Top 10 Best RV Air Conditioners – Complete Guide 2022

As you would know, RV stands for Recreational Vehicle. These are motor vehicles designed for accommodation while traveling. There are various types of these mobile homes such as motorhomes, caravans, fifth-wheel trailers, campervans, truck campers, popup campers, etc. There are many designs and sizes to choose from. These mobile homes have every imaginable amenity. Some of the essential amenities are air conditioners, running water, electric power, etc.

Air conditioners forRVs are usually fitted on the rooftop. These RV air conditioners are typically ducted and non-ducted type. Portable ACs are also popular as they are self-contained units. RV air conditioners are connected to AC power generators. The power is provided by a 120V socket similar to the one you find at home. These ACs also run on gasoline generators.

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How to Pick an RV Air Conditioner?Top 10 Best RV Air Conditioners - Complete Guide 2020

Recreational vehicles are divided into classes. A Class-A RV is around 33 feet in length, Class B is 20 feet and Class C is 28 feet. The Fifth wheels are anywhere from 32, 34 to 36 feet long and travel trailers are 20 to 40 feet long.

Regulation by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 1192 Standard on RVs is 320 – 400 square feet. You will find 11000 BTU, 13500 BTU, and 15000 BTU air conditioners on different size RVs. But 90% of the time the RVs are fitted with a 15000 BTU ac. These are usually 32-feet long RVs.

The size and number of ACs you will need depends upon the size of the RV and the airflow in the space. If you need to cool more space you will need a larger AC or a greater number of them. Larger RVs are cavernous and segmented. As they are segmented the airflow is affected hence more than one AC unit may be required.

The other factor that will affect your choice is the color of your RV. It is best to paint the RV in light colors such as white, cream, beige, etc. Light colors reflect the Sun’s light and heat away from the vehicle keeping its insides cool. A dark paint job will absorb heat and light raising the internal temperature spiking your energy consumption and bill.

Location is another important factor. If you are near the equator your cooling bill will be higher than while traveling in the temperate zone. If you are moving and the breeze is flowing through the RV it Top 10 Best RV Air Conditioners - Complete Guide 2020will be cooler inside. If the windows are open the cooling effect will be still better. If you are going to live in the RV – then the use of the AC will depend on the frequency of use.

It also depends upon the climate of the place you live in. If the mornings and evenings are pleasant the only time you may run the AC is during mid-day. If you park in the shade or drive through a shaded area – you will not require the AC as frequently. If it is hot and muggy all the time like in the southern states then you may run the AC all the time. The use of the AC also depends upon the season. The AC is rarely used in winter as compared to summer.

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Benefits of RV Air Conditioners

An RV is like a home on the road. It has all the comforts to ensure a great trip. The benefits are;

Comfortable camping – Humans feel comfortable between 18 – 22°C with the humidity ranging between 40 – 70%. When we travel or camp the conditions may be too cold, too hot, too muggy. Air conditioners help us maintain comfortable conditions or home-like conditions while traveling.

Maximize the RV’s life – The other benefit is excessive heat, dust and humidity affect the materials used in the construction of the RV. Excessive moisture and heat cause deterioration of upholstery. TheTop 10 Best RV Air Conditioners - Complete Guide 2020 steel used in the construction tends to rust, the wood tends to rot. The air conditioning, regulation f heat and moisture help prolong the life of the RV itself.

Get the most out of the RV – As it is comfortable you get out for sightseeing more frequently. As the RV feels like home you sleep better, you live comfortably, enjoying the experience to the maximum. One day you could be parked along a beach, the next in a meadow, and on a mountain top another day!

Quality of Air – You may see varying conditions on the road. In some places, it is humid, while others it is dusty Some places have snowstorms while others have sand storms. All through this, the RV is your home. The way a snail has its shell on its back and the tortoise goes into its shell when conditions are unfavorable. You RV offers a steady comfortable environment to take refuge. The air and water quality are to the optimum. The temperature is comfortable besides it is clean and comfortable.

Types of RV Air Conditioners

There are various types of ACs available for RVs according to the mounting place, refrigeration process, and portability. Namely, rooftop air conditioners, vent-free ACs, portable air conditioners, and window ACs.

Rooftop ACs – not only save space they usually have a larger cooling capacity. They are fitted on the roofs on the RV. Their cooling capacity may be anywhere between 5000 – 15000 BTUs. They may be with or without a duct.

Ductless ACs are independent units that cool individual areas such as a single room. While ducted ACs have tubes connecting various areas. Cool air flows through these tubes much like water flows through pipes. Only cool air Top 10 Best RV Air Conditioners - Complete Guide 2020spills from them. In an RV the ducted system will have a tube opening in the driver’s cab and the living space.

Ducted systems are suitable for large RVs while ductless ones are meant for smaller RVs. Rooftop ACs are insulated and the brisk air moving over the AC unit cools the RV rapidly. This not only maintains a pleasant atmosphere in the RV but also consumes less power.

Vent-free ACs – or swamp coolers are portable. They are relatively smaller with eye-catching designs. They are called swamp coolers due to the way they handle the ventilation of moist air. There is no refrigeration unit to cool the air.

Instead, the moist air passes through the unit where the moisture evaporates. The dry air released into the room cools the space. It is energy efficient. But it takes up space – which is a precious commodity in an RV.

Also, a duct has to be attached to drain the condensate, i.e. the water of humidity removed from the air. These units do not work well in places with high humidity. They work well only in places with dry heat thus also called desert coolers.

Portable ACs – for the RV are much like the ones you use at home. They are smaller with smart designs. They are fitted with one or more hoses for ventilation. They have adjustable frames and can be fitted in windows. These adjustments help keep the hoses in place.

Another type of portable AC is the single hose AC that isn’t energy-efficient and has a noisy compressor. It not Top 10 Best RV Air Conditioners - Complete Guide 2020only takes up space but also lets hot air seep into the living space. These units require handling with care and require ducts to drain the condensed water.

Some of the portable units use the evaporation method instead of the refrigeration unit. They release a cool stream of air into the area. they work best in dry conditions instead of humid ones.

Window ACs – for RVs are much like the ones for homes. They bring excellent cooling capacity, energy efficiency, and do not take up floor space. They can be as small as 14 inches and less noisy as the compressor is outside. They are easy to insulate and mount.

Features on the RV Air Conditioners

We have studied the best air conditioners for recreational vehicles in the market. These are the key features we have shortlisted to get the best model.

Assembly units – RV air conditioners are installed using assembly units. The correct size and type will save energy, prevent the conditioned air from escaping and insulate the inside from the outside. In other words, the right assembly units keep the heat and dust out while driving through warm climates and the chill and sleet out while driving through cold climes.

BTU power – Measure the area that requires cooling to match with the tonnage of the AC. UsualTop 10 Best RV Air Conditioners - Complete Guide 2020ly, a 13500 – 15000 BTU AC is sufficient for 350 – 500 square feet of space. If you are driving through humid conditions you may require an AC with higher BTU power.

Power Consumption – Study the Energy Efficiency Rating (EER) of the AC as they consume 15% less energy than unrated ones. AC units consume a lot of power check for eco-friendly options and features such as compatibility with solar panels or portable wind turbines and generators.

Air purifiers – All RVs do not have a built-in air purifying system. Such a system on your AC will help maintain the optimal air quality in the living space. Besides pollutants like Carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, nitrous oxide, odors make their way into the passenger cabin which may be sealed. An air purifier is a life-saver in such a situation.

Noise – Various AC models produce varying degrees of noise. Look for a quieter unit that allows you better sleep and blends into the natural environment.

Heat pumps – help you keep warm in cold conditions. You remain cozy in the RV even while traveling in winter and cold places.

Installation & maintenance – Most RV air conditioners are mounted in the roof. But if there isn’t space on the roof or it is a wrong shape there are under the bench ACs that not only save space but are easily accessible for maintenance.

AC design – and access to the filters is important for the maintenance of the unit and air quality in the cabin. The Top 10 Best RV Air Conditioners - Complete Guide 2020unit should be compact and lightweight for easy installation. Some units can even create separate climate zones within the cabin of the RV.

Aerodynamic design – especially for the rooftop models reduces wind resistance improving engine efficiency. It also allows easy passage under bridges, etc.

DC kits – allow you to operate the AC using the 12V battery on the vehicle.


How does the placement of the AC in the RV affect the use of space?

There are rooftop ACs and under-the-bench ACs that allow optimal use of space. These placements above and below the level of the windows allow the maximum amount of light into the living space. The placement of the AC also affects the air distribution within the cabin thus the cooling effect.

How does the placement of the AC affect the clearance?

Even though rooftop ACs add height to the vehicle – a sleek slim model would be low profile and barely noticeable.

Which model is better in case you want an AC with a heater?

As hot air rises and cold air sinks – if you want an AC with a heating function pick an under the bench model.

How to maintain natural light in the cabin?

You could opt for the under the bench, window, or portable AC units. But some rooftop models have an integrated window.

Top 10 Best RV Air Conditioners in 2022

Image Product Name Key Features Rating
Dometic 640315CXX1C0 1. Dometic 640315CXX1C0 High-performance motor & fan 4.7
Advent ACM135SP & ACDB

2. Advent ACM135SP & ACDB

Includes ceiling kit 4.6
Dometic Brisk II 3. Dometic Brisk II Small carbon footprint 4.6
Dometic B57915.XX1C0 4. Dometic B57915.XX1C0 Improved design & materials 4.5
Maxxair Roughneck 5. Maxxair Roughneck Corrosion-resistant steel screws 4.5
Atwood 15027 6. Atwood 15027 Hard UV treated shroud 4.4
Dometic Brisk II Commercial Grade AC 7. Dometic Brisk II Commercial Grade AC Eco-friendly 4.4
ASA Electronics ACM135 8. ASA Electronics ACM135 Metal base pan 4.4
Dometic Brisk II Air - 15000 BTU 9. Dometic Brisk II Air – 15000 BTU Improved materials, better performance 4.3
Furrion FACR14SA-PS 10. Furrion FACR14SA-PS 2-way airflow 4.3

1. Dometic 640315CXX1C0

Penguin II is a compact and lightweight AC for recreational vehicles. The sleek design adds to the aerodynamics ofDometic 640315CXX1C0 the vehicle and creates separate climate zones. Dometic makes both air conditioning and heat pump versions.

Design & Build

Dometic 640315CXX1C0 is a rooftop AC with a sleek design that improves the aerodynamics by reducing wind resistance when in motion. The AC is light in weight as it has an EPP foam housing. It improves cooling efficiency while reducing the weight of the unit. The eco-friendly R410A refrigerant is used as it releases heat more efficiently. High-performance fan and motor have been built in for maximum cooling and premium comfort. The AC has a ribbed reinforced base pan that lends lasting strength and durability. The AC is compatible with CT and CCC2 thermostats. It is compatible with ducted and ductless cooling systems. The inside the ceiling assembly & control kit are required which are sold separately.

Functionality & Maintenance

Dometic 640315CXX1C0 is a 13500 BTU, low profile rooftop AC for ducted and ductless applications. Penguin II has a sleek futuristic design with superior comfort control features and state of the art aerodynamics. The AC is fitted with a motor and fan to deliver superlative cooling performance. The AC employs an eco-friendly refrigerant – the R410A. Despite the compact and light design, the AC has a robust rib-enforced base that ensures that the unit handles tough environments delivering a long service life.

Size & Capacity

Dometic 640315CXX1C0 is 13500 BTU AC with the power consumption of 1731W at 410 amp in cooling mode. The unit has a single and multi-zone thermostat. The unit is 29.75 inches deep (low profile), 12 inches high and 41.5 inches wide. It weighs 113 pounds. It requires an AC input of 115V at 60 Hertz. This unit is Polar White it is also available in black.

Additional Features

Dometic 640315CXX1C0 box arrives with 1 AC unit, a warranty card, and a registration card. Dometic offers a standard 3-year warranty that can be extended to 5 years.


  • High-performance motor & fan
  • Low profile
  • Sleek & stylish
  • R410A refrigerant

2. Advent ACM135SP & ACDB

Advent makes high-efficiency rooftop ACs for RVs. They may be ducted and ductless systems. The company alsoAdvent ACM135SP & ACDB makes heat pumps for use in winters or cold places.

Design & Build

Advent ACM135SP & ACDB is a non-duct air conditioner system with a cooling capacity of 13500 BTUs. that runs on 115V This offer includes the inside ceiling kit. The air conditioner is made of premium materials with a watertight vent. There is an opening gasket with 6 dense foam pads for support. The base pan of the air conditioner is rigid metal. There is a heat strip available. This plug-in device is optional. The rooftop AC is compatible with a stylish non-ducted ceiling assembly that has knobs to offer 3 fan speeds. The ACDB ceiling assembly is not compatible with heat pump models.

Functionality & Maintenance

Advent ACM135SP & ACDB will replace the existing system. It will work with any of your existing brands. It cools the interior of the RV easily to cool efficiently. The unit will replace, upgrade, and add to the cooling and air conditioning capacity. And is compatible with ducted and ductless systems. It has a 6-blade fan that offers sufficient airflow. The unit has a hard-plastic cover that protects the motor and components from rain, debris, and elements. The gasket seals the opening preventing leakage. The foam pads reduce the noise. The AC has a bolt-on installation with wiring harness and mounting hardware.

Size & Capacity

Advent ACM135SP & ACDB is a 13500 BTU air conditioner that runs on 115V. It can be installed in a standard top window or opening of 14.25 square inches. This model is white but it is also available in black. The product is 33.46 inches by 25.6 inches by 15 inches in dimensions it weighs 68 pounds.

Additional Features

Advent ACM135SP & ACDB box arrives with the AC the ceiling part and a 2-year warranty.


  • Non-duct
  • Includes ceiling kit
  • Lightweight
  • Easy installation

3. Dometic Brisk II

This is a 13500 BTU rooftop air conditioner for recreational vehicles. The unit is compatible with ducted and Dometic Brisk IIductless systems. It comes with the ADB control kit.

Design & Build

Dometic Brisk II features a high-performance design where the unit fits into large air openings. It promotes improved airflow and cooling. This lightweight unit has an EPP foam housing to reduce weight while improving cooling performance. The unit has a wraparound laminated, UV-protected, custom-composite shroud fitted on a carbon steel base. It adds strength, durability, protection, and lasting beauty to the unit. The AC functions quietly due to the dampening brackets that absorb vibrations and noise. This high-performance model increases airflow by 15% compared to other models. It will require a ceiling assembly fitted from the inside. The ADB unit helps control the airflow.

Functionality & Maintenance

Dometic Brisk II is the latest best in the class RV air conditioner that brings a 15% better airflow and cooling capacity. The lighter, smaller, and more compact unit has a smaller footprint on the vehicle and the environment. The application of tighter specifications, better materials, and design have brought about better energy efficiency and operating costs. The AC has a smart design made from improved materials. This maximizes the performance and airflow around the unit and in the RV cabin. The unit has been tested for use in extreme conditions. The carbon steel base offers robust durability. It has been passed through 30 hours of vibration tests and much more. The multispeed blower has adjustable speeds. The motor, evaporator, and compressor have been bracketed as a unit to reduce noise. The copper lines and rubber bushing minimize noise and vibrations.

Size & Capacity

Dometic Brisk II has a cooling capacity of 13500 BTU with an input voltage of 115V. The unit is 29.62 inches by 13.62 inches by 27.62 inches. The unit weighs 77 pounds.

Additional Features

Dometic Brisk II box includes an air conditioner, a one-year warranty, and a registration card.


  • 13500 BTU
  • Cooling Only
  • Single Thermostat
  • Small carbon footprint

4. Dometic B57915.XX1C0

Brisk II Air is the best in the class air conditioner that is compatible with ducted and ductless systems. It is Dometic B57915.XX1C0accompanied by the ADB control kit.

Design & Build

Dometic B57915.XX1C0 is a 13500 BTU air conditioner that works on 115V. The unit has a high-performance design with larger openings for airflow. The airflow has been increased by 15% in the improved version. EPP foam housing helps reduce weight and improves cooling. The unit has a lasting beauty with a wraparound design. It not only improves the aerodynamics but also the durability and strength of the unit. The Shroud and carbon steel base are fitted with rubber gaskets to reduce vibrations and prevent leaks. The dampening brackets also reduce vibration and noise.

Functionality & Maintenance

Dometic B57915.XX1C0 brings you the compact cooling power that has been re-engineered and re-designed into the Brisk II. These air conditioners are smaller, lighter, compact, yet more powerful and eco-friendly. Their performance has been enhanced by 15% and is 19% lighter than the previous models. comes from a company that invented the RV fridge. This ac is powerful enough to cool the largest of mobile homes. The unit is reliable, economical prices and compatible with most systems. The air conditioner unit is accompanied by a non-duct ceiling unit that has a 3-speed blower. The unit carries the R410A refrigerant that absorbs and removes heat efficiently.

Size & Capacity

Dometic B57915.XX1C0 is a 13500 BTU AC that runs 115V at 60 Hertz. It consumes 1670W of power. The unit is 27.62 inches by 13.87 inches by 29.62 inches in dimensions. The unit weighs 77 pounds. This unit is Polar white.

Additional Features

Dometic B57915.XX1C0 box will contain an air conditioner, 1 registration card, and a warranty card. The box is 29 inches by 15 inches by 30.5 inches. It weighs 85 pounds.


  • Easy installation
  • Single thermostat zone
  • Cooling only
  • Improved design & materials

5. Maxxair Roughneck

Maxxair was established by Allen Thomas in the year 1989. He did a tremendous job of developing the brand andMaxxair Roughneck the RV market. Today Maxxair is a trusted brand in RV lifestyle and RV ventilation.

Design & Build

Maxxair Roughneck is a 13500 BTU ac that works at 13.4 amps while cooling and 16 amps while heating. The unit has a built-in rear fin guard. The cover is made of an extra thick and tough UV protected plastic. There is a protective intake grill in the rear that prevents damage to the condenser coils of the AC. The unit mounts like the original unit on the RV. The polyethylene shroud comes with stainless steel hardware and mounting instructions. The unit has been thermally tested to assure excellent performance. The unit has a unique bumper design that protects the coils from tree branches, elements, debris, and wind lift.

Functionality & Maintenance

Maxxair Roughneck is a 13500 BTU RV air conditioner. The cooling unit has been designed to deliver maximum cooling and heating. To prevent distortion of the blower wheel angle and ensure correct turning action. The motor has been mounted directly onto the bulkhead. At 0.5 HP the motor of the fan is the largest in the industry. The shaft seal prevents the loss of cooling capacity and protects from dust and debris. There are the large condenser and evaporator coils with lance fins that enhance heat transfer. The rifled copper tubing creates turbulence in the coolant to enhance the heat-dissipating ability of the AC. The top and bottom of the compressor are secured to the chassis of the AC. This reduces the chances of damage to the system. The starter kit has the capacitors and relays as standard equipment. This allows an easy start even in conditions of high humidity and temperature.

Size & Capacity

Maxxair Roughneck is a 13500 BTU ac that works at 13.4 amps while cooling and 16 amps while heating. The shroud or the unit size is 41.62 inches by 29.375 inches by 12.75 inches.

Additional Features

Maxxair Roughneck box includes the TuffMaxx cover, the ac, 4 fender washers, 2 pieces of foam tape, 2 pieces of foam, and 4 pieces 1/4 inch – 20 SS nuts. AC has a 2-year warranty. The covers carry a 6-year warranty.


  • Corrosion-resistant steel screws
  • Tough shroud
  • Lance fins
  • Plastic drain pan

6. Atwood 15027

The Air Command is 13500 BTU air conditioners with a white shroud. This rooftop air conditioner is designed toAtwood 15027 withstand the elements. It will deliver cool conditioned air into the living space of your recreational vehicle.

Design & Build

Atwood 15027 is a 13500 BTU air conditioner designed for RVs. It has a dual motor design that delivers superior performance. The efficient design cools the space and consumes less energy. There is a digital display that helps precise temperature control. If requires the non-ducted plenum is sold separately. This AC for a ducted system has a wall-mounted thermostat. The unit is accompanied by remote control. The AC unit will fit a standard 14 inches by 14-inch roof cut-out. It also has an optional feature called the arctic blast. The feature cools the cab instantly even after a long day in the Sun.

Functionality & Maintenance

Atwood 15027 is a high output rooftop air conditioner for RVs. It cools quickly and efficiently consuming less power. It draws fewer amperes allowing you to run other appliances simultaneously. The V-flow airstream blows out to the sides spreading the cooling effect. This configuration also brings about efficient circulation cutting out the noise and turbulence. The dual-motor runs the condenser and blower fans separately. This means the unit generates cool air even on a low setting for the blower. The thermostat automatically switches between the compressor and fan.

Size & Capacity

Atwood 15027 is a 13500 BTU air conditioner that runs on 115V at 60 Hertz with an air output of 360 CFM. The AC is 38.78 inches by 14.17 inches by 26.38 inches and weighs 88.2 pounds. The thermostat range is between 60 – 85°F and the operating range is 45 – 159°F.

Additional Features

Atwood 15027 box includes the ceiling vent, a wall-mount thermostat, and a wireless remote. The RV air conditioner is supported by a 2-year warranty.


  • Internal thermostat
  • Remote control
  • Hard UV treated shroud
  • Dual motor

7. Dometic Brisk II Commercial Grade AC

This is a 15000 BTU air conditioner that will work with ducted and ductless systems. These ACs are tested for Dometic Brisk II Commercial Grade ACperformance in the harshest conditions. These rugged ACs were intended for tough roads and rough weather. They are ideal for remote locations and commercial applications.

Design & Build

Dometic Brisk II Commercial Grade AC is made of stainless-steel components that lend a long-lasting strength to the unit. The motor, evaporator, and compressor are bracketed together and vibration tested for durability. There are EPP foam and rubber bushings to dampen the noise and vibrations. EPP housing also reduces weight. The cooling coils of the air conditioner are e-coated to lend them lasting strength. The unit has a custom-designed blower to maximize airflow. The shroud is UV protected and made of composite lamination.

Functionality & Maintenance

Dometic Brisk II Commercial Grade AC is rugged, strong yet lightweight. The energy-efficient AC is engineered with stainless steel components and e-coils. This brings a longer life to the AC that has been designed to function in the toughest conditions.

Size & Capacity

Dometic Brisk II Commercial Grade AC is a 15000 BTU AC that works at 115V, 4396.07 Wand 60 Hertz. The unit is 27.62 inches by 13.85 inches by 29.62 inches. The AC weighs 78.5 pounds. This unit is black and has a manual thermostat.

Additional Features

Dometic Brisk II Commercial Grade AC box contains an AC unit and a warranty card.


  • 15000 BTU
  • Tough & robust
  • Eco-friendly
  • Single thermostat, cooling only

8. ASA Electronics ACM135

Advent Air comes from ASA Electronics, a USA-based company. The company manufactures appliances for RVs, ASA Electronics ACM135Van Construction, marine applications.

Design & Build

ASA Electronics ACM135 is a rooftop air conditioner for recreational vehicles. This 13500 BTU AC is designed and engineered to withstand the challenges put forth by the recreational vehicle environment. It is compatible with ducted and ductless systems. You can fit it with a heating element too. There is an overload protector, silicone-coated cooling fins for cooling efficiency. The cooling assembly is fitted into a stylish, aerodynamic shroud. There is more copper tubing to increase the surface area for cooling. The blower has three fan speeds. The unit has a rigid chassis design and metal construction. There is a 1-inch thick rubber gasket and mounting pads to seal leaks and reduce vibrations. The unit has a removable air filter and can be fitted in a 14.25 inch by 14.25-inch opening.

Functionality & Maintenance

ASA Electronics ACM135 will ensure you are comfortable in your mobile home. It maintains the heat and humidity in the cab. Traveling in an RV is like carrying a miniature home with you. You rest well and you eat well. Due to which you enjoy the trip even more. When it gets too hot, too wet or too cold. The air conditioner in your RV maintains the conditions in the cab to the optimum. These dry and cool conditions between 18 – 25 degrees centigrade not only keep you happy but also keep the materials the RV is made of in prime condition.

Size & Capacity

ASA Electronics ACM135 is a 13500 BTU AC that runs on 115V at 60 Hertz. The unit is 33.46 inches by 25.6 inches by 15 inches in dimensions. It weighs 68.4 pounds.

Additional Features

ASA Electronics ACM135 unit is supported by a 2-year warranty.


  • UV treated shroud
  • Watertight vented design
  • Metal base pan
  • Three-speed fans

9. Dometic Brisk II Air – 15000 BTU

This is a 15000 BTU rooftop heat pump that works with ducted and ductless systems. It has a single zone CT Dometic Brisk II Air - 15000 BTUthermostat application.

Design & Build

Dometic Brisk II Air – 15000 BTU has a compact design made from improved materials. The design combines maximum airflow with superior performance. This is the best in class air conditioner for RV rooftops. The model has been improved for capacity, airflow, and weight. The unit has also been tested to withstand tough and extreme conditions. The unit has a heat pump and a single zone thermostat.

Functionality & Maintenance

Dometic Brisk II Air – 15000 BTU has better airflow, capacity and is lightweight. The model has many large openings for better airflow and superior cooling capacity. The Unit has an EPP foam housing that improves cooling and makes the AC lighter. Brisk is made of robust components to withstand variable weather and vibrations. The carbon steel base is but through vibration tests for over 30 hours. The AC offers the heating option for cool evenings. The multispeed blower is to adjust the heating and cooling needs. The evaporator, motor, and compressor are bracketed together for quiet operation.

Size & Capacity

Dometic Brisk II Air – 15000 BTU AC with a heat pump. It has a single zone thermostat. The unit is 29 inches by 15 inches by 30.5 inches. It weighs 85 inches. It works at 115V and 60 Hertz. It consumes 1725W of power in cooling mode and 1402W in heating mode.

Additional Features

Dometic Brisk II Air – 15000 BTU box contains 1 AC unit, a registration card, and a 1 year -warranty card.


  • 15000 BTU
  • Cools & heats
  • Hight weight
  • Improved materials, better performance

10. Furrion FACR14SA-PS

Furrion has been redefining luxury mobility over the last decade. It has empowered people to explore the planet.Furrion FACR14SA-PS They have made a name for themselves as the largest supplier of appliances, energy equipment, and electronics in the industry of specialty vehicles.

Design & Build

Furrion FACR14SA-PS is a 14500 BTU AC that delivers superior performance. The Furrion Chill is a rooftop unit for recreational vehicles, mobile homes, and trailers. The unit has two fans that move the air faster and effectively in the RV cabin. The AC is 25% more efficient in cooling and energy consumption by EE Ratings compared to other in-class ACs. The unit has a VibrationSmart technology that dampens vibrations while the unit is operating and the vehicle is in motion. The ClimateSmart feature allows the unit to function well in extreme climes. The Aerodynamic design reduces air drag on the vehicle improving fuel efficiency and mileage. The AC and the shroud are made of lightweight, UV-resistant materials.

Functionality & Maintenance

Furrion FACR14SA-PS is easy to install. The unit is accompanied by a kit for a bolt-on installation. The installation guide is simple to understand and the instructions are simple and clear.

Size & Capacity

Furrion FACR14SA-PS has a cooling capacity of 14500 BTU at 115V and 60 Hertz. It offers high energy efficiency at EER 2.19. It has a dual-fan technology with 2-way airflow and 3-fan speed. The air distribution box is made for 3 – 6-inch roof thickness and a 14-inch opening. This unit is white it is available in black too.

Additional Features

Furrion FACR14SA-PS unit is accompanied by the installation kit, guide, and a 24-month warranty.


  • Vibrationsmart
  • Climatesmart
  • 2-way airflow
  • 3 fan speeds

In conclusion, there are various types of RV air conditioners but the most popular is the rooftop units. These AC units run much like the ones you fit in your home. They control temperature, humidity, and save space. The other benefit if a rooftop AC for the mobile home is that they distribute the breeze evenly.

The configuration of the vents and louvers along with the fan is V-shaped. This configuration spreads the air current to a wider area. The AC units are accompanied by installation kits, dampers, and sealant gaskets. The installation kits are mostly bolt-on mechanisms, the dampers are foam pads and gaskets that cut out the noise and vibrations for quiet operation.

The gaskets prevent leaks between the AC and the vehicle’s roof. The refrigerants used in the units are eco-friendly like the R410A. Most units have multispeed fans and blowers to adjust the breeze to your pleasure. In some units, the louvers swing two ways for 2-way airflow, and in some, it swings 4 ways for 2-way airflow.

Most of them have an easily accessible air filter for easy cleaning and maintenance. As the shroud of the AC unit is going to be exposed to wind, rain, heat, and sleet they are made of tough materials. The lightweight material is treated to withstand UV radiation. The shrouds are molded into an aerodynamic shape for fuel economy.

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