Driving car can be overwhelming, especially if it’s frequent and requires long rides. With an iPad or tablet affixed firmly in your car, there’s a lot you can do to kill long traveling hours or make them productive.

With every passing year, cars are being upgraded to keep up with technological advancements. Since hi-tech luxury cars are beyond a common man’s reach, tech geniuses are always ferreting around for cost-effective solutions.

iPad Car Mounts provide an economical means of using your iPad or tablet in your car on the go.

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What are iPad Car Mounts?

iPad Car Mounts are accessories that have been designed to keep your iPads fixed securely in your car Top 15 Best iPad Car Mounts in 2020– and they are very affordable.

However, your iPad (and your life) are way pricier.

Without a quality iPad Car Mount, you risk dropping your beloved iPad, and your life as you struggle to handle your iPad or tablet single-handedly while driving.

The Best iPad Car Mounts serve as handy tools to transform your driving experience by providing animated entertainment, convenient GPS tracking, hands-free calls, and much more.

In this buying guide, we will be bringing forward everything you want to know while buying iPad Car Mounts.

Whether you want to figure out the best type to suit you well or the attributes of an unwavering iPad Car Mount, we will be providing you with a one-stop solution to all your queries.

Finally, we will review our top picked and personal favorite iPad Car Mounts which we think are the best in the league.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

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Advantages of iPad Car Mounts

Here’s how using a quality iPad Car Mount can ease our lives:

Types of iPad Car Mounts

What we love the most about iPad Car Mounts is their wide variety to serve each purpose.

If you need a mount for pure entertainment for your backseat guys, there’s one for them.

There’s also a type of serving the sole purpose of GPS navigation.

Let us have a closer look at the most common types of iPad Car Mounts:

Features of High-Quality iPad Car Mounts

The iPad Car Mounts come with a diverse range of essential quality attributes. Following are the key features we have taken into account to finalize the best 15 iPad car mounts below. We highly emphasize you gain an insight into each element and make a smarter choice while buying an iPad Car Mount for yourself.

The sole purpose of investing in an iPad Car Mount is to protect your cherished iPad or tablet so that you drive placidly at any speed and any road. If your iPad Car Mount fails to hold iPad in place and detaches it while you are driving on a bumpy road, you end up damaging it. Generally, Head Rest mounts are the most secured varieties.

Therefore, it is imperative to look out for durable design and protective features wTop 15 Best iPad Car Mounts in 2020hile buying a Car Mount for your iPhone or tablet. Watch out for features like enhanced attachments, adequate internal padding, and anti-shock resistance.

We don’t always own the same iPad or some tablet all the time. With a plethora of smartphones, tablets, and similar devices out there, it is pivotal for the Car Mount to cater to their variable size dimensions. A high-quality iPad Car Mount will fit most devices perfectly.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. What is the best type of iPad Car Mount?

First of all, you need to determine your purpose of use. As discussed earlier, each type of Car Mount serves a specified purpose. If you want something for pure entertainment from the back seat, a Head Rest mount will be the best option for you. Alternatively, if you need to go for hands-free calling or GPS navigation, the Wind Shield mounts can be your best bet.

  1. How can I set up my iPad Car Mount?

Again, it depends on the type of your car mount. Wind Shield mounts simply need to be pressed onto the windshield or dashboard. The CD tray mounts are installed by screwing them in the CD tray or cup holder. The Headrest mounts are usually tied with a strap on the front seat whereas the Floor Mounts are the only mounts which require special tools for installation.

  1. How do I know if my tablet fits into the car mount I am buying?Top 15 Best iPad Car Mounts in 2020

A dedicated iPad Car Mount usually fits an iPad in a breeze. If you are using a tablet, you might want to go through the compatible devices section in the provided user manual. Typically, a quality iPad Car Mount fits almost all popular devices.

  1. How do I ensure that my iPad Car Mount won’t collapse?

The Headrest Mounts are usually the most secured mounts among all types. However, a quality iPad Car Mount never falls off quickly.

Top 15 Best iPad Car Mounts in 2022

ImageProduct NameKey FeaturesRating
1. APPS2Car 2 in 1 CD Slot Car Mount (Top Pick)Screw-locked mounting base4.7

2. Cellet Cup Holder Tablet Mount

Release grip button4.6
3. Arkon Mounts Car or Truck Seat Rail or Floor Tablet Mount 2-year warranty4.6
4. iKross IKHD22 Cup Mount Holder Mount screen widths of 2-3.7 inches4.5
5. TFY Universal Headrest Mount Easy to setup4.5
6. iBOLT TabDock Bizmount AMPS 2 adjustable points4.4
7. Macally HRMOUNTPRO Car Seat Headrest Mount Flexible adjustments 4.4
8. TFY Universal Car Headrest Mount Transferable to vehicles4.4
9. Macally MCUPTABPRO Car Cup Holder Mount 360-degree omnidirectional view4.3
10. Klsniur Car Headrest Mount Internal sponge padding4.3
11. SUNJOYCO Car Cup Holder Mount 19mm and 21mm Dual Hex Size4.2
OHLPRO Dashboard and Windshield Tablet Universal Car Holder12. OHLPRO Dashboard and Windshield Tablet Universal Car Holder Compatible with 6-10.5 inch devices4.1
13. APPS2Car Suction Cup Car Mount Complete 360-degree rotation4.1
Macally Car Floor Phone Mount Holder14. Macally Car Floor Phone Mount Holder Premium-quality aluminum construction4.0
Lamicall Car Headrest Tablet Mount15. Lamicall Car Headrest Tablet Mount Fits well both small and large devices3.9

1. APPS2Car 2 in 1 CD Slot Car Mount (Top Pick)

Enjoy hands-free navigation and calls on your road trip with the CD Slot Car Mount by APPS2Car.APPS2Car 2 in 1 CD Slot Car Mount (Top Pick)

In this day and age, there’s no concept of heading out without a tablet or smartphone. Using an iPad or tablet while driving can be both inconvenient and dangerous. The 2 in 1 CD Slot Car Mount by APPS2Car is the real-life example of the perfect integration of technology and car.

On long road-trips, GPS navigation is pivotal in setting up location or following map. However, it is easier said than done. The APPS2Car securely fits your iPad, tablet, and smartphone to provide hands-free convenience. Not only can you engage in calls, but you can also relish thrilling road entertainment on every break.

What we love the most about the APPS2Car CD Slot Car Mount is that it allows you to charge your tablet simultaneously. The mount is also easy to install, without the need for specialized tools.

Finally, it’s sturdy design and secured locking system lets you indulge in even the bumpiest road trip without worrying about your iPad or tablet falling off.

Let us now walk you through the product design and compatibility features.


The integrity of an iPad Car Mount rests on its design.

The APPS2Car CD Slot Mount is designed with a screw-locked base design to provide maximum security to your tablet and smartphone. It allows you to mount your devices without interfering with CD player.

Furthermore, the mount also keeps your car’s windshield and dashboard clear without blocking your road view through its 360-degree rotation.

The APPS2Car CD Slot Mount also entails rubber pads for better stability and protecting your CD player from scratching.


It’s the broad compatibility of the APPS2Car CD Slot Mount which we love the most. Be it iPad, iPad mini, Google Nexus, iPhone, or Android phone, this versatile car mount is compatible with hundreds of devices in the market.

Apart from being compatible with most phones, the APPS2Car Mount also adapts well to most cars’ CD players. From Honda Accord to Toyota Highlander, Ford 150, Mazda, Jeep, and Benz, this car mount blends with most car players out there.


The APPS2Car promises to stand by its products. The CD Slot Mount comes with a 45-day money-back guarantee and 2-year warranty.


2. Cellet Cup Holder Tablet Mount

Drive care-free while the Cup Holder Tablet Mount by Cellet takes care of your tablet and smartphone.Cellet Cup Holder Tablet Mount

The Cellet Cup Holder Tablet Mount is built to make your road trip stress-free. The hassle of continually handling your tablet or smartphone while driving is pure menace.

The Cup Holder Tablet Mount by Cellet ensures that your eyes stay on the road while you engage in hands-free calls and GPS navigation with a single touch.

Its ultra-secure fit and 360-degree rotational capability protects your tablet and keeps your screen stay steady and firm while driving. Furthermore, the Cellet Cup Holder’s 13-inch height provides you with a stable view platform by preventing it from interfering with your road view.

Let us now walk you through the Cup Holder Tablet Mount’s unique design elements and compatibility.


The super smart and sophisticated design of the Cellet Cup Holder Tablet Mount complements well with your car interiors. However, it’s not just the visual appeal of this car mount which has left us awed.

The mount comprises a heavy-duty adjustable base which is designed to fit cup holders found in most cars. However, the flexible design of the base allows you to extend or reduce its wings to fit perfectly in your cup holder. Over and above, the mount also lets you position your device into any orientation with its 360-degree rotational capacity.

Finally, a release grip button allows you to remove your device in just a single move – fuss-free and straightforward, isn’t it?


What’s the use of designing a super protective and functional iPad car mount if it doesn’t exhibit broad compatibility? The Cellet Cup Holder Tablet Mount spares no device when it comes to adapting to their varied dimensions.

iPad or iPhone, Samsung Galaxy Tab or Note, Google Chromebook or Verizon Grizmo Tab, you name it, and the Cellet Tablet Mount will accommodate it.


3. Arkon Mounts Car or Truck Seat Rail or Floor Tablet Mount

Gear up for an enthralling truck ride with the Car or Truck Seat Rail or Floor Tablet Mount by Arkon Mounts.Arkon Mounts Car or Truck Seat Rail or Floor Tablet Mount

Most of the iPad car mounts in the market often leave the service vehicles behind, paying heed to regular private cars only. At Arkon Mounts, no vehicle gets offended because they have a mount to cater all.

The Seat Rail or Floor Mount is specifically designed to entertain fleet, service vehicle, car, and truck drivers. Since the mount is installed on seat rail or car floor, it keeps your windshield and dashboard clear.

The product package includes one Arkon’s Universal Tablet Push Button Holder along and a seat rail and a flexible aluminum gooseneck.

Let us now dive deeper into the product’s design and compatibility features.


The Arkon’s Seat Rail or Floor Mount is made from premium-quality aluminum metal. It includes ten support legs to fit your tablet perfectly.

The mount requires professional help and a few tools for installation. However, once you have set the mount up, your tablet or smartphone will always be right within your reach while you drive.

The design of the Arkon’s car mount allows you to set it up in two ways. Passenger Seat Bolt Mounting is more straightforward and can easily be moved into another vehicle when needed. The second method is Alternate Floor or Console Mounting, which requires drilling into your car’s floor. Since it’s a permanent installation and can damage your vehicle’s surface, a car accessory installs professional is the right candidate to get the job done.


The Arkon’s Seat Rail or Floor Mount is compatible with a large number of tablets and smartphones including Apple iPad, Amazon kindle fire, Samsung Galaxy Tab, and other devices. The mount’s universal push-button tablet holder easily fits 9-12 inch screens of tablets.


The Arkon’s Seat Rail or Floor Mount comes with a 2-year warranty.


4. iKross IKHD22 Cup Mount Holder

Access your tablet and phone with convenience and style with the IKHD22 Cup Mount Holder by iKross.iKross IKHD22 Cup Mount Holder

With an 8-year experience of engineering electronics accessories to ease lives, iKross has again employed their technical skill to provide a universal mounting solution.

The Cup Mount Holder by iKross works as a simple yet effective mounting kit for your tablet or smartphone in car. Not only does the mount gels in well with most vehicle cup holders, but it also is incredibly easy to set up.

The entire mounting kit package by iKross includes one cup mount, a cell phone holder, one tablet holder, and an installation guide.

Let us now move on the benefits this simple iKross IKHD22 Cup Mount Holder offers us and its range of compatibility with devices.


It’s because of their robust construction and consistent maintenance of quality that has brought iKross and their products to where they are today.

The robust construction of the Cup Mount Holder provides foolproof security to your tablet and smartphone.

The mount entails a swing arm design which provides you subtle screen view by acting as a shock absorber and reducing vehicle vibration. However, the best feature about iKross Cup Mount Holder is its flexibility in delivering a full range of motion. As a result, you can access your tablet or smartphone across multiple angles.

Finally, the base of the mount is also made adjustable to fit your vehicle cup holder securely.


The iKross Cup Mount Holder includes a separate tablet and smartphone holder. While the tablet holder can fit iPad and tablet screen ranging in size from 7-10.2 inches, the smartphone holder can easily mount screen widths of 2-3.7 inches.


The iKross Cup Mount Holder comes with a 12-month warranty.


5. TFY Universal Headrest Mount

Make your boring road trip a thorough entertainment ride with the Universal Headrest Mount by TFY.TFY Universal Headrest Mount

Long road trips can be severe pain, especially with kids. Killing time during long traveling hours is an arduous task for children and adults alike.

There comes the point when you are done exploring road view through windows. While we all love watching our favorite videos on our screens, holding and swiping your tablets and phones in a moving car can get super uncomfortable.

The TFY Universal Headrest Mount pitches in to solve this pain with its uncomplicated, neat, and ergonomic design.

Apart from being super-light, durable, and portable, we love how easy it is to assemble and disassemble this car mount.

The entire car mount kit includes one car headrest strap, two dedicated stretchable silicon holding nets for tablet, each for tablets and smartphones, and an angle adjuster.


The TFY Universal Headrest Mount proves how blending creativity and technical ingenuity can give rise to a straightforward yet ultra-functional car accessory.

The durable design of the mount includes a hard-wearing flexible headrest strap that fits well across the car seat. Stretchable silicon holding net secures your tablet and smartphone while an angle adjuster holds the devices in place. Moreover, the angle adjuster also serves as a desktop stand, allowing you to use your tablets and phones in desktop orientation.

Both the headrest strap and the holding net entail sturdy hook and loop material patches to hold your devices well across the headrest.

Thus, all you need is a mere 3-step process to assemble or disassemble your TFY Universal Headrest Mount. We love how the product is easy to carry along and setup in any vehicle within minutes.


The TFY Universal Headrest Mount fits all smartphone screens measuring 4.5-6 inches in width. As for tablets, the mount can easily take in iPads and android tablets measuring 7-10.5 inches in size.


6. iBOLT TabDock Bizmount AMPS

Tot your tablet up at a precise viewing angle with the TabDock Bizmount AMPS by iBOLT.iBOLT TabDock Bizmount AMPS

Tablets are no more a luxury. They are vastly used personally and professionally, both in the home, workplace, as well as in a vehicle. Since their handling and mounting continues to remain a challenge, iBOLT has stepped in to share your load and empower you to be hands-free.

These multipurpose mounts can be installed anywhere and everywhere. From your car to the home office desk, workplace table, or any similar surface, the iBOLT TabDock Bizmount provides optimum horizontal and vertical viewing positions according to your need. The mount includes a pair of adjustable points which allows it to rotate at 360 degrees.

The iBOLT TabDock Bizmount AMPS mount kit includes one TabDock tablet holder, a 5-inch dual ball joint adjustable pedestal, one screw pack, and an adhesive for drill base.

Let us now have an overview of the design elements which makes these car mounts stand out from the rest.


The iBOLT TabDock Bizmount is designed to provide a permanent solution for mounting up a tablet in the car, at home, or workplace.

The iBOLT tablet mount is manufactured from robust composite material. It includes four points of contact to secure your tablet in the car.

To set up the iBOLT car mount, mount the adapter first by pushing it upward on the mount. You can then proceed towards adjusting the mount holder capacity by detaching its latch. Moving on, insert the provided bizmount over the ball joint of the mounting base. If needed, you can adjust the position of the bizmount by easing up the knob. You can now secure your iPad or tablet into your mount in a breeze!


The iBOLT TabDock Bizmount AMPS is a universal mounting system that easily takes tablets in size range of 7-10 inches. iPad or Nexus, Kindle or Samsung Galaxy Tab, you name it, and Bizmount will mount it in no time.


7. Macally HRMOUNTPRO Car Seat Headrest Mount

Bid farewell to costly backseat entertainment systems with the revolutionary HRMOUNTPRO Car Seat Macally HRMOUNTPRO Car Seat Headrest MountHeadrest Mount by Macally.

Are you fed up of the noisy little passengers in your backseat? Do you want to live in the tranquil scene from surrounding scenic beauty while driving? Macally has now got you covered.

The HRMOUNTPRO mounts your tablets and smartphones like a pro, providing your little ones on the backseat with undisrupted entertainment for hours. With a single release button, the HRMOUNTPRO allows you to mount your tablet while a grip release button makes screen width adjustment a piece of cake.

Invest today in the most secure and stubborn car mount out there that doesn’t fall off during the bumpiest and bounciest road trips.


The Macally HRMOUNTPRO serves as a perfect iPad car seat holder and tablet mount. It entails robust clamps and supportive stabilizer arm to fasten its grip on your device.

The flexible design of the HRMOUNTPRO assures that your tablet or phone stays within your reach. Furthermore, the mount also carries an adjustable holder that allows you to enjoy both landscape and portrait view through the adjustable 360-degree rotation.

Other than its robust construction and flexible viewing options, we love its ergonomic design and straightforward installation. The mount is designed to attach to the headrest easily. It also includes an adjustable extension to change viewing options.


The cradle of the HRMOUNTOPRO is built to expand and adjust to fit most of the tablets and smartphones (along with their cases) in the market. As long as your device’s screen width range falls within 4.5-10inch, the HRMOUNTPRO won’t spare any of it.


The Macally HRMOUNTPRO comes with a 12-month warranty.


8. TFY Universal Car Headrest Mount

Maintain your sanity on exhausting road trips with the child-friendly Universal Car Headrest Mount by TFY.TFY Universal Car Headrest Mount

For over a decade, TFY has captured the online market by supplying premium-quality products to customers worldwide. As much as we love their silicon universal headrest mount, we can’t help admiring the Universal Car Headrest Mount’s design for steady mounting of iPads and tablets.

Since these mounts are detachable and portable, they make ideal presents for noisy little kids. The straightforward installation process of TFY Universal Headrest Mount makes it easy for even the children to set up or disassemble while packing.

Whether you’re traveling in your car, headed to a train trip, or even flying, the TFY Universal Car Headrest Mount can accompany you everywhere to provide on-site entertainment.

The TFY Universal Car Headrest Mount kit includes one elasticated strap and a pair of metal holding brackets.


The TFY Universal Car Headrest Mount is designed for use in cars, planes, and trains. It’s the simple yet functional design of the mount which makes it unique and one of our top favorite mounts out there. This car mount takes a minute to set up and is child-friendly.

Comprising of a durable, stain-resistant elasticated strap with Velcro securing patches, the car mount is designed to tie snugly around the headrest. The provided pair of metal brackets safely secure your iPads and tablets onto the headrest strap. Together, the stretchable strap and brackets maintain tension during travel and prevent your devices from falling off.

What’s more, the TFY Universal Car Headrest Mount allows you to rotate your device’s angles by adjusting headrest strap easily. Over and above, the compact size of the metal holding brackets provides easy access to charging and hands-free ports on your device.


The TFY Universal Car Headrest Mount can snugly take in all devices including iPads and tablets measuring 7-11 inches in width.


In terms of warranty and guarantee, the TFY has a lot to offer. The Universal Car Headrest Mount comes with a 100% money-back guarantee in 30 day-return along with a 12-month warranty.


9. Macally MCUPTABPRO Car Cup Holder Mount

Stay focused on the road with the MCUPTABPRO Car Cup Holder Mount by Macally.Macally MCUPTABPRO Car Cup Holder Mount

Regardless of how mindful you are while driving, your tablet and smartphone always remind you of their presence.

Whether it’s about locating through GPS navigation, engage on call, or checking an e-mail notification, it’s impossible to access your device hands-free.

With the Macally MCUPTABPRO, handling your tablet becomes a piece of cake. The Car Cup Holder Mount by the pioneering car accessory experts keeps your eyes and mind more focused on the road. Eventually, your driving becomes safe and your phone access, smarter.

The Macally MCUPTABPRO includes a flexible neck, one rotating holder, and an expandable base.


The Macally MCUPTABPRO is designed to mount your tablet or smartphone through your car’s cup holder.

It includes an adjustable base which can fit into different types of cup holders. The mount also comprises a rotatable holder which can rotate at up to 360-degrees, allowing you to enjoy screen views at both landscape and portrait views. You can also twist and turn your device to any extent during navigation.

However, what makes the MCUPTABPRO unique and functional is its 12-inch gooseneck which improves device placement and keeps it right within your reach.

This isn’t it. Unlike other Cup Holder Mounts that only cater to those sitting on front seats, the Macally MCUPTABPRO can also be placed in the backseat to keep your little travelers occupied.


The Macally MCUPTABPRO is a universal cup holder mount that snugly fits most tablets, iPads, and smartphones like a pro. Whether it’s iPad Mini or iPad Pro, Galaxy Tab or Kindle Fire, iPhone or any other android with or without case, the MCUPTABPRO demonstrates compatibility with each screen size.


The Macally MCUPTABPRO comes with a 12-month warranty.


10. Klsniur Car Headrest Mount

Relish backseat entertainment to the max with the Car Headrest Mount by Klsniur.Klsniur Car Headrest Mount

Exclusively designed for entertaining backseat passengers, the Klsniur Car Headrest Mount keeps your children occupied during prolong road trips. From watching video films to reading e-books, playing games, or engaging in calls, your backseat passengers can stay entertained without struggling in handling devices.

The Klsniur Car Headrest Mount requires no tools to set up. The mount firmly grips your tablets and smartphones and prevents them from falling off while driving on rough and bumpy roads.

We love how the Klsniur Car Mount is power-packed with unique design features at an incredibly affordable price. Keep reading further to learn more about this 2 in 1 tablet and phone mount.


Structured from high-quality ABS plastic material, the Klsniur Car Headrest Mount includes a swivel ball to allow 360-degree rotation at multiple angles. Whether you want to use your device on landscape mode, on portrait mode, or position it anywhere in between, the Klsniur Mount’s flexible arm will let you use it just the way you want.

What’s more, the Mount’s mechanical switch design snugly protects your device like no other. The inner lining of the mount also houses a soft silicone sponge pad to limit vibration and keep your tablet and smartphones scratch-free. The mount holder also carries a flexible arm that can extend at up to 8.6 inches, allowing you to adjust screen view according to your liking.

Finally, the mount also includes a hollow opening which provides you convenient access to charging line, headphone line and data line on your device.


The broad width range of the Klsniur Car Headrest Mount makes it compatible with all iPads, iPhones, smartphones, and tablets.


The Klsniur Car Headrest Mount comes with a 12-month service warranty along with a 30-day money-back guarantee.


11. SUNJOYCO Car Cup Holder Mount

Mount your tablet tall and strong with the Car Cup Holder Mount by SUNJOYCO.SUNJOYCO Car Cup Holder Mount

It’s stylish, it’s handy, it’s affordable, and it’s universal – It’s the SUNJOYCO Car Cup Holder Mount.

No matter how efficient multitasker you are, driving and screen use can’t go hand in hand. Though the market is flooded with a pool of car mounts, it’s hard to select something that is both user-friendly and supremely functional. The SUNJOYCO Car Cup Holder Mount carries of all these traits and a lot more.

Because it’s easy to install, you don’t need any professional help in setting up the SUNJOYCO car mount. Moreover, the product’s lightweight and compact size compliment well with your car interior.

Let us now move onto the mount’s design and compatibility features.


The SUNJOYCO car mount includes an adjustable base and a device holder. The base is designed to fit into most cars’ cup holders. It also consists of a 360-degree rotatable cup holder which gives you the flexibility to tilt your device whenever and however you want. Furthermore, the car mount also provides you with an added advantage of providing a clear road view.

As for the mount’s installation, it hardly takes a few minutes to set it up. You don’t even need any tools or professional help to install your SUNJOYCO car mount. All you have to do is attach your device into the gooseneck and secure it firmly. You then place the adjustable base of the mount in your car’s cup holder. Finally, twist the provided knob on the mount’s base to fit into the cup holder. You can make adjustments to the gooseneck or the holder as desired and voila, your car mount is ready for use!


It’s the compatibility of the SUNJOYCO car mount which fascinates us the most. Engineered to fit tablet and smartphones measuring from 4 to 11 inches in width, the mount hardly spares any device out there.


The SUNJOYCO Car Cup Holder Mount comes with a 12-month warranty.


12. OHLPRO Dashboard and Windshield Tablet Universal Car Holder

Make your long drives safe and fun with the Dashboard and Windshield Tablet Universal Car Holder by OHLPRO Dashboard and Windshield Tablet Universal Car HolderOHLPRO.

If you are not fond of more massive mounts and prefer compact varieties, then OHLPRO Car Mount is the one for you.

At its first look, the small size of the Dashboard and Windshield tablet mount leaves you in doubt, but it’s the mount’s powerful performance which entices us the most.

The OHLPRO Dashboard and Windshield Tablet holder offers several options for mounting it up in your car. Whether you place the mount on dashboard, windshield, or car air vent, it remains firmly affixed on every surface without obstructing your road view.

Apart from its ergonomic design, the mount also offers you the convenience of operation and simple installation procedure.

Let us now dive deep into the OHLPRO iPad car mount’s unique design elements making it stand out from the crowd.


The OHLPRO Dashboard and Windshield Tablet holder mount features a locking suction design which causes it to adhere on dashboard and windshield surfaces in your car. The suction cup is composed of sturdy steel and POM plastic material and adhesive glue, causing it to affix securely on every surface.

However, it’s the mount’s extensive degree of rotation which captured our attention the most. While the mount can undergo a complete 360-degree rotation, its arm also rotates at 190-degree, offering multiple options for titling and rotating.

Lastly, you can also install your OHLPRO car mount on the air vent and thus enjoy a clear road view.


The OHLPRO car mount demonstrates universal compatibility, with size range of 6-inch 10.5-inch – that includes all iPads, tablets, iPhones, and most smartphones!

However, OHLPRO recommends limiting size range between 6-inch to 8 -inch if you want to mount your device at the air outlet.


13. APPS2Car Suction Cup Car Mount

Focus more on wheels and road with the Suction Cup Car Mount by APPS2Car.APPS2Car Suction Cup Car Mount

In this age, not using tablets and smartphones is inevitable. From bedroom to kitchen, car to the office, our life relies on these devices. However, it’s their handling which haunts us. Most of the tablet mounts in the market are designed to be used in vehicles. The APPS2Car mount understands our needs and therefore presents its new Suction Cup Car Mount that works well on every surface.

Following are the unique design elements that APPS2Car mount offers at an incredibly affordable price.


The APPS2Car Mount’s unique suction cup amazes us the most. The cup of the mount is embedded with a sticky gel pad which makes it adhere well to all flat surfaces, be it your car’s dashboard or windshield, your counter wall, window, or even table. What excites us the most about this mount is that its suction cup is washable and works as good as new by simply rinsing it with warm water.

Another worth mentioning feature about the APPS2Car mount is its extra-long arm. The elongated arm of the mount is composed of bendable aluminum pipe that can extend at up to 13-inch length. Thus, you won’t have to extend your arm to reach out to your device, because the mount’s arm will do the job for you!

The mount can also be rotated to a complete 360-degree angle to provide clear view on all sides.


The APPS2Car Suction Mount is vastly compatible with a large number of devices. It can securely fit screens with width range of 7-inch to 11-inch for tablets and 4-inch to 7-inch for smartphones. Apple or Samsung, Huawei or Google Nexus, LG or Lenovo – the APPS2Car Mount covers them all.


14. Macally Car Floor Phone Mount Holder

Keep your driving safe and sound with the Car Floor Phone Mount Holder by Macally.Macally Car Floor Phone Mount Holder

Over and again, we have been emphasizing how fatal it can be to use phones while driving. A quality car floor mount serves as a lifesaver by being our helping hand during long road trips. The Macally Car Floor Phone Mount Holder is yet another exclusive floor mount devised for phones by the experts in the industry.

The Macally Car Mount is a lightweight and durable car mount comprising of aluminum posts that ensure a stable and sturdy phone experience.

Macally knows the extent to which we pamper our phones and encase them appropriately. Therefore, you don’t need to remove your phone

case since the holder can accommodate any device that has a width of 3.5-inch to 8-inch, ensuring a secure hold.

Furthermore, the mount requires no special tools for installation and can easily be installed.

Let us now discuss the product’s design and compatibility features.


Macally car floor mount is a sturdy and robust model that comes with anadjustable side clamp. The swivel ball joint helps you to rotate it at 360-degrees.

The mount’s 24-inch length ensures that it remains within your arm’s reach.

It features different brackets with multiple mounting angles that helps to attach on different types of vehicles.

Finally, the mount is made up of durable metal that can easily withhold the weight of your device without the risk of falling over.


Your car mount is of no use if it is not compatible with device. It needs to fit well to most devices. The Macally car floor mount perfectly fits all phones measuring 3.5-inch to 8-inch in dimension. Since most devices screen width falls within this range, you won’t have any compatibility issues with your mount.


15. Lamicall Car Headrest Tablet Mount

Enjoy unlimited entertainment in your backseat with the Car Headrest Tablet Mount by Lamicall.  Lamicall Car Headrest Tablet Mount

Long road trips are always bothersome. Whether you are a child or an adult, it’s nearly impossible to stand the sights of roads and billboards for hours. Fortunately, smartphones and tablets have made our lives so much easier. It’s just their handling that freaks us out. With the right tablet mount like Lamicall Car Headrest Tablet Mount, we can now access our devices for hours without hurting our fingers or neck. All you need to do is position it correctly, and your mount is good to go for hours.

Apart from being affordable and handy, we love how easy it is to set up the Lamicall Car Headrest Tablet Mount. Just press the arm to mount it up between your car’s backseat.

Finally, the Lamicall Car Headrest Tablet Mount also includes anti-friction and anti-vibration soft rubber pads that help prevent your device from getting scratches.


The Lamicall Car Headrest Tablet Mount is engineered as a smart looking tablet mount that can fit in any car with dual prong headrest. It contains rubber protection that makes up its robust framework. As a result, the mount can support large devices. It also as allows a complete 360-degree of rotation for more effortless adjustment.

Furthermore, it provides you with a charging option through its considerable side hole design, so you never have to worry about low battery issues while traveling.

For added comfort, the mount also provides different viewing experience. If your device is small, you can set it up horizontally. Alternatively, you can mount your larger devices vertically.


When buying an iPad car mount, it’s important to assure what you are buying is compatible with your device. Investing your money in a product that doesn’t work for you is a waste of time and energy.

The Lamicall Car Headrest Tablet Mount possesses a very vast compatibility range. It can fit all smartphones and tablets that measure about 4-inch to 10.5-inch in width.