Top 15 Best Car Phone Mounts in 2020

Top 15 Best Car Phone Mounts – Detailed Reviews & Guide 2022

The laws are starting to catch up to technology when it comes to smartphones. Driving while holding a phone to your ear has become illegal in many states and the trend is going to continue. This has brought up the need for hands-free driving kits, Bluetooth technology, and even car-dashboard/vent/windshield mounts that can help you drive hands-free and safely.

It is certainly not a good idea to toss the phone in a cup holder or on the dashboard as the phone can easily crash when you turn a corner. That is where car phone mounts come into play. Car phone mounts allow a safer, hands-free driving experience so you can focus on the road instead of being distracted or worried about your phone’s location.

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These days, you can easily choose a smartphone specific car phone mount, although it is much more sensible to go in for Universal car phone mounts since these easily accommodate several different phones. You can also choose from magnetic mounts or air vent mounts though these have several shortcomings which we will be discussing later in this guide.

Car phone mounts for the dashboard/windshield not only keep your phone from falling as you drive; some models even let you charge your phone, listen to music, or use your device as GPS. Now isn’t that a super-handy feature to have?

There are many different car phone mounts available today. The main thing to consider is how to attach them to your car. Some mounts may need special brackets although most come with simple adhesive or suction technology that can prevent the hassle of having to drill holes in your car.

So, without further delay, let us consider some important features of best car phone mounts, so you can make an informed choice while making a selection. (Before we move on to their features, we will also consider the benefits of using high-quality car phone mounts along with the different types available in the market).

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Benefits of Using High-Quality Car Phone Mounts


Dashboard and windshield mounts for smartphones or mobile phones make your driving experience a lot safer. They allow you to keep your phone in a place where it won’t fall down when you make those turns. Car phone mounts also help you quickly answer a call while driving, using single hand motion. No more dangerous distractions while you are on the go!Top 15 Best Car Phone Mounts in 2020

Adjustable viewing

Top-quality car mounts allow you to mount your phone vertically or in landscape orientation. They also can be attached to the windshield, the dashboard, or even a desktop. Their 360 degree pivoting motion allows adjustable viewing; a boon for drivers who have to use the phone’s GPS navigation feature. The phone’s screen can also be viewed by a person sitting in the backseat.

Types of Car Phone Mounts

Car phone mounts can be classified as the following types:

Universal mounts

Smartphones come in all shapes and sizes. Naturally, having a Universal car phone mount can ensure that you can continue using the same car phone mount even if you change your phone brand from time to time.

Most mounts that are of the Universal kind have a ‘foot or base’ on the bottom. This base has an arm that is removable or extendable so that it can accommodate different shapes/sizes/kinds of phones. Their cradle can also be adjusted from side to side or up/down direction.

Brand-specific car phone mounts

Unlike Universal car phone mounts, these only cater to a specific brand or, in general, give the dimensions of the phones or tablets that can be accommodated in that car phone mount. In general, most brand-specific or general mounts are suitable for phones between 45 to 93 mm or 1.8 to 3.7 inches in width.Top 15 Best Car Phone Mounts in 2020

Magnetic mounts

Magnetic car mounts allow you to mount your phone almost anywhere in the car. They have a cradle-free design which allows you to place the phone anywhere you like. Most magnetic-mounts come with a neodymium magnet that is generally safe for your Smartphone and provides a strong and secure hold. For reasons explained later in this guide, it is advisable not to use magnetic mounts for mounting a smartphone.

Air vent mounts

Air vent mounts are phone mounts that let you mount the phone on your car’s air vent. These are smaller in size compared to the bulky phone vents made for dashboard or windshield mounting. They easily hold the phone safely in place so you need not have to search for your phone while driving.

The only drawback of an air vent phone holder is that they blast hot or cold air on your phone. While the air is negligible in quantity and won’t do any significant damage to the phone; it is still better to keep the phone away if the car’s heater is on full blast.

Cup-holder mounts

These come with a circular base that can be extended to fit snugly in the cup holders of your car/SUVs/RVs, etc. They have a flexible arm that can be swiveled sideways, horizontally, vertically, or even 360 degrees owing to its ball-joint design. Cup holder car phone mounts even make your phone’s screen visible to the passengers in the backseat.

Features of High-Quality Car Phone Mounts

These features constitute the criteria on which we have selected the top car phone mounts available in the market.


This is one of the most important features to look for in a car mount. This feature helps the mount stick properly to the car’s dashboard or windshield. A good quality mount will have superior suction without leaving any Top 15 Best Car Phone Mounts in 2020adhesive marks or stains on the glass or the plastic surfaces. It will also not melt or fall off in the heat.

Extendibility and the ability to pivot

A car mount should be extendable so that you can view your phone at optimal viewing height. Likewise, the ability to pivot around 360 degrees will offer you a comfortable viewing angle. Both these features make for a safer driving experience especially when you use the phone’s GPS for navigation on your drives.

Compatibility with top phone brands

A high-quality car phone mount must come with a flexible armlock so that it is compatible with most phones having a height of 6 inches or more. You can always go for a car phone mount that is Universal in nature so it can accommodate most top smartphone brands.

Protection and safety

The safety of your phone is paramount when it comes to selecting high-quality car phone mounts. The mount should have cushioning and padding that prevents abrasion and scratches to the phone’s screen. It should mount the phone and have adjustable features that allow you to view your phone very comfortably.

The car mount should also offer wobble-free mounting for your delicate and expensive Smartphone. Moreover, it should securely and firmly attach to the surface of the vehicle, either the windshield or the dashboard. It should not fall off in the summers when the harsh heat melts the adhesion or weakens the mount’s suction.

A high-quality car mount will be easy to use, adjustable, allow a comfortable viewing height as well as the ability to be pivoted around so that it offers maximum viewing comfort and a safe driving experience to the user.

Frequently Asked Questions about Car Phone Mounts

Where should I put my car phone mount?

To answer this question, ask yourself the following questions:

  • How big/small is my phone?
  • How often do I plan to use the car phone mount?Top 15 Best Car Phone Mounts in 2020
  • What do I use my phone for while on long drives?

Based on these answers, you can either mount your phone on the driver’s side door, near the cup holder or the gearbox in the center of the front seats, on the windshield, on the dashboard, or on the AC vents.

A small phone can easily fit on the vent-mounts. Likewise, if you plan to answer several calls hands-free, you’d want it to be conveniently placed near the dashboard so you can use a single-touch operation to answer the calls.

If you plan to use your phone’s navigation feature, you may want to mount it on the windshield or dashboard so you can conveniently see the directions.

Are magnetic mounts bad for the phone?

Magnetic mounts won’t wipe away your precious phone files, but they can interfere with the phone’s magnetometer and certain other sensors. These sensors are used by many apps like Google Maps, Compass, and even certain gaming apps. So, as far as possible, avoid using magnetic mounts for your phone.

Are car vent mounts bad for your phone?

As stated before, car vents tend to blast hot or cold air on the phone mounted near them. Over time, the hot air can impact the phone’s longevity. Sometimes, the hot air may end up heating the phone so much so that it has to auto-switch off to cool down.

Is it illegal to have your phone mounted on your car’s dashboard?

In most states in the United States, it is illegal to talk on the phone held in your hands while driving. This is what prompted the use of hands-free devices. Car phone mounts were also invented for the same reason.

They are definitely not illegal and, when mounted properly and used correctly, can make your driving experience a lot safer. Just make sure that you mount your phone in such a way that it does not obstruct your view while driving.

With that out of the way, let us find out the best car phone mounts in the market.

Top 15 Best Car Phone Mounts in 2022

ImageProduct NameKey FeaturesRating
1. iOttie Universal Smartphone Car Mount with Strong SuctionExcellent material quality4.7

2. Mpow Built To Last & Protect Car Phone Mount

Easy to install and use4.6
3. AUKEY HD-C49 Easy Setup Magnetic Car and GPS Holder Reliable and secure adhesion4.6
4. Maxboost Durahold Powerful Car Phone Mount for Worry Free Driving One Hand Operation4.5
5. bokilino Quick-Release Universal Car Phone Holder Excellent security features4.5
6. VICSEED 3-in-1 Multifunction Car Phone Holder Easy to install and use4.4
7. RAXFLY Broad Compatibility Car Phone Mount for Various Devices Infinite viewing angle4.4
8. Beam Electronics Air Vent Car Phone Mount with Single-Handed Operation 360 Degree Rotation4.4
9. Scosche Neodymium Magnetic Car Phone Mount with Strong Hold Convenient, cradle-free design4.3
10. TOPGO Easy-Installation Universal Mobile Device Holder Clear viewing screen4.3
11. Mpow Car Phone Holder for Infinite Viewing Angles Wide compatibility4.2
12. Amoner Car Phone Mount with Enhanced Suction Power and Universal Compatibility Universal Compatibility4.1
13. Mpow Car Phone Holder with Upgraded TPU Suction Easy to install4.1
14. VANMASS True All-Round Protection Car Phone Holder Excellent suction and adhesion4.0
15. AUKEY HD-C48 Easy-to-Install Phone Mount for Car Air-Vents with Universal Compatibility Simple Setup3.9

1. iOttie Universal Smartphone Car Mount with Strong Suction

iOttie Universal Smartphone car mount uses the Easy One-touch Patented Technology which lets you answer calls iOttie Universal Smartphone Car Mount with Strong Suctionwith a single touch. It also comes with 360-degree pivoting and adjustable height for comfortable viewing.

Main features

The product dimensions of the iOttie are 3 x 5 x 9 inches and it weighs less than 3 ounces. It offers adjustable viewing, strong suction, ease of mounting, Easy One-touch Lock/Release patented mechanism, and an ergonomically advanced design for a safe driving experience.

The versatile car phone mount is easy to use and install. It is versatile enough to hold an iPhone X one year and iPhone 6s the next. The highly recommended car phone mount is so easy to use that all you need to do is push your phone in it and the locking mechanism safely locks your device without any damage.

Mounting flexibility and versatility

iOttie Universal Smartphone car mount has a moveable foot for sideways or up/down movement. This allows you the flexibility of using the mount for all kinds of phone cases as well as different brands/sizes in phones or tablets.

The iOttie is super-easy to use. Simply push your phone in the mount and the locking mechanism will snugly hold your device keeping it safe throughout the drive. When you need to answer calls, simply use a single touch to do so. No more risky business while driving!

It is an extremely configurable mount: you can extend it, flip it over, or make other hand-turn adjustments. It can even hold an iPhone 8s with its large case with an easy snap-in/snap-out movement.

Adhesion and suction strength

iOttie car mount promises superior adhesive strength thanks to the reusable suction cup and one-time use dashboard disc. In the summer months, iOttie car mount can withstand harsh heat but it is still advisable not to park the car in the heat for long durations.

The suction cup can be easily restored by rinsing thoroughly and drying properly.


iOttie car phone mount is easily the best way to use your phone hands-free and safely. You can mount it in such a way that your phone is easily seen and heard. The device can be fit in different vehicles should you feel the need for a change.

The suction is very strong and long-lasting. That is why; you can rest assured that your phone is safe when mounted on the iOttie. The device is also compatible with different sizes and brands of phones.


  • Versatile
  • Excellent material quality
  • Strong suction power
  • Durable


  • Suction may weaken after prolonged sun exposure

2. Mpow Built To Last & Protect Car Phone Mount

Have you always wanted a car phone mount that won’t obstruct your vision while driving? The Mpow takes care of Mpow Built To Last & Protect Car Phone Mountthis feature. This is the car phone mount for you which brings your phone much closer to you compared to other traditional mounts, thanks mainly to its aluminum, long, gooseneck. Check out the other features of the Mpow and find out if this is the car phone mount for you.

Main features

Mpow can be used for many phones including all iPhone models, Galaxy, Google phones, LG, BLU, Xiaomi, OnePlus, Moto,etc. Its side arms can easily expand to 94 mm or 3.7 inches. You can rely on this brand since they have been making electronic accessories and goods for decades now. Overall accessories of the mount are 5.35 x 3.46 x 2.95 inches and it weighs less than 8 ounces.

Mounting flexibility and versatility

What makes Mpow one of the best car phone mounts is its flexible installation. You can easily unscrew the knob, pass the knob through the ball head, and tightly push the ball head into the socket. The entire process doesn’t take more than a few minutes. On your dashboard end, simply remove the protective cover and press down the suction to attach to the dashboard.

Adhesion and suction strength

Most car mounts develop air gaps that cause it to lose suction and adhesion. Mpow car mounts have a sticky gel which prevents it from forming air gaps. So all you need to do is rinse the cup with water to renew its adhesive gel. That is why the suction strength of this mount does not wear off, unlike other mounts.


Even on rough roads, your phone won’t wobble or vibrate thanks to the super-strong suction and vacuum created by the Mpow mount. The suction cup is also reusable and washable so you can rely on this device to securely hold your phone without the fear of dropping it. Most importantly, it can even be bent in any way you’d like without obstructing your view or your car’s vents.


  • Easy to install and use
  • Great suction power and adhesion
  • Sturdy and long-lasting


  • Some users had issues sticking it to their dashboard.

3. AUKEY HD-C49 Easy Setup Magnetic Car and GPS Holder

AUKEY HD-C49 car cell phone and GPS holder can be pivoted 360 degrees for a better viewing angle for the AUKEY HD-C49 Easy Setup Magnetic Car and GPS Holderdriver. The unit has a reliable adhesion thanks to 4-powerful magnets that securely hold your device to the dashboard. Check out AUKEY car phone mount’s unique features that make it one of the bestsellers in the category.

Main features

Reliable adhesion, strong magnets, and an adjustable angle for viewing all make the AUKEY HD-C49 an easy-to-set up phone/GPS holder. It can easily hold phones measuring between 4” and 6.5 inches (diagonal screen dimension). The item weighs less than 11 ounces and its dimensions are 7.7 x 3.8 x 2.7 inches.

Mounting flexibility and versatility

AUKEY HD-C49 is easy to install and its strongly adhesive base with suction lock fixes securely to the dashboard. The unit also has a 90-degree rotating adjustable arm that helps you comfortably view your phone/GPS’s screen without getting distracted from your driving. Furthermore, the 360 degree ball joint also makes for easy viewing.

Adhesion and suction strength

The best part of the AUKEY car phone mount is that you can reposition the sticky base several times just in case you need to use the unit in different vehicles. The stickiness does not weaken. The hinge system holds on well to the dashboard while also allowing a comfortable viewing angle.


Being compact, the AUKEY car phone and GPS mount does not obstruct your view and makes it safer with a more secure viewing angle. The unit also comes with a small and large metal plate for different phone sizes.

The magnet has a strong hold on your devices so you can rest assured that it won’t wobble or fall off on rough roads or while taking sharp turns.


  • Offers an ideal screen viewing angle
  • Reliable and secure adhesion; powerful magnetic adhesion for enhanced safety for your device
  • Easy to set up
  • Excellent customer service


  • Some larger phone models tend to slip off.

4. Maxboost Durahold Powerful Car Phone Mount for Worry Free Driving

The Maxboost Durahold car phone mount recently underwent an upgrade so drivers can have a worry-free driving Maxboost Durahold Powerful Car Phone Mount for Worry Free Drivingexperience. The best part is that you do not need any special tools for installing this car phone mount. This car mount also comes with a 360-degree swivel valve for more comfortable viewing.

Main features

Maxboost Durahold car phone mount is compatible with most smartphones including iPhones, Galaxy, Pixel, HTC, and more. Its main features include ease of installation, powerful suction, ability to rotate 360 degrees for comfortable viewing experience, and a limited one-year extended warranty.

Mounting flexibility and versatility

Simply remove the base plate’s protective cover and install the plate on your dashboard. The unit can be locked in place and can even be easily mounted on textured/non-textured surfaces. The versatile model can allow you to turn it sideways, up/down or horizontally/vertically for a more comfortable viewing angle.

Adhesion and suction strength

Maxboost Durahold car phone holder uses the suction-gel pad that can be rinsed and renewed over and over. It does not leave any residue behind and can be removed and reinstalled in different vehicles without losing its adhesion and suction power.


As the unit comes with a two-lock locking mechanism, you can rest assured that it will hold your device safely. Being universal-type car mount, it can work for many different Smartphone models to give you a safe, hands-free driving experience.

Also, it comes with a swivel-ball technology that allows adjustable viewing angle so that you need not take your eyes off the road for long. The sturdy hold ensures keeping the device wobble-free even if you take sharp turns or drive on bumpy roads.


  • Extendable arms
  • Dashboard stability mounting pad for a wobble-free experience
  • Universal compatibility
  • Easy to install
  • Powerful suction


  • Unmovable prongs at the bottom leave no space for headphone jack for the car stereo

5. bokilino Quick-Release Universal Car Phone Holder

Note that the bokilino car phone holder is only compatible with cup-holders and is not for mounting phones on a bokilino Quick-Release Universal Car Phone Holderdashboard or the windshield. The unit’s most notable feature is its one-button release button on the backside for ‘easy on/easy off’ movement. bokilino cup holder based car phone mount is also compatible with most smartphones and promises to hold any phone steadily, safely, and wobble-free.

Main features

The One-button release function of the bokilino cup holder car phone mount lets you easily slip in a phone up to 6.5 inches (diagonal diameter). This Universal cell phone holder can be extended to 12.6 inches in length. It is also upgraded recently for a no-shake and stable-steady version. The lightweight unit weighs less than 12 ounces.

Mounting flexibility and versatility

The holder is 360 degree rotatable so you can move it horizontally/vertically/sideways, etc. Its flexible long neck is nearly 13.7 inches in length and easily allows you to adjust the height and length for a comfortable viewing experience.

You can also extend the holder to nearly 12.6 inches in order to fit the unit in a car, van, RV, boat, golf-cart etc. The phone’s screen can even be seen by the passengers in the backseat.

The base of the mount is adjustable between 2.3 and 3.3 inches making it suitable for small or large cup holders. The jointed arm with 270-degree movement further enhances the driver’s view of the GPS or cell phone.

Adhesion and suction strength

Being a cup holder car phone mount, the bokilino holder does not come with any suction or adhesion. Instead, it has an adjustable base that can easily fit standard cup holders. You can easily adjust the base’s size to fit your holder.


bokilino car phone cup holder mount ensures a stable, never-shake/steady grip for your GPS or smartphone device. This is mainly due to the unit’s heavy base and flexible, long neck. All these features let you easily use the device for hands-free and safe navigating, charging your phone, or listening to music while driving.


  • Easy to install and use
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Excellent security features


  • Blocked access to controls in some cars

6. VICSEED 3-in-1 Multifunction Car Phone Holder

Most people would want the flexibility of placing their car phone mount on the dashboard/windshield/air vent. VICSEED 3-in-1 Multifunction Car Phone HolderThe VICSEED does precisely that and the best part is that it is compatible with different vehicles including cars, SUVs, pickup trucks, etc.

Main features

The car phone mount from VICSEED is compatible with all iPhones, Samsung Galaxy models, Sony, LG, Nokia, and Google phones. You can mount any of these smartphone models on your car’s vent, or its dashboard or the windshield. Thanks to its 360-degree swivel ball joint, you can easily access your device’s screen without obstructing your view or your driving.

Mounting flexibility and versatility

VICSEED car phone mount is a 3-in-1 unit offering you the versatility of placing your phone anywhere you please as you drive your car/truck/RV/SUV etc. Place your phone near the dashboard or the car’s vent or windshield and you will have an unobstructed view that does not impede your driving. Oh, did we mention you can also use this mount at home on a desktop?

The unit’s flexible vent clip easily fits any vehicle’s vent. The mount comes with an extra dashpad to provide a smooth surface for mounting the phone. Its super-wide arm makes this a truly Universal model that can be utilized for holding any phone from Samsung Galaxy series, iPhone series, and other popular smartphone brands.

Thanks to VICSEED’s adjustable arm, you can move your device vertically, horizontally, or even 360 degrees.

Adhesion and suction strength

Most car phone mounts come with a single layer of adhesive; not the VICSEED which uses 3 layers. Its super-strong suction can even lift a tire of nearly 44 lb. The wide suction cup base and the device’s 2-step locking mechanism further provide a superior suction ability.


The unit’s extra dash-pad, superior suction and 2-way locking mechanism, and a sturdy silicone clip all provide an abrasion-free grip for your phone. The vent phone holder grips the vent strongly so that your phone won’t fall or wobble while driving.


  • Superior suction and great adhesion
  • Easy to install and use
  • Superior security features


  • Adhesive tends to melt and stick to the windshield/dashboard.

7. RAXFLY Broad Compatibility Car Phone Mount for Various Devices

RAXFLY is the car phone mount to opt for when multiple drivers with different phone models use the car. This RAXFLY Broad Compatibility Car Phone Mount for Various Devicesunit offers multiple viewing angles for any device you mount on it including iPhones, Samsung, Google, Pixel, etc.

Main features

The CD phone mount from RAXFLY is easy to install and use. It has a one-touch, single-button release feature for easy attachment and release of any device. It can snugly and safely fit in various devices ranging from 4 to 7.2 inches.

RAXFLY CD car phone mount makes sure to keep your phone near the CD slot while ensuring that it does not obstruct your view. It also has space for the charging jack so you can comfortably continue charging your phone on those long drives.

Mounting flexibility and versatility

This is a CD slot car phone mount that comes with a one-button design for easy release of your devices. As stated earlier, the mount can easily accommodate different iPhone series, various Samsung Galaxy phones, as well as LG, Sony, Nokia, etc. Any device within the thickness of 0.67 inches can easily fit in this CD phone mount.

One of the advantages of mounting the phone on the CD vent instead of the cup holder, dashboard, or the air vent is that it offers you an unobstructed view of the road while you are driving. At the same time, the device mount lets you view your phone sideways, horizontally, vertically, and 360 degrees so that you have a clear view of the screen for navigation etc.

Suction and adhesion

These features are not relevant to this particular style of car phone mount since the device is held snugly with silicone pins to the CD slot.


RAXFLY CD car phone mount promises 100% security and safety for your device. The silicone pads located on the mounting area particularly those on the base and the sides grip the device tightly without scratching the surface.


  • Single-button installation and release
  • This is a multifunctional car phone mount
  • Infinite viewing angle
  • Universal compatibility with top Smartphone brands


  • Tends to wobble and shake on bumpy roads

8. Beam Electronics Air Vent Car Phone Mount with Single-Handed Operation

Do you find it annoying that you have to remove your phone out of its case so it would fit in the car phone mount? Beam Electronics Air Vent Car Phone Mount with Single-Handed OperationWith the Beam Electronics car phone mount, you can easily avoid this hassle. Check out other top features of this air vent car phone mount to assess whether this is the right device for you.

Main features

The car phone mount from Beam Electronics has a simple design which easily lets it accommodate phones between 1.9 and 3.7 inches. It easily clips to the car’s air vent so you need not obstruct your driving view by placing the unit on the dashboard or the windshield.

Beam Electronics car phone mount is made with sturdy and durable materials that can easily withstand extreme heat and cold temperatures.

Mounting flexibility and versatility

Beam Electronics car phone mount is not made for circular air vents but can easily fit in horizontal/vertical vents. It can easily hold phones measuring between 1.9 and 3.7 inches and you can easily keep your device in its case when mounting it. All this is mainly due to its 360 degree viewing rotation, easy release with one-button touch, and adjustable side grips.

Suction and adhesion power

These features are not relevant in this case since this is an air-vent mount.

Security for you and your device

Beam Electronics lets you safe eye-level viewing of your device/GPS screen and keeps your windshield view obstruction-free. Moreover, the mount holds your device safely without dropping or shaking it too much – even on the roughest of roads. No more worrying about finding your phone in the car! You will always know where it is with Beam Electronics secure and strong car mount.


  • Quick release button
  • 360 degree viewing
  • Broad compatible with hundreds of brands
  • Single-handed operation


  • Clamp fastenings tend to loosen after a few days

9. Scosche Neodymium Magnetic Car Phone Mount with Strong Hold

Want to safely secure your phone at home or in your car? Scosche neodymium car mount is a magnetic mount Scosche Neodymium Magnetic Car Phone Mount with Strong Holdwith super-strong-hold neodymium magnets that are temperature resistant so you can keep your phone steady and wobble-free on long drives even on extremely hot or cold days.

Main features

Securely hold your phone using this rare-earth neodymium magnetic car phone mount. This sturdy and weather-resistant car phone mount also offers a 360-degree, ball joint, swiveling action and an adjustable mount locking nut that can give you a clear view of your phone/GPS screen without obstructing your driving or straining your neck.

Scosche is characterized by a strong and sturdy locking mechanism, powerful rare-earth neodymium magnets, and a 360-degree swiveling action with 4-axis viewing. You can also continue charging your phone thanks to Scosche car phone mount’s cradle-free design.

Mounting flexibility and versatility

As stated earlier, Scosche car phone mount is extremely versatile and useful for mounting all kinds of phones including devices having rugged cases, phones for wireless and wire-jack charging, as well as for most popular Smartphone brands. Moreover, this versatile device can be used to mount mobile devices to the dashboard of cars, trucks, boats, RVs, and SUVs for single-handed, easy-access, and obstruction-free viewing.

Suction and adhesion power

The Scosche car mount comes with powerful suction that can adhere it to various surfaces. Additionally, it uses a powerful locking nut mechanism that allows you to secure your device to the vent. Worry not: the mount will not obstruct the vent so you can continue to enjoy the hot/cool air blast on your drive. It also comes with a 360- degree viewing angle so you have optimal access to the screen for navigation, etc.

Security for your phone

Magnets ensure that your phone remains secure throughout those bumpy, long drives. Your phone will always remain securely gripped to the cushioned surface for a scratch-free, abrasion-free mount.


  • Strong magnetic car phone mount
  • Provides an optimal viewing angle
  • Convenient, cradle-free design
  • Scosche is a reputed company that has been manufacturing accessories for over 2 decades


  • Rubber insulator pad tends to get distorted
  • May not withstand very harsh summers

10. TOPGO Easy-Installation Universal Mobile Device Holder

TOPGO’s car phone mount comes with an easy-to-install technology that was recently upgraded after feedback TOPGO Easy-Installation Universal Mobile Device Holderfrom customers. So, you can expect nothing but the best from this cup-holder car phone mount that also has a newly designed, more durable, and easier-to-turn knob.

Main features

TOPGO adjustable cup holder cell phone mount is easy to install and firmly fits cars, SUVs, trucks, and RVs. The earlier version of this mount had received negative feedback from users who found that it was tedious fitting the mount in bigger cup holders and also felt its knob was rather tedious to operate.

Taking this feedback into account, the Company rectified these shortcomings, and customers can easily purchase this mount with 100% confidence. The mount also has an 8-inch long gooseneck for maximum flexibility. You can mount phones or devices having a width between 2 and 3.54 inches.

Mounting flexibility and versatility

No matter what size cup holder you have in your car/truck/RV etc; the TOPGO mount can fit inside them. Ensure that your phone’s thickness does not exceed 0.51 inches and avoid mounting phones with battery cases. Other than these two conditions, the TOPGO is well-suited for most popular smartphone brands including latest iPhone, Samsung Galaxy Note, Nokia, GPS, etc.

The 8-inch flexible neck also makes it easy to achieve maximum flexibility and a clear viewing screen.

Adhesion power and suction strength

The adjustable base easily fits in most cup-holders with a snug and secure fit. Its gentle-yet-secure grip cushions the phone against bumps and wobbles even on those rough roads.

Security for you and your devices

The secure-grip and anti-slip surface both ensure keeping your GPS or Smartphone secure and shake-free. Thanks to its long, flexible neck, you can easily access the screen and even adjust the height for clear viewing.


  • Easy to install and use
  • Very sturdy and durable
  • Upgraded version with newer enhancements


  • The long neck tends to obstruct the controls of the AC vent.

11. Mpow Car Phone Holder for Infinite Viewing Angles

You can always put your phone on the seat near you on those long drives, but that is for amateurs. Instead, offer a Mpow Car Phone Holder for Infinite Viewing Anglesplace of honor for your phone with this Mpow car phone mount. This unit is sure to make accessing your mobile a lot easier and safer. It utilizes a highly-flexible ball joint and an adjustable arm for optimum viewing accessibility. Check out other features of the mount and see if it is right for your needs.

Main features

Mpow car phone mount utilizes a strong, ultra-sticky suction pad. Worry not: this adhesive does not leave a mark on your vehicle. However, it is best not to use it on leather, walls, or filmed glass surfaces.

The unit comes with an extendable arm that allows optimal viewing angle without obstructing your view or your car’s air vent.

Mounting flexibility and ease

Mpow car phone holders are easy to mount. They are suitable for phones between 45 and 93 mm or 1.8 to 3.7 inches. Utilize them for iPhone, Samsung Galaxy Note series, Microsoft Lumia, Nokia, GPS, and other popular Smartphone brands.

Apart from your car/SUV/truck/RV, etc, you can also use the mount to secure your phone on your kitchen countertop or home/office desk for hands-free viewing.

Suction power and adhesion

Mpow’s strong, sticky suction with a firm locking mechanism ensures a snug fit and you can reuse and re-strengthen it simply by rinsing it with water. The super-suction combined with a sticky gel pad offers a stable and reliable mount for your GPS or phone. So, you can safely and securely access your phone without shakes and wobbles on those long drives.

Security for you and your device

In many states, it is illegal talking on the phone. Go hands-free with this Mpow device. It can easily let you view your phone’s screen without straining your neck or getting distracted while driving on busy roads.

Your phone is also safe in the unit’s grip without the fear of abrasions, scratches, or drops.


  • Sturdy and stable
  • Wide compatibility
  • Optimal viewing angle


  • Suction tends to weaken in harsh summers

12. Amoner Car Phone Mount with Enhanced Suction Power and Universal Compatibility

Most car phone mounts lose their suction over time. Not the Amoner car phone mount which has a super suction Amoner Car Phone Mount with Enhanced Suction Power and Universal Compatibilitycombined with a sticky adhesion pad. Amoner promises to hold your device safely even if the road gets rough or bumpy. Check out other features of this phone mount.

Main features

One of the main features of the Amoner car phone mount is its universal compatibility. It can easily be used to mount phones within the width range of 5.5cm to 9.5 cm. Its unique design and special cradle-free design also allows you to manage messy cables. It also prevents slips and falls while the phone is charging.

Mounting flexibility and versatility

The Universal car mount from Amoner is compatible with many popular cell phone brands. Thanks to its 360-degree swivel ball joint, you get the flexibility of comfortable viewing from any angle without compromising your comfort or safety.

The holder’s powerful suction keeps your device safely attached to the car’s dash keeping the phone safe and secure. The unit comes with a telescopic arm that allows flexible rotation sideways, horizontally or vertically.

Adhesion power and suction capacity

Amoner car phone mount comes with a washable and renewable suction. Directly hold it under running water to have a clean and sturdy mount again. The upgraded dashboard car phone mount also keeps your phone safe and securely attached to the dash without obstructing your view.

Security for you and your device

Ease of installation, washable and reusable suction, unique design, and optimal viewing angles all make this an extremely safe car mount for you and your phone. The device’s unique design helps you manage messy cables while also preventing wobbling and shaking on those bumpy roads.

The extra flexible telescopic arm and the ball-joint allow you to view your GPS/phone’s navigation screen without losing focus on the driving and with an optimal view of the screen.


  • Washable, renewable suction
  • Unique design
  • Optimal viewing angle
  • Easy to use and install


  • Needs re-adjustments/retightening, and washing to renew its suction.

13. Mpow Car Phone Holder with Upgraded TPU Suction

Know that feeling when you have to hunt for your phone in the car when you are driving and a call comes? It is Mpow Car Phone Holder with Upgraded TPU Suctionespecially annoying when your phone falls off under the seat and you have to pull over to find it. That is why you need a car phone holder. If you are a frequent phone user, then you must secure your phone using a reliable car phone mount like the Mpow. Here are some of its salient features.

Main features

The main feature of the Mpow car phone is its long and sturdy neck that can be flexibly swerved sideways or 360-degrees depending on your need. Moreover, it is characterized by a phone-stabilizer that holds the phone steady and wobble-free and you don’t have to worry about it falling off.

Most car phone mounts lose their suction in the harsh summer heat. But you can rely on Mpow car phone holder that this won’t happen; thanks mainly to its upgraded TPU. It offers better heat performance and also gives a steadier installation.

This is truly a Universal car phone mount capable of holding phones with width range of 4.7 and 6.5 inches. The rubberized sturdy grip also secures GPS devices from 2-3.5 inches width.

Mounting flexibility and versatility

Whether you want to mount a GPS device, an iPhone, Samsung, Nokia, HTC, Sony, or LG models; you know you can rely on this truly universal mounting device. The long arm gooseneck extends to nearly 9 inches so it comes near your face. It is easy to view the GPS screen and listen to music or even answer calls. The high-quality aluminum arm also makes the goose-arm more flexible.

Suction power and adhesion

Simply peel off the protective film off the suction cup and let the upgraded TPU suction do the rest. The heat performance of this upgrade is an improvement over the past models and you can rely on this suction to last through extreme heat and cold.

Safety for you and your phone

The anti-shake mount and additional stabilizer makes Mpow more reliable than most devices in the category. The TPU suction also ensures that the mount won’t fall off in the heat.


  • Excellent suction and adhesion
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Easy to install


  • Some users reported shaking and wobble on rough roads

14. VANMASS True All-Round Protection Car Phone Holder

The chief designer of VANMASS car phone holder has described the philosophy behind designing this car phone VANMASS True All-Round Protection Car Phone Holdermount. He says: ‘I designed this unit with simplicity in mind because there is beauty in simplicity’. He also says that he will continue upgrading the device based on customer feedback.

Main features

VANMASS car phone mount comes with a 3-in-1 design for mounting on the dashboard, windshield, or simply clipped to the car’s air vent. Based on the customer feedback received, VANMASS car phone mount’s designer has ensured that all three ways of mounting keep the phone steady and stable.

You no longer have to worry about your phone falling off when you drive on bumpy roads or hit a rough patch. The soft rubber and silicone padding ensure keeping the phone safely nestled between the 2-side clamps and holding feet.

The designer has also placed the customer first by ensuring infinite viewing angles. The 360-degree swivel ball, flexible telescopic arm, and 120-degree swivel arc all allow optimal screen-view.

Mounting flexibility and versatility

This is a universal car phone mount capable of handling phones with 4 to 7 inches width. You can easily and comfortably fit in phones from brands like iPhones, Nokia, Samsung, HTC, Sony, etc. Thanks to the clever one-hand operation, you won’t have to deal with abrupt popup.

The holding legs have a wider-angle which allows easy charging. It also eases the access to the phone’s Home button.

Suction and adhesion power

Compared to all its rivals, the VANMASS car phone mount cup has 5 times more powerful suction. The base comes with a PU epoxy gel which can be easily washed to renew it and it also won’t leave any marks or stains on your car’s surfaces.

Security for you and your device

5 times powerful suction, wider cradle legs, and superior silicone rubber padding ensure keeping your device safe and wobble-free.


  • Upgraded 3-in-1 design; 5 times more suction power
  • Easy to install and assemble
  • Excellent suction and adhesion


  • The ridges tend to rub off after a few months

15. AUKEY HD-C48 Easy-to-Install Phone Mount for Car Air-Vents with Universal Compatibility

Want to securely hold your GPS or mobile device where you can easily see the screen for navigation? Then the AUKEY HD-C48 Easy-to-Install Phone Mount for Car Air-Vents with Universal CompatibilityAUKEY simple-installation cell phone holder with its ultra-secure attachment features, a flexible fit, ultra-simple setup, and a soft-surface for added device safety is perfect for you.

Main features

AUKEY air vent cell phone holder comes allows ideal viewing angle to switch between portrait and landscape modes. It has easy adjustment and 360-degree rotation help you view the screen comfortably without having to pull the device or strain your eyes or your neck.

Mounting flexibility and versatility

The setup of AUKEY car vent cell phone holder is pretty simple. Thanks to an instant-release button, you can easily place and remove your phone. The unit’s 360-degree swiveling and pivot ball joint easily enable you to turn your device any way you like. This way; you can switch between landscape and portrait views.

The device is also truly Universal in that; it lets you place your iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel, Nokia, Sony, etc comfortably and securely in the cradle. You can also fix your GPS in the mount to navigate safely and comfortably on long drives. Easily support devices up to 6.5 inches in width.

Suction and adhesion power

Being an air vent holder mount, this device does not really require suction and adhesion. The important thing to ensure here is that the mount can comfortably fit horizontal and vertical air blades. AUKEY also comes with an adjustable grip for thicker or thinner air vents.

Security and safety for your device

Many car phone-mounts end up scratching the phone’s cover and screen. Not the AUKEY HD-C48 mount. It has a soft silicone padding to ensure smooth contact between the device and the mount’s surface.


  • Easy to install and use
  • Secure and sturdy


  • Side clamps may be too short for some models of phones or devices with phone cases.

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