Top 15 Best Car Scratch Removers in 2020

Top 15 Best Car Scratch Removers – Guide & Reviews 2022

We spend a significant amount of money on our cars, so it’s only natural that we would want our vehicle to look it’s best. For car lovers, nothing is more satisfying than seeing a beautifully polished car all buffed up to perfection. During the manufacturing process, all cars are given a nice and shiny coat of paint – not just for aesthetic reasons, but also to protect the vehicle from exposure to the elements as well as corrosion. But no matter how careful we are, scratches on the exterior are unavoidable, whether they’re caused by accidents, stones flying up from the road, poor parking, vandalism or other mishaps. Over time, if the problem is ignored, this will affect the appearance of your car and subsequently its resale value. Scratched surfaces will also expose the metal underneath, causing it to rust and further damage your vehicle. Giving your car a fresh coat of paint or even a small touch up at the body shop can be very expensive, so many choose to use a car scratch remover instead.

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How Do Car Scratch Removers Work? 

The paint job on a car is typically made of three layers; the bottom which protects the metal body from corrosion, Top 15 Best Car Scratch Removers in 2020a coloured layer and finally a top coat that gives modern vehicles their shiny look.

Car scratch removers work by removing the top thin layer off the car’s coats of paint, so that the indentation or scratch is less noticeable. There are also removers that fill up scratches and seal tem with a layer of wax, to protect them from further damage. Car scratch removers are typically made from mild abrasive compounds, such as surfactants to help clean a spot, solvents to dissolve hardened minerals or stains, as well as silicone or petroleum-based derivatives for buffing and polishing. Not all scratches or indentations can be fixed with a car scratch remover – it also depends on how deep the cut is. If it goes beyond the clear topcoat, scratch removers will not be able to help and you will need to prime and fill up the indentation before repainting, or send the vehicle for a professional repaint job.

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Advantages of Using Car Scratch Removers 

Improve your vehicle’s appearance

We all want a spiffy-looking ride. Aside from regular washing and polishing to ensure that your car’s paint stays new and shiny, treating your vehicle’s scratches with car scratch removers, wax and other maintenance products will also ensure that your car looks great and lasts longer. Small scratches should not be ignored due to the risk of rusting, which will cost you even more in the long run. Washing should also be done carefully if there are scratches, as rough scrubbing may cause the paint to chip.


Getting a brand new coat of paint for your car just to cover a few small scratches is not practical, which is why many choose to get car scratch removers as an inexpensive solution. Removers are much more affordable than sending the car to a body shop for an expensive paint job. You also don’t have to sendTop 15 Best Car Scratch Removers in 2020 the car for a separate buff and polish, as most scratch removers contain waxing components as well.


Knowing how to change your tyres or replace coolant in the car radiator are useful skills to have, as it means you won’t have to send your car to the workshop for every little thing. As such, learning some basic maintenance of your car’s exterior will not only help to save on money overall, but will also come in handy for minor repairs. Car scratch removers are simple, practical and easy to use, and make for great starting products for car enthusiasts keen to explore DIY. Experiment with different compounds to see what works best for your vehicle – and practice on a panel until you are able to do it correctly.

Consistent results 

Some vehicle owners prefer spot touch-ups to fix the appearance of scratches on their cars. While this is a cheaper alternative than a full paint job, it might be difficult to get right if you’re planning to do it yourself, For one, it is challenging to get the same shade of paint to match the colour of your car, making your touch-up job even more obvious. For another, touch-up paint can be difficult to apply as it might not stick if you have not primed the surface properly. Car scratch removers do away with this problem as they offer consistent and even results.

Types of Car Scratch Removers


Abrasives (also known as rubbing compounds) are basically the main compound used to remove scratches on your car. They work by rubbing off the top coat of the paint, thereby evening out the surface and making scratches ‘invisible’ or less noticeable. Rubbing compounds can come in either gel or paste form. The process is followed up with a wax or polishing compound to ensure the surface looks smooth and shiny. Sandpaper, sanding blocks and microfiber cloth are considered abrasive tools.  Due to their aggressive properties, rubbing compounds have Top 15 Best Car Scratch Removers in 2020different levels of ‘grit’ – the higher the grit, the stronger and more abrasive the compound is. If you’re just dealing with very light scratches, you might not want to get an abrasive with high grit levels, as this might cause more damage to your paint rather than fixing the problem.

Scratch Removal Kits

With so many options on the market, it might be difficult for those unfamiliar with DIY vehicle care to choose a suitable remover and the tools to go along with it. Scratch removal kits offer a complete solution, as they often include a scratch remover product as well as items such as sanding blocks, microfiber pads, cloth, polish and other accessories.

Polishing Compounds 

Some car scratch removers include polishing compounds, which help to add a protective layer to your vehicle’s coat of paint and prevents rusting, peeling and cracking. They also work by restoring shine, giving your car’s dulled paint a new lease of life.

Touch-up paint pens 

While they don’t ‘remove’ scratches per se, paint pens can still help to reduce the appearance of scratches by touching up the area, especially if the base is exposed.

Features of High Quality Car Scratch Removers 


A top quality car scratch remover should be able to quickly fix uneven surfaces caused by scratches, effectively Top 15 Best Car Scratch Removers in 2020‘removing’ or reducing the appearance of light scratches, grooves, blemishes, stains and scuffing – leaving surfaces looking as good as new.


Car scratch removers are popular as they are easy to use and convenient to apply, even for those who are not very familiar with DIY care for their car. Some products require a tool such as a swirl machine for thorough application and to achieve an even surface; others require some elbow grease and manual application. Good quality car scratch removers should save you time and energy, with minimal cleaning work required.


Car scratch removers are usually quite affordable; at least in comparison to getting a professional paint job or touch up. To get the best bang for your buck, look out for products that offer more value, such as removers that integrate polish, giving you two-in-one functionality. This helps you to save on both money and time, as only one application is needed.


  1. How do I check if I can remove a scratch on my own or if I need a professional paint job? 

Car scratch removers are usually sufficient for light scratches, to remove stains and blemishes or swirl marks, but may not work as well for deeper scratches that have gone beyond the top coat of paint. To check if it can be fixed at home, run a fingernail across the scratch. If it catches, then the scratch is probably too deep for DIY repair.Top 15 Best Car Scratch Removers in 2020

  1. Why is polishing needed after scratch removal? 

A scratch remover alone is not enough to protect your car’s coat, which is why a polish, which acts as a sealant, is needed. Some car scratch removers have polishing compounds already integrated into the product, so you will not need a separate polish or wax job.

  1. How do I remove very light scratches? 

Use a wet sandpaper to sand the affected area until the paint becomes slightly dull; then apply a polishing compound with microfiber cloth, or a polishing pad to even out the surface and return its luster.

  1. What is the best technique to remove scratches that have gone beyond the top coat? 

This applies to deeper scratches that are still light enough for DIY repair. A simple method to follow involves applying the car scratch remover product onto the affected area, then gently wiping off with a microfiber cloth and repeat as necessary.

Here are our top 15 picks for car scratch removers, which have been selected based on their high quality features.

Top 15 Best Car Scratch Removers in 2022

ImageProduct NameKey FeaturesRating
1. Carfidant Scratch and Swirl Remover Easy and convenient to use4.7

2. Turtle Wax T-234KT Premium Grade Scratch Repair Kit

Restore shine4.6
3. Meguiar’s G17220 Ultimate Compound Gentle formula with micro-abrasive technology4.6
4. TriNova Scratch & Swirl Remover Easy to apply4.5
5. Meguiar’s G10307 ScratchX 2.0 Does not leave haze marks4.5
6. Formula 1 Scratch Out Scratch Remover Non abrasive4.4
7. Meguiar’s G190200 Quik Scratch Eraser Kit Drill-powered eraser pad4.4
8. Carfidant Black Car Scratch Remover Minimal streaking4.4
9. SHINE ARMOR Revive Scratch Repair Swirl Remover  Restores dull paint to bright shine4.3
10. The Ultimate Car Scratch Remover Kit Sealant provides added protection4.3
11. PRODUXA Scratch & Swirl Remover Non-toxic, biodegradable formula4.2
12. Mothers California Gold Scratch Remover  Easy to use bottle4.1
13. YOOHE Car Scratch Remover  Powerful abrasive action4.1
14. Nu Finish Scratch Remover  Remove scratches, swirls, defects4.0
15. SONGVEN Car Scratch Remover  Waterproof qualities3.9

1. Carfidant Scratch and Swirl Remover

Carfidant is a popular brand that specialises in the manufacture of vehicle and automotive care products and Carfidant Scratch and Swirl Remover accessories, such as car scratch removers, polish, wax and more, that are made and manufactured in the USA.


When it comes to light scratches, swirl marks or other blemishes on your car, Carfidant has got you covered with its Scratch and Swirl Remover, which is specially formulated to easily remove and get rid of any exterior signs of wear and tear on your vehicle. The product is made from premium and professional grade chemicals that are safe to use, with no unnecessary colour dyes or scents added. The rubbing compound also works by dissolving minerals that cause hard water spots, oxidation marks and other contaminants.

Note that the Carfidant is best used for light surface scratches and defects. While it might still be able to reduce the appearance of medium scratches, it does not work well with deep scratches that have gone beyond the second paint coating. Harsh swirls will require more intense action.

Convenience & Value 

The Carfidant comes in a convenient 250 ml squeeze bottle, and is safe and easy to apply either by hand or through the use of an orbital machine. Each bottle comes with a buffer pad, but the solution can also be applied to a sponge or microfiber cloth. As with any car scratch remover, the vehicle should first be washed and cleaned of any contaminants, and the paint should be clean and dry before application. The remover is easy to use, as all you will need to do is apply a few penny-sized drops and  gently rub it in a circular pattern over the affected area, until the scratches are no longer visible. Once done, use a clean and dry microfiber cloth to ensure that there is no more solution left on the surface.

Since the Carfidant contains a polishing compound, it does double duty by also restoring shine to your car’s paint and bringing it back to its glossy, original luster. This saves you on both time, money and energy to send the vehicle for a separate polishing. It is safe to use on all types of paints and colours, whether it’s clear coat, single stage or multistage paint.


  • Suitable for removing light scratches and swirl marks
  • Restores shine
  • Easy and convenient to use
  • Comes with buffer pad
  • Contains polishing compound
  • Safe for different types of paints and colours

2. Turtle Wax T-234KT Premium Grade Scratch Repair Kit

Turtle Wax is another major American brand specialising in the manufacture of car care and automotive Turtle Wax T-234KT Premium Grade Scratch Repair Kitappearance products since 1941. With decades of experience, the company’s products are a popular choice among users for their reliability, affordable price and convenience, with over 15 different products to renew your vehicle’s surface and keep it looking its best.


Say goodbye to unsightly light scratches, chips, scrapes, or any other blemishes and imperfections on your vehicle, thanks to Turtle Wax’s T-234KT premium grade scratch repair kit – a complete solution to keep your car’s exterior in tip top condition. The kit comes with a paint clarifying compound and spraying lubricant, which work together to blend scratches, remove surface damage and restore clarity. Innovative sanding pads with varying degrees of grit work with both very light and longer, deeper scratches by smoothing out the paint blemishes to ensure an even surface. Finally, the high quality scratch clear coat scratch repair pen helps to fill in the paint with a quick-drying clear coat resin, restoring shine and luster.

Value and Convenience 

The Turtle Wax T-234KT is a value-for-money buy, as each kit contains everything you need for a complete DIY car-care regime at home, including 3 pieces of 2 x 2 inch colour-coded restoration pads, a 4oz bottle of spray lubricant, a 4oz paint clarifying compound and a 3oc clear-coat finish pen. This saves on time, money and effort to shop for separate products.

The items are all easy and convenient to use. After washing the vehicle and ensuring the surface is dry, utilise the clear coat pen to fill in the scratches, or the grit pads to even out the surface. The paint clarifying compound may be applied and rubbed in, then buffed to achieve a shiny look. Care should be taken while using the sanding pads, as they are wide and if applied at a wrong angle, may cause damage to the area surrounding the scratch.


  • Complete all-in-one car scratch remover kit
  • Blends away scratches
  • Restore shine
  • Value for money
  • Easy and convenient to use

3. Meguiar’s G17220 Ultimate Compound

Headquartered in Irvine, California, Meguiar is an international car care brand that started off as a simple Meguiar’s G17220 Ultimate Compoundfurniture polish laboratory and plant operating from a garage. Since then, the company has grown into a global brand, and utilised its close to 120 years of heritage to produce highly specialised products that cater to a variety of surfaces.


One of Meguiar’s best selling products, the G17220 is a rubbing compound designed to tackle light car scratches, swirls, or any other damage incurred on a vehicle’s exterior from daily wear and tear. It is ideal for removing paint defects, such as oxidation, light scratches, water spots and blemishes.

Traditional compounds include powerful but harsh abrasives that might leave behind fine scratches and haze if not applied carefully. Meguiar’s formula, on the other hand, is formulated with an exclusive micro-abrasive technology, which is not only gentler but cuts through paint just as effectively as harsher abrasives. The formula is also able to help restore neglected, oxidised surfaces to a high gloss. Many professional body shops and retailers utilise Meguiar products, which are a testament to its reliability.

Value and Convenience 

The GI7220 comes in a 15.2 oz (450ml) bottle – this generous amount should last you through multiple uses. Aside from removing defects and scratches, the solution also contains polishing compounds – thereby reducing time and effort needed to restore abused and neglected paint finishes. It is safe for use on clear coats and different paints, and is also easy to use. After washing and drying the car, simply dispense a small amount of the compound onto a foam applicator, apply it onto the affected area with moderate pressure in circular motions. The residue can be wiped off and dried with a soft microfiber towel. If this does not remove the defect, a repeat of the process might be required. For best results and a brilliant high gloss, follow it up with a separate polisher.


  • Suitable for removing light car scratches and other defects, sucha s oxidation marks, water spots, swirls and more
  • Gentle formula with micro-abrasive technology
  • Restores shine and gloss
  • Safe for clear coats and a variety of different paints
  • Value for money, large bottle
  • Easy to use

4. TriNova Scratch & Swirl Remover

TriNova is an American company under the Gold Eagle brand, specialising in industrial and commercial cleaning TriNova Scratch & Swirl Removerproducts. First started off to produce automotive chemicals, its repertoire of products has since expanded to include products for everything from cars to boats to recreational equipment, patio furniture, as well as automotive care – including car scratch removers and polish.


Say goodbye to dull paint, oxidised surfaces and light scratches with TriNova’s scratch and swirl remover, touted as the ‘ultimate solution’ to a vehicle’s clear coat care. The formula features a powerful abrasive compound and is made from high end chemicals that are designed to get rid of scratches that have not penetrated the top clear coat of the vehicle, as well as unwanted swirls, scuffs, paint transfers, water spots and other contaminants on the surface. The rubbing action evens out the surface, while the included polishing compound with a repair glaze seals and protects it from further damage, resulting in a high and brilliant gloss.

Value and Convenience

Some car scratch removers require a bit of expertise and know-how to apply, or user’s risk damaging their vehicle surfaces even more. TriNova’s car scratch remover is designed to be easy to use, and comes in a convenient squeeze bottle of 12 oz or 355 ml. You will not need to spend on expensive polishers or high maintenance tools, as the solution can be buffed by hand, or using a dual action orbital polisher.

As with any car scratch remover, it is best to wash the car to remove any contaminants, and wipe dry before applying three dime-sized drops of the rubbing compound onto the affected area and rubbing it in using an overlapping circular motion. For convenience, utilise the included foam pad which comes with the bottle, or use your own orbital polisher. You will know it has worked when you see the surface of the paint diminishing; continue buffing until the product is completely gone or the appearance of the scratch has been reduced, then follow by wiping down with a clean, dry microfiber cloth for a polished finish. The compound is safe to use on clear coats and other paint colours.


  • Removes light scratches, swirls, scuffs and blemishes from vehicle’s surface
  • Gives surfaces a high gloss and shine after application
  • Safe for clear coats and all paint colours
  • Easy to apply by hand or using an orbital polisher
  • Comes with foam pad for convenient application

5. Meguiar’s G10307 ScratchX 2.0

A good, high quality car scratch remover should be able to remove scratches and stains with the least amount of Meguiar’s G10307 ScratchX 2.0harm to a vehicle’s surface. Unfortunately, abrasives can sometimes do more harm than good if not applied properly, as it sands off not just scratches around an affected part, but also other areas that were previously unaffected. To counter this, some brands such as Meguiar have patented special formulas that are gentle yet still effective, such as the Scratch X 2.0.


The Scratch X 2.0 is specially formulated to be gentle and less abrasive, whilst still working to remove light scratches, swirls, oxidation, bonded contaminants and blemishes on a vehicle’s paint job. The formula is made to remove defects permanently, not simply cover them up or fill them in. Like the Ultimate Compound – Meguiar’s other car scratch remover – the Scratch X 2.0 employs the same patented micro-abrasive technology, but has a lesser grit. If you have soft or unique paints, then the Scratch X 2.0 is an ideal choice. The result is a nice and smooth finish with no haze or unwanted scratches.

Value and Convenience 

You can safely use the Scratch X 2.0 on all glossy paint finishes and clear coats. It comes in a small bottle containing 7oz (207 ml), which is enough for multiple uses. The formula is easy to apply either by hand or with a dual action polisher. If you have very light scuff marks or scratches, or you have soft paints on your vehicle,  it is recommended to start with the Scratch X 2.0 as it is gentler as compared to the Ultimate Compound. For a complete detail, you may also want to follow up with a pure polish.


  • Gentler abrasive action via micro abrasive technology
  • Removes scuffs, scratches and swirls permanently
  • Ideal for soft or custom paints
  • Restores shine
  • Does not leave haze marks
  • Easy to apply

6. Formula 1 Scratch Out Scratch Remover

Formula 1 has been on the market since 1989, and is trusted globally among consumers and automotive Formula 1 Scratch Out Scratch Removerprofessionals for its high quality vehicle care products, from car wax and polish to protectants and compounds.


Choosing the right car scratch remover can be a daunting task, seeing as how there are some that are more suited to certain paints or certain types of damage. Formula 1’s Scratch Out Scratch Remover is designed to cater to different needs, by offering a comprehensive, all-in-one solution. It works by removing everything from light scratches and swirl marks, to water spotting, paint marks, scuffs, hardened dirt and organic matter such as bird droppings and tree sap. Other than rubbing compounds, the formula also contains micropolishers, which smoothen out the surface of your vehicle’s paint coat, clearing out any signs of haze or oxidation. Rather than rough and gritty abrasives, which can sand off other areas and amage the vehicle if not applied correctly, Formula 1’s paste formula contains powerful Carnauba wax, which seals and protects the vehicle’s surface from water beading. It is also safe to use on all auto paint finishes and clear coats.

Value and Convenience 

One huge plus with Formula 1 is that it is multi purpose. Most other rubbing compounds are only meant for paint finishes; but you can use the paste to clean and improve the appearance of scratched, yellowed and hazed headlights and tail lights – effectively saving you hundreds of dollars on professional services. Thanks to its non-abrasive nature, you will not have to worry about Formula 1 causing further scratches to your vehicle. The remover also contains polishing compounds that are able to provide a nice and glossy finish.

The product is user-friendly and convenient to apply, even for first timers at home. After washing and prepping the car, the paste may be applied with a clean dry cloth and spread evenly over the affected areas in circular motions. Once dry, it can be wiped off with a microfiber or terry cloth towel. Not much elbow grease is needed to get a nice shine, and you won’t also have to pay for a body shop to do it or purchase expensive tools. Choose from three different sizes to fit your vehicle’s needs, namely 7, 8 or 14 ounce bottles.


  • Removes car scratches and marks quickly and easily
  • Multi-purpose, can be used to remove oxidation and haze on head and tail lights
  • Non abrasive
  • Contains micro polishers for extra shine and finish
  • Convenient to apply paste form
  • Available in different sizes

7. Meguiar’s G190200 Quik Scratch Eraser Kit

Another offering by Meguiars, the G190200 Quik Scratch is a comprehensive car scratch remover kit that saves Meguiar’s G190200 Quik Scratch Eraser Kityou the time and trouble of getting separate products. It is a good choice for first timers who want to try automotive car care and minor exterior repairs at home, rather than sending it to an expensive workshop.


Light imperfections such as paint blemishes, swirls, scuffs, fine scratches and other marks will soon be a thing of the past with the Quik Scratch eraser kit. The kit contains a bottle of rubbing compound, namely the Scratch X 2.0 which features a patented micro-abrasive technology that is less harsh than regular rubbing compounds. Used together with the kit’s proprietary Quik Scratch eraser pad, which can be mounted onto a standard household drill, and removing scratches becomes virtually effortless. The four inch pad is designed to work with the Scratch X 2.0 formula by producing enough friction to quickly erase blemishes from your vehicle’s surface, using minimal effort. The two products also work in tandem to ensure that there are no haze or swirl marks left behind, restoring paint clarity and leaving your vehicle spotless and shiny. Both the Scratch X 2.0 and the Quik Scratch eraser pad are safe to use on glossy paints and clear coats.

Value and Convenience 

When it comes to value, the Quik Scratch Eraser Kit offers plenty of bang for your buck, as you can find everything needed for a complete detail of your vehicle’s paint job in one convenient package. The kit is also very easy to use, and does not even require elbow grease, as the pad and formula can be applied with a drill. Aside from the eraser pad and the rubbing compound, the kit comes with a 16 x 16 inch premium microfiber towel, with thick and deep dual-sided microfiber piles that are able to absorb twice as much liquid and solution than traditional terry towels. The towels are convenient for removing residue after applying the rubbing compound, and the material is also gentle on painted surfaces.


  • All-in-one car scratch remover kit
  • Drill-powered eraser pad
  • Less abrasive rubbing compound
  • Easy to use and apply
  • Safe for glossy paints and clear coats

8. Carfidant Black Car Scratch Remover

Cars with black or dark paint have a sporty and cool appearance, but any scratches on the vehicle’s exterior are Carfidant Black Car Scratch Removereasily visible due to the high colour contrast. Carfidant’s Black Car scratch remover is specially formulated to tackle fine scratches on black or dark coloured vehicles, effectively reducing the appearance of any scuffs or blemishes.


The Carfidant Black Car scratch remover is effective at covering up or reducing the appearance of light scratches, swirls, water spots, oxidation and other marks caused by daily wear and tear. It does not, however, completely remove the mark and reapplication will be needed after several car washes.  The professional grade formula is made from premium and high quality chemicals, with no unnecessary scents or colour dyes added. It works by filling up the blemish or imperfection in the affected area and filling it up. While it does not work as well for deeper scratches, it will help to make them less visible. The solution can be safely used on any clear coat, single stage or multistage paint, and helps to restore a glossy shine to your vehicle’s exterior, with minimal hazing.

Value and Convenience 

The Carfidant Black Car scratch remover is very affordable and will help to improve your vehicle’s overall appearance, without the need for an expensive paint job. Aside from the rubbing compound, which is housed in an 8.4 oz (250ml) bottle, the set also comes with a buffer pad which allows you to hand buff the remover into the affected area, or attach it to an orbital for fuss-free application. A common problem with many other rubbing compounds is that they leave white residue or streaks behind, which require even more work cleaning them up. The Carfidant leaves minimal white streaking and can be gently wiped down after application.


  • Formulated specifically for black or dark paint
  • Reduces appearance of light scratches, marks and swirls
  • Premium grade chemicals
  • No added scents and dyes
  • Safe for clear coat, single stage and multistage paint
  • Restores shine
  • Minimal streaking

9. SHINE ARMOR Revive Scratch Repair Swirl Remover

Rather than send your car to a body shop or workshop for professional detailing, Shine Armor allow you to do it in SHINE ARMOR Revive Scratch Repair Swirl Remover the comforts of your own home, minus the expensive price tag. The American brand specialises in auto detailing products made from premium materials and manufactured to the highest quality.


With Shine Armor’s Revive scratch repair and swirl remover, you can now take your car for a spin with confidence, without worrying about unseemly scratches or swirl marks. The remover not only helps to get rid of light scratches and reduce the appearance of deeper cuts, but also works to remove water spots, scuffs, oxidation marks and other blemishes effortlessly. The all-in-one paint correction compound features a revolutionary formula with no fillers or waxes, and is made from high quality chemicals that are safe for your vehicle’s coat. It doubles as a polish to restore dull looking paint to their original gloss and shine. The remover works particularly well on chrome and metallic colours, but can also be used for clear coat and other kinds of paints.

Value and Convenience 

Shine Armor comes in a convenient 4 oz bottle. The formula can be applied by dropping three or four penny-sized drops onto the affected area and rubbing it in manually, or used with a polishing drill. Minimal streaking means less work wiping off residue after the process, which saves you on extra time and effort. The remover can last for about one to three months with regular washing, before it needs to be reapplied.


  • Removes or reduces appearance of light scratches, water marks, oxidation, blemishes and more
  • No fillers or waxes
  • Restores dull paint to bright shine
  • Works well on chrome and metallic colours
  • Apply manually or with polish drill

10. The Ultimate Car Scratch Remover Kit

Those looking for a complete DIY auto detailing kit need not look any further than The Ultimate Car Scratch The Ultimate Car Scratch Remover Kitremover kit. The best part? You do not need to have any experience in auto care in order to use the kit, as all the products are easy, convenient and safe to use even for beginners.


The Ultimate Car Scratch Remover kit is designed to work on light scratches, water swirls and other blemishes on your vehicle’s paint job. Aside from a rubbing compound, the kit also contains a spot cleaner, a polishing compound, sealant and an optional mist for lubrication, along with several microfiber towels and Safe-T-Sand patented 3,000 grit reusable wet sanding sponges. The sponges work in tandem with the remover to deal with clear coat scratches, delivering a perfectly burnished surface which can be polished to a shiny finish.  In comparison to cheap throwaway kits, which usually contain small strips of sandpaper that might cause more harm than good on clear coat finishes, the Ultimate Car Scratch Remover is much more effective and economical in the long run.

Value and Convenience 

The kit is very easy to use even for beginners, as all instructions and steps are clearly labeled on each 120 ml bottle. First, the spot cleaner can be sprayed like a mist onto the car’s paint, and wiped off with a microfiber towel to get rid of surface dust and grit. Next the scratch remover can be applied with the sponge or with a polishing pad, followed by a light buff to remove any residue. Apply the Evening Glass Glaze with a fresh microfiber towel using medium pressure back and forth in circular motions, then finish off with the Sacred Shine Sealant by lightly spreading it around the affected scratch or blemish area and letting haze for five minutes and gently buffing it. There is also an optional Purple Glide mist included in the kit, to give your car that glossy finish.


  • Complete auto detailing kit
  • Easy to use with clear instructions and steps
  • Removes light scratches, swirls and marks
  • Polish compound included for a shiny finish
  • Sealant provides added protection

11. PRODUXA Scratch & Swirl Remover

With over 25 years of experience in the business of car care and maintenance, Produxa delivers with premium PRODUXA Scratch & Swirl Removerproducts that provide proven results. Their best selling product, a multi-surface, non-toxic and eco-friendly coating comes after almost a decade of research and testing with over a hundred car wash and detailing companies – a testament to the brand’s dedication to safety and quality.


You’re planning to take the car out for an important occasion, but just noticed unsightly scratch or scuff marks. Fret not, as Produxa’s scratch and swirl remover is made to act as a fast and effective solution to removing light scratches, scuffs, nicks, oxidation marks, swirls and other blemishes. It can be applied to surfaces such as the car hood, bumper, doors or roof. Watch as imperfections vanish within a few seconds, whilst restoring a high gloss finish and improving shine and brightness to dull paint. For the environmentally conscious, the Produxa is a good choice as the formula is non-toxic, safe, biodegradable, 100% VOC-compliant and environmentally friendly. It is also free from harsh acids, heavy solvents and other harmful chemicals such as hydrofluoric acid and sulfuric acid.

Value and Convenience

The Produxa offers plenty of value in a convenient to use eight ounce bottle. The effects are long lasting and will not require frequent reapplication. What’s more, the advanced formula is suitable for various paint finishes and even fiberglass surfaces, so you can use it as a body detailing product for other vehicles such as bikes, RV, boats, SUVs and trucks. It is easy to apply either by hand or using an electric buffer.


  • Fast action, removes light scratches and blemishes quickly
  • Non-toxic, biodegradable formula
  • Long lasting
  • Suitable for fiberglass, can be used as body detailing for other vehicles such as boats and trucks

12. Mothers California Gold Scratch Remover

Surface scratches are inevitable when you’re out driving, whether they’re caused by small rocks and debris, Mothers California Gold Scratch Remover parking mishaps or accidents. Mothers, a brand that specialises in auto detailing and after care, offers a range of polishes, waxes and cleaners to ensure your vehicle’s appearance stays sharp for longer.


Mothers’ California Gold Scratch remover works wonders to remove minor surface scratches, swirls, abrasions, nicks and other blemishes, as well as restore dull looking paint. The formula is ideal for rectifying problematic areas that are often ignored, such as near keyholes, trunk lids and door edges by polishing out the scratch – and it also leaves surfaces with a nice sheen. As the Gold Scratch is a  polisher, extra detailing is recommended. You can follow it up with a waxing regimen in order to protect the surface and keep the gloss lasting longer.

Value and Convenience 

The Gold Scratch comes in a small and convenient to use 8 oz bottle. Its lotion-like consistency is easy to pour and can be applied to the affected area with a dry soft cloth. Simply rub the scratch off with light polishing action, and wipe away any excess. Polishing the blemish from different angles will give better, more comprehensive results. Repeated applications may be necessary for tougher swirl marks. The solution can also be used with a machine-powered buffer.


  • Easy and convenient to use
  • Ideal for restoring the appearance in often neglected areas such as near door handles
  • Quality polisher that removes scratches, swirls and other marks
  • Restores shine
  • Needs to be followed up with waxing

13. YOOHE Car Scratch Remover

Yoohe offers a comprehensive suite of auto detailing products, from car scratch removers to windshield repair YOOHE Car Scratch Remover kits, polishes, waxes and more. The brand is among the most affordable solutions on the market, without compromising on safety and quality.


Achieve body-shop worthy results with Yoohe’s car scratch remover, a versatile all-in-one solution for removing scratches and swirls, oxidation marks, water spots and more. Specially formulated to remove light scratches and reduce the appearance of deeper marks, it also doubles as a polish to restore shine and clarity to dull paint, bringing your vehicle’s exterior back to its original luster. The fast action cuts through scratches as quickly as abrasives, minus the harshness. It is safe to use on both clear coatings and single-stage paints in all colours.

Value and Convenience 

Using Yoohe will save you time and money as it is very simple to apply. Each set comes with its own sponge and microfiber towel for detailed polish and aftercare. Apply three dime-sized drops of the solution on the sponge and wipe it into the affected areas for three to five minutes, or until the scratches are no longer visible. Sandpaper is recommended for deeper scratches, followed by the remover. Repeat as necessary, and wipe off any excess residue left behind with a clean soft towel.


  • Remove light scratches, swirls, blemish, water spots
  • Powerful abrasive action
  • Suitable for clear coat and single-stage paints, all colours
  • Easy to apply
  • Restores clarity and gloss on dull paint

14. Nu Finish Scratch Remover

Tired of generic scratch removers causing more damage to your car’s paint than it solves problems? Then consider Nu Finish Scratch Remover Nu Finish, which is under the Energizer brand headquartered in Missouri that is in the business of manufacturing primary batteries, portable lighting as well as automotive care products.


You can easily get rid of scrapes, scratches, scuffing, swirl marks, water spots and haze on a vehicle’s exterior using Nu Finish’s car scratch remover. Organic matter, such as bugs, sap and grime, can also be easily cleaned off. The formula is safe and suitable for use on different coloured paints. It is also multipurpose and suitable on fiberglass boats, motorcycles and even chrome household appliances, so you get maximum value and usage in a single bottle. To achieve a glossy finish, it is best to follow up with Nu Finish’s non-wax polish, as the scratch remover is meant as an abrasive only.

Value and Convenience

The Nu Finish is easy to use and comes in an inverted 6.5 oz bottle. To apply, simply squeeze a few dime-sized droplets onto a clean terry cloth, sponge or microfiber towel, then rub into the scratched area in gentle circular motions and repeat the process as necessary until the defects are gone. It can also be applied with an orbital buffer.


  • Remove scratches, swirls, defects from vehicle’s exterior
  • Suitable for other vehicles such as motorcycles and fiberglass boats
  • Can also be used for chrome household appliances
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Convenient application

15. SONGVEN Car Scratch Remover

Songven’s car scratch remover is an easy to use and affordable option that does not require elbow grease or orbital SONGVEN Car Scratch Remover buffing, as it comes in the form of a compact repair pen. The pen comes in a variety of different colours to match different paints, such as light silver, black and ice blue.


Unlike traditional car scratch removers, which use abrasive action to remove scratches, the Songven repair pen is used for covering up scratches by restoring the paint. It can be used not just on cars, but also other vehicles such as boats, motorcycles and bikes, as well as furniture and appliances that require paint touch-ups. Deeper scratches where the metal is exposed can also benefit from the pen. It has waterproof qualities to protect your vehicle’s coat from oxidation, rust and other contaminants. Caution is advised, however, as the material is very difficult to remove once applied.

Value and Convenience 

The repair pen has a two-in-one design, with a brush for longer, deep scratches such as those caused by branches, as well as a pen tip for tiny scratches to cover up marks caused by stones or sand. Each pen  contains 12ml of formula. Start off by shaking the pen and applying a small amount to make sure the colour matches. After the paint has dried, you can fill in the remaining areas with the repair pen.


  • Compact and portable repair pen
  • Can be used to touch up scratches on your vehicle, even deep ones where metal is exposed
  • Waterproof qualities protect the affected area from rust and oxidation
  • Multipurpose and versatile

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