Did you just install a top-notch car audio system, or do you often listen to music while the car engine is off? You surely need a dedicated car audio battery that can provide enough power to the sound system.

A car’s primary battery is designed to power up the engine and other built-in electronic systems. So when you install a high-performance audio system with an amplifier, the built-in battery is not able to provide the continuous power it requires. As a result, the audio system is unable to perform to its full potential. Moreover, it also affects the overall performance of your car. For example, the headlights can get dim.

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Similarly, when you use your car audio system or other electronic systems such as lights, AC, etc.  while the engine is not running, they take power directly from the battery and hence, drain it in the blink of an eye.

A car audio battery is surely your best bet when it comes to adding another power source to your car. When you Top 12 Best Car Audio Batteries in 2020install a car audio battery, you will have plenty of reserve power. It provides continuous voltage to keep your audio system running so you can enjoy your ride without any worries. However, when installing a car audio battery, you must pay attention to its placement and wiring.

Because car audio batteries can help you get the most out of the car audio system, they are quite popular, especially among audiophiles.

Since there are so many different types of car audio batteries available, it can sometimes get difficult to figure out which car audio battery would be the best for your needs. If you are looking for a car audio battery, the top 15 product recommendations in this guide will make it easy for you to choose the best one for your requirements.

However, when you are choosing a car audio battery, you must first consider how much power can the audio system handle. Moreover, you should also pay attention to where you are going to place it. Once you are aware of these factors, choosing a car audio battery that best fits your requirements becomes quite easy.

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Advantages of Car Audio Batteries

One of the biggest advantages of a car audio battery is that it takes the load off the main battery so that the car’s performance is not reduced. It offers a great amount of reserve power to let you enjoy your favorite songs continuously on a long journey without any interruption.

Moreover, with a second battery, you can also listen to music for a longer time when the car engine is not running. A car audio battery is also a great option for those who often go car camping where you need to use your car accessories without the engine running.Top 12 Best Car Audio Batteries in 2020

Car audio batteries are also helpful if you usually let your car sit for two weeks or more which otherwise can completely drain the built-in battery. You can also replace your car’s existing battery with a powerful car audio battery.

High-quality car audio batteries are long-lasting, vibration resistant, corrosion-resistant, have a high energy density, and use the latest technologies for the best performance.

Another great thing about car audio batteries is that they are a cheaper option when it comes to solving power-related car issues. They also take less space compared to other options such as capacitors. Moreover, they come in different sizes so you can easily find one for your car.

Types of Car Audio Batteries

Car audio batteries come in various sizes, shapes, and types. Different batteries use different technologies and have different working mechanisms. Before choosing a battery, it is wise that you know what different types of batteries offer.

Lead-Acid Batteries

Flooded lead-acid batteries, more commonly known as wet lead-acid batteries, are among the most common types of car audio batteries. A lead-acid battery consists of lead plates that are submerged in a sulphuric acid electrolyte. These batteries cannot produce voltage and work by storing charge from some other source. The amount of charge they can store depends on the size of the plates and the quantity of electrolyte.

These batteries are quite inexpensive but require maintenance. You need to top up the battery regularly with distilled water to keep it running. However, to do this, the battery must be unsealed, which can cause spillage. This also makes these batteries a bit dangerous because they can damage your skin if you come in contact with them.

If you are looking for a car audio battery and have a tight budget, a lead-acid battery can be a good option.

AGM Batteries

AGM or Absorbed Glass Mat batteries are quite popular these days. AGM is an advanced technology that offers a great amount of power for all your audio system needs.

These batteries are basically an improved version of lead-acid batteries as they are completely sealed but contain lead-acid inside. They don’t require any maintenance such as topping up and because they are sealed, there isn’t any risk of chemical spillage. Moreover, they don’t discharge quickly and have a quick recharge rate.

AGM batteries use a high-quality thin fiberglass mat that is tightly packed between the plates. This makes the battery vibration resistant and long-lasting. The fiberglass absorbs the electrolyte and stores it in a dry form, which helps in preventing spillage. The fiberglass then transfers the acid to the plates as needed to keep the battery running.

If you have a car audio system that has high power demands, an AGM car audio battery is your best option. Moreover, you should also opt for an AGM battery if your car has various electronic equipment and you use them Top 12 Best Car Audio Batteries in 2020often.

Lithium-Ion Batteries

Lithium-Ion batteries are a bit expensive but have high energy density and hence, have a long runtime. Moreover, these batteries have a low self-discharge rate and don’t need much maintenance as they are fully sealed. These batteries can produce high voltage and are ideal for high-end car audio system that has high power demands.

Key Features of High-Quality Car Audio Batteries

Before you purchase a car audio battery, you should be aware of the characteristics and features that a high-quality battery possesses.

Power Output

The output of a battery is usually determined in terms of its amperage, amp-hour, voltage, wattage, and cold-cranking amps (CCA) ratings. Amp-hour reflects the capacity/run-time of the battery as it represents the total number of hours for which the battery can continuously supply the specified amount of current.

Most high-quality car audio batteries are 12 volts batteries while other ratings such as amp-hour and amperage vary from battery to battery.

Before purchasing any car audio battery, you should evaluate how much power does the car audio system needs and whether the battery has enough power to handle it. Moreover, if you install a high voltage battery with a low-quality audio system, it can get damaged due to high power output.

Vibration and Shock ResistanceTop 12 Best Car Audio Batteries in 2020

High-quality car audio batteries are vibration and shock resistance which helps in prolonging its life span. This means the battery won’t get damaged when you drive the car on rough roads.

Self-Discharge Rate

Self-discharge means that the charge stored in the battery reduces even when it is not running, which decreases its capacity. The self-discharge rate of high-quality car audio batteries is quite low, which means they can run for a longer time.

Battery Life

The life of a battery usually depends on the temperatures it operates in, the frequency of usage, and its charging mechanism. Two main factors that reduce the battery life is the corrosion of plates and quick evaporation of electrolyte. Needless to say, top-notch car audio batteries are durable, can withstand high temperatures, and have a long life span.


Fully sealed batteries like AGM batteries can be mounted in almost any position as they are spill-proof. Since lead-acid batteries are not completely sealed and require water filling, they should be mounted in a specific position.


Q: What are some of the most popular brands of car audio batteries?

A: Although many brands are offering car audio batteries, some brands are more popular due to their strong reputation and high-quality products.

OPTIMA is one of the best-known brands when it comes to batteries. The brand is particularly famous for its innovation. Not only is it the first company to produce maintenance-free lead-acid batteries but also the first one to introduce AGM batteries for vehicles. The brand still continues to surprise the world with its innovations.Top 12 Best Car Audio Batteries in 2020

XS Power is another popular name in the car battery industry. The company has been offering different kinds of high energy density car batteries since 2005.

Q:  Do car audio batteries come with a warranty?

A: It depends on the manufacturer but most high-quality car audio batteries do come with a warranty. The duration of the warranty varies from brand to brand.

Q: What are the standard dimensions of a car audio battery?

A: There are no standard dimensions and different car audio batteries are available in different sizes. However, before you purchase a battery, it is important to consider the size of the battery and the space you intend to fit it in.

Q:  Do car audio batteries require maintenance?

A: It depends on the type of battery. Sealed batteries usually don’t require much maintenance but lead-acid batteries need to be filled with water regularly.

Top 12 Best Car Audio Batteries in 2022

ImageProduct NameKey FeaturesRating
1. Renogy Smart Lithium Iron Phosphate BatteryUncompromised Quality4.7

2. XS Power XS Series Battery, D3400

12 Volt battery with CA: 1000, Ah: 65 4.6
3. Kinetik Car Audio Battery, HC2400-REV Superior Heat & Vibration Resistance 4.6
4. XS Power XS Series Battery, D1200 Ultra low internal resistance 4.5
5. Optima YellowTop Battery, 8171-767 (DS46B24R) Non-Spillable And Maintenance Free4.5
6. XS Power Battery, D3100 AGM deep-cycle battery4.4
7. Shuriken Battery, SK-BT35 Voltage: 12V (12 Volts) 4.4
8. Odyssey Battery, PC680 Faster recharge4.4
9. Kinetik Battery, HC800- BLU Sealed Non-Spillable Design4.3
10. Mighty Max Battery Car Audio Battery, Viper VP-600 Withstand Higher Temperature4.3
11. Kinetik Battery, HC1200-BLU Stronger Energy Density 4.2
12. Gravity Audio Car Battery Capacitor, GR-1000BC Black Chrome Case 4.1

1. Renogy Smart Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery

Started by some students of Louisiana State University as a startup, today, Renogy is known worldwide due to itsRenogy Smart Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery innovation.

Renogy Smart Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery is a lightweight yet powerful battery that is a perfect solution for the power needs of your car audio system.

Design and Dimensions

The lightweight battery weighs only 26 pounds or 11.79 kgs and is easy to handle. It has a length of 11.38 inches, a width of 6.77 inches, and a height of 7.38 inches. It is a medium-sized battery and doesn’t take much space so you can easily place it beside the audio system or in the trunk of your car.

It has a compact design. There are recessed handles on either side that make it safe and easy to carry the battery.


The powerful battery offers 100 amp-hour and is capable of providing power that an advanced car audio system requires. It is a 12 volts battery with a voltage range of 10 to 14.8 volts.

Moreover, the battery is highly durable and has an exceptional cycle time of 4000 cycles (80% DOD,) which means you get 4000 complete charge/discharge cycles before the performance of the battery is reduced. It can also operate under a wide range of temperatures without compromising the performance.


As the name suggests, it is a lithium-ion battery which means it is completely sealed and doesn’t require topping up. It features the Battery Management System (BMS) that helps in protecting the battery from over-charge, low-voltage, and short circuits, etc. It also helps in handling the charging and discharging process efficiently.

There are bypass resistors that help in keeping the right balance between the cells present in the battery. If you want to increase the output capacity, you can connect it with up to 4 similar batteries in parallel as it is designed to auto-balance the multiple connections so that there are no internal state non-uniformity issues. Moreover, RJ45 communication ports allow easy data transmission.

When it comes to maintenance, you just need to clean the exterior including connections and terminals with a damp cloth at regular intervals to ensure smooth operation. You can also store the battery for up to 3 months without charging.


Renogy offers a 5 years prorated warranty on the battery for any defects in materials or workmanship.

Product Highlights

2. XS Power XS Series Battery, D3400

Known for its powerful batteries, XS Power is among the top brands when it comes to car batteries. With high XS Power XS Series Battery, D3400energy density, the D3400 battery offers a great deal of power to solve all of your car’s power issues.

Design and Dimensions

The medium-sized battery measures 10.24 inches in length, 7.16 inches in height, and 6.89 inches in width and fits neatly in any vehicle. The cool exterior features various XS Power logos. There are threaded holes on the top face and it comes with M6 Terminal Bolts for easy installation. It is a bit heavier battery, at around 47 pounds.

In terms of durability, the sturdy battery features an Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) plastic casing which makes it vibration and heat resistant to protect it in extreme temperatures and on bumpy roads.


With 3300 A max current and 1000 cranking amps, the 12 Volts battery has enough power to be used as your car’s primary battery or as a second battery to get the best out of your upgraded stereo system. Moreover, low internal resistance means it can efficiently deliver the required power without any hurdle. It has a rated capacity of 65 Ah and a low self-discharge rate.


The deep-cycle battery is completely sealed and features the advanced AGM technology which makes it a maintenance-free battery with high energy density. AGM also makes it spill-proof and leak-proof so you can mount it any position without any worries of leakage. This gives you a lot of options for placement.

You can conveniently store it for up to 6 months without charging but make sure to find a cool place for storage as high temperatures greatly affect the self-discharging rate.


The battery comes with a 60 days return policy and a 3 years warranty.

Product Highlights

3. Kinetik Car Audio Battery, HC2400-REV

Kinetik is a trusted name in the industry due to its innovation, heavy in-house testing, and premium quality.Kinetik Car Audio Battery, HC2400-REV

The Kinetik HC2400-Rev is a high-performance battery from Kinetik’s popular HC Series that is perfect for your power-hungry advanced audio system.

Design and Dimensions

Weighing around 62 pounds, the battery has a length of 13.5 inches, a width of 6.8 inches, and a height of 8.6 inches. The battery is enclosed in heavy-duty ABS plastic casing and there are two rope handles for easy carrying.

There are no external vents and the sealed battery is spill-proof which allows you to mount it any position you find convenient. Battery terminals are located on the top face for easy installation.


The 12 Volts car battery has a capacity of 110 Ah and is capable of producing 1700 Cranking amps to keep your audio system running even in cold conditions. It can provide your 2400 Watts car stereo system the power it needs so you can enjoy high-quality sound on a long journey. Increased number of plates gives it greater energy density and the cells inside the battery are packed tightly to make it heat and vibration resistant for long-lasting performance.

With low internal resistance and the ability to withstand extreme weather conditions, you can trust this powerful battery to deliver the best performance all the time.


The high energy density battery makes use of AGM technology to store charge and offer extreme power. This operating mechanism not only improves battery life and power efficiency but also eliminates the need for topping up. With AGM, you also don’t need to worry about leakages.


The durable battery is backed by a 2-year warranty for any manufacturing defects.

Product Highlights

4. XS Power XS Series Battery, D1200

The D1200 is another powerful battery from XS Power D Series which is tested under strict conditions to ensure it XS Power XS Series Battery, D1200can deliver the performance you expect.

Design and Dimensions

With a weight of 33 pounds the battery measures “L: 7.80 x W: 6.54 H: 6.69 inches.” It is compact and fits conveniently in the trunk of the car while still leaving enough space for your other travel essentials. If you wish to use it as your main battery, it sits comfortably in any factory battery location.

The sturdy exterior has a stylish design and features terminals on the top face. Installing the battery is a breeze with M6 terminal hardware.


This strong battery offers 12 Volts and gives you outstanding 2600 amps maximum output. It is capable of providing 44 Ah and is best suited for 1500-3000 Watts high-performance audio systems. With such power output, you can also use it as the main battery for your car

725 CCA and heat-resistant design mean the battery can deliver uncompromised performance even in rough weather conditions. Low internal resistance further allows it to deliver ultimate power while its vibration-resistant properties ensure your music system keeps running on bumpy roads.


The battery uses AGM design to offer maintenance-free and safe operation with 100% sealed casing. This operating mechanism makes it leak-proof as there are no external vents and gives you numerous options for mounting without the danger of leakage. Moreover, the credit of its enhanced energy density and durability also goes to AGM technology.

When you wish to store it, do so in a cool place so that you don’t have to worry about charging it for up to 6 months.


XS Power offers a 3-years warranty on this durable battery.

Product Highlights

5. Optima YellowTop Battery, 8171-767 (DS46B24R)

As mentioned earlier, Optima is a leading brand in the battery industry due to its innovation and premium Optima YellowTop Battery, 8171-767 (DS46B24R)quality. The Optima DS46B24R YellowTop Battery is designed using the same approach as it features various advanced technologies to offer enhanced performance.

Design and Dimensions

Measuring 9.27 inches in length, 5.02 inches in width, and 8.89 inches in height, the compact battery is enclosed in a sturdy yellow and gray Polypropylene casing and sits comfortably in your car. Polypropylene case not only makes it chemical resistant but also a good electric insulator. Moreover, the casing is completely sealed, making it non-spillable and easy to mount. It is a lightweight battery at just 26 pounds.


Able to efficiently start your vehicle and provide enough juice to power-hungry electronic systems at the same time, the dual-purpose battery can be used as your primary battery with 450 cranking amps and 38 Amp Hour. The 12 Volts is also very well capable of working as a second battery to support a car whose alternator cannot handle the high power demands of an upgraded audio system and other electronic accessories.

With the deep-cycle design, it offers a reserve capacity of 66 minutes so you can enjoy your journey without any interruption even if your alternator fails. Cycle time of more than 300 cycles means the battery delivers uncompromised performance for a long time.


Featuring AGM technology, the battery uses multiple spiral-wound cells instead of flat plates to deliver extreme power with an ultra-low internal resistance. There are lead plates in each spiral cell that are locked perfectly in place to help the battery resist vibrations on rough terrains. This maintenance-free design ensures a longer battery life with high performance.

When one battery is not enough for your power needs, you can connect multiple batteries in parallel to increase the reserve capacity and CCA while keeping the same voltage.


Optima offers a 36-month guarantee on personal consumer use and a 12-month guarantee on commercial use.

Product Highlights

6. XS Power Battery, D3100

Another gem from the XS Power D series, the D3100 has all the advanced technologies and features required to XS Power Battery, D3100power a car loaded with heavy electronic accessories.

Design and Dimensions

The 75 pounds battery measures “L: 12.99, W: 8.43, H: 6.81 inches” and can fit conveniently in place of your existing battery or trunk of your car. It can be mounted on its side or any other position, thanks to its spill-proof and leak-proof design with no external vents.

The reinforced ABS casing not only looks stylish but also makes the battery extremely heat and vibration resistant, contributing to its durability. To make installation easy, it comes with M6 terminal hardware.


In terms of power, this 12 Volts battery is a beast with 110 amp-hour and a maximum output of 5000 A. Moreover, it is capable of producing outstanding Cold Cranking Amps of 1360 A to keep your engine running in coldest of conditions.

It has a high reserve capacity (RC) of 237 minutes which means you can rely on this battery to power your car and its electronic accessories for around 4 hours even when your alternator stops working.


The deep-cycle AGM battery is fully sealed and stores energy without needing any water top-up so you don’t have to worry about leakages or maintenance. This working mechanism extends the battery life and allows it to deliver enhanced performance with low internal resistance. You can store it for 6 months without charging.


It comes with a 3-year warranty on any manufacturing defects. What’s even better, if it doesn’t perform as per your expectations, you can return it within 60 days of purchase.

Product Highlights

7. Shuriken Battery, SK-BT35

Featuring advanced features, the SK-BT35 Shuriken Battery boosts the sound quality of your car stereo system Shuriken Battery, SK-BT35with its powerful performance.

Design and Dimensions

Weighing 25 pounds or 11.3 Kg, the small-sized battery is 6.46 inches tall, 7.7 inches long, and 5.12 inches wide. With this size, you can easily fit it in most factory battery locations.

Sealed in a sleek and sturdy ABS case, the battery has no external vents, making it leak-proof and giving you various mounting options without the danger of leakage. The battery terminals are located on the top face.


Performance-wise, the battery works efficiently as your main battery or as a dedicated power source for up to 800 Watts high-end audio systems with an amplifier. It is a 12 Volts battery with a capacity of 35 Amp hour and 950 Cranking amps.

With its high resistance to heat and vibrations, it delivers uncompromised performance every time no matter how rough the terrain is. Moreover, ultra-low internal resistance further enhances its performance. And cycle time is quite high which means you get hundreds of complete charge/discharge cycles before the battery starts losing its juice.


Featuring AGM design, the deep cycle battery works by storing electrolyte in dry form, eliminating the hassle of leakage and maintenance. It consists of pure lead plates that are tightly packed which not only give it high power output but extend the battery life as well.  It comes fully charged and is instantly ready for use.


It comes with a one-year warranty.

Product Highlights

8. Odyssey Battery, PC680

Odyssey Battery is a part of  EnerSys® that is known worldwide for its stored energy products.Odyssey Battery, PC680

With long battery life and lots of power, the PC680 is a great way to power your high-end stereo system and other car electronics.

Design and Dimensions

Measuring 7.27 inches in length, 3.11 inches in width, 7.55 inches in height, the battery is a bit smaller than most car batteries so you might need a separate bracket to fit it in your car. However, the smaller size means it takes less space. It is a lightweight battery and weighs only 15.4 pounds.

With heavy-duty construction, the red-colored battery features corrosion-resistant brass terminals and is fully sealed to give you a wide variety of mounting options.


The 12 Volts battery manages to give you 170 Cold Cranking amps and 350 Hot Cranking amps to provide power even in extreme weather conditions. It is capable of producing Pulse Hot Cranking Amps (PHCA) of 520 A and provides continuous power with the ability to recharge fully in 4 to 6 hours.

It can power a vehicle with an inoperative alternator for about half an hour as it has a reserve capacity of 24 minutes.  In terms of battery life, it lasts longer than a conventional battery and offers 400 complete charge/discharge cycles before its performance is affected.


The deep-cycle battery consists of tightly packed pure lead plates with more surface area as compared to a spiral-wound AGM battery of the same size to improve power output and battery life.

It uses AGM design for storing charge so there is no hassle of leakage. With this design, the battery is also heat and vibration resistant and remains unaffected by shocks caused by bumpy roads and rough terrains. It doesn’t require topping up and operates by recycling the gases internally.

You can connect it with multiple similar batteries in parallel to increase the power output or in series to increase the Voltage, depending on your requirements. Moreover, you can store it for one year at 77ºF and two years below this temperature given you charged it fully before storage.


Backed by a 2-year warranty, your battery will be replaced within this period if there are any defects in material or workmanship.

Product Highlights

9. Kinetik Battery, HC800- BLU

If you are looking for an affordable yet powerful battery for general everyday use, this Kinetik battery is your best Kinetik Battery, HC800- BLUoption.

Design and Dimensions

Enclosed in a sturdy black ABS case, the battery features a cool blue Kinetic logo and is quite durable. Thanks to its sealed design with no external vents, it can be mounted in almost any position. There is a handle on top for when you need to carry it.

It measures 7.68 inches in length, 5.16 inches in width, and 6.14 inches in height and fits nicely in the battery location of most cars. It is a light battery and weighs only 23.2 pounds.


Capable of powering 800 Watts high-performance audio systems, the 12 Volts battery has a capacity of 35 amp-hour. It offers 750 cranking amps and works efficiently even in cold weather. Internal resistance is quite low and allows the battery to deliver more power uninterruptedly.

It is ideal to be used as an additional battery to fulfill the power demands of your car electronic systems.


The battery uses advanced AGM technology to deliver high power and offer maintenance-free operation without leakage. With more number of plates, it not only delivers high voltage even under load but also stores more energy for longer runtime. Moreover, the cells are packed tightly so the battery can resist vibration and heat for long-lasting performance.


The battery comes with a 1-year warranty.

Product Highlights

10. Mighty Max Battery Car Audio Battery, Viper VP-600

Mighty Max Battery is renowned for its deep-cycle AGM batteries and Viper VP-600 is one of them. It is equipped Mighty Max Battery Car Audio Battery, Viper VP-600with all the advanced features required to deliver a strong performance.

Design and Dimensions

With a weight of just 11.9 pounds, the lightweight battery measures 7.20 inches in length, 2.99 inches in width, and 6.5 inches in height to fit comfortably in your car. The sealed black case has heavy duty construction and consists of internally threaded battery terminals on the top face for easy installation. With this design, it is also leakage-proof to offer different mounting options.


The 12 Volts battery offers 18 Amp hour and keeps your 600 watts audio system running with loud and clear audio. With high output, you can trust this battery to provide uninterrupted power when you compete in the next car audio competition. In addition, it is resistant to excessive heat and vibrations so you can drive freely on those rough terrain without any worries of damaging the battery.

You can also use it as your main battery if your old battery can not provide the juice your car electronics needs.


With advanced AGM technology, the battery is able to offer high energy density and uncompromised performance for an extended period of time. High-quality cells inside ensure the battery maintains its power output. You can also wire multiple similar batteries together for more power output.


Mighty Max Battery offers a one-year warranty for manufacturing defects.

Product Highlights

11. Kinetik Battery, HC1200-BLU

The Kinetik HC1200-BLU is essentially a more powerful version of HC800- BLU as it features similar design and technologies but offers more power output.

Design and Dimensions

The small-sized battery measures 7.76 inches in length, 6.52 inches in width, and 6.87 inches in height to sit neatly beside the stereo system or in the trunk. It weighs 27.9 pounds and can be carried with ease.

The durable ABS casing is fully sealed and there are no external vents that make the battery leak-proof. This design allows you to mount the battery on its side or any other position except upside down. Battery terminals are located on the top face.


With a capacity of 40 amp-hour, the 12 Volts battery offers enough juice to power a 1200 Watts car audio system so you can continuously enjoy your favorite songs with full bass. In addition, low internal resistance allows it to deliver more power output without any hindrance.

It is also powerful enough to be used as a car’s main battery to power up the engine and other electronics. One of the best things about this battery is that its performance is not affected by heat, thanks to the heat-resistant design.


It is an AGM battery which delivers high power by storing electrolyte in dry form to operate without the danger of leakage. In addition, the AGM design also makes it maintenance-free.

There are an increased number of plates which helps in storing more energy and allows the battery to deliver high voltage under load. To increase the battery life, the cells inside are tightly packed which makes it vibration-resistant.


For any defects in material and workmanship, you get a one-year warranty on this battery.

Product Highlights

12. Gravity Audio Car Battery Capacitor, GR-1000BC

GR-1000BC Car Battery Capacitor is a great way to give your car stereo system the power it needs to deliver that Gravity Audio Car Battery Capacitor, GR-1000BCdeep bass.

Design and Dimensions

Enclosed in a black chrome casing, the small-sized battery capacitor has a length of 7.25 inches, a width of 6.75 inches, and a height of 7 inches. It is lightweight and doesn’t take much space to fit perfectly in your car.

There are no external vents so you can mount it without any worries of chemical leakage. The two chrome-plated terminals are located on the top face. There is also a blue voltage display on the top face which gives a clear digital reading of voltage, mostly around 14.7-14.8 Volts. The blue LED lights are designed to indicate that the battery is on.


Rated for 120 minutes, the capacitor has a maximum Amperage of 1000 A. It is designed only to power car audio systems so you can enjoy your favorite music with high-quality audio. So, using it to power up your car engine won’t be a good idea. It delivers great performance when used for the purpose it is designed for.


GR-1000BC works like a capacitor to store charge so there is no hassle of electrolyte or chemical leakage. This also gives it the ability to charge and discharge quickly to supply power quickly. In terms of installation, you’ll need to connect it with your car battery and audio system.

Product Highlights