Top 15 Best HUDs for cars in 2020

Top 15 Best HUDs for Cars – Ultimate Guide & Reviews 2022

A HUD (Head Up Display) unit is probably one of the most futuristic and savviest additions in the auto industry. Right from the time these compact systems were first conceived, the HUDs have received an overwhelming response from automobile users all over the world.

And why not, these little pieces of engineering marvel make every day driving simple, safe, fuss-free and more fun!Top 15 Best HUDs for cars in 2020

If buying a HUD system was on your mind for a while now, this is probably the best time to learn more about it.

There are several types of HUDs available today, and it is up to the buyer to decide which one suits his car the best.

It is advised that you thoroughly understand how a HUD system will benefit you, the kind of HUD that is best for you and your car, and how you should go about choosing one.

This article explores the various aspects of HUD systems along with 15 best-selling models in the market today.

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Advantages of Head Up Display systems for cars

Everyone knows that HUD systems were designed to make driving simpler and safer for the everyday driver. But did you know that these were not the only benefits these devices have to offer?

Here is a comprehensive list of the top benefits of HUD systems.

1. No looking away from the road

If you drive regularly, you know what it is like to be constantly distracted by notifications on your smart phone. Add to that a constant need to look away to take direction instructions from your smartphone.

Constantly having to look away from the windshield is not only distracting but very dangerous as well.

A HUD system successfully solves this problem by projecting all your smartphone data onto your line of sight in a non-distractive manner.

2. Reduction in driver fatigueTop 15 Best HUDs for cars in 2020

Inclusion of a HUD system can significantly reduce driver fatigue. Distractions and the need to process necessary information often lead to increased fatigue with the driver having to constantly take his eyes off the road.

Adding a HUD can make it easier to manage vehicle information and thus reduce driver strain.

3. Resourceful and advanced features

In the current day, HUDs come with a host of advanced features that make driving an easy and joyful process. These unique additions are extremely resourceful, helping car drivers immensely.

Some interesting features that HUDs comprise of include real-time dynamic information of the outside world, speed indicator, altitude, direction, traffic information, engine check, fuel level, battery voltage, 2D and 3D animations, fuel consumption, time, GPS, Bluetooth, and much more.

4. Complex data in one place

Without a HUD, you will probably have to switch between different dials to access various pieces of your vehicle information.

A HUD makes this process simpler by projecting all this complex information on a single screen. What’s more, this information is laid out in an easy to understand format so that the distraction is minimal and all your focus is on the road ahead.

5. Eyes refocus faster

This benefit is closely related to the first two already discussed above.

The eyes of a driver refocus much faster when he switches between a HUD display and back to the road again, as Top 15 Best HUDs for cars in 2020compared to his eyes when he looks at his phone.

Thus, the addition of a HUD reduces eye strain and fatigue, and helps in a smoother driving experience.

6. Affordable options available

HUDs are available in a range of price options today. Though it is true that units with the most sophisticated and advanced features are significantly expensive, there are simpler yet very effective options available at lower price points too.

Thus, upgrading your car for safety can be affordable and easy with a HUD system.

7. Easy to install and use

Most HUDs these days are extremely simple to install and operate. With simple and understandable installation instructions, these units seamlessly integrate with your cars in a matter of minutes.

Manufacturers are making these devices more ingenious and usable so that car owners adapt quickly to their features.

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Types of Head Up Display systems

Some high-end cars these days have HUD systems built into them, which project vehicle information onto the windshield automatically.

In other cases, you will have to add an external HUD unit to work with your car, which often comes in a plug and play set up. When broadly classified, there are two kinds of Head Up Display systems that exist in the market today.

1. OBD2 Support Head Up Display units

Head Up Display units with OBD2 support are designed for cars that are OBD II certified only. OBD2 stands for Top 15 Best HUDs for cars in 2020On-Board Diagnostics.

If you want to check if your car has an OBD2 interface, check for an OBD II certified label on the Vehicle Emission Control Information sticker in the engine hood of your car.

With a HUD having an OBD2 support, you can easily connect it to your car’s special OBD II port allowing the device to access vehicle specific and real-time information like speed, battery level, temperature, faults and vehicle errors.

2. Smartphone Head Up Display units

Smartphone based Head Up units are straightforward devices. These units rely on the data of your smartphone and project it onto your windshield or on a screen mounted on your dashboard.

The Head Up Display units of this type come with various capabilities like phone notification display, swipe to answer phone calls handsfree, navigation etc.

3. GPS based Head Up Display Units

These can be used on all cars and collect information from satellites, and are usually a choice for non-OBD II cars. They usually track information such as compass, time, speed, voltage, altitude and single travel mileage.

Features of high-quality Head Up Display systems

While picking up a head up display unit, there are several factors you may want to consider. Here are some of the main points to note before making a choice.

1. Screen size and format

Always make sure that the screen is of an optimal size when you choose a Head up unit. ThiTop 15 Best HUDs for cars in 2020s makes sure that you are able to view the information accurately and with minimal strain. Also make sure that the format in which the information is displayed is easily understandable and the colors used are easy on the eye.

2. OBD vs GPS modules

Head up devices available today take information either from the OBD II port (if your vehicle has one) or an inbuilt GPS module.

If the vehicle only has a GPS based module, the information tracked is usually only satellite based. Some head up displays have an integrated OBD2 and GPS module, making them dual mode units.

Many HUDs are also designed to be connected via your smartphone and use GPS based information for tracking.

Out of all, the OBD II and GPS integrated models provide the best of both worlds in a car display system.

3. Power options

Head up displays may be powered using a cigarette lighter, USB port or an ODB II port. While making your choice, consider the power source of your HUD unit.

Also, it is a wise choice to go for devices designed for low power consumption, and the auto on/off option – a smart way to save energy and protect your battery.

4. Installation

Needless to say, it is always an intelligent choice to choose a device with a minimal yet smart design. One that is easy to set up and install, and simple to operate.

5. Information displayedTop 15 Best HUDs for cars in 2020

Ask yourself what data is most important to your driving needs. Choosing a HUD that specifically caters to your needs will provide maximum return on investment.

Buying a HUD that displays extra information you will never use is never a wise decision.

6. Connectivity

Some HUDs have the capability to be connected to your phone’s Bluetooth to access third party applications and navigation info. If you will need access to such information, it is handy to include this criterion in your checklist.

Frequently asked questions

Are head up displays safe?

Yes, a well-designed HUD is always designed for driver safety. It helps you keep a tab on the speed of the vehicle, navigation and other important information without taking your eyes off from the road.

Do cars come with head up display units?

Yes, many high-end cars these days come with built in head up displays to acquaint the driver with real time driving information.

Are head up displays legal?Top 15 Best HUDs for cars in 2020

The displayed information is in the driver’s line of sight, and is mostly projected onto the windshield. Heads up devices are designed not to obstruct the driver’s vision and thus are not unlawful.

What is an OBD II port?

The OBD II is nothing but an on-board computer which helps monitor things like speed, emissions, mileage and other important information about your car. The OBD II port is used to access this information from OBD II.

This concludes the basics on Head up displays. Now, it’s time to dive right in and explore some top-rated HUD models in the market!

Top 15 Best HUDs for Cars in 2022

ImageProduct NameKey FeaturesRating
1. M7 OBD2 Display Unit by AceCarHigh resistance material4.7

2. Head up Display T600 by TIMPROVE

Completely GPS based HUD4.6
3. GPS Smart Digital Meter Head Up Display by AceCar Large 4.3-inch TFT LCD screen4.6
4. C500 Car Head Up Display by iKiKin 8 modes of display4.5
5. P17-HUD OBD2 car display by AceCar Intelligent plug and play system4.5
6. HUD OBD2 Display by YUGUANG Auto adjusts brightness4.4
7. Vehicle Smart HUD Display by Pyle GPS based Navigation Direction Compass4.4
8. Heads Up Display HUD Screen by Pyle Three-way wave button4.4
9. Multi-function HUD by AceCar Dual-run memory and high-speed processor4.3
10. 3.5″ Car HUD Head Up Display by Sherox Elegant and compact construction4.3
11. Head Up Display system for car windshield Easy visibility and minimal strain on driver’s eyes4.2
12. Head Up Display HUD by ACBungji Easy installation and set up4.1
13. Universal Head Up display with GPS Universal GPS system compatible with all cars4.1
14. HUD OBD2 Display by Yuguang Easy to install, operate and understand4.0
15. Digital GPS Speedometer by VJOYCAR Modern full screen display (4.5-inch full screen)3.9

1. M7 OBD2 Display Unit by AceCar

Stay up to date with every aspect you need to know while on the road with the easy and elegant M7 OBD2 M7 OBD2 Display Unit by AceCarDisplay Unit!

Construction and design

This elegant looking, compact M7 OBD2 Display Unit from AceCar is compatible with about 96 per cent of cars with the OBD2/GPS interface.

The design offers a dual-system integrated design- an OBD2 system and a GPS system- which can be switched based on the click of a button.

The M7 HUD includes a dual-chip, dual-core setup at its heart to ensure smooth performance at a high speed with zero glitches.

Its physical dimensions are compact, with a cover integrated design. This is a useful feature to prevent glaring display light from distracting the driver. The material used is resistant to high and low temperatures and changes in seasons which makes it very durable.

The OBD mode displays metrics such as speed, water temperature, driving distance and voltage, while the GPS mode displays speed, voltage and satellite numbers.

This device is available only for vehicles produced after the year 2008, while its GPS model is suitable for all vehicles. The OBD II mode is incompatible with diesel cars, hybrid electric vehicles, RV, pickup trucks and computer modified cars and brands like Lamborghini, Fiat, Renault, Citroen, Peugeot, Suzuki, Dodge, Jazz, Maserati and some others.


With four different kinds of driving data for users based on their experience level, the M7 OBD2 Display Unit from AceCar has a comprehensive and user-centric design. The four modes are skilled driving mode, novice driving mode, beauty mode, and racing crowd mode.

Its professional design incorporates a high-performance dual-core chip design for high speed operation. The device is programmed to turn On and Off automatically in order to save energy and electricity.

Included is a nano-technology based high-clearness projector which eliminates all unnecessary reflections to make the display image sharp and easily readable.

With an easy display function and an alarm function, the M7 OBD2 Display Unit’s fatigue driving alarm comes handy to make sure you stay safe while driving. The device is programmed to auto adjust the brightness, while its multi-function zone displays information like water temperature, speed, voltage, etc. in an easy to understand fashion.


  • Dual-run memory and dual-core processors for high speed and smooth operation
  • Saves electricity with auto on and off feature
  • Includes a dual system design (OBD2 and GPS) with a one-key switch
  • High resistance material reliable in all seasons
  • Cover integrated design to prevent distractions from glaring light
  • Universal model for cars, pickups, trucks and SUVs
  • Four driving data modes based on experience level
  • Includes both display and alarm function
  • Nano-technology based high clearness projector

2. Head up Display T600 by TIMPROVE

Enjoy a rich and fulfilling driving experience with this sophisticated Head Up display unit from Timprove! Head up Display T600 by TIMPROVE

Construction and design

The Timprove T600 is a handy and compact HUD which works purely on the basis of a GPS module. It is thus compatible with all vehicles.

This effective device is designed to be mounted on the dashboard of your car and not on the windshield like a traditional HUD.

Equipped with a 2.2-inch high-definition TFT LCD screen, the Timprove T600 displays all the required information needed for when you drive. It is constructed to be placed at a 30-degree angle so as to be easy on the eyes, and to provide you with a comfortable viewing angle.

The Timprove T600 displays drive specific information such as driving direction, vehicle speed, voltage, driving time, driving distance measurement, low voltage alarm, satellite time and number, over speed alarm, and altitude.

This device can also be used for brake performance test, speedup test and to read other info too.


The Timprove T600 is built for comfort, safety and a fulfilling driving experience. Its ingenious construction lets you mount it comfortably on the dashboard of your car, causing no distractions whatsoever during your ride.

Since this device is completely GPS based, it is compatible and can be used with all vehicles and models.

The T600 is truly ergonomic and efficient in terms of its construction and design. It mounts at an angle of about 30 degrees to ensure minimum eye strain and easy access whenever needed. The unit is designed to be easy on the eyes with its automatic light sensor that adjusts the brightness of the display in accordance with the level of daylight.

The ingenious design lets you freely switch between six different interfaces to suit your driving needs. The interfaces include the default display, multi-function display, speed + time mode, simple mode, brake test and accelerated testing mode.


  • Completely GPS based HUD
  • Free switch design between 6 different interfaces
  • Displays seven core metrics essential to the driving experience
  • Universal and compatible for all cars
  • Comes with multi-color switching option
  • 30” angle for a better viewing experience
  • Comes with an automatic light sensor that adjusts brightness
  • Easy plug and play installation

3. GPS Smart Digital Meter Head Up Display by AceCar

Give your car its personal manager with this intelligent and universal HUD device from AceCar!GPS Smart Digital Meter Head Up Display by AceCar

Construction and design

This innovative head up display displays essential driving information such as speed, voltage driving distance, satellite time, satellite number, altitude, sailing angle, driving time along with tests like speed up test and brake test.

This device is designed to be universal for all cars and vehicles. With its GPS smart digital meter, the device can be operated in a simple and straight forward plug and play mode.

It also has a multi display interface which can be switched between based on the needs of the user. This head up display system has a multifunctional and colorful display along with the large size LCD screen in order to make sure that the driver has easy access to information at all times while driving.

It’s 4.3-inch LCD screen is made out of TFT and displays all essential information needed while driving. This device is completely based on the GPS module that is present inside the unit and hence works perfectly with all vehicles.


This compact, mini display for cars has the right design incorporated to ensure the safety of the driver.

With its super slim design, the device is fairly and moderately easy to handle and operate. It has a colorful and vivid display system so as to ensure that the display screen is sharp and easy to view.

Its 4.3-inch full screen is equipped with another high-definition 2.75-inch TFT LCD screen which operates on a variety of viewing modes. The four viewing modes also comprise of different interfaces based on the need of the user and hence is user centric and accessible.

The HUD has the auto power on and off option and this helps conserve energy. The device also has an auto adjustment brightness adjustment system which helps the driver drive without added glare and viewing difficulties.


  • Easy plug and play setup
  • Universally compatible with all vehicles and car models
  • Works using an internal GPS module
  • Easy switch, multi-display interface
  • Designed to display several advanced metrics
  • Safety-centric design with alarm system
  • Large 4.3-inch TFT LCD screen
  • Auto and manual brightness adjustment function
  • Designed to measure performance status of vehicle

4. C500 Car Head Up Display by iKiKin

The iKiKin Head Up Display is a multi-purpose, versatile and highly functional unit that guides you brilliantly C500 Car Head Up Display by iKiKinalong your way!

Construction and design

The C500 car head up display unit is only compatible for vehicles having an OBD2 interface. It has an extremely simple plug and play installation system with a 3-step setup plan.

The device comes in a compact case that is easy to place on the dashboard of your car. It has a minimalistic design and projects information in a hassle-free and non-distractive way.

The display consists of a light sensor module, the engine RPM, the alarm icon, the mileage unit, the fuel consumption unit, speed, and the speed unit.

This iKiKin C500 display unit is compatible and can be set up with over 97 per cent of cars in the market today which come with an OBD2 or an EUOBD interface.

On the device, the different parts of the display system include the display board, display screen, the settings button, the manual power button and the power USB port.


The device comes with an 8-mode display system which can be freely switched between based on the user experience and comfort level. The different types of alarm that is available on the system include the engine fault code alarm, high water temperature, engine RPM alarm, fatigue driving alarm, shift reminder, over speed alarm and the low voltage alarm.

This diverse alarm system ensures that the driver and vehicle remain safe, and that the right information is conveyed at the right time. They prevent the occurrence of accidents and keep safety at the forefront.

With its various modes of display, the iKiKin head up display system, the unit combines random information to generate meaningful output for the driver, making driving more convenient and hassle free.


  • High clarity LED screen/no need for reflection film
  • Built in photosensitive unit to auto adjust brightness
  • Several important vehicle & driver-specific metrics displayed
  • Multiple reminder and alarm system to keep driver safe
  • Easy and simple plug and play installation
  • 8 modes of display based on user/driver preference
  • Compatible with most vehicles
  • High accuracy and easy viewing angle
  • Intelligent and easy to understand interface

5. P17-HUD OBD2 car display by AceCar

This classy HUD device is rich, functional and easy to operate – making for a smart driving assistant wherever P17-HUD OBD2 car display by AceCaryou go!

Construction and design

The P17-HUD OBD2 car display device is manufactured by AceCar. It consists of 2 modules – one is an OBD module and the other one is a GPS system. This dual system design makes it multi-functional and versatile to handle.

Equipped with two cables, the P17 head up display comes with both an OBD2 and USB cable.

The unit is designed to be multi-functional and displays various information such as speed, instant voltage, water temperature, A/F ratio, driving mileage, oil temperature, intake pressure and turbine pressure. The other additional numbers displayed on this car display system include GPS satellite numbers, Engine fault code alarm, RPM alarm, conversion between KM/H & MPH, Real-Time clock, driving direction and altitude.

The device can be operated in multiple different interfaces. Interfaces like All functions display, Triumph, Turbine pressure gauge, brake test, power test, data stream, Scan DTCS, Clean DTCS and settings.


The P17-HUD OBD2 car display is constructed with a HD LCD screen to display the info more clearly than your windshield HUD. It also uses a 360-degree rotating flexible suction cup holder, to be installed freely at a DIY angle.

Its safety centric design includes an alarm module as well. There are alarms for over speeding, shift reminding, water temperature alarm, voltage alarm, and fatigue driving reminder. This is a brilliant addition that keeps a safe eye on you and your vehicle while on the road.

This AceCar HUD has a high definition TFT LCD screen which displays the information colorfully with help from a lot of technology. Its 6-inch dynamic display interfaces can be switched freely, which brings more fun and technology to the on-road experience.


  • Minimal 4-inch body for minimal distraction/obscuring of the driver’s view
  • Multi-functional data display (basic and advanced)
  • Easy clear of fault code (without any extra time or cost)
  • Dashboard can be customized to display different interfaces
  • Incorporates OBD + GPS dual module design
  • Intelligent plug and play system

6. HUD OBD2 Display by YUGUANG

Track everything you need while you drive with this cool piece of technology from YUGUANG!HUD OBD2 Display by YUGUANG

Construction and design

This OBD2 display from YUGUANG incorporates an intelligent design that is easy on the eyes and promotes easy reading while on the road.

The device displays unique and advanced level information such as speed, instant voltage, mileage, oil temperature, turbine pressure, A/F ratio, and water temperature among many others.

It incorporates a high-performance chip inside which helps deliver accurate, error free and delay free information on real time basis.

The OBD2 display from YUGUANG is equipped with high imaging technology and 3D reflection technology. This design allows for an enhanced and seamless viewing experience between the screen and the road with minimal strain and distraction to the driver’s eyes.

The design also incorporates a glare shield which covers the extra light emitting from the display panel and protects eyes from unnecessary strain.

This device is compatible with 99 per cent of vehicles and offers a brilliant driving experience.


The YUGUANG HUD includes a high-performance chip which deliver accurate, speedy and a diverse range of information on the screen.

With its advanced level and updated hardware, the HUD device offers up to 6 different viewing interfaces for the driver. Along with its many functions, the YUGUANG HUD device also has an OBD2 speedometer with an OBD diagnostic tool function, engine data reading function, a performance test function, fault code eliminator using OBD diagnostic tools, speedup test, etc.

Along with the above, the device also has a multifunction feature that displays the RPM, complete with alarms such as Speedometer Fatigue Alarm during driving and Water Temperature Alarm.

The YUGUANG HUD device is designed for easy installation and operation, with its simple plug and play set up.


  • Constitutes high-performance chip for faultless accuracy
  • Standby power consumption of 3 mA to save power
  • Uses 3D reflection technology for a better viewing experience
  • Includes glare sheet to prevent strain on eyes
  • Auto adjusts brightness during day/night for efficient reading
  • Comes with 3 different viewing modes based on your need
  • Constitutes powerful functions and diagnostic/performance tests
  • Compatible with 99 per cent cars/trucks

7. Vehicle Smart HUD Display by Pyle

This compact car display gives you an accurate range of information in a smart, reliable and easy to grasp Vehicle Smart HUD Display by Pyleform!

Construction and design

This smart vehicle display system can be operated in a hassle free and easy plug and play operation.

The device can be simply mounted near the dashboard and it makes for a clear and precise driving assistant. This display system has a very user-friendly interface and comes complete with the digital multi-color LCD display system with dimensions of approximately 2.6 inches.

The unit displays essential driving metrics such as distance voltage speed and many other advanced features. This Universal vehicle system also features a GPS compass which effectively helps in GPS navigation to the driver.

The GPS system helps you the driver navigate and find the right route with accurate direction indicating system. It also has some new functions embedded such as brake performance testing and speedup features.

There are also alarms embedded inside this unit which triggers on over-speeding conditions and helps you stay safe.


This device is also equipped with the high performance as well as dual core processor which helps deliver accurate and fault free information and real-time driving data.

This vehicle driving display system has a digital multi-color LCD screen as well as integrated light sensors which help in automatic image balance.

The unit also contains and included cigarette lighter which powers up the system. Its user-friendly interface ensures that there is a clear readout visibility both in the day and the night.

The unique features of acceleration speed up and brake test add sophisticated edge to the capabilities of this device. This Pyle HUD display device automatically switches between power off and on with the engine ignition.

Overall, the Pyle smart Hud system is a one stop solution with its effective and user-friendly interface.


  • Easy plug and play operation
  • User friendly and easy to operate interface
  • Added features like acceleration speed up and brake test
  • Included cigarette lighter which powers up the system
  • Integrated light sensors to help in automatic image balance
  • GPS based Navigation Direction Compass
  • Includes dual core computer processor that gives real-time data
  • Incorporates digital multi-color 2.6 inches LCD display
  • Displays essential information like speed, distance, voltage, and trip time

8. Heads Up Display HUD Screen by Pyle

This Pyle head up display unit is a one-of-its kind display system offering you an ultimate viewing experience Heads Up Display HUD Screen by Pylewhile driving!

Construction and design

This heads-up display system from Pyle is a small, compact and innovative device design to assist drivers on the road.

The essential parts this driving system include three-way wave button which is used to change the settings on the device. This three-way button constitutes short and long press options which can be chosen based on the desired second.

There is also a power on and off button and a charger port (USB). The device displays the speed, voltage units of speed and voltage, satellite number, satellite icon, driving distance and driving time, driving direction, display time, altitude and function settings.

The Pyle unit also is designed to operate a speed alarm which gets triggered in case of over speeding. This device is applicable for any car, is easy to install and is designed to operate in a plug and play fashion.

The device is designed for manual and auto brightness adjustment so as to not cause any unnecessary strain on the driver’s eyes. This heads-up device from Pyle hence helps make your travel experience safer and hassle-free.


The Pyle heads up display system has an auto power on-off option which gets triggered when the vehicle starts and shuts down.

You can easily switch between miles per hour or kilometer per hour and the device gives you a complete package display of vehicle information, ensuring a safe driving experience.

The device projects a full color display right in front of you on the windshield. All important information like distance, altitude, direction and speed are displayed.

The Pyle device incorporates a dual core chip which helps in high performance of this heads-up unit. With this high-performance design, it is guaranteed that only reliable and real-time information is delivered onto your windshield.

The device includes a 5.5-inch digital LED display complete with integrated light sensors that helps in automatic image balancing and clear read out and visibility both during day and night driving.


  • Small, compact and minimalistic device
  • Three-way wave button for easy switching between settings
  • Alarm system for safer driving experience
  • Auto power on and off helps to save energy
  • Integrated light sensors for auto brightness adjustment
  • Clear readout visibility both during day and night driving

9. Multi-function HUD by AceCar

Feel like a pilot with this techno-savvy and sophisticated driving assistant unit from AceCar!Multi-function HUD by AceCar

Construction and design

This head up display system for cars has a sophisticated and compact design.

The system displays different driving data on the car windshield like RPM, speed, voltage, temperature, water temperature, single mileage and so on.

The device is especially designed for ease of driving and increase in safety while on the road. The AceCar unit contains two USB ports with both the OBD2 and GPS interface.

The OBD display displays information such as driving speed, instant voltage, engine, RPM, water temperature, driving distance, kilometer miles switching, fault codes elimination, compass and so on and so forth.

The GPS display helps provide information about the satellite numbers, direction, alarm, etc.

The device contains easy to operate button settings. The four buttons on the device include the power button, menu, parameter – and parameter +.

Some advanced features of the device include buzzer switch, automatic brightness adjustment system, etc.


This AceCar system is designed for high performance and operation.

With the embedded dual run memory and high-speed processor, the device displays reliable information on the screen.

This device is also easy on the driver’s eyes as it has an automatic and manual brightness adjustment mode. Some other options to increase safety include the fatigue driving alarm and the fault code alarm.

The obd2 mode is suitable for all devices manufactured after 2008. Overall, this head up display system is extremely simple useful and result oriented. It has an extremely simple user interface which makes it easier for drivers to operate and get acquainted with its features.


  • Sports a sophisticated and compact design
  • Displays different kinds of driving data based on user experience level
  • Uses both the GPS and the OBD2 module inside the unit
  • Dual-run memory and high-speed processor
  • Contains both automatic and manual brightness adjustment mode
  • Alarm system for additional safety and monitoring

10. 3.5″ Car HUD Head Up Display by Sherox

Experience the perfect drive with this simple yet powerful little Head Up display unit!3.5″ Car HUD Head Up Display by Sherox

Construction and design

This simple car heads up unit from Sherox has an elegant and compact construction. The device has an obd2 interface and can be set up in easy plug and play manner.

It includes a 3.5 inch high definition display screen which uses nanotechnology ensuring that there is no double reflection and that the screen is clear and easier to read.

The device operates in 4 display function settings which can be switched based on the user experience level and preference. The device is designed such that it does not lead a reflection film.

This four-display function shows information such as speed, voltage, water temperature and travel mileage. This Sherox device is compatible with 95% of cars with obd2 or EUOBD interface.

The device has an auto power on and off feature which starts and stops along with vehicle power on and off.


This simple and elegant head up device provides all the necessary information to the driver without causing unnecessary distractions.

The four-display function displays travel mileage allowing you to freely switch between km and miles, voltage, vehicle speed in miles per hour or km per hour and water temperature.

The Sherox head up display also has a 3-alarm function system which includes an over speed alarm, a low voltage alarm and a high temperature alarm.

It has an easy to install setting and can be operated with the plug and play installation.

The device is designed to help save electricity and energy with its intelligent auto power on and off option. This option/feature helps turn on and off the device automatically when the vehicle is switched on and off.

This option also helps in an effective protection of your car battery.

Also, the device is designed for eliminating double reflection with its nanotechnology-based display system.


  • Device incorporates an OBD2 interface
  • Sports an elegant and compact construction
  • Clear and easy to read screen with no double reflection
  • Contains three alarm system to keep driver and vehicle safe
  • Save energy with the auto off and on option
  • Nanotechnology based display system for efficient display of information

11. Head Up Display system for car windshield

This Head up display system is a welcome addition to your car with its surprisingly easy to understand design Head Up Display system for car windshieldand installation!

Construction and design

This head up display system has a wide compatibility range and is compatible with most cars and vehicles. The device has a simple interface which is easy to understand and operates on a plug and play mode.

This head up unit displays essential information such as speed buzzer switch, number of satellites, single mileage measurement, water temperature, voltage and compress.

It is compatible with most cars like SUV, pick-up, truck and bus. The unit comes with accessories like head up display, host USB cable, OPD cable, reflective film and non-slip mat. The head up device has an alarm system that triggers on engine failure, water temperature, voltage shift reminder, speed (over speeding) and fatigue driving.


This head up system displays essential driving information such as fuel consumption, voltage, water temperature, trip distance, travel time, and speed.

The device is designed for easy visibility and reduces the strain on the driver size while driving. Its easy to understand interface and operation makes sure that the user can quickly adapt to its working.

The user-centric design ensures that it works well both in day and night conditions and causes minimal strain on the driver’s eyes.

Overall, this head up display device is a complete drivers assistant that helps display accurate information while on the road ensuring safety and a hassle-free driving experience.


  • Wide compatibility range -compatible with most cars
  • Simple and easy to understand interface
  • Displays basic as well as advanced information
  • Specialized alarm system to ensure driver and vehicle safety
  • Easy visibility and minimal strain on driver’s eyes
  • Simple installation and plug and play set up
  • Compatible with most cars and vehicles

12. Head Up Display HUD by ACBungji

Save yourself from speeding tickets with this stylish and smart personal driving assistant!Head Up Display HUD by ACBungji

Construction and design

This head up display unit from ACBunji is compatible with vehicles that use both the OBDII as well as EOBD modes. The unit is designed to work using two modules – the GPS as well as the OBD2 mode, which makes it compatible even with vehicles without OBD.

It also has an alarm system that gets triggered any default safety level data originally set. The information displayed by the OBD module of the head up display include driving speed, engine RPM, instant voltage, water temperature, mileage, km/mile per hour switch, water temperature progress bar display, auto switch, brightness and the alarm system among others.

The GPS mode’s main functions include the instant voltage, engine RPM, and satellite numbers, brightness and the speed.

The device is multi-functional and is easy to operate and set up.


The various data displayed by the ACBunji HUD unit include speed, RPM of the engine, voltage, water temperature, mileage as well as travel time. This range of information is highly essential to make any driving experience convenient, less fussy and safer for everyone.

The smart digital meter displays information related to the vehicle and other related data in an accurate and easy to understand format.

ACBunji has an auto adjust capability for brightness, which means that it automatically adjusts the screen brightness based on the environment and time of the day/night.


  • OBD Mode (OBDII and EOBD) compatible
  • Works in dual mode – OBD2 as well as GPS
  • Displays practical driving related information
  • Contains range of alarms to provide security and safety
  • Designed for low power consumption
  • Easy installation and set up

13. Universal Head Up display with GPS

Keep all your worries at bay with this smart and handy GPS head up display!Universal Head Up display with GPS

Construction and design

This universal head up display works with a GPS module and is designed to project important information onto your windshield.

The device is designed for utmost driver safety- making sure that your eyes are always on the road. It accurately displays speed related info and comes with an adjustable bracket to make sure that the setup is at a desired angle.

Installation of this universal head up display is pretty simple and straightforward. Apart from the vehicle speed, the system is programmed for a speeding alarm that sends out speed warnings (which can be customized) in both km/h or mph.

As its name suggests, the device is universally compatible with all types of cars since it works based on a GPS system.


The Universal GPS display system is primarily designed to deliver reliable and accurate information to help drivers stay safe while on the road.

This device is easy on the eyes, and incorporates a design that auto adjusts the brightness level of the display in accordance with the ambient light. The display is also constructed so as to allow easy adjustment to an optimum angle.

To take the safety-centric design a little further, the GPS speedometer is equipped with a special alarm system programmed to inform the driver in cases of over speeding.

This easy to set up device plugs in seamlessly with the car’s cigarette lighter system and is simple to understand and operate.


  • Highly user-centered design for driver safety while on the road
  • Plugs in with car’s cigarette lighter system
  • Easy and super simple to set up
  • Allows easy adjustment to optimum angle
  • Universal GPS system compatible with all cars

14. HUD OBD2 Display by Yuguang

With this little driving assistant, your driving experiences will never remain the same!HUD OBD2 Display by Yuguang

Construction and design

This dual model display from Yuguang uses both the OBD2 and GPS modules to deliver information.

This head up display device uses a semi concealed as well as low dwarf design which seamlessly integrates with the mechanics of the car. The device is made out of polycarbonate, abs mixed process which resists high temperatures and deformation.

Yuguang HUD uses optical imaging technology to display a clear image for drivers without straining their eyes. It uses suspended virtual display and freeform surface technology along with optical coating to make sure that there is no image distortion and ghosting.

This design ensures that the image displayed is high definition and does not require the protective film. Hence there is zero double vision and that the images are very clear both during the day and night.


This dual system GPS OBD2 device is designed to protect your eyes as well as provider a great visual representation of vehicle information.

It has the capability to automatically adjust and sensitize the brightness of light using the ambient light available. It also uses a powerful processor chip at its heart to make sure that data is generated in a quick and reliable fashion.

All necessary information such as temperature of water, voltage, over speeding alarm is displayed in the Yuguang HUD.

This dual system helps you focus on the road and centralize driving without distracting you even for a second. The OBD2 + GPS device is very easy to install and does not come with any complicated wiring instructions. The device is also compatible with all cars and if your vehicle is not compatible with obd2, you can still use its GPS module.


  • Incorporates both the OBD2 + GPS modules to display information
  • Easy to install, operate and understand
  • Displays practical and advanced level information
  • Includes a high-performance chip at the heart of the device
  • Semi concealed and low-dwarf design for seamless integration
  • Designed for clear and distortion-less display
  • Automatic adjustment of brightness based on ambient light

15. Digital GPS Speedometer by VJOYCAR

Experience the pure joy of driving with your very own personal assistant and speed specialist – the VJOYCAR Digital GPS Speedometer by VJOYCARspeedometer!

Construction and design

The digital GPS speedometer from VJOYCAR uses data from GPS satellites and thus has no connection with your vehicle’s engine. This makes it compatible with all kinds of vehicles and car models.

This device mainly displays the driving speed, single driving mileage, single driving time and total mileage with odometer.

The speed unit used in the VJOYCAR head up unit is km/h and mph. These units can be comfortably interchanged based on your comfort level.

Designed for safety, the system uses an alarm/alert system which triggers in case of over speeding. The value of this alarm system is set to 120 by default, which is easily customizable too.


This VJOYCAR digital display and speedometer has an intelligent and easy to grasp design.

With its modern full-screen design (4.5 inches), the device displays data in bright and green big fonts so as to make it easily graspable by the driver.

Installation is straightforward with a simple USB cable plug and play interface. This device is great for cars, SUV’s, trucks, boats, pick up, van, train, scooter, bicycle and other vehicles.

The VJOYCAR has a dual display mode system. In its simple display setting, it displays the most important information -speed. In the advanced system, speed, mileage and time are displayed.

An easily customizable over speed alarm system completes its simple safety-centric design.


  • Uses GPS for display of information
  • Modern full screen display (4.5-inch full screen)
  • Universal fit for all types of vehicles/models
  • Easy USB cable plug and play installation
  • Comes with dual display mode setting
  • Overspeed alarm/alert system for driver safety

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