10 Best Grease Gun in 2019 : Reviews and Comparison

If you have been in the market for a new grease gun and are having a hard time deciding the one that best fits your needs that is understandable.

Today there are a wide variety of grease guns on the market that offer a range of features that have not been readily available to the mass consumer before.

To help you find the best grease gun for your needs I have prepared this buying guide with some important tips, general information, and of course reviews of the top sellers on the market. So that you can be better informed.

This will help you to select the right grease gun for your needs. After reviewing this guide, you should be able to select the right piece of high quality equipment that will provide you with many years of great service day in and day out.

Let’s check our Top 5 Picks for you!





DEWALT Lithium Ion Grease Gun


Alemite 500-E Grease Gun


Lincoln Lubrication Grease Gun


GreaseTek Premium Pistol Grip Grease Gun


Lumax LX-1152 Black Heavy Duty Deluxe Pistol Grease Gun


Why People use Grease Gun?

Proper lubrication is important to ensure your equipment longevity. Grease gun is an ideal garage tool which makes the lubrication easier than before.  In this modern technology we can’t ignore the uses of grease gun.

For home improving or garage, you need to use grease gun at least one time. You can get these following benefits from using a grease gun:

1. Prevent Waste and Save Money:

Before the invention of grease gun it was quite tough job to do lubrication in your vehicle. But, now if you want to use a small amount of grease, then you can do this easily by a grease gun.

It will give you the control over that how much grease is delivered per stroke. This way, you can reduce the wastage amount.

Grease guns expand the lifespan of your machines and save your money.

2. Better Speed and Accuracy:

Anyone wants to do the accurate job within short time. Nobody wants to ruin their time by greasing equipment. Then a grease gun is the best choice to save your time and doing a lot of work.  You can easily operate this grease gun.

10 Grease Gun Reviews 2019

Below are some of the top grease guns on the market today. We are recommending these ten guns, which offer a wide variety of applications and styles.

Because they are all high quality and provide the kind of reliable long-term durability that you need day to day to get the job done. These grease gun reviews will hopefully help you make a better-informed purchase decision.

1. DEWALT Lithium Ion Grease Gun

This is a great grease gun for heavy duty work environments. Some of the big advantages of the DEWALT are that it features a long hose and a heavy-duty motor that is controlled by a variable trigger.

This allows you, with a little practice, to administer just the right amount of grease that is needed exactly where it needs to go.

Another nice plus is the no-mar rubber foot allows the operator to rest the tool on any flat surface. The large grease chamber is perfect for holding a full load of grease, even a 16-oz. bulk cartridge.

One of the pros of this gun is also one of its cons the pump filter screen is a nice touch that prevents dirt and contaminates from clogging the pump. This filter is also a pain at times since it has to be cleaned regularly to prevent a blockage situation.

Luckily, cleaning is a snap, but it does require you to remove the chamber to do it, and that can mean potential spilled grease of you are not careful. The air bleeder valve is perfect for quickly changing the cartridge, so you have less down time.

But on the same note, it can open on its own at times, so you may lose pressure when you need it. I have found a small piece of shop tape over the valve control can prevent this.

This is a very high-quality grease gun from a trusted name in power tools. DEWALT products are designed with durability and efficiency in mind.

It’s a top seller for a reason. This is the best cordless grease gun we can recommend for serious users.


  • Heavy duty motor
  • Variable trigger
  • No mar rubber foot
  • Pump filter


  • Pump filter cleaning is a pain and requires removal of the chamber
  • The air bleeder valve can open on its own in certain situation causing a loss of pressure
  • The battery needs a long time to charge and can run down quickly with heavier lubricants

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2. Alemite 500-E Grease Gun

The Alemite 500-E grease gun is perfect for moderate to medium everyday jobs, including automotive, marine, and medium industrial applications. What we love about this gun is the solid body which features an easy to use three-way loading system that can take a 16-oz. bulk cartridge, a 14-oz. standard cartridge.

This versatility is one of the most endearing qualities of this powerhouse of a gun, while at the same time it does have a few drawbacks. The chamber is not easy to clean and since there is no bleeder valve you cannot change cartridges in mid-use.

ON the plus side, the heavy-duty aluminum head provides lightweight while still giving great durability. Another pro is the lever handle which features a vinyl grip that is hand molded for better control.

The gun offers a standard volume output delivers 1-oz. of grease per 21 strokes. That’s a lot of pressure in such a small package to be sure.

The simple lever mechanism is easy to use and provides accurate and reliable dosing of grease. Comes with 18” hose and coupler. On the downside, the Alemite does have a few minor issues.

First be aware that this is not a good gun for use on heavy duty projects and when using heavier lubricants, it does have a tendency to clog easily.

Again, with heavy lubricants, the push rod can jam at times if you try to dispense too quickly.

All in all, this is a good choice for general use, but not for heavy shop jobs.


  • Lots of push for fewer strokes means quicker time on the task
  • Simple lever mechanism is easy to use
  • Cast aluminum head provides high pressure without the risk of a blowout


  • Not a good choice for heavy duty work
  • Tend to clog and jam with heavier lubricants

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3. Lincoln Lubrication Grease Gun

This great bundle provides a wonderful “starter” kit for your shop or can be used to trade out old gear in one fell swoop. The bundle contains a Lincoln Lubrication 1162 Air Operated Grease gun, a Lincoln Lubrication G160 Grease Gun Holder, and a Lincoln Lubrication 5883 Slotted Right Angle 90 Degree Coupler.

Some of the pros of this grease gun are the fact that the gun is fully automatic and features a variable speed trigger system. That provides for the choice of either single shot or continuous operation. This is a big convenience saver for those larger jobs.

Another pro is that this gun has a full one-year warranty for materials and workmanship. It is this kind of support that has made Lincoln one of the popular names in the industry.

A con of this gun is the fact that it is a little sensitive when using the trigger for the continuous shot mode.

You can quickly dispense a lot of product without trying, which can be a big shock if you are not prepared for it. A little practice fixes this issue, however. In terms of the coupler is a high-quality item, and the holder, which mounts to any surface, holds any grease or suction gun with a 2 ¼” OD barrel.

There aren’t any real cons to either item except that the holder does have a little bit of a tight fit on some grease gun barrels.

This kit is ideal for anyone who needs a new manual grease gun and wants to buy an all in one, single band solution.


  • Variable speed trigger with continuous operation capability
  • All in one kit that provides everything needed to get started
  • Full one-year warranty for materials and workmanship


  • The trigger is very sensitive in continuous mode
  • Holder clip is a little tight on some non Lincoln grease guns

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4. GreaseTek Premium Pistol Grip Grease Gun

This is one of my favorite grease guns we are recommending on this list. It has a lot of nice features and very few real cons. It features an improved plunger design that makes it a lot easier to load and prime the gun.

Anyone who has ever had to fight with a grease gun to get it properly primed can appreciate this. Moreover, the 400cc chamber delivers 1oz per 40 strokes right where you need it. This is a huge chamber that will hold enough grease for any job without needing to refill.

I also like the fact that this gun comes with an extension pipe with coupler as well as an 18” hose with the coupler. This extra pipe can be used to reach tight areas that you need to get to. But which might be difficult to get a hose contorted into the position.

While you can add this type of pipe to most guns, it’s nice to see it provided here right from the start. Personally, I like the advanced pistol grip that helps to keep the gun under control. But the thing that I really enjoy about the design is the knurled barrel which increases grip even when things get messy.

Ok, so if I have to say anything negative, which I would be hard pressed to do, it would be about the loading. The grease gun features a duel position system for versatility, but it also features a loader that is, well awkward, to use.

This gun also has a bleeder valve and a bulk filter valve, the first of which is great to have, the second of which seems just to be a waste of time. Weighing in at only 2.6 pounds it is one of the lighter guns recommended here, and that’s a good thing.

But on the same token, I don’t feel I could trust this gun for heavier lubricants and tougher jobs. It’s good for all around general purpose, but nothing bigger than that.


  • Extension pipe comes with the gun already, besides to the long hose
  • Pistol grip design and knurled body make gripping and control easier
  • Huge chamber that can hold 400cc’s of grease


  • Not a good choice for heavy works, despite the claim for the maker that it is
  • Bulk filer valve just seems like it should have left off the gun

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5. Lumax LX-1152 Black Heavy Duty Deluxe Pistol Grease Gun

To be honest, it would be hard to come up with anything negative to say about this gun. After all, what is there to not love about this grease gun. First off, we have the fact that it’s well made.

The heavy duty cast head can develop up to 7,000 PSI. This means that you will be able to work with the heaviest of lubricants in all kinds of jobs. Another plus is the solid barrel made of 18-gauge steel that can take whatever you throw at it and more.

Some guns get dropped, and the aluminum body can dent or even crack. But with this solid steel barrel, this gun can take a licking and get right back to work. The follower rod lock ensures that there is no accidental discharge of grease when the unit is not using purposefully, this can also be a negative.

If you forget to release the rod lock, it can cause you to have an interruption in lubricant flow while working with the tool. The bleeder valve helps to vent air pockets in the cartridge and also helps to facilitate quick cartridge changing and does not open on its own. In fact, it can be difficult to open it at all when you are using higher pressure.

The thing I love the most about this gun though is the innovative three-way loader system allows you to use cartridges, suction, or even a grease pump. The last of which is a nice touch since a lot of the guns we are recommending, while awesome in their own right, don’t have the ability to use this feature.

All in all, this is a good choice for those who need just a basic no frills grease gun to get the job done right. But who are also looking for a gun that can be versatile enough to do any job they come up with.


  • Heavy duty cast head can handle immense pressure
  • Solid steel body is tough and can take a beating
  • Three-way loading system offers support for grease pump
  • Rod lock system prevents accidental discharge


  • Rod lock system can prevent using the gun if you forget to unlock the rod
  • Air bleeder valve can get stuck and not open easily when you need it to

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6. Astro 101 Mini Grease Gun

While the majority of the grease guns on this list of recommended tools are all intended for large and important jobs, this great mini grease gun is ideal for all of those small jobs that you need to get done that the use of a larger grease gun would just be too much for.

Don’t let the little size fool you though, this is a serious piece of lubricating power. Also, it holds 3oz of light to mid-grade lubricant and is ideal for lubrication of air tools with grease type fittings. The pros are that it only weighs in at only 1 pound and able to be used easily with one hand.

Another bonus is that the needed nozzle is perfect for lubing all kinds of air tools that have smaller fittings. It is perfect for the lubing of a chain saw or for other tasks that require small amounts of lube to be injected into a small fitted opening. Perfect item to have in your tool box for just when you need it.

On the down side, it can be dinged and dented easily by cause of it is aluminum, and there are no options for cartridges, you have to load by hand with this one. Cleaning is easy and the lower price point means that you can buy more than one to accommodate all of your different lubing needs.


  • Small, easy to store and use
  • Lower priced means you can buy one for each of your different lubing needs
  • Perfectly sized chamber for lubing air tools and other items such as chain saws and wood working equipment


  • No cartridge option
  • All lightweight aluminum body

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7. Lincoln Lubrication Cordless Grease Gun

If you are looking for an all in one kit that features an 18-volt battery powered grease gun with all of the bells and whistles includes. Also, easy to store hard side carry case then this is the set you have been looking for. To be honest, this gun is without a doubt the best one on this list.

First, this great grease gun is so impressive that I bought one for myself, that says something since I had purchased one of the DEWALTS listed above just last summer.

Among the pros of this kit are that it includes an 18-volt battery capacity that can work up to 10 standard grease cartridges. That’s a lot of getting it done, but that’s not all, there is also an extra battery included so that you can use up to 20 total cartridges before you have to worry about running out of juice.

Secondly, this gun has a two-speed transmission. This allows you to choose between either high volume and high pressure depending on your needs for each job. You will be very glad to have the heavy duty high torque motor that is ideally suited for even the most demanding of work environments.

If you are looking for a grease gun that is at home as much in the workshop as it is in the auto shop, then this is the one that you are looking for. Personally, I love the spot LED light built-in which allows you to see exactly where the fitting is and its position every time.

You won’t believe how handy of a feature this is until you start using it. Another nice feature of this gun is the trigger lock system allows for either shot application or continuous application, but there is a downside to this as well.

The lock system can get sometimes stuck, making it difficult to disengage the trigger in the locked continuous position. The 30-inch hose is perfect for getting into even the tightest of places. But it is not very flexible and can get a little hard to position at times.

This would be a nice feature that probably will add to future models in this series. A wonderful set and a darn good grease gun for any general-purpose application.


  • Extra battery included
  • Batteries are universal to all Lincoln power tools so you can interchange as needed
  • Takes a 14 or 16 ounce cartridge
  • LED light makes finding fittings easy even in darker work places
  • 2-speed transmission to choose between high pressure or high volume


  • No freeloading or grease pump usage, cartridges only
  • Continuous operation trigger lock can get stuck in the locked position at times
  • Can get hot to the touch after a lot of usages

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8. Plews 30-200 Standard Duty Grease Gun

For a basic standard duty grease gun, the Plews 30-200 is unbeatable. On the pro side, this is a simple hand operated pump style grease gun that can be used to lubricate the grease fitting of vehicles and other equipment that uses a standard size fitting.

It’s nice that it Holds a 14-oz. cartridge, and can also be hand loaded if needed. This basic “old school” gun gets the work efficiently without bells and whistles.

The gun delivers one ounce per stroke which makes it ideal for automotive and marine applications and the knurled barrel helps to increase grip. There are a couple of disadvantages to this gun however.

First of all, it is a little awkward to use for large jobs. The handle is a little tight when you have a full packed cartridge, and your hand may tire quickly.

Another disadvantage is that the whole thing is a bit on the heavier side, so working overhead, or in other contorted positions it can get cumbersome.

One a positive note, guns like this one have a tendency to be not very well sealed, but the threaded top cap on this one stays tight and leak free use after use. A very high quality yet cheap grease gun that works without any thrills or frills.


  • Basic, easy to use traditional style grease gun
  • Holds a full cartridge
  • One ounce per stroke makes dosing easy
  • Leak free


  • On the weightier side
  • Can be hard to use the lever handle when dealing with a new cartridge
  • Not a good choice for large jobs

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9. Milwaukee 2646-20 M18 2-Spd Grease Gun

For another option in terms of 18-volt cordless grease guns, the Milwaukee 2646-20 M18 stands out. This great grease gun provides up to 10,000 PSI, a rare find among cordless guns on the market.

Some of the pros of this gun are the super long 48” flexible hose with the coupler. The hose is also able to take a wide variety of nozzle tips and fits all standard fittings for most automotive, marine, and medium to heavy duty industrial machinery applications.

A nice feature of this gun, like some of the others on this list, is the lock on/lock off trigger. This allows for single shot or continuous dispense usage. To talk about negatives on this gun honestly is difficult, but like all cordless high-power tools the battery life is not very good.

This isn’t to say that you won’t be able to get through most jobs easily before having to change packs, but having a secondary battery on hand might not be a bad idea.

The good news here is that the battery is the same one that other Milwaukee 18-volt tools use, so if you have other tools in the family then you already have extra batteries that will fit this one.

Another disadvantage to this gun is the fact that it can be a bit loud while in use, not loud enough that you will need ear plugs, but it can be a bit annoying if working with it for a long time continuously.

This is the ideal all around work horse grease gun for shops, engineering bays, and other locations. The tool features 2 speeds for selecting between max pressure and max flow rate, which is nice, but the speed selector is a bit awkward.

A built-in shoulder strap makes carrying around easy on your back, and the built in LED light is a nice touch to make your job easier.


  • LED work light
  • 2-speed motor
  • Lock on/lock-off trigger
  • Super long hose with coupler
  • Interchangeable batteries work with other Milwaukee tools


  • Louder than other battery powered guns
  • Shorter battery run life than other cordless guns, but this gun does provide higher pressure options than those so it is a tradeoff worth having

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10. Lucas Heavy Duty Pistol Grip Aluminium Grease Gun

This is one of the high quality grease guns on the market. It has an outstanding working pressure of 3,600 PSI. If you’re in a bind, you can utilize its max pressure level of 6000 PSI. Not only that, but this gun is rust free because of its anodized aluminum barrel. Not only that, butthe head is extremely durable, made from die-cast aluminum.

Now, not only do both of these features make it last a long time, but it also makes it very lightweight. For practical purposes, it uses a standard 14 ounce cartridge.

However, some have reported that it is difficult to inject anything. This may, however, be just a simple and subjective issue.


  • Excellent pressure level – 3600PSI to 6000PSI
  • Aluminum alloys make it very light-weight, but also rust free and durable


  • Some have reported that it is difficult to press the pistol grip.

Grease Gun Accessories 

LockNLube Grease Gun Coupler

LockNLube grease gun coupler is without a doubt one of the best couplers on the market. The upside of this coupler is that the connection is good and the coupling system is easy to use. This coupler seals up tight so no worry about leakage even at high pressure.

Anyone who has found their hands and pants covered in grease after a coupler seal fails will appreciate this. Another nice factor is that the unique design makes it easy to work with. The coupler quickly locks on and stays on, clips off when needed.

This is a nice coupler to buy since it will fit all standard grease guns. It’s a perfect choice for popular 1/8” NPT fitting guns. The coupler fits all SAE and Metric Zerk fittings. The high-quality solid steel construction and ease of use make this an excellent value for replacing your existing coupler.

There are no real cons to discuss here except maybe the fact that the smooth, polished finish can be a little hard to get a grip on when it is time to change it out. You can solve easily by roughing it up a little with an emery board if you find that it is an issue.


  • Quick connect system makes changing the couple quick and easy with no fuss or extra work
  • Universal condensability makes it a perfect replacement for your current coupler


  • Smooth finish can be a little hard to grip on at times

Grease Gun Buying Guide: Know Before You Buy

There are lots of things to consider when you are deciding what to purchase for your next grease gun. Among these are the type of grease gun, the features that it provides, the price, and what warranty and support offered. All of these considerations should be looked at carefully when choosing the grease gun that is appropriate for you.


Choosing the gun with the right features for your needs is important. After all, what good is a great priced gun that has all of the other aspects that you like if you are not getting the features that you really need. Here are a few other important considerations to look at when choosing the right gun for you.


This is important, especially if you are in need of pinpoint application of lubricants for complex machinery. Choosing a gun that is less accurate than you need may very well end up being more of a headache when you are always frustrated with getting the lubricant exactly where you need it to be with no mess or waste.

Power Source

Various types of grease guns are available on the market. You can power your grease gun by air, by using hand or by battery.

Now a day’s hand powered grease guns are most popular. Per stroke they can supply maximum 1.28 gm of grease. Hand powered grease guns are perfect for remote and mobile applications.

Air operated grease gun works using compressed air.  This gun is appropriate for large machines or when you work with heavy equipments.  Air operated grease gun builds up to 6000 PSI of grease pressure.

Battery powered grease guns works same as air operated gun. No pumping required for this gun and more interesting thing is that they are cordless. Also, it features low voltage. Battery powered grease gun can delivers 6000 psi to 10000 psi pressure.

Only powerful motor can deliver high PSI pressure and it depends on the model. You can use this grease gun easily without any sweat.

Sometimes electric or corded grease guns are worked as an alternative to air operated tools. They can deliver up to 5000 psi consistent flow of grease.

Loading Method

The loading method of the lubricant is important. If it is cumbersome, or awkward to load or it takes too long to load the chamber, then you are not going to be happy using the gun.

This is one of the things referred to as an “annoyance factor” and it may not seem like much at the moment, but after you have had to deal with a loading method that does not sit well with you, every day, possibly multiple times a day, the annoyance can add up.

Amount of lubrication

When you are finding the appropriate grease gun for you, then ensure that the supply of lubrication you will need. It will help you to choose the exact size. If you need to do simple work then a smaller gun is enough for you. Otherwise, you need to take a larger gun. So, consider the lubrication amount is necessary for you.

Built in Extras

Little things like built-in LED lighting to aid in application, easy switch-out lubricant chambers, multi-speed operation, switchable tips, and more can make your day to day life easier, but they can also add cost and complexity to the gun.

Grease meter

Without a grease meter you can’t measure the quantity of greasing. Try to choose a grease gun which includes a grease meter. Many grease guns are filled with the measurement units. Just follow their instructions for applying grease on your vehicle.

Hose vs. Tube

You can use a fixed tube or a flexible hose. This is related with the type of your grease gun and machine’s grease fitting you used. It also depends on ease of location.

Because a flexible hose is appropriate for maintain tough access areas. Also, fixed tube is perfect for lever style grease guns. It requires both hands for pumping.

Grease Fittings Types

Various types of grease fittings are available on the market. This is also called Zerk fittings, Allemite fittings or, Grease nipples.

1. The Hydraulic Grease Fittings stop over pressurization and over lubrication of bearing seals. This is used for standard operation.

2. Button Head Grease Fittings provides high flow of lubricant. By this type of fittings you can easily remove and set your coupler. This is the best for using on Conveyors, Moving Equipment and other heavy machines. Button Head Grease Fittings are also known as Button Head Grease Zerks or Button Head Lubrication Fittings.

3. Drive Type Grease Fittings are recommended to prevent damage and easy installation.  It is perfect for low and medium pressures. This is right for using in fast production line installation in an untapped hole, also it will save the tapping cost.

4. Where you can’t use protruding fittings in limited space then you need to install this Flush Grease Fittings. Flush type nozzle is recommended with this fitting. Air Vent Grease Fittings are using for gear boxes, differentials and transmissions. Caps help to prevent dirt and water from entering.

5. You can use Leakproof Grease Fittings for a specific purpose like when you need a positive seal for using in applications.

Other common types of fittings are available on the market such as Pin, Pressure relief, Metric, Brass, and many more fittings.

Mainly determine the correct fitting with your model of grease gun and coupler.

Adapters, Connectors and Couplers

The standard hydraulic coupler is suitable for customers. Where normal adapter can’t do the work properly, there 90-degree adapter is perfect for fittings. You can use needle end adapter where you need to provide small amount of grease.

Also, the three jaw swivel coupler works better for different application because they have variations of locking positions.

Battery Life (if applicable)

If you are buying a cordless grease gun then you should look at considerations such as battery life between charges, how long does it take to recharge the battery, how much are extra batteries, how long will the extra batteries hold a charge “standing by”. And approximately how long will a battery last before replacing the new one.

Another nice consideration is you can use the unit while plugged into an a/c cord just in case you need to finish a task when the battery dies.

Warranty & Support

Without putting too fine of a point on it, stuff happens and things break. A very important factor in making any purchase decision is the kind of warranty and level of support that you can get from the seller or manufacturer.

Take time to compare the warranty and support options for the guns that you are considering and make sure that you take these items into account when making your final purchase decision.

Types of Grease Guns

#1. Pump

Also called hand pump, manual, or traditional. These types of guns use a squeeze handle that generates pressure that pushes the lubricant out of the end of the gun. They can provide powerful and versatile results, but they are not the easiest type of gun to use. They take a lot of practice to be effective and can require a lot of hand strength and larger hands to operate with thicker lubrication products.

#2. Cordless

These relatively new additions to the grease gun market. These guns offer the convenience of battery power to give you greater freedom of work site and range of movement without having to worry about cords or hoses.

#3. Air Powered

Air powered grease guns have been around for a long time. These units use a hose that feeds air pressure into the gun to push the product out of the nozzle end. These systems are loud and expensive to own, but they are also very powerful and are perfect for larger projects that require substantial lubrication work.

#4. Pistol Grip

These guns are smaller and offer a lighter weight. They are used just as the name suggests, held like a handgun and activated with a finger trigger. They have varying quality levels by manufacturers. But they are ideal for tight space where you just need a small shot of lubricant here and there.

#5. Lever

This is perhaps the high quality gun type of all. The versatility of this type of grease gun means that it is ideal for all types of projects. It is the second oldest type of gun around and has survived the test of time for good reason. They do require two-handed to operate. However, they can be a little heavy and at times unwieldy when first learning.

Different Uses of a Grease Gun

Grease gun is using for lubrication in maximum auto garages. There are many ways to use a grease gun for lubrication.

1. Automobiles

Oiling and greasing routines in time is very important for every vehicle. This will help your machines to run smoothly and ensure the long lasting work. Grease guns are used on sports utility vehicles and trucks for lubricating their grease fittings. For large commercial trucks, you find the grease fittings location on their drive shafts and U joints.

2. Lawn Mowers

A grease gun is used for lubricating the spindles on lawn mowers. The belt guard needs to be removed for lubricating the spindles. Grease fittings are located on the back side of the mower’s spindle.

So, this is very tough to grease by hand. It is tough to confirm the location of the axle pivot grease fitting. In this situation you need to use a grease gun.

You also need to lubricate another grease fitting situated at the mower pedal’s bottom.  The main purpose for using the grease gun is to lubricate the hard to reach area.

3. Factory Machines and Equipment

Grease gun is the easy solution to lubricate the factory equipment and machine components. If you are not well trained you can’t control the over lubrication due to high-pressure. 

Grease fittings of the maximum factory machines have a ball check to avoid the debris and dirt to build up. By using a grease gun you can easily reach those hard-to touch fittings.

4. Chain Saws

Chainsaw’s bar nose bearings greasing is the another option for using a grease gun. You can use a grease gun for lubricating the bar nose sprockets. This enables the chain to run smoothly around the bar nose with less friction.

You must need to grease the both nose sprocket and drive sprocket time to time. Chain saw grease gun has a piercing tip which applies the grease when you press the pump.

5. Agricultural Machinery

You know the importance of agricultural equipment like tractors, air compressors, trucks, , vacuum pumps or bailers. Lots of moving parts and grease fittings are available on these equipment which you need to lubricate properly.

Cordless grease gun is the perfect solution for easy lubricating. If you lubricate your components time to time, then they will last for long time without any maintenance.  Various types of grease guns are available on the market for this agricultural purpose.

Grease Gun Maintenance Tips

A grease gun is one of the most important and highly useful garage tools. If you can properly maintain your grease gun it will last for many years.

1. Keep it clean

Use lint free cloths to clear debris before and after each use. Look carefully that there is no excess grease which can slip your gun from your hand.  Also, try to cover your gun with a clean cloth when you not using this.

2. Store it safely

Try to keep it in a cool place and lying horizontally. But don’t keep them on a dirty surface. Also, depressurize your grease gun before storing it.

3. Check Grease Fittings

Before attaching the grease gun clean grease fitting properly. If fittings got damaged, replace it. You can also use grease-fitting caps. Also, check grease guns trigger and the barrel. Ensure that they both are clean.

4. Grease Type & Amount

Every grease gun requires different types of grease. Lubrication points should be clearly pointed with which grease is to be used. Be careful about this issue, because it can damage internal work of your grease gun. Use proper grease at every grease point for re-lubrication of bearings.

5. Calibration

Calibrate your grease gun regularly to ensure the proper grease delivery.  Remember that same models are also varies in the grease amount they deliver with per stroke.

Follow the instructions to know the uses of proper grease gun operation and delivery grease amount per stroke.

6. Grease Contamination

After a certain period of time, your grease gun couplers and flexible extensions become dirt. So, dust and girt contamination can be transferred there when you apply grease.  You need to replace your coupler and flexible extensions regularly.

7. Grease Flow

At first, check grease flow of your grease gun. For clear flow test the nozzle hole. You can squirt a little grease on a clean cloth to ensure it is flowing correctly.

8. Hand Powered

Hand powered grease guns are worked under back pressure, such a trigger of water gun works. When you press your gun the trigger will create a pressure at back site and this way grease come out from the nozzle.

Hand powered grease guns need extra care and maintenance. Keep your gun clean and dirt free.  For protection you can cover it and keep it in a cool place.

9. Piston Pumps

Piston pumps require extra care to maintain their pressure. For air powered grease guns, force of air needs to be maintained carefully and channeled correctly. Treat all of your grease guns directly by manufacturer.

10. Operating Methods of Grease gun

Grease gun operating is quite easy when you have loaded it with grease.  For proper use, you must need to know the using method. You can check how to use a grease gun.

11. Personal Safety

Only 100 PSI pressures are enough for causing a high-pressure injection injury. Grease guns are able to deliver grease up to 10,000 PSI pressure. So, be careful about your body parts when you operate a grease gun. Check and make changes damaged equipments to keep away from danger.

  • Exercise caution to avoid any kind of unexpected situation.
  • Before loading your grease gun, check relevant materials.
  • Don’t lying your grease gun on a dirty place.
  • Ensure proper amount of grease delivery before starting.
  • Always wear protective equipment like gloves, safety glasses or boots before starting.
  • Don’t operate your grease gun if you are tired or in a hurry.
  • Learn the proper lubrication techniques and get the high-level benefits.

Top Grease Gun Brands on The Market

When it comes to buying grease guns, at first most of the people look for the brand name and then the specification. Because many top brands are available on the market for manufacturing quality products.

Here you will find some of the top quality grease gun brands available on the market.


Dewalt is a popular manufacturer of commercial power tools based in North America. Dewalt was founded in 1924 and their corporate office is located in Baltimore, Maryland. They supply hand tools and power tools all over the world.

Dewalt’s mission is to build itself as the leading global manufacturer of power tools and accessories. They have continued to innovative power tools which will help automotive and industrial sector.

They are mainly famous for their quality products that meet the customer satisfaction. Besides grease guns, they have many power tools like drill, air compressors, grinders, impact drivers, saws, sanders, polishers and more you need for your garage. DEWALT tools can be found worldwide.


Alemite is an SKF group brand, has been in the business since 1918. They manufacture lubrication and fluid handling systems and components. Alemite Grease Gun is known for their user comfort design and construction equipment. People favor this grease gun for heavy duty use.

Aside from grease gun, Alemite creating various automotive tools and accessories like grease pumps, oil pumps, hose reels, grease fittings, fluid management systems etc.


Milwaukee is a leading manufacturer of various hand tools and heavy duty power tools.  Milwaukee is a USA based company founded in 1924. For over 85 years, they bring innovative products by following customer satisfaction.

Their products are mainly famous for durability and user comfort design. These grease guns are perfect for both home and industrial heavy use.

They also create another power tools like portable band saws, hammer drills, grinders, blowers, wrenches, screwdrivers etc. They have the maximum collection of tools you need for your home and garage.


Lumax is a USA based manufacturer. They started their journey in 1995. Lumax is well known for their top quality lubrication and fluid management equipment.

They always focus on user comfort, durable construction and many unique features. Their grease guns are meeting the guidelines for rough use for most professional Industrial, Construction and Automotive applications.

They manufacture pumps, fluid extractors & dispensers, hoses, oilers and measures, funnels, filter wrenches and accessories. They held their fame for a long time by creating durable and safety products.


LocknLube is a United States based company founded by Russell Barnes. They are well known for their grease gun coupler product. They also manufacture grease gun. 

Their mission is to knock out “greasing frustration”.  They held their reputation only supplying high-quality equipments. For this reason, there is no confusion as to why people love their product.

How to Refill a Grease Gun

See this video for details information.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is a grease gun?

Grease gun is a short pump which is used for lubrication on a nipple or grease fitting. It works under pressure. This is a common garage tool.

2. What is the pressure of a grease gun?

It depends on the models of a grease gun. A high pressure grease gun can delivers from 1000 psi to 15000 psi pressure.

3. What Powers the grease gun?

You can power a grease gun by three ways like by hands, air or electricity. Each powering methods have their different types of advantages. For a small task you can use hand powered gun. If you want to do a big project then you can choose electricity or air powered gun.

4. What’s the best lubricant to use with grease guns?

Grease is the perfect and best lubricant for using on a grease gun. It will not leak quickly like oil. You have to take care about over-greasing and under-greasing.

5. What is the best grease gun?

This is very hard to say with one word. You can check our recommended products review. They all are user friendly and comes with quality material. The main difference is design and power. It depends up to you, what you want to use. Your choice is the best for your needs.

6. Where to buy grease gun?

The best idea is to visit your nearby shop and purchase your desired grease gun. But don’t forget to examine it before buying. If you not have enough time and want to buy from online then you can check on Amazon.

You can easily get the positive or negative reviews for any products. Just check them carefully what your previous users said. Already some best products reviews are shared in this article, you can also check them out.

7. How much does a grease gun cost?

The price of a grease gun is budget friendly. You don’t need to worry about the price. Price range depends from brand to brand. Just ensure your purpose for buying a grease gun, and then find the good quality within your budget.

8. How should I store a grease gun?

Always try to keep your gun’s cartridge tubes in an upright position. Always clean it smoothly with a cloth to prevent dirt and debris. Also, try to keep your gun horizontally in a cool and dry place.

9. Can I mix two types of grease on my grease gun?

No, you can’t do that. When two types of greases are not compatible with each other then various types of problems can occur.

10. How much is one shot of grease?

Normally, one stroke from the grease gun means one shot of grease. The amount of lubricant delivers from a grease gun depends on the model.  Various amounts of grease they can deliver, it may be 2/3 grams or 0.1 ounce.

You can measure the amount of grease through calibrated scale.  By this way, you can know the calibration of the grease gun and get desired output per stroke.

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Final Verdict

In conclusion, the grease gun reviews in this buying guide should help you to make a better-informed purchase decision. No matter what grease gun you choose to buy, it’s important that it be the right one for you. These recommended grease guns are all top sellers for a good reason. They should be at the top of your list.

By choosing one of these recommended grease guns, you can assure that you will have a gun that will provide you with many years of dependable day to day service for your most important tasks.

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