Top 15 Best Clear Coat for Cars - Guide & Reviews 2020

Top 15 Best Clear Coat for Cars – Guide & Reviews 2022

Whenever you discuss about your car’s paint, its appearance, and even the protection of its exterior, clear coat is a term that you would notice being constantly used by car detailers. It can be said that the clear coat is one of the most vital aspects of your car.

Having been around for a lot of years now, a clear coat is basically a type of paint that has no pigment in it, and therefore is transparent. Due to the transparent nature of the coat, it is added as a layer over the colored finish of a car, also known as the base coat, and most cars today come with a clear coat finish.

Advantages of Applying Clear Coat to Cars

In case you are wondering what difference could applying a clear coat do to your car, here are some significant Top 15 Best Clear Coat for Cars in 2020advantages you should know about:

Attractive Appearance

Perhaps the most obvious benefit of applying a clear coat to your car would be giving it an attractive appearance. It basically makes the base coat (or paint) of your car look deeper and wetter, thereby leaving behind a finish of higher quality. The result you get would be a glossy finish, and thanks to the application of the thin clear coat, your car will no longer look dull. And the fact that this result can be achieved without damaging the original paint of your car is a huge plus.

Protection from Sun

While the fact that UV rays from the sun are harmful to humans is widely known, not many are aware that the rays can be damaging to cars as well. As your car gets exposed to UV rays constantly, the pigments in its paint will get damaged, thereby fading over time, leaving behind a dull and colorless appearance. Since the best clear coats for cars are often manufactured with UV blockers, they will be able to act as a protective layer for your car, preventing UV rays from reaching the base coat and any damage that could be caused as a result. This protection will make your car look new for a long time to come.

Protection Against Pollutants

In addition to offering protection for your car from the harmful UV rays of the sun, a clear coat can also protect it against pollutants and other external elements. Whether it is certain natural external elements, like rain, snow, dust, dirt, etc., or airborne contaminants, or even acid, which can cause huge damage to the vehicle, including corrosion of the body, the additional layer available in the form of clear coat will protect your car from all these Top 15 Best Clear Coat for Cars in 2020elements.

Protection from Other Damages

When your car is on the road, the bodywork can easily get damaged by the debris from the environment, like small stones, twigs, etc. While the damages that these particles cause may not be evident initially, with time, they can develop into bigger damages and can lead to corrosion as well. Such damages to your car’s bodywork not only make it looks less appealing, but can also reduce its resale value. By applying a clear coat, your vehicle gets protection against such damages.

Buffs Out Minor Damages

Minor damages, such as light scratches, hard water spots, and even shallow dents, can be buffed out effectively using a clear coat, without damaging the base coat layer underneath.

Types of Clear Coat for Cars

Since a clear coat can have a huge impact on the overall appearance of your car, it makes sense to gather as much information about it as possible, especially if you choose to take up the project on your own. Following are the different types of clear coat for cars that you can choose from:

Top Coat

As the name suggests, a top coat clear coat is basically the top most layer or the final layer of coat given to the Top 15 Best Clear Coat for Cars in 2020colored base coat of a car. This coat is what leaves your vehicle with a glossy finish, gives great depth to the paint, and is easy to polish as well.

Turbo Clear Coat

Widely used for collision repairs, like scratches, chips, dents, and more, this clear coat type are known for their quick drying quality, which enables you to make buffing faster. However, to attain a glossy finish with this coat, it requires more polishing than usual.

Glamour Clear Coat

This type of clear coat gives you more time to perform leveling, because of the fact that it takes more time to dry, even more than turbo clear coat. But, one benefit of this slow drying quality is that this coat happens to be more resistant to moisture.

High Solids Clear Coat

Known to be the most expensive of all clear coat types, high solids clear coat tends to be much thicker due to the inclusion of more additives, thus taking more time to dry.

Euro Clear Coat

As its name goes, this is a European style clear coat that is designed to be easy to use as well as economical. Unlike the other clear coat types, which are capable of drying on their own, this coat might require you to use heat to speed up the drying process.

Features of Top-Notch Clear Coat for Cars

When you have different options to consider before choosing the best clear coat for your car, there are a lot of features you should look for. From making sure that the coat is easy to apply, to its pricing, and a lot more in between, knowing these features will help you find the best product. The products on our list are selected based on these features.

Level of Transparency

As you are looking to purchase a clear coat, the first obvious feature to look for is that it is indeed clear. The coat Top 15 Best Clear Coat for Cars in 2020you choose should be completely transparent, thereby not making changes to the original base coat of your car, which could ruin its entire appearance. Make sure that the product you choose doesn’t has some colored tint to it.

Ease of Application

If you are looking to buy the best clear coat for cars, you are probably trying to eliminate the expensive bill of a professional paint job. In that case, the clear coat you should be easy to apply, without going into a lot of complex instructions and steps. Many products today come as spray cans, making application much easier.


The level of gloss of the clear coat is another important feature or factor to consider. This level is typically measured in units, and range between 0 and 100, where 0 refers to the lowest level of gloss, and 100 the highest. If your purpose behind using a clear coat is to give your car a new and shiny look, then go for a product with gloss level units 90 or higher.

Drying Time

The drying time of a clear coat for cars varies depending on the type of coat, which we have discussed earlier. If you want to fast track the process, go with a turbo clear coat or top coat product. If you don’t mind the waiting time for a high-quality finish, you can choose between Euro, high solids, and glamour clear coats.


  1. What is a clear coat for car?

In simple words, clear coat is a type of resin or paint that is colorless or transparent. This would make the top or Top 15 Best Clear Coat for Cars in 2020final coat of your car – first being the primer and second its color. However, having a clear coat on your car is only optional, but its protective nature makes it a preferred choice among many car owners.

  1. How is clear coat useful for my car?

In terms of looks, the glossy finish achieving from applying a clear coat gives your car a new, shiny, and attractive look. In terms of protection, it can protect the bodywork of your car from the harmful UV rays of the sun and damages caused by debris, and also provides you with the ability to buff out small scrapes and other damages easily.

  1. Is a single coating of clear coat sufficient for my car?

The recommended number of coats of clear coat is three. Before you move on to applying coat for the second and third time, make sure that you allow it to dry following the manufacturer recommended drying time.

  1. Can I clear coat over an existing layer of clear coat?

Yes, you can, provided the existing layer is in good condition.

Top 15 Best Clear Coat for Cars in 2022

ImageProduct NameKey FeatDurable constructionuresRating
1. SHERWIN-WILLIAMS Finish 1 Ultimate Overall Clearcoat, FC720 High solids urethane clearcoat 4.7

2. USC Spray Max 2K High Gloss Clearcoat Aerosol

Dries to a high gloss finish4.6
3. Duragloss 112 Clear Coat Finish 6 months complete body protection4.6
4. Dupli-Color EBSP30000 Clear Coat Paint Shop Finish System Easy to apply and dries quickly4.5
5. KBS Coatings 8124 Clear Satin Diamond Finish Aerosol Different base coat applications4.5
6. POR-15 45718 Top Coat Gloss Clear Spray Paint UV resistant 4.4
7. U-Pol 2882 Fast Kit Overall Clear Urethane Clear Coat Excellent gloss and long term durability4.4
8. Rust-Oleum 282829, Clear No peel property4.4
9. CarGuys Hybrid Wax Sealant UV protection4.3
10. Rust-Oleum Automotive 253522 Auto body Paint – Gloss Clear Coat Ready to spray system 4.3
11. VHT SP184 Clear Coat Wheel Paint Can Superior heat and chemical resistance 4.2
12. Speedokote Clear Coat 2K SMR-1150/1103-Q Clearcoat Slow Kit High Gloss and DOI4.1
13. SHINE ARMOR Fortify Quick Coat 3-in-1 advanced formulation4.1
14. Genuine Toyota 00258-0000C-21 Clear Coat Touch-up Paint Pen Applies quick and easily4.0
15. Speedokote SMR-420-Q 2.1 Low VOC Clear Coat Blender Uniform blending agent3.9

1. SHERWIN-WILLIAMS Finish 1 Ultimate Overall Clearcoat, FC720

SHERWIN-WILLIAMS is one of the go-to names in the automotive finishes industry. The company provides SHERWIN-WILLIAMS Finish 1 Ultimate Overall Clearcoat, FC720high-performance coatings for both the interior and exterior of automobiles, and other associated products, for a wide range of customers. The Finish 1 Ultimate Overall Clearcoat FC720 is one of the bestsellers from the brand.


The FC720 clearcoat from SHERWIN-WILLIAMS belongs to the high solids clear coat type, which means it tends to be thicker than regular coats and takes more time to dry as well. However, when it comes to drying, you can choose between three different hardeners in this product – slow hardener, fast hardener, and medium hardener, and the one we are reviewing is a medium hardener version. While fast hardeners enable a clear coat product to dry faster, slow ones take much longer for drying; medium hardeners, like this product, will have a reasonable drying time, neither fast nor slow.


Before anything, the FC720 Finish 1 Ultimate Overall Clearcoat is a urethane clearcoat; urethane coats are known to be the most durable of all auto paints, and they are known for their chip-resistant property as well. What this means is that this clearcoat will last long, protecting your car from various elements and damages. Furthermore, you will find urethane clear coats to be easier to apply, which is another plus point for this product.

The FC720 clearcoat is formulated for overall refinishing and works well in both force dry or air dry environments. It is also capable of providing amazing gloss, leveling, buffing, blending, and more such characteristics.


  • Easy to apply.
  • Long lasting.
  • Provides excellent gloss.
  • Medium drying time.

2. USC Spray Max 2K High Gloss Clearcoat Aerosol

Kwasny International is a world-famous spray-painting brand operating in Europe and North America. Spray USC Spray Max 2K High Gloss Clearcoat AerosolMax is the trademark brand operating under this company and they are well-known for the aerosol paint system technologies, which is kind of a trademark product in the paint repair segment. They have a wide array of products on offer and we are discussing about one of their bestselling clearcoat aerosol for automobiles, which is the USC 2K High Gloss.


Spray Max 2K High Gloss clearcoat is a 2-component paint, which needs no mixing and can be used for base coat applications on all kinds of automobiles. This clearcoat aerosol can uses the brand’s trademark valve and nozzle technology, thus allowing you to achieve a uniform 2K paint finish on a consistent basis. Simply activate the can, shake it, and spray, it is as simple as that. The two paint component chambers mix at the right ratio every single time you spray, thus delivering a uniform finish altogether. Compared to other traditional aerosol clearcoat finishes, this one delivers a unique broad spray gun like finish. Simple spray pattern delivers a high gloss finish. The spray coat can dry in under 12 hours and offers you a glossy base coat finish.


The ability to simply activate, shake, and spray is one of the highlighting properties of this aerosol clearcoat. Just like most of the aerosol clearcoat paints, even this one is Urethane chemical based. Compared to other aerosol clearcoat products in the market, this one possesses high UV, weather, chemical, and fuel resistance, all of which make this a perfect base coat painting solution for cars, bikes, and other automobiles. Compared to the competition, USC Spray Max 2K provides an even finish, quick spraying, and overall better yield. Once opened, you need to use this aerosol spray within 24 hours.


  • Spray gun like finish.
  • Simple activation, shaking, and spraying functionality.
  • No need for compressor, solvent, and other cleaning solutions.
  • Reduces over spraying.

3. Duragloss 112 Clear Coat Finish

Duragloss is one of the leading manufacturers of automotive paints, polish, cleaners, aerosol foam, clearcoat, Duragloss 112 Clear Coat Finishbrightener, mat dressing, and all other automotive shining products. They are widely used by custom car modification companies and by car enthusiasts all over the country. The quality of the products delivered by this company is one of its major highlights. Duragloss 112 Clear Coat Finish is one of the bestsellers from the brand, so let us look into it a bit more in detail.


This particular clear coat finish formulation comes under the non-abrasive synthetic compound category and is widely preferred in coating automobiles that are a year older. The polymer compound coating delivers a wet shining look. This coating is durable and will remain in this wet look on all clear coat paint applications. The company guarantees that the coating will stay true to its properties for a period of 6 months, and to maintain quality finish, you need to coat it once every 6 months. This clear coat acts as a paint sealant, protecting your original paint from all the dust and harsh chemicals that it encounters from the surroundings. This is not an abrasive and is only a polymer protective coating.


The glossy shining finish ensures that the automobile is protected against all kinds of alkaline and acidic cleaning solutions that might be thrown at it, and should remain unharmed for a period of 6 months. The ability to apply this coat on the entire automobile is a huge plus, and likewise, this can be applied under shade or sun. A synthetic protection to the paint and a glossy shining finish is what you could achieve using this clearcoat.


  • Glossy wet shining finish.
  • Can be applied under sun or shade.
  • 6 months complete body protection.
  • Non-abrasive clear coat.

4. Dupli-Color EBSP30000 Clear Coat Paint Shop Finish System

Dupli-Color is one of the most popular paint product manufacturers known for providing all the different types of Dupli-Color EBSP30000 Clear Coat Paint Shop Finish Systempaint finishes for clearing scratches, primers, refinishes, and for customization. If you are a DIY enthusiast, then you should definitely be familiar with this product, because the brand specializes in offering all products that a DIYer needs to make their automobile look brand new and shining all year around. EBSP30000 is one of the top-selling clear coat paint products, which is known for delivering factory paint finish.


Paint Shop is a trademark clear coat finish system, which is developed as a high quality lacquer, which makes a huge difference to the overall clear coat finish of the automobile. This particular clear coat comes under the automatic lacquer finish category, thus allowing the DIYer to spray the clear coat right away without having to do any mixing, reducing, and other paint processing steps. This ready-to-spray clear coat mixture should be perfect for all base coat applications. This is a one-time coating application, so if you want to re-coat, you need to use one more application. The product is available in a wide range of clear coat and color paint options, so you have everything you need to coat your automobile to become fresh and shining.


Dupli-Color is providing the Paint Shop finish as primer, color, and clear; hence, you have everything you need to transform the overall look of your vehicle. The application process is quite simple, since this is a pre-reduced ready-to-spray compound. The clear coat dries quickly, and with buffing, you could achieve the best smooth finish. This product wet sands easily, making it a perfect base coat application. The clear coat will dry in under 30 minutes, which is amazing. This has all the properties necessary to make it one of the best DIY clear coat paint applications available on the market.


  • Automatic premium lacquer paint finish system.
  • Pre-reduced, no mixing required.
  • No re-coat window.
  • Quick application and drying property.

5. KBS Coatings 8124 Clear Satin Diamond Finish Aerosol

KBS Coatings is an authentic American brand known for manufacturing premium coatings, sealers, paint KBS Coatings 8124 Clear Satin Diamond Finish Aerosolfinishers, sealants, etc. for automobiles. The 8124 clear coat product is available both as clear high gloss and clear satin. If you are looking in the market for a satin diamond finish clear coat aerosol, then this is the product for you. Let us have a detailed look at the product.


The 8124 spray type aerosol is formulated to be applied directly on the surface without performing any mixing or preparation work for coating this aerosol. This particular diamond finish aerosol can be applied on steel, metal, or any other surface, which makes it a perfect base coat for your vehicle. There is no need for any additives, and the solution comes pre-formulated, so there is no processing involved before application. This aerosol is tough and delivers a hard finish, which stays durable and corrosion-free for a considerable period. In this case, you do not require a hardener to spray the aerosol. Since this comes under the direct to apply coating category, it is a perfect choice for DIY painting projects. 8124 clear coat is also completely UV stable and offers total chemical protection to your automobile.


Diamond finish clear satin aerosol coating will stay solid on the coated surface without peeling, cracking, and other deformations. This aerosol is nothing but a moisture cured urethane formulation, which is known to provide best-in-class advanced coating functionality. The aerosol can be applied without the need for any kind of surface preparation. This diamond satin finish aerosol is capable of withstanding all kinds of harsh chemicals without any damage. KBS Coatings 8124 is a flexible clear satin diamond finish aerosol.


  • Direct to apply aerosol coating.
  • No need for surface preparation.
  • Different base coat applications.
  • Durable and protective.
  • Flexible coating.

6. POR-15 45718 Top Coat Gloss Clear Spray Paint

POR-15 is one of the leading manufacturers of paint products for automotive across all categories. They have POR-15 45718 Top Coat Gloss Clear Spray Paintproducts for preparation, filler, putty, primer, rust prevention, top coat, restoration, undercoating, and many more. The 45718 Top Coat Gloss Clear Spray Paint is one of the bestselling clear coat products from the brand. It is available in different colors and size configurations. Here we are going to discuss about the aerosol type of clear coat paint application for automobile.


The POR-15 45718 belongs to the direct to metal rust preventive coating paint category and is one of the high quality products for those looking for the right clear coat. This particular aerosol paint coating is designed to be applied on a prepped bare metal surface. This is a perfect coating paint for surfaces that are susceptible to corrosion and other chemical damages.  It can be applied directly on the metal without the need of any primer. This UV resistant top coat spray paint finish is available in a wide range of color choices for customers.


Unlike some of the aerosol clear coat paints we have discussed so far, this one is for giving protection to corrosion susceptible surfaces. It is highly recommended to use this aerosol spray paint over POR-15 rust preventive spray finish. The surface should be prepped to stay clear of dirt, oil, dust, and other chemicals, thereby allowing you to have a clear surface to work on. You also need to scuff up previously painted metal before applying this coating for best results. POR-15 top coat clear spray paint has a non-yellowing property, so a durable top coat is guaranteed. This Top Coat Gloss Clear Spray Paint can dry out within 4 days and might take more time if the outside temperature is below 15º C.


  • Protects surfaces susceptible to corrosion.
  • Dries quickly for a clear glossy finish.
  • UV resistant.
  • Non-yellowing.

7. U-Pol 2882 Fast Kit Overall Clear Urethane Clear Coat

U-Pol is one of the leading global surface protection product manufacturers, operating in counties such as USA, U-Pol 2882 Fast Kit Overall Clear Urethane Clear CoatUK, Australia, France, Russia, China, New Zealand, etc. U-Pol 2882 is a universal clear coat surface protection product that is urethane based. A universal product like this should have a solid performance, so let us learn more about this product below.


U-Pol 2882 fast kit universal clearcoat is formulated using high standard European resins. This versatile universal clearcoat offers loads of options for the user to apply on any surface, in your automobile, shop, or typically anywhere you like. Such a wide range of clear coat finishing is quite amazing for both professionals and DIYers. This universal clear coat from U-Pol is also Urethane based, just like most of the clear coat applications we have discussed. The product has a mixing ratio of 4:1 and uses high solid urethane, and it can be applied without facing any application issues whatsoever, which is one of its highlights. As far as the finish is concerned, this one gives a deep wet gloss look. You can harden the coating using air dry, bake or IR, which should speed up the process. Durability is pretty amazing, which is one of its major selling aspects.


The clear coat is UV resistant and offers enough protection against harsh chemicals and environment conditions. Urethane clear coat acts as a barrier against external elements, which is exactly what your automobile requires the most. Compared to other urethane clear coats, this one has quick hardening property, thereby allows you to finish the coating process and achieve the finish you need in a short timeframe. U-Pol 2882 is highly transparent, and lets you to use the coating for most base coat applications. Another unique aspect of this universal urethane clear coat is that it can be used for whole body coating, spot, and panel coating. Gloss retention property lets you have a shining finish on your vehicle.


  • UV resistant.
  • High gloss finish.
  • Simple application.
  • Used for spot repairs.
  • Can be used for all base coat applications.

8. Rust-Oleum 282829, Clear

Rust-Oleum is one of the iconic brands when it comes to paint products and their rich heritage almost pans a Rust-Oleum 282829, Clearcentury, which showcases their quality, expertise, and reputation in this business. The paint products manufactured by this company allow users to transform any surface, both inside and out, completely. Using some of their universal coating products, you could literally transform any surface. Rust-Oleum 282829 Clear coat is one of the best tough coatings available and let us talk a bit more on that.


The 282829, Clear belongs to the top coat floor coating category and should be perfect for any surface. Automobiles can be given a makeover using this top coat. This clear coat is developed using polycuramine concrete coating solution, which makes it the best coating solution for both interior and exterior applications. This makes this extreme high gloss clear topcoat a perfect coating solution for your vehicles and garage floor. This particular coating from Rust-Oleum has quick drying characteristics, which means you can start using the garage floor or car within 24 hours of application. The formulation is self-leveling, stronger, and eco-friendly as well.


One of the highlighting properties of this clearcoat is that it is highly durable and strong. The extreme chemical and impact resistant properties make it ideal for both garages and cars. It is almost 20 times durable and stronger than epoxy, which is known to have strong durability than any other chemical solution. The coating has a no peel guarantee and is also cracking free. The coating formula comes in an eco-friendly packaging and is free from odor and VOC. The extreme high gloss clear coat product, code-named 282829, as a kit can cover around 500 square foot of coating surface i.e. you can use it to coat 2-1/2 car and garage, which is amazing. The coating also has zero hot tire pickup property, which is great.


  • Industrial grade polycuramine.
  • Strong extreme high gloss finish.
  • No peel property.

9. CarGuys Hybrid Wax Sealant

CarGuys is one of the top brands in the automotive professional detailing business. The hybrid wax sealant from CarGuys Hybrid Wax Sealantthis brand is one of the top-selling, highly-rated top coat polish products available on the market. Professional car detailing service providers and professional car garages highly recommend this hybrid wax sealant.


The Hybrid Wax Sealant from CarGuys is manufactured using the most reliable and advanced top coat polish solution, which is liquid carnauba infused. This particular advanced formulation is capable of delivering a hydrophobic shine, which is deep and shining. This finish is completely UV resistant. The quality of finish you’d achieve using this top coat is truly special and unmatchable to any other product available on the market. A mirror shine finish that is capable of withstanding chemicals, oil, fuels, and other harsh chemicals is what you’d be able to achieve by using this hybrid wax sealant. This advanced sealant is found to work on nano particle level, which makes the finish look lot nicer to the eye and should be head-turning for sure. The spray nozzle design is quite spot on and the design does not lead to leaks.


The top coat polish and sealer from this brand is quite advanced in terms of its chemical composition unlike any other top coat on the market. The coating leaves a shining solid finish and is safe to use on all kinds of surfaces. Streaks and white residue impact on the surface will not be existent when using this coat. Spray handle is designed ergonomically and the process of application does not require any professional assistance. CarGuys Hybrid top coat sealant and polish coating will dry out in just 15 minutes and should be a piece of cake even for DIYers. The outcome of this coating would certainly amaze you. The brand is also offering a complete refund on the product for customers who are not happy with this sealant, so you are sure to receive the best product from the brand.


  • Liquid carnauba infused polish for mirror like shining finish.
  • Wide surface coating applications.
  • Simple application, and quick drying property.
  • UV protection.

10. Rust-Oleum Automotive 253522 Auto body Paint – Gloss Clear Coat

Rust-Oleum is one of the known manufacturers of auto body paints, sealants, and other finish products you’d everRust-Oleum Automotive 253522 Auto body Paint – Gloss Clear Coat need to transform your car or give it a premium quality facelift. We have already discussed about a product from this brand earlier and now we are going to have a look at the Gloss Clear Coat paint solution, code named 253522, which ticks all the boxes in terms of premium quality clear coating you need for your car.


Rust-Oleum Automotive 253522 is a gloss clear coat paint formulation that comes under the acrylic lacquer category. We all know that lacquer is known to be one of the best coating agents for automobile. This acrylic lacquer gloss clear paint is a ready to spray unit, so there is no need for mixing and other formulations before application, which should be extremely useful for DIY enthusiasts. Your automotive body can be completely sealed and protected using this coating. The finish should be gloss clear, which accentuates the existing color coating of the car or bike. Another important factor with respect to this clear coat is that you can re-coat, which is great. There are clear coats that do not have a re-coating window, which means you cannot apply another coat on the existing coating right away.


A clear coat is the perfect choice to add a protective layer to your paint finish. Rust-Oleum 253522 gloss clear coat paint finish acts as a sealant, protecting the metal from corrosion. Such a rust-proof coating with gloss finish is what most of us look for in an auto body paint. The coating is tough and formulated to resist all the tough road and environment conditions that you might be driving in. The ready to spray coating makes the job of a DIYer or professional simple, as it won’t take much time for you to apply. Quick dry property makes for a great turnaround time. Simply coat it, let it dry, and buff it to achieve the best clear gloss finish. In the acrylic lacquer clear coat paint category, this product is a bestseller.


  • High quality acrylic lacquer formulation.
  • You have no limitation in re-coating.
  • Ready to spray coating.
  • Quick dry.

11. VHT SP184 Clear Coat Wheel Paint Can

VHT Paint is a reliable brand in the automotive business, known for their specialty paint products for wheel, VHT SP184 Clear Coat Wheel Paint Canbraking system, interior, engine block, lightning systems, and so on. They are also known for high heat coating solutions, automotive coatings, and other all-purpose paint products. If you are looking for one of the best wheel paint clear coat solutions, then VHT SP 184 should be the perfect choice.


VHT SP184 clear coat paint for wheel is formulated to withstand high temperatures, which is exactly what you should apply on your wheels. Wheels tend to run hot and this wheel paint can withstand temperatures up to 250º F, which is more than adequate. By implementing proper curing procedure, you could make the coating withstand around 900 degrees, which is truly amazing. The chemical component used in this paint is the high heat resistant polyurethane solution, which is known to be one of the best options to go on a steel or aluminum wheel. This type of wheel clear coat would shine the most when used along with primer. Custom and factory fitted wheels will look shining and brand new when you coat them with this paint solution. The coating can be applied easily and it dries within 30 minutes, but it is highly suggested to leave it overnight before taking the car for a spin. There is no need for any curing process after application, which saves you a lot of time.


The SP184 wheel clear coat paint is resistant to high temperature, chemicals, and other tough conditions. When you think about products for coating all the automotive components that are exposed to high temperature, VHT is the preferred choice even for experts. The clear gloss wheel coat paint can withstand all the harsh sand, rocks, brake dust, and other earth elements that the wheel might come across. A complete protection against oxidation for your wheels and hubcaps is possible using this clear coat. The paint can resist cracking, chipping, fading, and other harsh conditions that the wheel might be exposed to. The fact that the wheel gloss finish paint coating is also available in different color choices makes this a perfect coat for all types of wheels.


  • High temperature resistant.
  • Chip resistant.
  • Perfect for rims and hubcaps.

12. Speedokote Clear Coat 2K SMR-1150/1103-Q Clearcoat Slow Kit

Speedokote specializes in urethane-based coatings, sealants, primer, and everything you need to revamp the looks Speedokote Clear Coat 2K SMR-1150/1103-Q Clearcoat Slow Kitof your car or bike. They have everything that a professional car detailing company or DIY enthusiasts would need to transform their vehicle. Speedokote is one of the leading sellers on popular e-commerce platforms. SMR-1150/1103-Q is a clear coat slow kit, which is a universal coating solution and should be a perfect choice for all surface clear coat applications.


The SMR-1150/1103-Q Clear Coat from Speedokote comes under the slow speed activator coating category. The clear coat formulation is 2K acrylic urethane composition based and is known for delivering a high-performance clear coat finish to your automobile. This universal clear coat is highly durable and is perfect for coating applications where slow speed processing is more than enough. The 2K clear coat has medium dry and cure, which means you should not rush the coating process in anyway. The formulation is a 4:1 ratio acrylic urethane clear mixture. The coating can be applied on all urethane compatible surfaces, so you should be able to use this universal clear coat on a wide range of applications.


The acrylic urethane formulation is known to be UV resistant, thus perfect for coating the exterior of your car. The coating is known to have excellent gloss retention properties even after a certain time-period. It is also known to possess good leveling properties. This is a medium dry coating solution, but you could certainly opt for air drying or other drying procedures, and it should not affect the quality of the finish. It is recommended to use this high gloss clear in two coats, and if you want best results, even a 3rd coat can do wonders. Base coat activator should be applied before you spray this clear gloss coat. Once dried, the coating can be buffed for smooth shining finish. The quality finish you’d achieve with this clear coat is certainly a great value for money.


  • UV resistant.
  • Universal clear gloss coat.
  • Value for money.

13. SHINE ARMOR Fortify Quick Coat

Shine Armor is one of the leading auto detailing product manufacturers with a wide range of products lineup and SHINE ARMOR Fortify Quick Coatsome can even be used for home detailing services. A complete catalog of car detailing products can be found on their official website; car wax, leather, soap, interior cleaning solutions, etc. are on offer. Fortify is an exclusive product line from the brand, which is one of the best car wax sprays on the market. This spray acts as an all-in-one car detailing solution, since it covers multiple functions.


Fortify Quick Coat is a 3-in-1 advanced ceramic hydrophobic coating spray, which can be used for multiple applications. This quick coat car wax acts as a ceramic coat, hydrophobic top coat polish, and waterless car wash solution. The hydrophobic top coat also acts as a polymer paint sealant. It is very hard to find such a quality product that is capable of delivering all of these benefits. The auto detailing expertise and experience of the brand are showcased by this product. A convenient product like this can be found in most of your nearby auto detailing garages. The coat can be applied on multiple surfaces, like glass, interior, paint, and even on wheels. An everlasting car wax shine and hydrophobic coating is the end result no matter what surface you use it on.


The ceramic coating formulation is developed in such a way that it does not leave any streaks, scratches, and smears on the surface. A smooth and shining paint surface can be achieved using this ceramic coating. The product is effective in delivering a smooth shining finish without causing any damage whatsoever to the gentle paint, interior, glass, and/or wheel surfaces. The ceramic car sealant also works efficiently in clearing grease, dirt, and grime. The perfect blending property of the chemical ceramic wax allows it to blend with any kind of surface, so the end result is going to be shining smooth. A showroom finish can be achieved every single time you use this spray quick coat ceramic coating wax from Shine Armor.


  • 3-in-1 advanced formulation.
  • Smooth and shining finish.
  • Instant spray application.
  • Multiple surface applications.
  • Paint sealant.

14. Genuine Toyota 00258-0000C-21 Clear Coat Touch-up Paint Pen

Genuine Toyota is the official product lineup from the brand Toyota, which is one of the world’s leading auto Genuine Toyota 00258-0000C-21 Clear Coat Touch-up Paint Penmanufacturers. All the accessories, tools, paints, and other auto products are offered by Genuine Toyota, and the products offered by this company are widely used by auto enthusiasts and custom car builders all over the country. This particular Clear Coat Touch-up Paint Pen is developed for all Toyota and Lexus cars from the brand. The same can also be used for other cars as well and the quality will still remain the same.


This Touch-up Paint Pen from Genuine Toyota is one of the high quality touch ups available on the market. It is developed by the brand’s technical expertise and so the quality of the finish is truly amazing. The chemical compound has been developed through a process of rigorous testing and performance analysis, so it meets all the standards and norms. This particular touch-up paint pen works perfectly on coating and repairing minor scratches, chips, and other small repairs. The results are pretty amazing and this touch-up pen actually helps keep your age-old Toyota and Lexus cars looking shining and brand new from every angle.


The pen tip applicator functionality is one of its main highlights, and the re-sealable cap acts as a sealant, protecting the solution in the pen for future use. Since the paintbrush is kept sealed at all times, quality of touch-ups is going to remain the same throughout all its applications. This is a touch-up clear coat paint pen, so it cannot be used for clear coating the entire vehicle. It is recommended to be used on Toyota and Lexus cars, but customers who own other brands also use it mainly because of the quality finish it delivers.


  • Advanced touch-up paint pen.
  • Quick application.
  • Ideal for small scratches.
  • Pen tip applicator.

15. Speedokote SMR-420-Q 2.1 Low VOC Clear Coat Blender

Speedokote LLC is one of the leading manufacturers of auto detailing products in the country. All the products Speedokote SMR-420-Q 2.1 Low VOC Clear Coat Blenderdeveloped by the brand are manufactured in the USA, which means they meet the strict quality standards and regulations set by the country; thus, the finish is going to be premium for sure. We have already discussed about one of their bestselling products, and now, we focus on one of the best clear coat blenders on the market from the brand, the SMR-420-Q.


This particular blender is 2.1 Low VOC clear coat application, which is regarded as one of the best quality blending solutions, especially for edges. If you are into extensive auto panel blender detailing applications, then this should be the perfect choice. It is one of the highly compatible blenders on the market, so you can apply it with any base coat, urethane, and other existing clear coat applications. The blender contains polymers and is capable of ensuring a smooth clear coat finish on blend edges.


The first property you need to check for in a blender coating solution is the VOC rating, and the 2.1 VOC rating is quite low, so the finish is going to be of high standards no matter what. This blender can either be used as a single clear coating for the edges or can also be mixed with another clear coat solution in equal proportions for attaining best results. All the blend edge can be eliminated to make the body look smooth and flowing all around. The coating is UV resistant, which gives it excellent weathering, so your auto body should stay protected from all the harsh elements.


  • Uniform blending agent.
  • UV resistant.
  • High gloss finish.
  • Eliminates blend edge.

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