A car GPS can take you to your destination no matter what and which path to take. The best car GPS, on the other hand, gets you to your destination faster and easier. There is a thin line that distinguishes the best car GPS from ordinary GPS, and the main demarcations are quality and built-in features.

GPS is an essential car accessory because it can point you in the right direction. Back in the day, travelers use paper-printed maps they inconveniently fold and spread every time they search for a city or place to visit. Though maps can show you which way to take, it’s very limiting compared to a GPS. It has not only made traveling convenient, but it has definitely modernized and upgraded user experience.

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Now, you can simply plot where you want to go and your car’s GPS will determine which roads to take to reach your destination. Plus, you can also efficiently steer clear of road blockages like traffic, accidents, and other Top 15 Best Car GPS in 2020adverse road situations. On top of that, your car GPS can also help you locate the nearest rest area, shopping mall, restaurants, and other places that might be labeled as off-the-beaten-path.

Whether you’re looking for the right path in a foreign area or you’re looking for a faster alternate route, your ever-reliable GPS can take care of your needs. We’ve listed the top 12 premium-quality car GPS to help you weigh your options and decide better. All of the car GPS that made it to our list are not just your ordinary car GPS. These devices are of premium-quality and were proven and tested by car enthusiasts, critics, and car tools and accessories experts.

In this buying guide, we’ll lay down the parameters by discussing what constitutes the best car GPS, what are its advantages, along with its types and salient features. We’ll also provide answers to the most commonly asked questions about these high-quality GPS before we proceed to the actual one-by-one product review. Hopefully, after reading this guide, you can come up with an informed choice.

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Advantages of premium quality car GPS

A car GPS is ideal for vehicles that didn’t come with an in-built navigation system and for car owners who want to easily find their way from points A to B. This device is a convenient item for car owners who don’t want to use mobile data in accessing their smartphone’s maps feature. The good thing about modern and technologically-advanced car GPS devices is that they don’t need a wireless or cellular connection to navigate a route. And since they are portable and lightweight, people who need to switch vehicles can just carry their devices with them as they hop on to a new car.Top 15 Best Car GPS in 2020

A car GPS is also very useful when you’re traveling to an area you’re unfamiliar with. There are different car GPS models that offer global maps for this specific purpose. If you love going on road trips, owning the best GPS stacked with the best features is important. With it, neither will you have to ask for directions from the locals, nor will you have to worry about language barriers. If all these benefits aren’t convincing enough, check these other advantages to finally sway you in the right direction.

Avoid getting lost in dark, intimidating roads

Sometimes, written directions just won’t help. It’ll be worse if you’ll be traveling an intimidating, dark road that may not look familiar. In these cases, high-quality and reliable car GPS can help you find your way out unscathed. Some GPS devices are not that consistent. If, however, you own a car GPS from a reputable brand and with all the necessary features, there will be lesser risks of getting lost.

This is simply possible these car GPS devices are equipped with a technology that can pinpoint your specific location and use its accompanying tracking system to plot a course that can be followed to lead you where you intend to go. The best car GPS users take advantage of the GPS technology to help them create a mapped-out route before they take to the road. On top of that, you’ll never run the risk of getting lost.

Passenger safety

Based on the report released by the National Insurance Crime Bureau, there’s one auto theft for every 6.5 minutes in America. This means that there are more than 150 car theft in a day. The truth is you’ll never know when you’ll fall victim to car theft. The good news is a GPS with an efficient and more accurate tracking system can decrease Top 15 Best Car GPS in 2020your chances of getting robbed. When these criminals know that a vehicle has an installed GPS tracking, they usually back down. If your car is indeed stolen, the in-built GPS tracking system can help the police locate your vehicle faster. Your GPS tracking will pinpoint the exact position of your car no matter where it is.

And depending on your car’s GPS system, there are different features included. Some of these high-end features include emergency help access, monitory services, and roadside assistance. Some GPS systems in cars also include an automated signaling system that can alert a 911 operator within the vicinity should an accident take place.

Portable and easy to use

Most high-end car GPS devices are linked to a small device that can easily attach to your dashboard or windshield. Using the car’s GPS is rather easy. All you have to do is key in your desired location and wait for the turn-by-turn voice commands in real-time. Even cars of rental agencies have their respective GPS to lure in more customers. If ever it’ll be stolen, it would be easy for the police and owners to track the vehicle.

Save money

Another enticing benefit of a premium-quality car GPS is it allows owners of the vehicle to save money. You see, most insurance firms are lowering the car insurance rates for drivers with a car GPS. Insurance firms are now acknowledging owners with cars that come with a GPS and those that install one after purchasing a new or used vehicle. For one, employees with company-issued cars are more cautious in using their cars because the GPS can track where they went. The less frequent a vehicle is used, the less likely it is to encounter any kind of accident.

On top of that, an efficient and technologically-advanced GPS can also send real-time prompts whenever the Top 15 Best Car GPS in 2020driver is engaged in unsafe driving. All these reasons made insurance companies lower the rates. According to Forbes, most insurance firms offer a 15% discount on their insurance costs for all vehicles with a GPS.

And even if you don’t get to enjoy insurance discounts, the mere possession of a car GPS with accurate features and capacities can help you spend less on gas. If you know where to go and you have an accurate instruction of what road to take, you spend less time on the road finding the right way. In essence, you get to save money on gas.

The main types of car GPS

There are two main types of car GPS and they are defined and discussed in the following:

Passive GPS

This type of GPS is also known as GPS loggers and they function by gathering information about your vehicle’s position. The information gathered is, however, not sent anywhere. Instead, these bits and pieces of information are stored on its data found on the memory card or hard drive. The car owners can access the stored information whenever they want to check and take a look at it. Passive GPS devices are common among fleet vehicles since they can conveniently record where each vehicle went, how fast the car was driven, and other essential information. Using this device is pretty easy, too. All you have to do is place it on your vehicle. Whenever you want to check where your vehicle went, you can check these pieces of information by plugging your GPS directly on your computer.

Real-time or Active GPS Top 15 Best Car GPS in 2020

This is a primary alternative to the passive kinds of trackers. They constantly relay data to the user’s phone or computer, allowing them to keep tabs on their vehicles all the time. Parents or guardians of new teen drivers can be at ease with this kind of tracker. They can get information about the whereabouts of their vehicles regularly. Whenever you deem necessary, you can see the information regarding your vehicle’s speed and location. Using this device is also easy. All you have to do is install it on your vehicle which often involves plugging the device on your car’s port. After that, you only need to subscribe to a service that regularly sends updates to your phone or computer.

Features of premium-quality car GPS

By now you already know that not all kinds and brands of GPS are created the same way. For your car, the GPS with the most user-friendly interface and up-to-date map is the best choice. If you don’t know which one to use, here are some features you need to seriously consider:


Here are the answers to the most commonly asked questions regarding car GPS.

How does a premium quality and accurate GPS work?Top 15 Best Car GPS in 2020

GPS stands for global positioning system and this is a network of more than 30 different satellites that orbit around the Earth at 12,500 miles in altitude. To know the location through a receiver, these satellites send different signals at light speed at regular intervals. This system was originally developed by the US military. Now, it’s available to virtually anyone that has a receiver and a clear sky view.

Regardless of your location on earth, you can be located by at least four different GPS satellites at a given time. Satellites then send signals to your receiver. The receiver then calculates your location with the use of a complex process known as trilateration. For as long as your receiver is able to access three satellites, your position can be easily determined. If you want a more accurate result, your GPS receiver should be able to access more satellites.

How can you install a GPS device and how can you make it work seamlessly?

Before you install your GPS device, make sure to check the accompanying user manual. This manual can be your reference in installing your device. However, if for some reason you can’t seem to locate your user manual, check these steps out:

  1. Take the GPS out of its box and place it on its holder.
  2. Mount your GPS inside your vehicle. Don’t mount it near your windshield since it might obstruct your view of the highway. The most ideal and safest place for your GPS is on your car’s dashboard or in the far left or center of the driver’s seat.
  3. Make sure to moisten the suction cup to keep the device steady on the mounting surface.Top 15 Best Car GPS in 2020
  4. Plug the power cord into your GPS. If you have a cigarette lighter in your vehicle, remove it before you plug the power cord.
  5. Move the extra power cord length to keep it from obstructing your view and movement.

Are GPS systems accurate?

Surprisingly, the vehicles’ GPS systems are accurate. In general, these devices are accurate within an average of three meters. However, there are high-end GPS devices that can pinpoint the precise location within inches, but this needs ideal conditions like receiver quality, design features, atmospheric conditions, and signal blockages. Proximity to large trees, waterways, bridges, and buildings can also affect the accuracy of the car’s GPS.

Top 12 Best Car GPS in 2022

ImageProduct NameKey FeaturesRating
1. Drivesmart 65 & Traffic by GarminEasy to use 6. 95” GPS navigato4.7

2. Drive 61LM by Garmin

Display size 5.36W x 2.83 H inch (13.6 x 7.2 cm)4.6
3. DriveSmart 61 LMT-S from Garmin Built in Wi Fi4.6
4. X4BT truck GPS from Xgody Bluetooth AV-IN4.5
5. 7-inch navigation system from Hieha 800 by 480 screen resolution4.5
6. 7-inch car GPS by NAVRUF 8GB RAM4.4
7. 9-inch portable car GPS by Highsound Lifetime warranty4.4
8. 9-inch Big Truck GPS by Cestovet Professional truck customization4.4
9. Drive 51 LM USA by Garmin Display resolution:480 x 272 pixels 4.3
10. 7-inch G500 touch screen car GPS by Lttrbx 58 languages4.3
11. 9-inch satellite navigation for cars by Junsun Intelligent Navigation 2D/3DMaps4.2
12. 7-inch satellite navigation for cars by Junsun Flash up photorealistic4.1

1. Drivesmart 65 & Traffic by Garmin

If you’re looking for a 6.95-inch GPS device that’s equipped with high-end features like voice-activated navigationDrivesmart 65 & Traffic by Garmin systems, TripAdvisor reviews, drive alerts, and turn-by-turn directions, then Garmin’s Drivesmart 65 is for you. To learn more about this product, check out the more thorough discussion below.

Design, Materials, and Size

This one pound GPS is very portable. If you have to switch cars, you can simply carry and reinstall this device with you. It also looks like a wide-screen phablet that’s very handy. The wider screen makes navigation and checking routes easy. It neither looks too big or too small for navigation and use. It also comes in black color, easily making the device a smart, chic addition to your cool car.

Operational Functionality

It may only be 6.95 inches but one thing’s sure — this device will never run out of smart features. It has an edge-to-edge screen display, allowing the user to carefully and clearly view the prompts and screen displays. Its navigator system also includes a detailed map of North America. The said map can also be updated anytime. The on-screen menus are both simple and bright, making it easy to see the terrains and 3-D buildings. On top of this, this device also comes with a Garmin Traffic system that’s ready for use right out the box. You won’t be needing a smartphone to access this function.

Its voice-activated feature along with its seamless pairing capacity makes the device easy to pair with a GPS-enabled and compatible smartphone. With this, you can do hands-free calling. You can also access a live traffic report through Garmin’s Drive App. If you want to retrieve your road-trip history, you can easily do so with this device. Plus, it also houses a history of noteworthy historic sites. You’ll always be road-trip-ready with this feature. If you need to access some software updates or the built-in map, don’t worry since this device comes with built-in Wi-Fi connectivity.

Durability and Warranty

The hard shell of the device is made from high-quality metals and aluminum alloy. This is the same material used to make the body of smartphones. For as long as you don’t expose the device to extreme heat and extreme cold, it will work perfectly fine and can last a long time. In terms of warranty, this device, just like most Garmin products, comes with a standard one-year product warranty.


2. Drive 61LM by Garmin

If you’re looking for something smaller than Garmin’s Drivesmart 65 & Traffic car GPS model, then this 6-inch Drive 61LM by Garminentry-level GPS navigator should be on your list. To learn more about this device, check the details below.

Design, Materials, and Size

This compact device may be smaller than other Garmin car GPS but it’s never short in style. Just like its contemporaries, this device is made from hard but lightweight aluminum alloy. This makes the device sturdy and flexible. This is one of Garmin’s mid-size GPS, striking a balance between its smaller 5-inch and its larger 7-inch automotive GPS. The screen size is very similar to an ordinary smartphone. It’s neither too large nor too small to be used as a navigation guide.

Operational functionality

This device is an easy-to-use GPS navigator that comes with a bright 5-inch dual-orientation visual display. It also comes with a preloaded lifetime Canada or US map. It also has drive alerts for animal crossings, railroad crossings, speed cameras, speed changes, and dangerous curves. This device is also ideal for people who love to travel in their car. Drive 60 LM also features TripAdvisor ratings for different points of interest like tourist attractions, restaurants, and hotels. It also comes along with a feature known as Real Directions that’s responsible for providing guides like traffic lights, buildings, and recognizable landmarks.

With this device, you can also set-up your route and fully customize your escapades. Setting up the GPS is easy breezy. Just set the scenery, distance, or time. You can even direct your GPS to offer routes that will get you to your destination the fastest way you can. To minimize your mileage, you can also program it to only travel within the city. With this function, you can discover less-traveled roads and routes.

Durability and Warranty

One thing that can prove the durability of Garmin’s GPS navigators is the feedback from their customers. Most of their customers commend the brand and device for being superior in all levels, including device durability. The device doesn’t get easily washed out even if exposed in sunlight. Garmin also offers a one-year product warranty for this device.


3. DriveSmart 61 LMT-S from Garmin

This device is not only easy to use but is also loaded with all the essential features. Check its features below.DriveSmart 61 LMT-S from Garmin

Design, Materials, and Size

Though DriveSmart 61 LMT-S is a bit pricey compared to other GPS models, Garmin can fully justify its cost. It has a wide array of smart features, intuitive menus, and advanced traffic assistance capability. It’s not only pleasant to look at, but is packed with a variety of customizable settings. It also has a modern, sleek design and a highly intuitive interface. The device’s HD capacitive touchscreen is seamless to use and interact with. Whether you’re using your device for daily commute or annual cross-country tours, your travel will definitely be a cinch.

Operational functionality

If the other Garmin GPS on the list comes with preloaded US or Canada maps, this one has preloaded maps of other countries in North America.It also has a MicroSD slot for bigger storage. You can load maps of different countries on it. The brand also provides free updates of its built-in maps, along with traffic alerts for the device. All these will make sure that you’ll be driving using the latest and updated information. When it comes to GPS directions, this device is equipped with a spoken turn-by-turn direction using landmarks like traffic lights, buildings, historical sites, and more. With this, you won’t have to worry as to whether or not you made the right turn.

This device also comes with a plethora of safety features to keep the driver’s hands on the steering wheel and his eyes focused on the road. With such a feature as voice-activated navigation, you can enter destinations saved in your address book, while also viewing app alerts, making or receiving calls, or sending text messages hands-free. It also has a speed limit indicator to let you know your current driving speed vis-a-vis the allowed speed limit.

The device’s built-in alert systems keep you informed about traffic delays, sharp turns, school zones, and other traffic-related matters. If you’ve been driving for a while, your Garmin GPS can also remind you to take a break with its fatigue warning.

Using and testing this GPS, according to users and vehicle accessory enthusiasts, is a pleasure. In fact, this device got the highest score when it comes to ease of use. You can set it up and install it easily in your car.

Durability and Warranty

This device exceeds every user’s expectations when it comes to functionality that its durability is just a bonus. There have been tests conducted to show how durable this device is. One of these tests checked whether the device is still highly-intuitive and functional after several years and thousands of mileage. The said test found out that regardless of mileage and years of usage, this device still works like brand new. This explains why vehicle users prefer to use this GPS for their cars. And when it comes to warranty, just like other GPS from Garmin, this device comes with a one-year product warranty commencing from the date of actual purchase.


4. X4BT truck GPS from Xgody

If you want a GPS with a wider screen, then this 9-inch high-sensitive GPS receiver from Xgody might just suit X4BT truck GPS from Xgodyyour fancy. To learn more about this device, check these out.

Design, Materials, and Size

The user interface of this 9-inch Xgody GPS is pretty much like a Windows 10 computer. The apps are presented in tiles of different shapes and colors. When mounted on vehicles, it looks like a tablet computer, with bigger letters and numbers for improved navigation. It weighs heavier at 2 pounds, which can be completely justified by its bigger size. The specific measurement of this device is 10.3 x 6.2 x 3.2 inches.

Operational functionality

The bigger screen of this device is perfect for trucks and other bigger vehicles. The said screen comes with an 800×480 resolution, giving the user a better visual navigation experience. The device also supports customization of its features to achieve a better, shorter route. All you have to do is input your vehicle’s width, height, length, and width. The device can help you avoid roads that have a certain weight, height, or width restrictions.

Its built-in Bluetooth connectivity also allows you to make hands-free calls. You can also connect your device to your rearview camera. It comes with more than 10 million points of interest like hotels, restaurants, malls, and gas stations. Local information is definitely at your fingertips. Its built-in maps include maps of the US, Mexico, Costa Rica, Colombia, Chile, Canada, Brazil, and Argentina. Updates for these maps are also available for free. Lastly, this device also comes with a real voice navigation feature. It doesn’t matter if you want a real man or woman to voice, your Xgody GPS got you covered. And lastly, just like Garmin’s DriveSmart 61 LMT-S, it also comes with a fatigue alert system that notifies the driver to take a rest in the middle of long drives.

Durability and Warranty

The durability of this device is beyond question. This is specifically designed for long drives. And even if it’s completely exposed to the scorching heat of the sun or to colder weather, the device functions as usual. The manufacturer is generous enough to offer a lifetime warranty for this device, along with a 90-day money-back guarantee.


5. 7-inch navigation system from Hieha

If you’re shopping for a high-definition 7-inch GPS navigation system, Hieha might have something in store for 7-inch navigation system from Hiehayou. To get to know about this device, check below.

Design, Materials, and Size

In terms of aesthetics, Hieha’s 7-inch GPS will never lag behind. Instead of aiming for that regular, plain-looking rectangular-shaped device, they added a leather-like accent around the screen to make the GPS look more posh and chic. Its thickness is just enough to make you grasp the device firmly with either of your hands. It only weighs 1.3 pounds so you won’t have a hard time bringing it with you every time you switch vehicles. With its 7-inches screen, its full product dimension is 8.5 x 6 x 3 inches.

Operational functionality

Like other GPS on this list, this particular device also comes with preloaded maps of Mexico, Canada, and North and South America. If you want to update your maps, you only need to give the manufacturer a call or send them a message for your free update. It also comes with HD features that include an 800 by 480 screen resolution, Wince, MediaTek2531 CPU, 256MB RAM, 8GB built-in ROM, and an upgradeable up to 32GB SD card slot for apps and updates.

Its universal GPS navigation system also comes with various functions. If you want a 2D or 3D map, they got you covered. Both options also come with voice broadcast speed. Its accompanying FM transmitter also allows music and navigation voice to be directly sent to the speakers of the vehicle, providing voice broadcasts that are not only real but are also available in 10 different languages. When it comes to vehicle modes, this device supports seven different modes and these include Lorry, Taxi, Bus, Emergency, Bicycle, Pedestrian, and Car. With these, this GPS device is ideal for Cabriolet, motorhome, jeep, commercial truck, and semi-truck.

Just like the previous GPS in the list, this device also allows you to customize a more accessible, better route for your trip depending on your car’s speed, weight, height, width, and length. This customization feature allows you to avoid roads with weight, height, and width restrictions. This device has a maximum height, width, and length input of 99.99 feet.

Durability and Warranty

Checking a GPS’ durability depends largely on how long it will remain operational despite daily, regular use. Since this device is not subjected to intense pressure like allowing it to be exposed to extreme weather conditions or tough hand use, you can measure its durability with its lifespan under normal conditions. In that case, most users have been using their Hieha GPS for many years and they all said the device remained as functional as the first they brought it out for use.


6. 7-inch car GPS by NAVRUF

If you want a car GPS that comes in a complete package with a sunshade, back bracket mount, and car charger, 7-inch car GPS by NAVRUFthen check this another gem from Navruf that we’ve discovered.

Design, Materials, and Size

The sunshade and the back bracket made this device look like a 100% legit car GPS. Even if you place the device on your dashboard on a hot, sunny day, you can still clearly see the 7-inch screen. The shade takes care of any obstruction from your line of vision. Plus, the bracket allows the device to tilt in the direction that favors better visualization. The main body of the GPS looks like an oversized phablet with a larger screen. It’s neither too thick nor too thin for the user to hold it firmly. Surprisingly, despite its bigger size and additional accessories, all-in-all, this device only weighs 1.25 pounds, with a dimension of 8.5 x 5.5 x 4.3 inches.

Operational functionality

The main selling of this device is its highly-intuitive 7-inch screen that reacts without delay. It has an 8GB RAM and 256MB ROM for map storage. So if ever you decide to go on an inter-continent trip, you won’t have a hard time uploading new maps. It also comes with a multi-language direction guide with features like pictures, audio, video, and friends. And if you’ve been taking long drives without pause or resting, your GPS can also send a fatigue warning to remind you to take some rest. The same warning is given when there are speed cameras, red light, school zones, speed changes, and sharp curves nearby.

Its real voice broadcast is also in 41 different languages, 12 GPS channels, a 3D and 2D map view, and postcode, POI, and address search. Above all these, it also supports a 7 mode system for taxis, buses, emergencies, bicycles, pedestrians, trucks, and cars. If you want your maps to be updated, the manufacturer also supports a lifetime free map update.

Durability and Warranty

As mentioned above, this device comes with a sunshade and a back bracket. The former prevents the sun from directly shining on the screen, while the latter keeps it from unnecessary tilting and moving. With these two accessories, the device has a better shelf life. It will neither be exposed to extreme weather conditions nor will it experience any risk of falling, hence, extending its lifespan.


7. 9-inch portable car GPS by Highsound

For drivers who prefer a wider GPS screen, this 9-inch device from Highsound is best for you. Learn more about 9-inch portable car GPS by Highsoundthis device as you proceed.
Design, Materials, and Size
You can pretty much expect that this device weighs heavier than its contemporaries because of its sheer weight. At 9-inch, this Highsound device weighs 2.4 pounds and has a measurement of 10.6 x 6.8 x 3.2 inches. And just like the previous item we’ve reviewed, this device comes with a back bracket and a car charger. With the former, you can securely position your device on your dashboard. Plus, if you’re on a road trip, you don’t have to worry if it runs out of power. It looks like your standard tablet with a slightly bulging back.

Operational functionality

Despite its huge size, this 9-inch device surprisingly responds fast and without delay. If you need to store more maps, you can just fill your 8GB ROM. Users of this device said that it’s user-friendly. Aside from a wider, cleaner screen, its voice prompts and alerts are also loud and clear enough to hear. Just like other GPS that we reviewed, it supports important features like route customization. Meaning, your GPS can help you locate better routes based on your vehicle’s weight, length, height, and width. This is perfect for larger vehicles since they will no longer waste time traversing a road with numerous weight and size restrictions. Any user can also take advantage of the company’s lifetime free map updates. This will make sure that you’re driving with an updated and accurate map.

Durability and Warranty

No question about the durability of this item as its thick aluminum alloy body made it sturdy for regular, daily use. The fact that it comes with a bracket makes it extra durable,too. It means you’ll never have to frequently move it around. The lesser the movement, the less susceptible your device is to premature wearing and tearing. The manufacturer is also generous enough to offer both a 90-day money-back guarantee and a lifetime product warranty to any buyer.


8. 9-inch Big Truck GPS by Cestovet

Another 9-inch GPS in our top-notch car GPS list is from Cestovet. To get to know more about what this device 9-inch Big Truck GPS by Cestovetcan offer, check the discussion below.

Design, Materials, and Size

Simple, chic, and classic. These are the three adjectives you can use to describe how this device looks like at a glance. If you add its 9-inch size to the equation, you get a GPS that’s dominating and stylish at the same time. Its 2.35-pound weight is justified by its wider screen size. All in all, it has a complete product dimension of 10.7 x 6.6 x 3.4 inches, a little smaller than a standard netbook. Compared to other 9-inch GPS on this list, this one has a slimmer back, making it look like a thin phablet. The face is also as simple as its logo. It has a clean design, with the logo on the lower, center side of the device.

Operational functionality

Let’s start talking about its bigger, wider screen. Cestovet made a huge mark in the car GPS industry because of its highly-intuitive capacitive HD touch screen. No need for stylus pens to navigate your device. The color of the screen is also more natural and more comfortable to the eyes. The device also rarely lags because of its 8GB ROM and 256MB RAM. Your apps will quickly run while you also get more space to save free map updates. While you’re navigating the road, your GPS won’t suffer from lagging or buffering, too.

Aside from its built-in professional truck customization feature, this device also comes with an intelligent speed camera alert, route planning, sound warning, and estimated arrival alert system. You can also choose which map view mode is comfortable for you — 2D or 3D mode. And if you’re navigating an unknown territory, you can simply input the address or postcode. Your car will take you there with the help of your GPS. Plus, this device is also capacitated to conduct POI searches. So, whether you’re looking for the nearest mall, restaurant, or historical site, you’ll find your way effortlessly.

And if you’re tired of the current voice that’s been providing you with turn by turn voice navigation, you can change it. For this week, you may want to use the voice of a real man, then next week, you can change it to the voice of a woman. Either way, you’ll hear real human voices giving you directions. You also don’t have to spend too much time staring at the screen for directions, thus, enabling you to drive safer. Just like other GPS on this list, this particular device also comes with different essential alerts for speed cameras, dangerous areas, city entry points, accident zones, railway crossings, red-light cameras, and more.

Upon purchase, you get a device with updated maps of the US, Mexico, and Canada. And if you want updated maps of European countries, you can just send the manufacturer a request. They offer a lifetime free update for these maps. You can’t also question this device’s accuracy as it’s powered by an accurate satellite navigation system.

Durability and Warranty

Different users and GPS aficionados put this device to an endurance test and the same test revealed that this device is built to last for a long time. Even hundreds and thousands of mileage, the device functioned perfectly just like when it was first installed. And if indeed your device will malfunction due to unforeseen circumstances (except intentional damage), the manufacturer offers a 30-day money-back guarantee and a one-year warranty for the product.


9. Drive 51 LM USA by Garmin

Garmin has the most number of car GPS models included in this list and this is because this brand gets very Drive 51 LM USA by Garmincompetitive with every GPS model they release. To know more about this specific model, see below.

Design, Materials, and Size

This specific model looks exactly like Cestovet’s 9-inch big truck GPS. The only differences are the silver lining surrounding the screen and the size of the Garmin model. The latter only has a 5-inch screen. This is also, by far, the smallest Garmin GPS included in this list. Nevertheless, despite its small size, it was never short in class, functionality, and style. It’s also perfectly handy with its 14.4 ounces weight and 0.8 x 5.5 x 3.3 inches product dimension.

Operational functionality

Just like other Garmin GPS, this model is easy to use and is preloaded with all US maps. Plus, if you need to update your maps, the manufacturer offers a lifetime free update benefit. It also features driver alerts for animal crossings, railroad crossings, speed cameras, speed changes, and dangerous curves. Plus, if you’re looking for TripAdvisor ratings for a specific destination, Garmin GPS can give you that. And just like its bigger versions, it also comes with real direction guides like traffic lights, buildings, and any recognizable landmarks.

Durability and Warranty

Just like the other Garmin models, one thing that can prove the durability of Garmin’s GPS navigators is the feedback from their customers. Most of their customers commend the brand and device for being superior in all levels, including device durability. The device doesn’t get easily washed out even if exposed in sunlight. The manufacturer also offers a one-year product warranty for this device.


10. 7-inch G500 touch screen car GPS by Lttrbx

If you’re shopping for a car GPS that has a sensitive and clear LCD touchscreen with 500cd brightness, then this7-inch G500 touch screen car GPS by Lttrbx 7-inch car GPS from Lttrbx is for you. Check out more of its salient features below.

Design, Materials, and Size

When it comes to appearance, this device can be likened to a palm pilot, only with a highly upgraded look and feature. At 7-inch, this device is neither too big nor too small as a vehicle navigator. And consider its size, you can say that it’s incredibly lightweight at 1.25 pounds. It also has a total dimension of 4 x 3 x 2 inches.

Operational functionality

What’s great about this device is it comes with a pre-installed map for more than 101 regions. It also supports 58 different languages and a lifetime free update of its built-in maps. Its 7-inch highly sensitive and ultra-clear LCD touchscreen is made of high-quality tempered glass and state of the art sensors that will ensure high brightness and full viewing angle. Even if you view your screen under the scorching and blinding heat of the sun, you can see the screen clearly. Its car navigation feature also illustrates a clear and highly visible road map display. And when it comes to complex intersections, the device will also show you enlarged maps, along with speed limit reminders and smart voice announcements. It can also offer you voice notifications for red lights, high-speed cameras, school districts, stores, and gas stations.

And if you want help in navigation through voice prompts, this device also offers turn-by-turn voice navigation in multi-language versions. On top of that, it also offers real-time prompt safety navigation, comprehensive voice prompts, and smart error correction. If you take the wrong route, the device will automatically generate better routes to make your trip safer, faster, and more accurate.

Durability and Warranty

Since this device also comes with a back bracket, you can securely position your GPS on your vehicle’s dashboard. And in that stable position, the only time that you have to move it is when you unmount it to be installed in a different vehicle. Since you limit its movements, you will lessen the risk of it falling down or getting broken. With that simple trick, you can effortlessly lengthen the lifespan of your device. And aside from that, the device is also made of state-of-the-art alloys so you can say that it can also resist normal wear and tear longer than other brands. In terms of warranty, the seller only offers a one-year limited warranty for this product.


11. 9-inch satellite navigation for cars by Junsun

If you’re looking for a highly accurate navigation system with a wider screen, then Junsun’s 9-inch car GPS might 9-inch satellite navigation for cars by Junsuntickle your fancy. Get to know this gem in the description below.

Design, Materials, and Size

One look at this device and you’d rather think that it’s a mini smart TV wearing a funny sun visor. The sunshade is so functional that it offers a shield for the device while also allowing the user to view the screen better. So, even if you’re driving under the heat of the sun, your view of the navigation screen won’t be obstructed. Since it’s 9-inch, you can expect its weight to double compared to its 5 and 7-inch counterparts. Similar to most 9-inch models on this list, this Junsun device weighs 2.7 pounds and has an overall dimension of 11 x 7.2 x 4.2 inches.

Operational functionality

It has the standard features of a typical car GPS, but it’s commendable in the number of languages it supports. Its maps are available in over 30 languages. It also has an 8GB ROM and 32GB SD card capacity. With its 2D and 3D map options, you can expect the device to flash up realistic views of the junctions you navigate. When it comes to its built-in GPS functions, this device supports four different route options like easy, short, green, and fast. It is also capable of providing accurate time arrival estimates.

When it comes to vehicle modes, this device supports seven distinct modes including taxis, bus, emergency, bicycle, pedestrian, truck, and car. You will also be properly notified once you enter or exit any junction. And just like the GPS for trucks, this device also provides better routing options according to your vehicle’s weight, height, length, and width.

Durability and Warranty

One of its features that contributed greatly to its durability is the presence of the built-in sunshade. You see, the visuals of the GPS can easily fade because of direct exposure to the sun. However, if you have a sunshade in place, you protect the device’s surface while also protecting the user’s vision. Aside from that, this device also comes with a back bracket. With this, its movement is limited, thus, eliminating risks of falling and breaking. In terms of warranty, the company offers a one-year warranty for the product.


12. 7-inch satellite navigation for cars by Junsun

If the 9-inch car GPS model from Junsun is too big for you, you might want to consider this smaller version at 7-inch satellite navigation for cars by Junsun7-inch.

Design, Materials, and Size

If the larger 9-inch Junsun car GPS comes with a sturdy back bracket, this smaller variation comes with a heavy-duty suction cup. With this, instead of placing your GPS on your dashboard, you can position in at the center of your windshield. At 7-inches, this device only weighs 1.71 pounds, with a total dimension of 8.8 x 5.4 x 3.6 inches.

Operational functionality

Surprisingly, the features of the 9-inch Junsun GPS is pretty much the same with the 7-inch variation. So, if you want to get to know the salient features of this product, you can read back and refer to item number 11 on this list. The only difference between both products is their size.

Durability and Warranty

The 7-inch model is just as durable as the 9-inch one. Though it only comes with a suction cup, the body of the device is made from premium-quality alloy that can withstand heat, coldness, and motion. In terms of warranty, the company also offers a one-year warranty for this product just like its 9-inch counterpart.