Top 15 Best Car Battery Chargers in 2020

Top 15 Best Car Battery Chargers – Complete Guide & Reviews 2022

Owning a motor vehicle means dealing with several malfunctioning parts and visiting auto servicing shops numerous times during its lifetime. One component that no car owner wants to deal with is the battery, simply because it’s both inconvenient and expensive to replace it. A car battery charger is a handy tool to recharge the battery when the latter drains out for some reason.

Car batteries cannot sustain themselves. They receive charges from either alternator (in modern cars) or dynamo (in older cars), which is a type of generator. When this generator fails, the battery will be dead after a while and can leave you stranded in the middle of nowhere. A charger can get the vehicle up and running again in a moment.

A charger delivers a small amount of charge over a period of time, helping the battery to maintain the minimum required voltage and amperage. It does not supply a huge amp surge to the starter motor, not allowing to jump start the vehicle. But some chargers have the jumper option so you can deal with a dead battery.

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Types of Car Battery ChargerTop 15 Best Car Battery Chargers in 2020

All car battery chargers do one thing—supplying electrical charge to the car battery. But some units may have more specialized functions, leading to a different category. Here are a few different types, according to their functions:

1# Maintainer

As the name shows, this charging unit not only recharges a battery but also does some cell maintenance. It falls in the middle ground between a charger and a jump starter as it cannot recharge a dead battery or has enough power to restore the cells to their former condition.

It can keep a battery alive only when the latter has some juice left in it. There is no universal maintainer model. You have to choose a model according to the car battery type.

2# Charger

It refers to the standard battery chargers and comes with various types of amperage and voltage ratings. There are chargers for all types of motor vehicle batteries.

3# Restorer

The least common type of all variations because its charging function is only an add-on. Its main function is breaking down sludge and dirt buildups inside the cells to restore a battery’s normal function, which is holding electric charge.Top 15 Best Car Battery Chargers in 2020

You don’t need this expensive type unless you own a fleet of motor vehicles or have plenty of car batteries to use for some other purposes.

4# Automatic vs. Manual

You can also divide the chargers based on this criterion. Autonomic ones are the most convenient as they automatically stop supplying charge to the battery when the charge is full. Overcharging affects battery life so they increase the battery life. On the other hand, you need to switch mode manually in a manual charger when the recharging is done.

It’s also possible to divide the chargers by their power rating, which refers to voltage and amperage. You should check both these ratings to see whether a charger is compatible with your vehicle’s battery. A standard battery is 12V, but there are chargers that can recharge anything from 6V to 48V. So, you will find a charger for every vehicle type—from a go-kart to an industrial truck.

Similarly, chargers have various amperage rating, which determines how quickly the charger can charge the battery. Every battery has a maximum amperage rating and charging it at beyond that rating can damage the battery or the charger.

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Preferred Safety Features in Car Battery Chargers

Using a car battery charger means you are handling the battery on a motor vehicle, and this task demands employing some safety measures. Overcharging a battery could cause irreparable damage and even accidents.

Overcharging triggers extreme gassing, overheating the electrolytes and leading to the production of both oxygen Top 15 Best Car Battery Chargers in 2020and hydrogen. These gases ruin the plates in older vented batteries. The gas buildup could even burst sealed batteries. Another safety hazard is the harmful chemical elements in the batteries.

So, car battery chargers should have some safety features to minimize the risk of accidents.

Auto shut off: This feature prevents overcharging and overheating the battery through automatic detection of amp and volt.

Spark-resistant clamps: A spark from the car battery could be devastating. It can ruin the engine and lead to dangerous fires. So, a charger should resist sparks to safeguard the battery.

Reverse polarity: Connecting the charger to the wrong battery terminals may ruin both units. If the charger has the reverse polarity feature, you can interchange the terminal connections without causing any harm.

In addition, some other safety measures that should be in high-quality battery chargers are battery diagnostic, jump start, trick charging, enough jumper cable length, and maintenance mode.

Characteristics of High-Quality Car Battery Chargers

Want to purchase a car battery charger? The best way is to learn about the features to look for. Of course, you would prefer a high-performance charger that also takes care of the battery health. Can any charger do these things? You can say so if it has one or multiple of these qualities:

Size & PowerTop 15 Best Car Battery Chargers in 2020

A charger should come in a size convenient for moving from one place to another. Once upon a time, the charger was as large as the battery itself, which is not practical. You cannot keep it on hand everywhere you go.

Thanks to the advanced technology these days, the size has been greatly scaled down. Some models fit right onto your palm and you can stash others in a small bag or the car’s glove box.

However, a large number of units are not that small but they should be compact so you can move them easily from one place to another. You should not trade off performance and features for size, but small-scale, light units are convenient to carry around and use. These smaller units can charge various electronics such as cellphones, laptops, and more.

The next thing to focus is the power, which refers to the amperage and voltage ratings. Amp refers to the total electrical load the charger can handle or pass through it without causing any damage. A high amp rating means the charger can transmit a high amount of current through it, resulting in faster charging. However, quicker charging can be harmful too in some cases as it can warp the battery plates.

When a car battery has 40-amp hours rating, it will take a 10-amp charger around 5 hours to top it up, given the battery is completely dead. A charger can range from 6 amps to 20 amps. On the other hand, volt refers to the electric strength of the charger.

Having higher amp and volt ratings mean a charger can hold a high electrical load and don’t take much time to recharge a battery. However, more volts and amps increase the price. A high-quality charger is supposed to have settings for automatically selecting the correct rate of charging a battery.Top 15 Best Car Battery Chargers in 2020

Performance & Other Features

Like all high-quality electronics and tools, a good charger should be user-friendly. It’s not about having plenty of features, but only those ones that are practical and useful. For example, indicators for performance levels or USB slots for charging devices other than an automobile battery are nice add-ons.

A good charger is likely to have small LED lights for indicating various functions such as battery power, reverse polarity to avoid connecting to the wrong terminals, full-charged state of the battery, and more.

Different charge phases are a handy feature for car battery chargers. A charger with this option provides better performance. These chargers can decode a battery’s electrical signals to figure out its actual charging state. They will then adjust the settings to ensure the most efficient way of recharging. Another useful option is detecting the battery’s charged state and cut the power supply to prevent overcharging.

Water and dust can do substantial damage to a battery charger. Some units are designed to withstand these elements. You have to check for the IP rating of the charger, and different ratings indicate different levels of protection.

In addition, a battery charger can have various types of safety features, including float mode, clamp amp, spark-proof clamps, battery tester, reverse polarity alarm, and more. These functions not only protect the car battery but also the user.

FAQs about Car Battery ChargersTop 15 Best Car Battery Chargers in 2020

Is it harmful to keep a charger attached to the battery for an extended period?

Yes, it increases the chance of damaging the battery. If you often forget to disconnect, buy a smart charger that cuts power supply automatically when the battery is full and resumes when the battery needs a top-up.

Can you leave a battery charger plugged in?

Yes. A charger draws power from the car’s cigarette lighter outlet. You can leave it plugged when using a low-amp charge.

What is the ideal charging frequency?

Regular driving does not require additional charging. But if the car sits for a long period, like for weeks or months, it may need to be recharged from an external source. If you are going to leave the car idle for a year or 6 months, use a charger at least once in a month.

Can a dead car battery be recharged?

Yes, but not all chargers can provide this service. Sometimes, you may need to jump start the battery to make it run again for receiving charge. A few charging units have this jump start function. But the battery won’t respond if it has a dead cell.

If you don’t have the time to do online research, don’t worry. We’ve done that for you! Here’s a list of 15 simple and efficient car battery chargers. Check all the products because they have different functions, features, and prices.

Top 15 Best Car Battery Chargers in 2022

ImageProduct NameKey FeaturesRating
1. Schumacher SC1309 6/12V Wheeled Automatic Battery Charger Color-coded clams4.7

2. Clore Automotive Jump-N-Carry JNC660 Jump Starter

Automatic charging facility4.6
3. DEWALT DXAEJ14 Digital Portable Power Station Jump Starter Built-in USB port4.6
4. NOCO GENIUS10 10-Amp Fully-Automatic Smart Charger Restores battery life4.5
5. Schumacher SC1281 6/12V Fully Automatic Battery Charger Reverse hook-up protection4.5
6. DEWALT DXAEC80 30 Amp Bench Battery Charger Charges two batteries at once4.4
7. NOCO Boost Plus GB40 Car Battery Jump Starter Pack 20 jump starts on a single charge4.4
8. Optima Digital 400 12V Performance Maintainer and Battery Charger 6 automatic charging modes4.4
9. Halo Bolt Portable Car Jump Starter One AC port4.3
10. NOCO GENIUS5 5-Amp Fully-Automatic Smart Charger Temperature detecting sensor4.3
11. DieHard 71326 6/12V Gold Shelf Smart Battery Charger LED indicators and digital display4.2
12. Clore Automotive PRO-LOGIX PL2320 6/12V Battery Charger Fully automatic operation4.1
13. GOOLOO GP37-Plus 800A Peak 18000mAh SuperSafe Car Jump Starter Plenty of safety features4.1
14. TACKLIFE T8 800A Peak 18000mAh Car Jump Starter Quick-charge USB ports4.0
15. STANLEY BC15BS Fully Automatic 15 Amp 12V Bench Battery Charger Alternator testing3.9

1. Schumacher SC1309 6/12V Wheeled Automatic Battery Charger

Looking for a reliable charger for your truck or big SUV? Schumacher SC1309 could be the right choice. The Schumacher SC1309 6/12V Wheeled Automatic Battery Chargerhighly powerful unit is easily maneuverable and the compact design helps with convenient storing. Featuring a completely automatic operation, the charger will charge AGM, gel, and deep-cycle batteries and take excellent care of them.

Size & Power

For a 200A charging unit, less than 14 pounds of weight seems just right. Two small rear wheels and a metal carry handle allow you to maneuver it like a suitcase. Slightly bigger wheels would be better for maneuvering on rough surfaces. The handle retracts for easy storage.

This well-built unit has a hard plastic casing with a touchscreen control display on the top side. Designed to tackle a high amount of charging needs, SC1309 provides 200 amps for engine start and 40 amps for a boost. It’s great for jump starting a vehicle and recharging the batteries of trucks, SUVs, and other large vehicles.

Just like any modern electronic devices, Schumacher SC1309 is energy efficient, meeting the highest industry standards with Schu Eco Energy feature.

Performance & Other Features

SC1309 is a multifunctional charging unit, which jump starts a car, charges a dead battery, and recharge a car battery that needs some juice. For a dead battery, you have to bring it up to around 5 volts by using the trickle/low charge option. Then, you can recharge it by using regular functions.

This is a user-friendly charger that gives accurate readings on the digital display. There are LED indicators and buttons for controlling various functions. Besides recharging batteries of all sizes, you can use this fully automatic unit for maintaining small batteries. The float-mode monitoring maintains the maximum charge of the battery.

The microprocessor-controlled technology allows for multi-stage charging and automatic amp adjustment, which creates a safer environment, extends battery life, and performs the charging task with more precision.

Its safety features include voltage detection for 6 to 12 volts batteries, testing the charge level of battery and alternator, and reverse hook-up protection. There will be no battery or charger damage even if you hook up to the wrong terminals. The color-coded clamps and 8-gauge cable work fine in cold weather too. But the short main cord is a problem, and you may need to use an extension.


  • Good for larger vehicles
  • Can recharge a dead battery
  • Provides 200A for jump starting
  • Color-coded clams
  • Several safety features
  • Automatic functions
  • LCD display


  • Small wheels
  • Short main cord

2. Clore Automotive Jump-N-Carry JNC660 Jump Starter

The Clore Automotive The Jump-N-Carry JNC660 from Clore Automotive is a jump starter with incredible power. Clore Automotive Jump-N-Carry JNC660 Jump StarterHaving extensive cranking power and long service life, it caters to both professional and home users. Keeping all the features in mind, it’s safe to say that it will be a reassuring investment.

Size & Power

Despite being a compact 16 by 14 inches unit, the jump starter weighs 18 pounds. There’s a carry handle for easy carrying. The heavy-duty case is resistant to fluids and can withstand everyday use and abuse. Both 2 AWG cable leads and industrial-grade clamps are sturdy and can penetrate corroded battery terminals for establishing a stable electrical connection.

JNC660 can generate 1700 peak amps to jump start the battery of a large vehicle. Its 22Ah Performer battery is powerful enough to deliver a huge surge of power to bring life to a dead battery. It also has options to supply power to 12V electronics other than a car battery. For recharging its internal battery, connect an AC extension cord (not supplied) to the exposed three-pin AC port.

The charger features an AGM (absorbed glass mat) instead of a Li-Ion (lithium-ion) battery. It’s definitely a huge plus since Li-Ion batteries become inactive at around 20°F and it’s not always possible to maintain a higher temperature in cars in colder areas. But this unit needs to be stored at room temperature or 68ºF..

On the other hand, the temperature needs to get at 0°F for lead-acid batteries to become inactive. This difference is all you need in a temperate and cold climate where cold weather often kills Li-On batteries.

Performance & Other Features

JNC660’s primary function is to generate an extensive cranking power to jump start a vehicle. It’s useful in times of emergency since it can start a dead battery a couple of times on a single charge.

There is a built-in automatic charger for the onboard battery, so you can leave it plugged to have it fully charged up whenever you need to jump start the car. There is a button for activating the charge status gauge that shows whether the unit is still charging or fully charged.

The 46-inch cable gets around most vehicles and its hard-wearing leads and the industrial-grade Hot Jaw clamps can create a stable connection by bypassing the corrosion in battery terminals.

As the unit does not have any on/off switch, it’s practically always on. So, always store the clamps in the holsters on both sides. The clamps are insulated heavily but touching their tips will give electric shocks.


  • High cranking power
  • Heavy-duty cable and clamps
  • Automatic charging facility
  • Can recharge any 12V gadgets


  • No A/C extension cord supplied
  • No on/off switch

3. DEWALT DXAEJ14 Digital Portable Power Station Jump Starter

DeWalt’s DXAEJ14 is the ideal jump starter for a quick supply of energy boost to a dead battery. It makes sure DEWALT DXAEJ14 Digital Portable Power Station Jump Starterthat to get you on the road as soon as possible. It can be your reliable power supply unit everywhere—on the road, during a weekend vacation, or a camping adventure.

Size & Power

With a heavy-duty hard plastic case and a top carry handle, DXAEJ14 looks almost similar to Clore Automotive’s JNC660. however, it’s a little smaller with 11.8 by 13 inches dimensions but slightly heavier at 18.55 pounds. Still, the design is compact enough to carry around and easy storing.

With 700 instant amps at the start, it can supply up to 1,400 amps. In case if you need to recharge your laptop or dead cell phone, plug them into any of the two built-in USB slots.

An LCD display at the top shows the progress of the battery and amp rating. To the left side of the screen is a knob for jump starter on/off, and there are some control buttons right below the screen.

Performance & Other Features

JNC660 is a sturdy jump starter that packs some punch to move the dead battery in an SUV and other large vehicles. Adding to that durability and power are the powder-coated steel clamps that can establish a connection to rusty terminals.

The unit comes with a patented alternator testing function. Another handy feature is the 120 PSI digital compressor. This air pumping option, with a surfeit nozzle and an automatic ‘stop’ function, works great for air pumping a tire.

One downside of JNC660 is that it does not include the extension cord needed for charging.


  • Sturdy build
  • Impressive peak amps
  • Jump starts big vehicles
  • Works as an air pump
  • Built-in double USB ports


  • No charging extension cord
  • Heavy

4. NOCO GENIUS10 10-Amp Fully-Automatic Smart Charger

The NOCO Genius10 is similar to its predecessor G7200 but 17% smaller and 115% more powerful. This compact, NOCO GENIUS10 10-Amp Fully-Automatic Smart Chargersmall unit offers plenty of functions such as battery charging, maintenance, and trickle charging. Ideally, you can call it an all-in-one solution for your car’s battery problems.

Size & Power

Weighing almost 4 pounds and having the size of a tablet, you can easily carry Genius10 in a small travel bag or put in the glove box. Unlike the older versions, there are no mounting holes but a more flexible plastic mount with Velcro straps. You can mount it or store it somewhere convenient, as you want.

The unit is designed for 6 and 12 volts of lead-acid batteries, including Li-Ion, AGM, gel, and maintenance-free types. It works well when you wire it as one unit of two 6V chargers in series to make a 12V bank. Similarly, it will perform as a part of two 12V chargers wired parallel.

With high-quality xConnect connectors featuring alligator clips and wiring, Genius10 works with all types of vehicles and electronics, including SUVs, trucks, tractors, hot rods, lawnmowers, and more.

It comes with a manual, but it’s a small booklet with letters so tiny that you have to use a magnifying glass.

Performance & Other Features

Genius10 charges all types of batteries, but not the dead ones. It has to have at least 1V of charge for the charger to work. But there is a Force Charge Mode that can bypass the internal safety features and charge a dead battery. This mode runs for up to five minutes before the charger switches back to the standard mode.

There’s a ‘MODE’ button to select the battery type, functions, and volt ratings. But you cannot select anything before hooking up to the battery, which appears to be a design flaw.

Genius10 has a thermal sensor that spots ambient temperatures and changes the charging rate accordingly, avoiding under- and over-charging in cold and hot weather, respectively.

This unit is not only a charger but a maintainer too. It makes sure a battery gets a prolonged life and helps with restoring battery performance by detecting and repairing acid stratification and sulfation.


  • Small, portable size
  • Performs as a charger and maintainer
  • Thermal sensor prevents over- and under-charging
  • Restores battery life
  • Force Mode to charge dead batteries


  • Manual is unreadable
  • No MODE selection before hooking up

5. Schumacher SC1281 6/12V Fully Automatic Battery Charger

If your car battery gives up in the middle of nowhere, a portable charger such as the Schumacher SC1281 is what Schumacher SC1281 6/12V Fully Automatic Battery Chargeryou would like to have in hand. It brings your battery to life quickly, so you can hit the road in no time. This charging unit guarantees long-term service at a reasonable price.

Size & Power

At nearly 13 pounds, you can easily carry this 11 x 10 inches unit by grabbing the ergonomic top handle. There is a built-in bright red display for better visibility in low light conditions and under direct sunlight. The interface is simple, but it’s actually a sticker over the buttons and LEDs. So, it may de-laminate from the surface after a while.

Operating the SC1281 is quite easy though. You just have to click one big button for starting and stopping its function. It’s so easy that even a noob can use it.

The unit can recharge both 6V and 12V batteries. It works with any deep-cycle, gel, AGM, and standard batteries. Whether you drive an SUV or truck, this charger can take care of large batteries by providing 30A quick boost and 100A jump start.

Performance & Other Features

The charger will automatically detect whether it’s a 6V or 12V battery after connecting the clamps. Then, it supplies the electricity according to the capacity of the battery. Such an efficient charging method improves battery life.

This auto-voltage detection feature could be the difference between taking care and ruining a car battery. Applying the wrong voltage could lead to a dead battery. In addition, the multi-stage charging makes sure the battery gets the best care.

Innovative alternator testing function allows the unit to diagnose various electrical problems of a battery. Schumacher also focuses on safety by adding reverse hook-up protection. It won’t work if you connect the clamps to the wrong terminals. However, there is no alert system or light indicator to indicate the issue. You will need to figure it out by yourself and fix the clamps. Also, the clamps are a bit smaller than the standard size.


  • Compatible with all battery types
  • Can recharge large vehicle batteries
  • Battery alternator tester
  • Multi-stage charging
  • Reverse hook-up protection


  • No indicator for reversed clamp hook-up
  • Smaller clamps
  • Paper sticker interface

6. DEWALT DXAEC80 30 Amp Bench Battery Charger

DeWalt is a popular brand in the car battery charger business. It has various types of chargers in its inventory, but DEWALT DXAEC80 30 Amp Bench Battery Chargerthis DXAEC80 is a beginner-level unit compared to the brand’s more multi-functional devices. This is perfect if you want a device for covering basic charging needs.

Size & Power

The DXAEC80 is a great choice for a sturdy car battery charger that can perform all basic functions. With an 11.2 by 10 inches body, it weighs just 6.6 pounds. Two grooved slots on the sides allow you to carry it with both hands. The backside has two clamp holders that you can use for coiling the cables too.

The front side has a 120V AC outlet, a 3.1A USB port, and an LCD screen displaying battery and charging status. There are also six control buttons offering the functions of starting the engine, checking battery voltage, doing an alternator test, activating the USB function, battery reconditioning, and engaging the multi-bank option if you connect to more than one battery.

The 30-amp bench battery charger works with 12V WET automotive, GEL, AGM, and marine batteries. The multi-bank option allows for charging two 12V batteries, but you have to purchase extra cables. In addition, it works as an 80-amp engine starter and 2-amp maintainer.

DXAEC80 comes with a user manual, but the instructions are rather complex to understand.

Performance & Other Features

With the help of heavy-duty cables and clamps, this unit takes care of your car’s battery by delivering three-stage charging. It automatically shifts from fast charge to top-off and then trickle charge.

DeWalt does not compromise with user safety. So, DXAEC80 is equipped with powder-coated metal clamps and reverse polarity protection. Connecting to the wrong terminals will trigger the polarity alarm. There is a battery recondition feature that takes care of the battery and extends its lifespan.


  • Charges two batteries at once
  • Works as an engine starter and battery maintainer
  • Charges in three stages
  • Reverse hook-up protection


  • Need both hands to carry
  • Manual is not user friendly

7. NOCO Boost Plus GB40 Car Battery Jump Starter Pack

With plenty of battery chargers in the market, it’s hard to find the ideal one. However, if you are looking for a NOCO Boost Plus GB40 Car Battery Jump Starter Packsuper-portable, compact, yet powerful unit, this NOCO Boost Plus GB40 is perfect. This jump starter pack will solve all of your battery-related issues. At more than $100, the unit is a bit expensive.

Size & Power

With a 3.2 by 6.7 inches of body, this small jump starter fits anywhere—in the toolbox, glove compartment, or your palm. At 2.4 pounds, you won’t even feel that you are carrying anything.

A hard plastic casing keeps the interior mechanism protected. The front panel has an on/off switch and an LED indicator beside it to show if the device is on. There is also a battery charge indicator. The right side has one 12V outlet and the left side has one USB out and another USB in port. You can plug daily gadgets like phones, Bluetooth speakers, and others into the USB out port to recharge them.

With incredible 1,000A rating, this 12V UltraSafe Li-Ion jump starter outperforms many lead-acid battery charging units. Upon fully charged through a 12V car charger or a USB cable, it can perform around 20 jump starts.

It comes with a 1-year warranty and a user guide. However, the guide is a small booklet and the instructions are almost impossible to read due to the tiny fonts.

Performance & Other Features

This small unit works with cars, boats, motorcycles, lawnmowers, and anything that has a diesel (up to 3L) or gas-powered (up to 6L) engine.

NOCO makes sure that there is no accident at the time of using the GB40. So, it adds spark-proof technology to this unit to eliminate the risk of any potential accident. To protect the battery from wrong hook-ups, there is reverse polarity protection. The unit is also water- and scratch-resistant as its rubberized over-molded casing is rated at IP65.

A handy feature of GB40 is the 100-lumen dual LED flashlights and their brightness is adjustable to 7 modes, including SOS and Emergency Strobe.


  • Small, portable jump starter pack
  • 20 jump starts on a single charge
  • Bright dual flashlights
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Spark-proof technology


  • Small booklet is unreadable
  • A bit expensive

8. Optima Digital 400 12V Performance Maintainer and Battery Charger

The Optima Digital 400 is the pint-sized version of the brand’s digital charger. Despite having a small build, this Optima Digital 400 12V Performance Maintainer and Battery Chargerunit is packed with features and uses advanced technology to charge a battery and maintaining its health. Available at less than $100, it could be your on-the-go car battery charger.

Size & Power

At just 8.2 by 7.4 inches, this charger can fit on to your hand. It weighs only 1.6 pounds, so anyone can carry it. The front panel has a hybrid LED charging gauge with an LCD screen so you can monitor the charged status of the battery. It also has several indicators to show various functions such as if the device is connected to a battery, engine starting, LCD backlight, and more.

The 12V device works with various battery types including marine, motorcycle, and AGM. It both charges and maintains a battery. You can keep it hung on the wall with the organizer bracket that comes with it. There is also a dual-purpose hook and tilt stand if you want to store it that way.

Performance & Other Features

Digital 400 is simple to use. Put the clamps on battery terminals, plug the charger’s power cord into a 120V outlet, and select the battery type. After that, it will select the correct charging stage automatically.

With the help of a microprocessor and software, this device has 6 automatic modes of charging. The first stage involves an analysis of the battery’s charging state and determining the connection quality and the last stage is about a 30-day storage Recondition Mode. It’s needless to say that the charger takes the utmost care of your battery and charges with high efficiency.

Despite having 4 amps of maximum output, the unit can recover discharged batteries even when the charge falls to 1.25V. You can consider the limited power as a trade-off for the compact size and portability.

Safety features include reverse polarity protection and spark-free connection technology.


  • A compact, portable battery charger
  • Works as a charger and maintainer
  • 6 automatic charging modes
  • Built-in battery health mode
  • LCD screen and LED charging gauge


  • No USB port
  • Limited power

9. Halo Bolt Portable Car Jump Starter

A portable jump starter is the best thing that you can buy for your car’s battery. The Bolt jump starter from Halo is Halo Bolt Portable Car Jump Startera great option. It will appeal to younger people, especially due to its efficiency as a power bank.

Size & Power

With 7 by 3.7 inches of body and 2.4 pounds of weight, this unit is highly portable and a must-have for lengthy road trips. A beautiful red graphite cover (a few other options are available too) and no-frills interface allows the jump starter to display a fashion-forward style. However, handle the clamps carefully as the plastic cover and the springs can snap easily.

Bolt has a 58830Mwh battery to charge and jump start a car along with a series of power outlets to recharge our daily gadgets. It definitely stands out from usual power devices in the market. You will never have to deal again with a dead phone or a low car battery. It holds enough power to jump start a large car like an SUV 96 times and a standard vehicle 217 times.

The two USB ports have 12W standard charging speed, which is slower compared to a power bank at the same price. The 65W AC outlet is a nice touch, though, and you can use it for recharging a laptop. The unit itself receives charges through a DC input port.

Performance & Other Features

With a Bolt jump starter in your glove box, your phone, tablet, and car battery will never run out of charge during a long trip. Two USB ports mean you can plug in two devices at once.

The jump starting option is perfect for drivers who don’t want to wait for a tow truck when their vehicle’s battery gives up. However, it won’t jump start a completely dead battery; there has to be some juice left in it.

Bolt really stands out from other similar devices with a bunch of safety features. It provides protection from reverse current and polarity, over- and low-voltage, cable spark, timer circuit, and short circuit.

An additional handy feature is an emergency LED floodlight. It works a torchlight in the dark.


  • Beautiful design
  • Works as a jump starter and a power bank
  • Two USB ports
  • One AC port
  • Simple interface
  • One bright LED flood light


  • Clamps can break
  • Can’t regain a dead battery

10. NOCO GENIUS5 5-Amp Fully-Automatic Smart Charger

This NOCO Genius5 is a small smart charger that does the job of charging and taking care of a battery’s health. It’s NOCO GENIUS5 5-Amp Fully-Automatic Smart Chargermore than a simple trickle charger but doesn’t have the power or price tag of a full jump starter.

Size & Power

Compared to the same brand’s G3500, Genius5 is 1/3rd smaller but provides 65% more power, which is wonderful. At 4.6 by 8 inches dimension and only 1.96 pounds of weight, this could be your go-to battery charger. It comes with a mounting bracket and Velcro strap, so you can easily change the storage place.

It’s unbelievable that such a small unit delivers so many functions—charger, trickle charger, maintainer, and desulfator. It works with almost all battery types and is compatible with different types of vehicles and electronics.

The charger is made for delivering charge to 6V and 12V batteries. The front panel has a MODE button that you can use to select the type of battery you want to recharge. There is a 12V repair mode that automatically detects sulfation and acid stratification and then repairs this condition. It also has several indicators including a gauge for showing battery charge.

NOCO delivers a user guide with the product, but it’s so small that you will need a magnifying glass to read the instructions. You will get a 3-year limited warranty for the product.

Performance & Other Features

Most chargers either overcharge or undercharge the battery. NOCO solves this problem by adding a thermal sensor to Genius5. This sensor detects the environment temperatures and adjusts the charging rate accordingly.

A Force Mode is there to charge batteries at 1V. At this mode, the charger manually charges the dead battery. It also maintains the battery’s health to ensure a longer lifespan.

Genius5 may take longer than suggested in the user guide to charge a discharged battery. It happens because the first ‘25% charge’ step involves a de-sulfation process and the last ‘100% charge’ step includes an optimization process. Completion of the ‘50%’ and ‘75%’ steps takes little time.


  • A lightweight, handheld charging device
  • Delivers several functions
  • Charges and maintains a battery
  • Temperature detecting sensor


  • Small user manual
  • Charging takes several hours

11. DieHard 71326 6/12V Gold Shelf Smart Battery Charger

Battery trouble won’t be an issue anymore when you have a DieHard 71326 smart charger. It can bring the power DieHard 71326 6/12V Gold Shelf Smart Battery Chargerback to your car when the battery gives up on the road. Carrying this unit in your car means you won’t have to wait for a tow truck.

Size & Power

Featuring 10 by 10.9 inches of dimensions, the charger is a rectangular unit with rubber reinforcement at the bottom to stay put on any surface. At 13.25 pounds of weight, this is not a compact charger, but carrying is never a problem, thanks to the top carry handle.

LED indicators and a small digital screen on the front panel keeps you updated on the functions engaged. It has indicators for various functions including the type of the battery chosen, boosting rate, voltage rating, battery charge level, alternator tester, and more.

It can deliver a battery boost at 12-30A and jump start at 80A. You can use it with any 12V lead-acid, AGM, and GEL batteries. With the kind of power this unit has, it can jump start most motor vehicles, trolling motors, ATVs, vans, and tractors. However, it’s not compatible with dry-cell batteries used in most household electronics and appliances.

DieHard backs up this smart battery charger with an impressive 3-year warranty.

Performance & Other Features

You can both charge or jump start your car’s battery with this smart unit. It delivers precise charging safely with the help of innovative, microprocessor-controlled technology. It automatically detects the volt rating of the connected battery.

The multi-stage charging technique is good for efficiency and protecting the health of the battery. It applies Float Mode to prevent voltage surge and switches to Maintenance Mode when the charge is complete to avoid overcharging. At that stage, it adjusts the amperage supply between 2 and 6 amps to avert any risk of damaging the battery.

One big disadvantage is that this unit doesn’t recharge a low-voltage battery. So, if you want to give your battery a quick boost, make sure that it still has some charge in it.

The color-coded 125A clamps help avoid connecting to wring terminals. But if you still mess up, the reverse hook-up protection will prevent the possible damage. Incorrect connection will shut the charger off.


  • Good for a quick boost and jump starting
  • Compatible with 12V batteries
  • LCD screen and LED indicators
  • Color-coded clamps
  • Reverse hook-up protection


  • Does not charge a low-volt battery
  • Does not support dry-cell batteries

12. Clore Automotive PRO-LOGIX PL2320 6/12V Battery Charger

Clore Automotive’s PL2320 is a handy battery charger with automatic operation and the capacity to charge Clore Automotive PRO-LOGIX PL2320 6/12V Battery Chargervarious battery types. With a small profile, highly portable design, and simple hook-up options, this could be your go-to charger for the car battery.

Size & Power

With 9.4 x 8 x 4.5 inches, this charger is smaller than many other entries on this list, but it’s in no way less efficient than them. At 4.7 pounds, it’s not a trouble to carry it, but there’s no handle to make the task easier.

However, storing is neat and causes less damage to the cables because you can wind up the battery cords smoothly in between the front and rear panels. The robust power cord is not susceptible to easy damage, but it’s not designed for cold temperatures.

PL2320 can charge and maintain almost all types of 6- and 12-volt lead-acid batteries. For added versatility, there is the option for 2/10/20 amp charger rates.

Anyone not familiar with operating a battery charger cannot make much sense by reading the user guide. You may need to figure out a lot because there are not enough details about the functions.

Performance & Other Features

PL2320 delivers a fully automatic charging function with an advanced microprocessor. Charging and maintaining have never been easier because it delivers according to needs of each battery.

What you need to do is setting the proper voltage and the correct type for the battery to be recharged, choosing the amp rate, and pressing the ‘charge’ button. There are multi-phase charging steps and temperature sensitivity for more efficient charging.

You repair depleted batteries with the Soft Start Mode and restore slightly distressed units. If you are going to store the battery away, use the Maintenance Mode.

To ensure user safety, the charging unit does a ‘polarity’ check after every hook-up. Connecting to the wrong terminals will trigger an LED indicator.


  • A small, compact charging unit
  • Multi-phase charging
  • Repairs and maintains a battery
  • Does a polarity check
  • Alerts for wrong connections


  • No carry handle
  • Cold temperatures can damage battery cords
  • Poorly written instruction manual

13. GOOLOO GP37-Plus 800A Peak 18000mAh SuperSafe Car Jump Starter

GP37-Plus from GooLoo is a jump starter designed for emergencies. When your car battery gives up with no GOOLOO GP37-Plus 800A Peak 18000mAh SuperSafe Car Jump Starterwarning, this small device keeps the car running. Its power capacity is adequate for most vehicles and you can carry it in your backpack or glove box.

Size & Power

With 6.2 x 3 x 1.4 inches of dimensions and 1.16 pounds, GP37-Plus looks and feels like a power bank. It looks stylish with a black plastic casing, red buttons, and blue LED indicators. However, the outer shell doesn’t seem highly durable so be gentle when using it.

It’s surprising that such a small unit can work as a proper jump starter. With 800A peak current, it works with most 12 volt vehicles (up to 7L gas and 5.5L diesel engines). also, it’s compatible with other motor vehicles like motorcycles, yachts, snowmobiles, ATVs, and more. Your lawnmower can get a power boost too from this device.

A prominent feature of this compact unit is its quick charging capacity. You can recharge it just within 5 hours and it can hold that charge for three months. So, even if you don’t need to jump start your car often, you will have a handy power bank to feed the cell phones and tablets.

Performance & Other Features

Except for larger vehicles, this charger can handle most other cars, particularly the ones we use for the daily commute. Also, it can do only 4 jump starts every 2 minutes, so have a little patience while using it. GP37-Plus works best within minus 4°F to 140°F, so it may not work when the weather is too cold.

The dual 3.0 USB ports are fast and support almost all USB charging devices, which is a big plus. There is also a bright LED flashlight that has three modes—flashlight, SOS light, and strobe light. One single charge will keep it alive for 120 hours.

This small unit is equipped with a bunch of advanced safety technologies. It provides protection from overload, over-current, overcharging, over-voltage, and high temperatures.


  • Compact design
  • Jump starts most 12V vehicles
  • Works as a power bank
  • Plenty of safety features
  • Features a bright LED flashlight


  • Not highly durable
  • Doesn’t perform in cold weather

14. TACKLIFE T8 800A Peak 18000mAh Car Jump Starter

Tacklife T8 is a compact unit that offers convenient jump starting options for most vehicle types. This multi-TACKLIFE T8 800A Peak 18000mAh Car Jump Starterfunctional device comes with a few more charging options that anyone will find necessary in their daily life. At less than $100, it delivers high value for money.

Size & Power

Tacklife T8 is a well-designed unit that is convenient to hold due to its compact 7.2 x 3.2 x 1.4 inches of size and 1.21 pounds of weight. It has a small LCD screen for showing battery charging status.

T8 works as a reliable power source for most 12V vehicles and electronics. It can reach 800A peak current to jump start trucks, cars, lawnmowers, ATVs, motorcycles, and other vehicle types. The engine capacity should be within 5L for diesel and 6.2L for petrol. However, if your petrol car’s engine is more than 6L, use a more powerful (at least 1,000A peak current) jump starter.

Completing a full charge takes only 4.5 hours and that single charge is enough for starting an engine up to 30 times. With two USB ports, the charger works as a 18000mAh power bank for our daily gadgets and electronics. There is also a 12V/10A DC port for delivering power to various car accessories.

The unit does not work well when its charge falls below 50%. Try to charge fully before using it for jump starting. Also, it heats up easily after doing three jump starts in a row. So, wait a few minutes to let it cool down before using it again. Never leave it connected after cranking the battery because it’s not a maintainer.

Performance & Other Features

Operating the charging unit is quite simple as the interface has only a few buttons to make sure you are ready to go. Even if you do something wrong, there is a smart protection system complete with a buzzing alarm and indicator alert to avoid accidents.

Apart from jump starting vehicles and 12V electronics, this unit can feed up your daily gadgets through the dual-charging USB ports. The 5V/9V Quick-charge port works 6 times faster than a regular USB port. So, you are in luck if your iPad, phone, or any USB-compatible device needs a quick boost.

Some more user-friendly extras are a built-in compass and a flashlight that illuminates for 72 hours on a single charge. It has four lighting modes—spotlight, SOS, strobe, and red warning.


  • A compact unit with big amps
  • Works with most vehicles
  • Quick-charge USB ports
  • An LED flashlight and a compass


  • Does not work well at less than 50% of charge
  • Heats up after several jump starts

15. STANLEY BC15BS Fully Automatic 15 Amp 12V Bench Battery Charger

Stanley BC15BS is a fully automatic car battery charger that solves a handful of common battery problems. You STANLEY BC15BS Fully Automatic 15 Amp 12V Bench Battery Chargercan rely on it when your car’s battery does not start or needs maintenance. It takes care of everything from rapid to trickle charge and extends battery life.

Size & Power

This 12.4 by 9.8 inches unit weighs 6.4 pounds. There are two steel handles on each side of the front panel for the carrying purpose. The LCD screen is big enough to read the battery and charging status.

With quiet operation, the 15A charger supplies charge and maintains any 12V battery including GEL, WET automotive, AGM, and marine. It can also start a vehicle within one and a half minutes with 40A power. Due to the automatic selection of charge rating and amp adjustment, it maximizes battery life and prevents overheating.

BC15BS comes with a one-year warranty for defects in materials and workmanship.

Performance & Other Features

This 15A charger performs faster than many of its competitors. It takes around four hours to recharge a compact and mid-size car. However, to ensure the battery health, it will go into a top-off mode after charging to a certain percentage and then finish the task by charging at trickle. However, it cannot recharge a drained battery. There must be some amps left on for the charger to kick in.

The battery reconditioning feature proves efficient in de-sulfation of the battery plates, which boosts a battery’s ability to hold charge longer.

Its safety features include an alternator testing and reverse polarity protection. It can examine the alternator to check whether it can maintain the optimum battery level. The polarity protection makes sure that there is no damage even if you hook up the clamps to the wrong terminals.


  • A compact, portable charging unit
  • Fast charging
  • Works with most 12V batteries
  • Alternator testing
  • Reverse polarity protection


  • Doesn’t charge a dead battery
  • No USB port

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