13 Best Tires for Jeep Wrangler Reviews in 2019: Buyer’s Guide

​Ever wondered how can you kickass the muddy terrain? Ever thought about how to drive seamlessly in a slippery, snowy road or through a desert! Well, this is where the wrangler tires play their role.

To get great traction and to avoid possible tumbling while driving in a muddy or snowy road, Wrangler tires are probably ideal gear for your vehicle. These tires are usually designed to fit Jeeps, wranglers (trucks), all-terrain vehicles (ATV) and utility task vehicle (UTV).

Jeeps owners are notoriously known to know more about vehicular repairs. Not only the products but they also know more about the excellent products which are suitable for their Jeeps.

If you are not one of them or if you are an amateur, you are in the right place. This post will walk through the best tires for jeep wrangler reviews and the buying guide.

In a Hurry? Check ​Our Top 5 ​Jeep ​Wrangler ​Tire Picks:

​Image ​Product ​Ediror’s Rating Price
​Goodyear ​Wrangler ​Radial ​Tire    
Hankook DynaPro ATM RF10 Off-Road Tire    
​Goodyear Fortera HL Radial Tire    
Federal Couragia M/T Mud-Terrain Radial Tire    
Falken Wildpeak AT3W All_Terrain Radial Tire    

Benefits of ​Using Jeep Wrangler ​Tire

Wrangler tires are designed to last long with better fuel efficiency. Ideally, they provide the required traction in various conditions. The ultimate goal is to get you through the path you are.

There are huge benefits with wrangler tire. Be it an all-terrain tire, a rock crawler or a sand tire, they do the job correctly. The main advantages of using jeep wrangler tire are:

  • ​Enhanced traction
  • ​Fuel efficiency
  • ​Ability to use all year long without changing
  • Resistance to punctures and cuts
  • Wear and tear resistant
  • Additional safety

​Few other uses vary depending on the types of piles on the wheel. They are of two types:

  • ​Radial
  • ​Diagonal/Bias

​How the pile will affect the outcome of the performance is discussed in further sections.

Now that you know the uses of wrangler tires, let us dwell in to the individual product reviews.

​13 Best Jeep Wrangler Tires Review For 2019

  1. Goodyear Wrangler Radial Tire – Best For Jeep Wrangler Daily Driver

​Goodyear does not require a formal introduction. It is one of the top trusted brands in tire manufacturing, and they have set certain standards which other firms try to attain.

That is why it is number one on our list and let us check their 235/75R12 105S.

The tire piles are radial which has considerably bigger sidewalls. It is designed to minimize the mechanical wear and tear. The fuel efficiency is also improved, and it will easily last an average of 50,000KM depending on the mode of use.

The appealing feature of this tire is that it is suitable for all weather conditions. Be it a muddy terrain, light snowy road or desert.

With the broad range of features you might expect this product to be expensive, but no, it is relatively cheap which made it crawl to the number one spot.

The cutting-edge technology used to design this product offers excellent traction with minimal damage to the tires. This tire is your number one choice if you are looking for medium jeep wrangler which offers great on-road performance and versatility.

The Goodyear wrangler is one of the ​top-notch jeep wrangler tire.Just make sure you don’t use them in severe blizzards or on black ice. There are other tires which are suitable mainly for these weather conditions.

Highlighted ​Features:

  • ​Incredible traction in all weather conditions
  • ​Great fuel efficiency
  • ​Deep tread blocks (13 mm)
  • Best all-season light truck tire
  • Inexpensive when compared to similar products

​2. Hankook DynaPro ATM RF10 Tire – Best Off ​Road ​Jeep ​Tires

​With over 70 years of experience in tire manufacturing and being the first tire company in Korea, the Hankook live up their reputation.

The DynaPro AT-M is designed to suit sport utility vehicles (SUV), vans, and light trucks. Its symmetric tread design which has an expanded footprint will provide traction and acceleration without causing an uneven tear.

The tread design gives a modern and premium look with its wrap-around design. There are central grooves on the tire which act as stone ejectors. Additional grooves namely, tiered side grooves and scallop grooves are present between the tread blocks.

These additional blocks will improve the off-road and snow traction. The inner steel belts are reinforced with nylon to improve the strength. There is polyester casing to promote the quality of the ride and flange protectors to prevent curb damage.

Most of the DynaPro AT-M tires meet the snow service requirements and do have 3PMSF branding. These tires are suitable for all weather conditions including snow.

Note that all tires are not the same in size and are not suitable for all vehicles. And, different sized tires will not have 3PMSF branding meaning which they are not ideal during snow.

The company offers six years warranty equivalent to 50,000 miles coverage along with a six-year material warranty.

Highlighted ​Features:

  • ​Best tire for SUV’s Vans, and light weight trucks
  • ​Wrap-around tread design
  • ​Additional groves to increase traction
  • ​Excellent all-weather usage
  • ​Six years of warranty

​3. ​Goodyear Fortera HL Radial Tire

​To provide traction for most SUV/Crossovers, Goodyear has designed a superb tire which performs a year-long in all types of weathers.

The Goodyear Fortera HL radial tire edition is suitable for most light-weight duty pickup trucks, crossovers, and SUV’s. It is designed to provide a refined ruggedness along with a smooth and quire ride.

The symmetric tread design reduces the noise during on-road operation. It also has high buttressed tread blocks which provide superior handling on dry roads.

For traction in different seasons, it has carefully and perfectly placed sipes along with staggered circumferential channels and curvilinear grooves.

The internals of the tire is computer optimized to reduce the footprint sensitivity during heavy load. Furthermore, it is reinforced with twin steel blades which have polyester cord over them.

The tire is suitable for a wide range of vehicles and suitable for all weather conditions. Just make sure that you have 3PMSF branding so that you can use it in winter weathers.

Like all other Goodyear products, the Fortera also has a 6-year warranty (up to 60,000 miles coverage) and six-year warranty of materials.

Highlighted Features:

  • ​Built to suit most crossovers/SUV’s
  • ​Symmetrical tread design
  • ​Strategically placed sipes
  • ​All-weather functionality
  • ​Six-year manufacturer’s warranty
  1. Federal Couragia M/T Mud-Terrain Radial Tire – Best Mud Tires For Jeep

​Some vehicles such as sporty coupes and sedans require a tire that offers both on-road and off-road traction without affecting the vehicle’s overall performance. If you’re looking for 33 inch tires for jeep wrangler the Federal Couragia M/T is one such product which will meet your expectations.

The tire is called as Couragia, and it is from the Federal company. Its excellent traction will provide superb traction in every format.

The irregular or asymmetric tread design followed by 2 or 3 ply sidewalls will give a rugged performance.

It’s has a combination of large, stepped and siped lugs which are separated by immense voids. This mechanism will allow the tires to self-clean in muddy terrains. There is a grove in between the voids which will help in shrugging off the rocks and pellets.

The pattern ribs of the tire will break the vehicle in a shorter distance. Their aggressive block and shoulder design will enable rock crawling ability.

Unfortunately, the light-weight compound used in the manufacturing of the tire is not so durable for on-road performance. You can hear a loud pummeling noise while driving on the highway.

Rotating the tires will yield a maximum coverage 25,000 miles. One flaw with these tires is that they don’t provide good traction during rains and there can be water accumulation between lugs and the pavement, a phenomenon known as hydroplaning.

Highlighted ​Features:

  • ​Excellent off-road traction
  • ​Superior traction with the unique asymmetrical design
  • ​2/3 – ply sidewalls
  • ​Rock crawling ability
  • ​Nearly 25,000 miles coverage for each batch

​5. Falken Wildpeak AT3W ​Radial Tire – ​Best ​All ​Terrain ​Tires for ​Jeep ​Wrangler

​Many users look for tires which can survive all weather conditions with great versatility. The tires even should function both on-road and off-road.

Falken Wildpeak AT3W is one such tire designed to work in multiple conditions or situations.

Its design is rugged with rigid tread blocks which have ramps and step downs to provide tread-pattern rigidity. It enhances the contact point rigidity to improve the handling.

The grooves among the tread blocks will remove any rocks that get stuck in between. Its aggressive upper sidewall with offset shoulder blocks protects the tire from punctures and bruises. It also provides additional traction on off-road drives such as off-camber situations.

The Falken Wildpeak tires which have M+S rating can handle all weather conditions with ease. Since it has 3D Canyon sipe technology, it will provide excellent traction in snowy conditions too.

There is a heat diffuser on the side walls of the tire which helps to dissipate the heat generated under heavy load or friction.

The company offers a 5-year warranty on craft and materials. You can cover a distance of 15,000 miles without the worry about damage.

Highlighted Features:

  • ​All weather usage and good versatility
  • ​Heat dissipation technology
  • ​3D Canyon sipes for enhanced traction
  • ​Aggressive upper side wall and offset shoulder
  • ​Additional off-road traction with unique tread design
  • ​5-year warranty

​6. BFGoodrich Mud-Terrain Radial Tire – ​Best ​Rock ​Crawling ​Tires

The pick-up sports utility vehicle enthusiasts will look for a great off-road performance. No one can compromise on the traction force especially with these kinds of vehicles.

The BFGoodrich mud-terrain tires offer reliable traction in all muddy terrains. The word ‘KM’ is abbreviated for Key benefit Mud traction. The name itself indicates that it is a pioneer in providing mud traction.

BFGoodrich tires are designed to make a special sidewall appearance which they call it “DiggerLugz”. It has asymmetric tread design with a large interlocking center.

The design optimized by a computer, so there is no chance of errors. The tread design provides larger and rectangular footprint which facilitates rock climbing.

These tires have internal steel belts over the BFGoodrich’sTriGard to enhance the strength. BFGoodrichTrigard is a 3-ply polyester guard to protect it from punctures and mechanical wear.

The design is optimized further to reduce the noise. There are rim protectors molded into the inner sidewall to prevent the tires from damage during air-down situations.

Though these tires can handle deep snow (M+S), the absence of snow Sipes will make it quite challenging in snowy on-road ventures.

Highlighted Features:

  • ​Superior off-road traction
  • ​Excellent for terrain vehicles for off-road, muddy and deep dirt situations
  • ​Trigard technology
  • ​Rim protectors
  • ​DiggerLugz pattern sidewall design
  • ​6-year workmanship and material replacement warranty
  1. General Grabber AT2 Tire​

Do you have an all-terrain vehicle (ATV or UTV) and looking a tire which has an exceptional traction over all weather conditions! The General Grabber AT2 will be your perfect choice.

It is designed for both on-road and off-road handling. The material used in this tire is reinforced into a mold to create independent-block treads which will offer superior traction.

The design is computer-optimized to get an excellent tread pattern which have multiple traction edges. To strengthen the tire, it is supported with two steel belts reinforced with nylon on the top of polyester body.

These tires will get you off from any weather condition. I might sound exaggerated with this statement. You can find it out on your own but be sure to look for the 3PMSF (peak-mountain snow flake) branding on the tire. Tires with these brandings will function flawlessly in snow as well.

Some tires which are not designed for winter use can still have 3PMSF branding but they don’t offer traction as much as the ones which are designed for the very same purpose.

The company offers a whopping 6-year manufacturer warranty equivalent to 60,000 miles.

Highlighted Features:

  • ​Excellent for terrain vehicles and light weight trucks
  • ​Can handle on-road and off-road challenges
  • ​Computerized design
  • ​Superior strength with steel belts
  • Wide range of sizes available
  • ​Can handle all weather conditions
  • ​6-year manufacturer warranty

​8. Goodyear Wrangler HP Radial Tire

​Goodyear specifically mentioned specific vehicle models that can install their Wrangler HP 265/70R. The models include Land Rover Discovery 4.6 HSE, Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo, Dodge Ram, Chevrolet Avalanche, Cadillac Escalade.

If you have any of the vehicles mentioned above, you are good to go. The broad outside shoulders and large intermediate blocks in the tread design aid in superior traction, especially on dry roads.

For rainy conditions, the wide lateral grooves help in minimizing the tire’s footprint resistance (reduces hydroplaning). To support traction in winters, there are sipes strategically placed.

But note that this tire is suitable for light snow conditions only. There is no 3PMSF rating for different size variants.

Like other Goodyear tires, the Wrangler HP has twin steel blade internals which is H-speed (130mph) rated size. The blades have a protective nylon cap.

Depending on the size and application of tire, some of them will have reinforced strength with the help of polyester cord. The polyester cord will improve the ride quality.

There is a six-year warranty on craft and materials. Goodyear Wrangler HP is officially used by vehicular companies (Original Equipment Manufacturer -OEM) mentioned above.

Highlighted Features:

  • ​Best wrangler tire for SUV’s and sporty pickups
  • ​All season traction
  • ​Strategically placed sipes
  • ​H-speed rated
  • ​Original Equipment Manufacturing

​9. ​Cooper Adventurer A/T Tire

​Wrangler tires don’t mean to provide traction only. They are intended to be stylish and has on-road manners. Such features are available in Cooper’s Adventurer.

The Adventurer is designed to suit most SUV’s and ½ ton trucks. It has a silica infused tread which is symmetrically designed. The symmetrical design will cause an even wear on all sides of the tire.

The tread design eliminates the on-road noise. Silica grooves provide additional grip on wet situations. The circumferential grooves help in minimizing hydroplaning.

For traction in snowy conditions, it has 3D micro-gauge sipes. There are two-ply polyester casings in the internal structure to strengthen the tire. Along with them, there are two steel belts covered by nylon cap piles.

The steel belts with nylon caps increase the resistance of the tire thereby reducing the incidence of punctures, and the ply polyester casing will help in the quality ride without affecting the mileage.

There is no 3PMSF branding and hence it is suitable for light snow conditions only.

Highlighted Features:​​​​​

  • ​Stylish design with rugged performance
  • ​Symmetrical design of the treads
  • ​Uniform wear and tear
  • ​Silica infused tread material
  • ​3D micro-gauge sipes
  • ​All weather traction

​10. Nexen Roadian AT Pro RA8​ – Best Tires For Highway

​For vehicles such as SUV’s, pickup (2WD or 4WD), and light-weight trucks the Roadian from Nexen offers great all-weather traction both on and off-road.

It is designed for great versatility which has minimal wear and provides all-year performance. Similar to Adventurer from Cooper, the Roadian also has symmetrical tread design which will cause uniform wear.

It has broad shoulders to provide on/off-road durability. There is a central staggered rib to provide highway stability and minimize the noise. To remove the debris and self-cleaning, the tire is designed in a dual block system.

Micro-grooves improve traction in rainy and wintry conditions. There are two steel belts which are reinforced with double nylon layers for enhancing the strength. Additionally, there are two ply-polyester casings which help mechanical resistance.

There is no 3PMSF branding on the tires. So, you cannot use them in heavy snow conditions.

Nexen gives six years (40,000/60,000miles) warranty for the tire and another six-year warranty for materials and craft.

Highlighted Features:

  • ​All weather traction
  • ​Self-cleaning dual block system
  • ​Symmetrical design for uniform wear and tear
  • ​Six-year warranty
  • ​All year performance

​11. Goodyear Wrangler DuraTrac Radial Tire

​For owners of SUV’s, vans, multi-purpose full-sized pickups and vans the Goodyear Wrangler DuraTrac is the ultimate product which provides both on/off-road tractions.

It is suitable for most of the light-weight commercial vehicles. The tire is designed to offer traction in every weather condition you name it. Be it a dusty highway or an icy road, and you can cruise through the streets.

The treads of the tire are in a symmetric alignment with a broad shoulder. All the treads are highly angled to the center which enhances the stability and traction. The tread compound is tough which resists mechanical wear and tear, block chipping, and punctures.

The traction is immensely superior and suitable during heavy loads and towing situations. The Goodyear’s TractiveGroove Technology at the base of the grooves further enhances the traction in deep muds and snowy terrains.

To provide an enhanced level of traction in deep snow, there are zig-zag sipes on the tire. Most of the DuraTrac tires are suitable for severe snow conditions and are branded with 3PMSF. This tire is one of the best ​​tires for snow.

But note that you have been notified earlier that DuraTrac isn’t suitable for all vehicles and different vehicles need different sizes of the tire. As the size changes, the tire may not be suitable for severe snow conditions, and there won’t be any 3PMSF.

It offers 6 years/50,000 miles warranty and six years warranty on materials.

Highlighted Features:

  • ​Designed to suit a wide range of vehicles
  • ​Superior on/off-road traction
  • ​Tractive Groove Technology
  • ​Zig-zag sipes for traction in snow
  • ​Available various sizes
  • ​Six years warranty

​12. Toyo Open Country A/T II All Season Radial Tire

​With aggressive looks and terrain-traction, the Toyo Open Country A/T II all season radial tire will be an ideal choice for pickups and SUV’s.

It is highly durable which provides excellent off-road traction and exceptional comfort. The deep groove tread patterns are ideal for mud and snow traction. While the stone removing blocks defend the mechanical injury from rocks, the circumferential and lateral grooves reduce hydroplaning.

To improve dry-braking and prevent irregular wear, the tread is designed in an open pattern system with tie bars.

For firm grip on winter roads, there are polygonal blocks and zigzag sipes. There are certain situations such as deep and loose terrains where the tire rims must be protected. This condition is similar to the aired-down case. For protection in such circumstances, there are upper shoulder lugs.

The shoulder design varies depending on the size of the wheel you choose. These shoulder lugs will offer protection from punctures as well.

Although there is no 3PMSF branding on the tire, it can be used in light to medium snow conditions.

Toyo offers five years (65,000 miles) warranty for the tire and five-year warranty on materials.

Highlighted Features:

  • ​Superior looks along with traction
  • ​Aggressive tread design with stone ejectors
  • ​Lateral and circumferential grooves to address hydroplaning
  • ​All-weather functionality
  • ​5-year (65,000 miles) warranty

​13. Nitto Terra Grappler All Season Radial Tire

​Another product in our list designed to survive all weather conditions is the Nitto Terra Grappler all season radial tire.

The treads of the tire are unique in its design. It is designed to produce lateral angular voids which will channel away the water in wet conditions. The tire also has circumferential voids to deliver additional traction.

The lugs are connected by coupling joints which will reduce tread flex. The reduction of tread flex by this mode will improve stability during high-speeds.

To minimize the hydroplaning, it has high-density sipes. Presence of sipes no only reduces hydroplaning but also improves the traction in heavy snow. With all these features it is one of the ​high-quality jeep tires for off roading.

One of the ​top features of this tire is the tread pattern-void ratio. The unique design of the tread pattern along with high-density sipes will provide an all-weather performance and on-road, off-road performance flawlessly.

The warranty is limited, and it depends on the percentage of wear. You can get a replacement if the tire wears 25% or above within five years of the purchase.

Highlighted Features:

  • ​All season traction
  • ​High-density sipes to prevent hydroplaning
  • ​Good traction in snow
  • ​High-speed stability by reducing tread flex
  • ​5-year warranty if damaged 25% or above irrespective of the distance covered

​Factors to Consider ​When Buying Jeep Wrangler Tire

​Selecting an ideal wrangler tire isn’t an easy job. There are numerous types of tires which vary in size, design, function, and appearance. The primary factor that decides which tire is suitable for you is the vehicle you have.

Although different sizes of tires can be installed on the same vehicle, the second factor you must consider is the purpose.


If you are a person residing in a country which has wide climatic variations along with thick snowfall in winters, you must consider a tire that can withstand to all these changes.

Nature causes more wear and tear than any other. So, the jeep wrangler tire must withstand the physical forces for a considerable amount of time.

The toughness of the tire depends on the build quality as well. There are two types of tires based on the material used in the construction of the rim, i.e., steel and alloy.

Steel tires are heavy, durable and are uniform in thickness. These tires are suitable for off-road traction vehicles. Though they can be used on-road, they produce a loud sound and can cause driving discomfort, fuel wastage and damage to the road as well.

The alloy rim wheels are lighter and usually considered as fuel efficient. They are perfect for on-road driving or for those who regularly drive for personal or commercial purposes.


The size of the wheel decides whether the tire is suitable for your vehicle or not and don’t fall for the misconception that size means the diameter of the tire. To understand the size of a tire, you need to understand the numbering system printed on the tire.

Take an example of Goodyear 235/75R15 105S. In this numbering system:

  • ​The first number (235) indicates the width of the tire measured in millimeters. In this case, the width of the tire is 235 mm from sidewall to sidewall.
  • ​The second number (75) denotes the aspect ratio of the tire. It is measured by the ratio of the height of the cross section to the width of the tire.
  • ​The alphabet R indicates the build/construction of the tire. In this instance, R stands for radial which means the tread layers run radially.
  • The third number (15) denotes the diameter of the wheel in inches.
  • The final number along with the alphabet (105S) determines the load index (105) and speed symbol (S).

​Based on the above example it is utmost important for a user to decide which size of the tire perfectly fits into their vehicle.

Note that your requirement also determines the size of the tire. Heavy-duty or bigger tires are suitable for off-road terrain traction whereas on-road traction tires are smaller and lighter in weight.

Radial or Bias

The arrangement of tiles on the tire determines its functionality. In radial (R) tires, the piles are arranged at different crossing angles.

This mode of arrangement enhances the handling and fuel efficiency. But there is an apparent increase in price tag.

The bias (ply) tires the piles run in the same angle, i.e., diagonal to the center of the pile tread. This design gives less efficient handling and also has reduced fuel efficiency. They are cheaper than radial tires.

Fuel ​Efficiency

Not all jeep wrangler tires are designed to give maximum fuel efficiency. It is understood that radial tires are better than bias in this context but note that all radial tires do not offer the same fuel efficiency.

If the tires are larger or wider, it is evident that the fuel economy is reduced. So, if you seek better mileage opt for a tire which is smaller and less wide.

Ease of Handling

Wrangler tires are designed to offer excellent traction and handling. The ability of the tire to stop in short distance depends on its height and width. The larger they are the better they perform.

In short, bigger tires offer great stability. The width of the tire improves the handling.

Types of ​Jeep Wrangler Tires

Your purpose will decide which type of tire you are going to purchase. All jeep wrangler tires are not designed the same, and they do not provide a similar function.

Depending upon the functionality and tread design, there are different types of tires for jeep wrangler.

All-Terrain Tires

The name all-terrain itself indicates that these tires are suitable for all types of roads. Be it an off-road or on a highway, they offer superior traction in both situations.

These tires combine the characteristics of superior traction on off-road and excellent handling on highways.

The tires have open-tread design and note that it is not suitable for regular highway or commercial users. They make massive noise on the road and due to their aggressive design, they are prone to cupping. The fuel efficiency is also less compared to other types of tires.

These tires are superior in snow and icy conditions with the ability to perform flawlessly for a year long.

All-Season Tires

If you are looking for tires which are less noisy but offer better handling during bumps and turns, all-season tires must be your choice.

The unique tread design and the compound used in the manufacturing of the tires will offer superior traction on dry roads.

They are also suitable for wet conditions and offer better fuel efficiency compared to all-terrain (AT) tires.

Mud Terrain Tires

The mud terrain tires provide better traction than all-terrain tires, but they dig very deep in the mud and snow. Though they have superior traction, the quality of the ride is very less.

If the terrain has huge boulders or tree logs obstructing your way, you need not worry a bit. These tires have wide tread design will allow you to crawl through the obstacles.

They also provide excellent traction in steep slopes. Another unique feature of these tires is that they are self-cleaning. If any rock particles get stuck in between the piles, the grooves allow ejecting these rocks preventing the mechanical wear and tear thereby improving the life of the tire.

Winter Tires

These tires are considered as a sub-category of all terrain (AT) tires. But the fact is that they are suitable only in snow conditions.

If the snow melts or the temperature warms up, you will find it quite challenging to handle the vehicles with winter tires.

The winter tires have strategically placed sipes that offer firm grip in wintery situations. Generally, the tires which offer premium grade traction in snow are branded with 3PMSF (3 peak mountain snowflake).

Tires with 3PMSF are ideal for users living in cold climates.

​Top 5 Jeep Wrangler Tire Brands in The Market

There is a multitude of options for jeep wrangler tires, and you can select anyone that meets your requirements. Few brands are known to dominate the market and known for their quality and performance

Let us look in to top 5 jeep wrangler tire brands that are available in the market.


Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company is the leading manufacturer of jeep wrangler tires. There is no doubt that you will get unparalleled quality and design.

The company is in this business for more than a century (since 1898), and you can understand how experienced it is. It is named after the person who invented vulcanized rubber, i.e., Charles Goodyear.

The company manufactures tires for various vehicles. Most of the SUV’s and Jeep Wranglers are tied up with Goodyear, and they come with these tires by default.

With their unique tread design, you will get superior traction and almost all-weather performance with Goodyear.


Founded in 1870 (140 years ago), BFGoodrich is far more experienced than Goodyear. It is the first American tire manufacturer to produce radial tires.

In 1990, the famous French tire maker Michelin acquired this company, and you can understand how famous BFGoodrich is.

The Columbia Space Shuttle (1977) used the tires manufactured by BFGoodrich. That is a fantastic achievement, and NASA had endorsed their trust in this firm.

No doubt you can too. Their tires are very famous for off-road traction and widely used in terrain vehicles.

BFGoodrich has an impressive racing heritage, developments, and achievements. Its unique tread design helped this company to gain a huge fan base around the world.


No wonder Japan has OCD for perfection and Falken is no exception for that. The Japanese company Falken produces tires which are unbiased in quality and control.

It has sponsored racing series such as ALMS and also their domestic races namely the Super Taikyu series.

With their quality products, they found their way to the US market as well as in the other parts of the world. Falken is very famous in the production of terrain tires whether it is an all-terrain or a mud-terrain.

You will not be disappointed with their aggressive traction and ease of handling. Vehicles such as passenger car, light, and medium trucks are ideal for Falken tires.

Hankook ​Tire

When we talk about South Korea, all we think about is their full range of electronics, and we know how great they are.

Similarly, Hankook tire is very renowned tire manufacturing company. Its headquarters is in the capital city, Seoul.

If you go through their history regarding sales, you will find a steady growth in their sales. It indicates how popular they are becoming and how much attention they are grabbing.

It is also the official sponsor of the Real Madrid football club. With all this said, you can judge in your terms about their product quality and integrity.


Nitto is an American company founded in 1945. Their tires are most suited for off-road vehicles such as trail terrain trucks, all-terrain trucks, all-season SUV’s and Highway terrain trucks.

In short, the company’s tires are ​perfect suited for off-road traction. They are most notable for their optimized computer design. Although they are designed for off-road traction, the design minimizes the noise on-road improves handling.

The Nitto tires are suited for off-road enthusiasts who lurk in muddy jungles and terrains. You will get a superb grip in almost all-weather conditions too which means these tires are suitable for light snow conditions.

​Jeep Wrangler Tire Size Chart

You have learned in the previous section that what do the different numbers on a tire indicate. Each number determines the size, radius, width, and they type of pile construction (radial or bias).

Another important factor that determines the size of the tire is the year of its manufacturing. Follow the chart below to understand the different sizes of the tires and jeep wrangler options.

​Year Jeep Wrangler ​Version Tire Sizes  
2018-2019 ​Rubicon, Unlimited Rubicon LT285/70R17  
​Sport, Sport S, Unlimited Sport, Unlimited Sport S ​P245/75R17
Unlimited Sahara

​93 mph

​2007-2017 ​Rubicon, Unlimited Rubicon LT​255/75/R17  
​Sahara, Unlimited Sahara P​255/70R18  
​Sport (2010-17) P​225/75R16 (2010-2017) or, P255/75R17 (2010-2017) or, P245/75R16 (2015-2017)  
​Sport S (2016-17) P255/75/R17  
​75th Anniversary (2016) P​245/75R17  
​Black Bear  
​Willys Wheeler (2014, 2016) P​255/75R17  
​Polar (2014) P​255/70R18  
​Freedom (2013-2014) P255/75R17  
Rubicon 10th Anniversary (2013) LT265/70R17  
Moab (2013) P245/75R17  
Arctic (2012) P255/75R17  
70th Anniversary (2011) P255/70R18  
​Mountain (2010) P255/75R17  
Islander (2010)  
X (2007-09) P​225/75R16 or P255/75R17 or P245/75R16  
​1996-2006 Rubicon (2003-06) ​LT245/75R16  
Sport P215/75R15 (1997-2004) or P225/75R15 (1997-2006) or 30X9.50R15LT/B (1997-2006)  
SE P205/75R15 (1997-2004) or P225/75R15 (1997-2004) or P215/75R15 (1997-2006)  
X (2002-06) P225/75R15 (2005-06) or, P215/75R15 (2002-04)  
​65th Anniversary (2006) ​30X9.50R15LT/B  
Sahara (1997-2004) P225/75R15 or 30X9.50R15LT/B  
Base Model (1996) P205/75R15 or P215/75R15 or P225/75R15  
​1987-1995 S (1988, 1991-95) P​205/75R15 (1988, 1991-​95) or P215/75R15 (1988, 1991-​95) or P225/75R15 (1988, 1994-​95)  
Rio Grande (1995) P225/75R15 or, P215/75R15  
​Sahara (1988-1995) P​205/75R15 (1988-​89) or P215/75R15 (1988-​95) or P225/75R15 (1988-​89, 1992-​95)  
SE (1994-95) P225/75R15  
SE Sport (1995) P215/75R15 or P225/75R15  
Renegade (1991-94) 29X9.50R15LT/C  
Islander (1988-93) P205/75R15 (1988) or P225/75R15 (1988) or P215/75R15 (1988-93)  
Base Model (1987-93) P​205/75R15 (1987-90) or P215/75R15 (1987-93) or P225/75R15 (1987-88, 1992-93)  
Sport (1987-88, 1993) P​205/75R15 (1987-88) or P215/75R15 (1987-88, 1993) or P225/75R15 (1987-88, 1993)  
Laredo (1987-1991) P​205/75R15 (1987-89) or 2P15/75R15 (1987-91) or P225/75R15 (1987-89)  

Right ​Time to ​Replace ​Your ​Tires

There will be a day when you need to change your tires. Many users investigate the physical condition of the tires and decide the time to change them. But there are other factors which play their part and indicate that it is the right time to replace your tires.


The first point to consider changing the tire is the amount of distance covered. Manufacturers describe how long (regarding distance) the tire will last.

Wrangler tires are tough and rugged. They will last for thousands of miles without much physical damage. The company from which you bought the tire will mention the distance after which you need to change the tires.

Usually, the minimum distance a wrangler tire can last is about 40,000 miles. If you forgot to keep track of the distance, look for the number of treads on the tire. Tread count as low as 2/32” is the very least time to change your tire.

Wear Bar

The wear bar is a physical marking on the wrangler tire which determines the amount of mechanical wear the tire underwent. Almost all companies provide a wear bar on their tires.

The wear bar runs from one side to another on the tire. If the wear bar bridges two tread blocks consider it is the time to change your tires.


Cupping is a phenomenon which occurs when you forget to rotate the tires. It is uneven wearing of the tires resulting in vibration of the vehicle and noise when you take it on-road.

When you find all these symptoms, then it is time for you to change the tires.


As you know already, Wrangler tires are very tough built and will last for very long periods. An average jeep wrangler tire which is subjected to moderate wear and tear will continue for at least one year.

If you are unsure how long will the tire last, you can always check for the label. You can also contact the manufacturer or check their official website regarding the time.

Some tires such as Goodyear will last as long as six years. But it does not indicate that it must continue for six years. The duration of life a tire is subjective. It varies because the usage varies from person to person, and so does the physical damage.

How to Take Care and Maintain Jeep Wrangler Tires

Installing a right wrangler tire on your vehicle does not finish your job. Proper maintenance and care must be taken to improve the performance and quality of the ride.

This comprehensive guide will walk you through the proper care and maintenance of jeep wrangler tires.


The single most important thing that a user can do to improve the life and durability of the tire is maintaining proper pressure in the wheels. Appropriate inflation will also enhance the quality of the ride, fuel efficiency, safety, and handling.

Every manufacturer will prescribe their pressure recommendations on their label, or it will be printed on to the tire itself.

Check the pressure regularly, at least once a month with an appropriate pressure gauge. Underinflation and overinflation both will result in damage to the physical structure of the tire.


Underinflation is the primary cause of damage to the tires. It increases rolling resistance which will result in heat generation and damage. Other results of underinflation are excessive sidewall flexing, cracking, blowout, and component separation.

Other causes of underinflation are leakage in valve core or rubber valve components, inappropriate bead seating, and machine tool or insufficient lubrication caused injury to the beads.


Overinflation will increase the area of contact between the tire and the surface resulting in unwanted vibration and impact damage.

Use a tire pressure gauge to measure the air pressure in the tire. You cannot decide if a tire is underinflated or overinflated just by looking at it.

This is true, especially with radial tires. Radial tires will look underinflated in resting position even though they are appropriately filled in. Similarly, they might seem overinflated while driving.

Check ​For the ​Wears

As mentioned earlier if the tread depth reaches 2/32” (0.16cm), it is time to replace the tires.

Frequent inspection of wear bar will help you to keep a check on the physical condition of the tires. Don’t use the tires if they are gone excessively bald especially in snow or water (rains). It will result in skidding and fatal accidents.

Nowadays all manufacturers provide a treadwear indicator on their tires. You can follow up with that indicator and keep an eye on the physical damage.

Do ​Not ​Mix the ​Tire ​Sizes

It is good to use the same type of tires both in front and rear. If you mix up the tires of different companies or sizes, it may result in unusual wearing of the tires.

It will also affect the quality of the drive, safety, handling, and fuel efficiency. It is recommended to use four same type and size tires except if the vehicle manufacturer describes otherwise.

Don’t Overload

Overloading your vehicle will put additional load on the tires along with the other parts of the vehicle. When stressed under severe weights/load, the components of the tire will separate which is known as ‘blowout.’

Remember not to install tires that can not withstand the weight of the vehicle along. The load metrics or the maximum load capacity of the tire is printed on the sidewalls of the tire.

P-Metric tires’ maximum load capacity is reduced by 10% when they are fitted on a trailer, utility vehicle, and light truck.

Most vehicles will specify the types of wheels which are suitable to them and also mention about the tires that must be avoided.

Rotate the ​Tires

The time to rotate the tires is varies depending on the type of the tire and the manufacturer. The company will mention that after how much distance covered, the tires must be rotated.

Usually, the tires are rotated after 6000- or 10,000-miles mark. This is a rough value, and it is not accurate. You can read the instructions manual for the same.

Take your vehicle to a professional for rotating the tires. Never attempt on your own if you don’t have proper experience and gear. It may result in fatal injuries.

Maintain ​Proper Suspension and Balance

An unbalanced vehicle will result in uneven wear and tear of the tires. The first sign which shows that the wheels are off balance is the vibration. When you experience a vibration in your vehicle, understand that it is time to re-balance.

You can follow the guidelines published in Rubber Manufacturer Association (RMA) for detailed instructions about wheel balance and care.

Service the ​Tires

Like any mechanical device or vehicle, the tires also require periodic maintenance. It is a fact that they are subjected to severe wear and tear, they undergo physical changes over the period.

Take your tires to a professional for proper service. The service steps may include lubrication, maintaining the required pressure, checking the beads, removing any stubborn rocks or nails from the surface of the tire, and rotating them.

No Spinning

If your vehicle is stuck in mud or snow, do not spin the tires excessively in an attempt to release the stuck vehicle.

In severe spinning, the tires will produce a tremendous centrifugal force which will result in an explosion of the tire. It may result in vehicular and personal injury.

Never exceed 35mph speed on your stuck vehicle. Shift periodically between the front and reverse gears to get your vehicle out. If nothing helps seek for vehicle towing.

Have a spare

Having an additional or spare tire in your vehicle’s trunk is always helpful. We never know when the time comes to replace a tire. It is handy during puncture situations.

Have a spare which is well filled with air. If you replace this one with a damaged one, then make sure you fix the damaged or punctured tire so that it will be a spare.

Additional Guide

It is evident that you will ultimately land in replacing the tires after the specific time or distance covered or if there is any physical damage. Sometimes you may not need to replace all the tires.

If you fit only two tires, make sure to install the tire with deepest tread depth over the rear axle. If you are willing to fit both radials and non-radials, fit the radials on the rare shaft. Don’t mix them on the same axle.

If you fit all-terrain/all-performance/snow tires, it is recommended to install all four at once. Never attempt to fit tires of different speed ratings. Always consult a professional before trying any changes.

Some Quick Tips to Improve Your Experience with Your Jeep Wrangler

Now you got your wrangler and had installed the best tires on them. Next what? If you are looking to enhance the quality of the drive further, improve the looks of the wrangler and get few add-ons, then you must consider some of these tips to enhance your experience with your jeep wrangler.

These tips can be intimidating for first-time owners, but they are worth the shot. Some users may not like the default parts that come with the wrangler and might be looking for better ones.

For all those enthusiasts, consider the following mods which will upgrade your wrangler furthermore.


Yes, all the vehicles come with bumpers and am not saying you need to fit on your own. But those bumpers are usually plastic and can quickly catch fire if there is a collision.

If you are preparing yourselves for the ultimate off-road experience, you must require some heavy-duty bumpers.

You can modify these bumpers by installing winches, and it will help you a lot especially if you are stuck in muddy or snowy terrain.

Some rear bumpers will provide extra space to carry the spare wheel. This feature is useful for those vehicles which don’t have proper space for a spare tire.

Floor Liners

The interior of the jeep must be considered as home. To keep the interiors clean from dust or debris, a floor liner is a great idea.

The floor liners can be easily installed and removed which makes them easy to clean. They also improve the looks of your wrangler too.

Grab Handles

Grab-handle is a tool installed mostly in the passenger seat area. This is to ensure the passenger to let themselves in and out of the vehicle without slipping.

There are a wide variety of handles available out there in the market. Most popular ones include nylon (deluxe and straightforward) and paracord.

LED Lights

I am not a big fan of factory installed headlights. When you compare them with other LED lights available in the market, you will be overwhelmed by the options available.

You can install any of them which impresses you. Make sure they do not overload the battery of your vehicle or does not drain it quickly.

While these are the most popular mods which will improve the drive of your Jeep Wrangler, other minor ones include:

  • ​Entry guards
  • ​Replacement hood latchets
  • ​Seat covers
  • Interior storage devices
  • Interior security
  • Recovery gear

​You can fit them according to your personal choice.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What is the difference between all-terrain and all-season tire?

All-terrain tires are usually used for off-road purposes. It is very well suitable for severe obstructive situations such as deep mud or snow, desert, or damp conditions.

They are usually not built for on-road conditions as they make heavy noise and affect the quality of the drive.

All-season tires are built for on-road or highway drives. They are suitable for regular drivers or frequent commercial travelers who cover long distances.

  1. How to identify and understand speed rating of the tire?

The speed rating of the tire is usually branded on the tire itself. For example, if a tire is stamped as P225/60 R16 /82S, the final alphabet, i.e., S indicates the speed of the vehicle. Follow the chart below to know how different alphabets mean the maximum speed limit if the tire.

​Speed Symbol ​Maximum Speed ​Suitable vehicle type
​L ​75 mph ​Off-Road & Light Truck
​M ​81 mph ​Temporary Spare Tire
​N ​87 mph  
​P ​93 mph  
​Q ​99 mph ​Studless & Studdable Winter Tires
​R ​106 mph ​H.D. Light Truck Tires
​S ​112 mph ​Family Sedans & Vans
​T ​118 mph ​Family Sedans & Vans
​U ​124 mph  
​H ​130 mph ​Sport Sedans & Coupes
​V ​149 mph ​Sport Sedans, Coupes & Sports Cars
​W ​168 mph ​Exotic Sports Cars
Y 186 mph Exotic Sports Cars
​z 149 mph+  

​3. Can all-terrain tires use for on-road driving?

The answer is subjective. If the tire says all-terrain yes, you can use except it is a large tire with broad tread blocks. Such tires will severely affect the quality of the drive and will consume a lot of fuel. They are noisy as well.

All-season tires are ideal for use on both off/road drive. They are smooth and do not waste much of the fuel.

  1. How frequently should I inspect my tires for mechanical wear and pressure?

It depends on how you use it. If you are a frequent traveler or use it for various transport or commercial purposes, you must inspect your vehicle after every ride.

If you are an occasional driver who does not put the tires under heavy stress, a monthly inspection will suffice.

  1. When should I change my tires?

Every manufacturer will mention about this on their label. You should change the tire once it reaches the amount of distance it covers as per the manufacturer’s criteria or after a specific duration of time.

The tires are designed to last for more extended periods as well as distance. Some say that their tires will last as long as six years with an equivalent range of 60,000 miles.

But you may still require a change even before your tire crosses the above statistics. This is due to excessive mechanical wear and physical damage to the tires.

​Final Thoughts

The wrangler tires (on/off-road) are not like any ordinary tires. They are robust and will serve for very long. Jeep users or off-road wrangler explorers will undoubtedly take great care of their tires to make their drive hassle-free.

Follow the vehicle owner’s manual before replacing the tires. It is recommended to follow vehicle manufacturer replacement tire recommendations to yield maximum smoothness of the drive.

Our elaborate guide might give you the best jeep wrangler tire reviews and hope it sheds some light in many areas which aren’t sure of.

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