clamps, though the tougher and heavier, the better (since this makes them sturdier).

Note that some car manufacturers have specifications for wheel clamps in their manuals, so be sure to check with these, just in case.

Finally, it’s an excellent idea to get a clamp that has a specialized soft coating on it, since this will save you rims from getting scratched.

So, here’s a quick overview of what to look for in wheel clamps:

an excellent

Choosing the right lug nut wheel locks

Now, the wheel locks (or lug nuts). While everyone knows what wheel clamps (or parking boots, or Denver boots) are, not so many are aware of just how useful lug nut locks are. These are bolts that go through the empty spaces of your wheels, keeping them in place.

They have a specific shape that is much larger than a regular wheel nut. This means that a regular socket cannot fit into the lug nut.

Basically, you will need specialized equipment to get these off (that only the owner should have).

Now, keep in mind that most cars have four or five studs through which you can place these lug nuts, but some (mostly vans and trucks) have seven or eight. Now, the first thing you need to check is the thread size and thread pitch.

You can measure these by either getting a thread pitch gauge at any hardware store. Now, the most common thread sizes range between 10 and 14 millimeters, though this is on you properly measuring them. As we said above, best check with your cars manual.

Next, you need to see the seat type. This means that you check the shape of the area where the actual lug gets into contact with the surface of the wheel. Most commonly, you will find mag seats, ball seats, or tapered seats.

After this, you need to check if the lug nuts actually fit. So, check the outside diameter, and the diameter and depth of the shank. You can also choose the color of your lug nuts.

So, here’s a quick overview of what to look for in wheel lock lug nuts:


Ok, let’s review all this as fast as possible so that you know exactly what you need.

Quick tips

We have a couple of quick tips for you, just to make things extra safe.

You can also get more info from this video:

Final Verdict

So there you have it folks, all the info you need to keep your car safe and sound, and to choose the best wheel lock possible.

You know how to choose lug nuts and parking boots, know how to find out all information relevant to that, and we sincerely hope we have convinced just how important these things are.

Furthermore, we have taken the liberty of providing you with what are, in our opinion, the best products relating to car wheel safety on the market.

We hope you found this useful, and we want you to stay safe.