Have you ever given thought about the deadly air you breathe every morning while driving your car? Are you under the impression that rolling down the window panes will ensure pure air circulation inside the vehicle? Your car may speak of sophistication and modernization, but it doesn’t guarantee a drive free from unseen germs, microorganisms, dust, and other particles.

And, as it turns out, your car’s cabin is a polluted one, even though you might be cleaning it regularly. Furthermore, your car is filled with PM10 matter, carbon monoxide and other particulate matter. In today’s world, with pollution level soaring daily, a car air purifier is a necessity as it cleans the air and ensures you breathe fresh air every time you sit in the car.

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Benefits of the best car air purifier

Apart from purifying the air, a car air purifier offers numerous advantages including:Top 15 Best Car Air Purifiers in 2020

Promotes health

An air purifier works by eliminating the pollutants present in the car, which allows you to breathe fresh air — breathing polluted air for a prolonged time results in acute damage to the lungs and heart. Furthermore, many of you are unaware that within minutes the carbon dioxide and VOCs level increases beyond the permissible level. Therefore, a car air purifier will help you get rid of the unwanted gases.

Helps people with respiratory illness

A car air purifier works by removing the odor, dust, mold, bacteria, pet dander, and harmful microorganism. This helps people suffering from asthma and allergies to breathe fresh air every time they enter the car. Furthermore, it reduces complications for people with respiratory illnesses.

Removes stale air

A car air purifier can effectively remove the stale air, which can make sitting in the car impossible for long journeys. It also removes mildew and molds. Usually, an odorless air helps to breathe easily.

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Types of car air purifiers

Due to the small and compact size, you can bring in a lot of fresh air inside the car. But, before moving forward, you need to understand the types of car air purifiers. Based on the use of technology, you will come across the following car air purifiers.

HEPA purifiers

HEPA stands for high-efficiency particulate air, which uses a filter to trap bacteria and other harmful bacteria. Top 15 Best Car Air Purifiers in 2020However, you cannot see the particulate matter that gets trapped in these filters. These filters never produce any toxic products such as ozone that can damage the environment. It can easily catch particles ranging from 0.3 microns to 10 microns. But, it cannot remove harmful chemicals and toxic materials. One issue with HEPA filters is the need to replace the filters frequently.

 Activated carbon filters

One of the best filters to remove toxic gases, cigarette smell, and TVOC’s is an activated carbon filter. It features a bed of carbon filters that aids in the absorption process. Interestingly, these filters attract and absorb the gaseous molecules, thereby allowing you to breathe fresh air.

Ultraviolet generator

It removes viruses, bacteria, and pollutants from the car by using the UV lights. It features small light bulbs that reduce the bacteria and other harmful particles. Unlike HEPA or carbon filters, these UV generators change the DNA of the cell, thereby killing the bacteria.

Negative ion generator

This car air purifier emits many negative ions that quickly bond with airborne particles. When the bonding takes place, the dust particles fall. These are low maintenance devices requiring very little power. But, when the particle falls, they can fall on the ground or the surface. It means that the filter cannot remove all the harmful particles.

Air fresheners

Many air purifiers come fitted with fresheners that can mask the odor coming from the car. However, such devices can only remove the odor and cannot filter out pollutants or other harmful gases.

Features of a car air purifier

After understanding the type of filters, it’s time to look at the features of the best car air purifier.Top 15 Best Car Air Purifiers in 2020

Method of purification

As mentioned above, your air purifier can work on any of the technologies, including HEPA, ozone, negative ion, or carbon. Also, a majority of purifiers feature a combination of techniques. The most common being activated carbon and HEPA.


The rate at which an air purifier the car’s air is called CADR (clean air delivery rate). It’s usually measured in cubic feet, and the higher the CADR, the faster the system can purify the air inside your car. The ideal CADR value for car air purifier lies between 3 cubic feet to 3.50 cubic feet.


Air change per hour or ACH is the number of times a purifier can filter the air in one hour. For example, an ACH rating of 4x indicated that the device cleans the air of the room four times in one hour. The more a device can filter the air within the room, the more fresh and clean air you will breathe.

Charging and battery features

When you buy a car air purifier, you will come across two battery and charging options – plugged in the car all the time or have a rechargeable/replaceable battery.

Plugged air purifier: One noteworthy feature of buying such a battery feature is that you don’t have to worry about the draining of the battery. It helps you save both time and money. However, most of these devices are small and are comparatively less potent because the purification capacity depends on the amount of power they can draw. These are ideal for smaller vehicles.

Replaceable battery: The device works by using the power of the cells, thereby resulting in strong and powerfulTop 15 Best Car Air Purifiers in 2020 purification. However, the only downside is you can forget to change the batteries.

Rechargeable purifier: Since the purifier pulls energy from its device, the purification process is efficient, and it helps in the circulation of clean air in the car. You can use it in multiple vehicles without worrying about compatibility. However, you can forget to charge the purifier, which can result in issues when the battery drains out.

Noise levels

A noisy device is the last thing you will want because it distracts you while driving the car. It also hampers your listening experience if you’re a music lover. Therefore, choose an air purifier that emits either no sound or very low sound. If the noise level increases, it’s probably due to a fault in the purifier.

Ease of operation

There is no point in buying a device, which will take ages to start and operate. Most purifiers come with a single on and off button, which makes it easy to operate. While a majority of the devices work well in the 12V cigarette socket, but many models might require a USB adapter, which you can conveniently plug in the outlet of the car.

Furthermore, you will come across models allowing you to change the speed of purification. It also allows you to check the quality of air.

Air quality indicator

Another essential feature to consider is the presence of air quality indicators. Though they’re not present on every purifier, many models will feature an indicator. It tells you about the air quality inside your car. This is done with the help of LED lights that indicates the level of clean air inside the vehicle.

Ease of maintenanceTop 15 Best Car Air Purifiers in 2020

A purifier that is difficult to maintain is as good as useless because you will have to replace the purifier now and then. Mostly purifiers with air filters require some level of maintenance like cleaning and replacing the filter at regular intervals. However, ionizer generators require zero maintenance. Based on your preference, choose the right car air purifier.


Can I keep the car windows open while using the air purifier?

A car air purifier is designed to function when in a closed space. An open window will allow constant entry of pollutants, thereby making it impossible for the purifier to work correctly.

When should I change the filter for the car purifier?

The life of the filter depends upon the quality of the purifier. But on average, the filter can last from 3 months to 2 years at the maximum. If you feel that the air purifier isn’t working as expected, you need to change the filter.

Can the air purifier remove the smell of cigarettes?

While most purifiers are designed to eliminate every type of order, for removing cigarette smell, you need HESA Top 15 Best Car Air Purifiers in 2020filters or ionizers. You can even use activated charcoal to remove the odor.

I have an air conditioner in my car, do I still need an air purifier?

The work of an AC is to cool the car, and it cannot remove the harmful pollutants and toxic gases like an air purifier. You need a purifier to remain healthy while driving.

After understanding the features, it’s time to look at the top 15 car air purifiers.

Top 15 Best Car Air Purifiers in 2022

ImageProduct NameKey FeaturesRating
1. Airthereal ADH80 Air PurifierThree-stage filtration process4.7

2. Car Air Purifier and Ionizer from Zendora

Easily replaceable filters4.6
3. JVC KS-GA100 Air purifier Motion-activated control4.6
4. SimPure HC3 360° Car Air Purifier Removes TVOCs and PM2.54.5
5. TeslaAir Car Air Purifier by Airdog Lightweight and compact4.5
6. Twinkle Birds Car Air Purifier USB port charging4.4
7. Craftronic 2-in-1 Car Air Purifier 2-year warranty4.4
8. Jaywayne Air Purifier Noiseless operation4.4
9. THE THREE MUSKETEERS III Air Purifier Efficient filtration4.3
10. Enoch Car Air Purifier Releases 5.6 million ions4.3
11. QUEENTY HEPA Car Air purifier Easy to operate4.2
12. econoLED Car Humidifier Auto shut-off feature4.1
13. FRiEQ Car Air Purifier Attractive and compact design4.1
14. MELISSA’S AIR EFFECT- Car Air Purifier Efficient purification4.0
15. MILI Car portable Air Purifier Sturdy ABS construction and metal housing3.9

1. Airthereal ADH80 Air Purifier

With its small cylindrical design, the air purifier is perfect for keeping your lungs safe while driving the car. Due toAirthereal ADH80 Air Purifier the classy, elegant, and good looking design, the purifier will improve the aesthetics of your vehicle. It can cover only a small area, making it suitable either for a small room or a car. Since 2017, Airthereal is helping people breathe fresh and clean air. Apart from increasing the indoor air quality, it removes away the odor and smells from the car. It has a CADR value of 47 CFM. When you buy the ADH80, you will never repent the decision of purchasing the air purifier.


It boasts of a unique three filtration stage HEPA filters, which effectively cleans the air and can remove particles as small as 0.3 microns. The filtration process starts with a pre-filter that helps in filtering out large particles, including hair, etc. The next stage is a true HEPA filter capable of capturing all airborne particles. The final phase comprises an activated carbon filter that absorbs odor and chemical smells. The carbon filter is attached with a nano mineral and cold catalyst filter and a molecular sieve. Interestingly, when compared to other devices, it comes with a large filter that helps in cleaning the air.

Air quality indicator

You can drive without worrying about the air quality because the device will increase or decrease the fan speed to an optimum level. Due to this, your device will not use an unnecessary amount of power.

Noiseless operation

The maximum noise level the device can produce is 22 decibels making it completely noiseless. You can easily enjoy the music or drive with concentration because you will not realize that the filter is working in the car.

Smart features

It’s equipped with smart auto control, which makes the purifier turn into auto mode. The sensor detects the current air quality and chooses the best purification level.

Safety features

The device comes with a 12V DC adapter allowing you to use the product in your car with ease. Furthermore, it’s equipped with a child-lock feature that prevents your children from changing the setting. The product is CARB certified, which boasts of high-quality standards.


2. Car Air Purifier and Ionizer from Zendora

The ionizer from Zendora is one of the most advanced air purifiers. It’s a multi-functional purifier, which is loaded Car Air Purifier and Ionizer from Zendorawith some advanced air cleaning features. Apart from effectively removing the dust, odor, and smoke, the device neutralizes most of the airborne bacteria, mold, and even fungi. The purifier is small, sleek, and compact making it ideal for a car. Furthermore, it boasts of two adjustable modes allowing you to drive while breathing clean air. For the price you pay, the air purifier is worth every penny because it prevents you from breathing stale air.


It features a unique five-stage filtration process. First, the HEPA filters capture the airborne particles as small as 0.3 microns with 99% efficiency. The airborne particles it can remove include pollens, spores, dust, and mites. The next stage is the activated charcoal filter, which absorbs smoke, odor, and fumes from organic compounds. The third layer comprises of photocatalyst filters with UV lamp. This combination kills most of the airborne germs and viruses. It also breaks down the complex VOC compounds like ammonia and formaldehyde. The fourth stage is of negative ions, which can emit more than 4 million negative ions. These ions remove the dust, dirt, spores, and viruses from the car’s air. Zendora, through the fifth stage, gives you an option to use essential oils in the aromapathy diffuser. It helps in spreading a desired fragrance inside the car.

Charging and battery

The air purifier uses a 12v car cigarette lighter to purify the air.

Smart technology

The device boasts of automatic power adjustment based on the quality of the air. It has a different LED indication for each type of power mode. Furthermore, due to efficiency, it can purify a small car in one minute and a large vehicle in 3 minutes.

Other features

It comes with a strap that allows the hanging of the purifier at the back of your car seat. Furthermore, to prevent it from slipping, Zendora provides an anti-slip pad at the back of the purifier.


3. JVC KS-GA100 Air purifier

JVC or The Japan Victor Company is a brand, which needs no introduction. The company enjoys a rich history of JVC KS-GA100 Air purifierproducing products that ease the life of the customers. And, the HEPA air filter is no different. The portable air filter has a cylindrical shape, which is both compact and elegant. It quickly purifies the interior of the car, ensuring a safe environment for driving. Interestingly, the device comes with a USB car charger and USB DC cable for optimum charging of the air purifier. Due to the small size, you can place it in the car’s cup holder. Within minutes of switching it on, you will feel the difference in the air quality. The air purifier is a must for those who are prone to airborne allergies and suffer from lung diseases. With KS-GA100, you will never face any issue and will always breathe fresh air.


The device from JVC uses three-stage filtration to purify the air. It features a high fan capable of absorbing the dirt from the air using the efficient and high performing HEPA filter. The HEPA filter is so effective that it can even collect the PM2.5, pollen, and even dust particles. The performance efficiency of the purifier is 99.5%. Furthermore, it uses ion generators, which release a negative ion that helps in removing the unpleasant smell from the car. The classy look and elegant design make it a must-have in every vehicle because it improves the aesthetics and ensures you breathe fresh air every time you drive.

Other features

It has a CADR of 7.7 m3/hour, which is in-line with the industry standards. Unlike most purifiers, the JVC product boasts of motion-activated controls. Due to this technology, you can adjust the speed of the wind by shaking your hand above the purifier. When you shake it once, the low-speed mode starts, and on shaking twice, the filter activates to the high-speed mode. In the high-speed mode, the deodorization starts. And, when you shake it for the third time, the device is switched off.

Ease of maintenance

The HEPA filter is replaceable, making it easy for you to maintain the air purifier.


4. SimPure HC3 360° Car Air Purifier

When you buy HC3 from SimPure, you bring home comfort. Apart from removing airborne particles, the purifierSimPure HC3 360° Car Air Purifier can even trap large particles such as hair and dust mites. It also helps you get rid of the smoke and odor inside the car, thereby enhancing the driving experience. When you switch on the air purifier, within minutes, it starts working and adsorbs chemical pollutants, which can cause harm to your lings and the body. Another noteworthy feature of the car air purifier is a beautiful and technological look. It purifies the air and also enhances the aesthetics of your room. Overall, it’s a 360o car air purifier, which helps in consistently delivering clean and healthy air.


The air purifier boasts of a 4-stage filtration process comprising of a fabric pre-filter, particle filter, carbon filter, and a true HEPA filter. Due to the combination of this process, the purifier can effectively remove TVOC (total volatile organic compounds), which is one of the most common traffic pollutants. The removal of TVOC ensures that you eliminate serious health effects. It also effectively removes PM 2.5, which can damage the respiratory system when exposed for a long time. Also, if your car is prone to cigarette smoke, it’s one of the best filters as it eliminates the smoke. With the filtration, you can effectively clean the air and breathe fresh air because it removes all the airborne pollutants with an efficiency of 99.97%.

Other features

Even though it has a compact design, the device has a CADR of 10m3/h. Furthermore, the purifier is easy to operate because you can use it with a single touch button. It also has two different fan speeds, which enhances the overall filtration process. Furthermore, the device is easy to use because it features an extra USB port, and it includes a car charger. You can easily power the device using a laptop or a power bank. Due to the ease of use, you can place the device in your room or even in your car.


5. TeslaAir Car Air Purifier by Airdog

The TeslaAir is a smart air purifier, specially designed to free your car from allergens, pollen, TVOCs, bacteria, TeslaAir Car Air Purifier by Airdogand other airborne particles. The front portion features two LEDs on the left, indicating the speed and quality of the air. In the middle, you have the vent from which clean air flows. Furthermore, the right side features of an easy switch on/off button. The device boasts of an excellent CADR of 14.8 m3/hour, meaning it can filter the entire car in no time. It’s perfect for small and large SUVs because it allows you to breathe clean air within minutes of starting the purifier.


Unlike most car air purifiers, which either work on HEPA filtration or ion exchanger, this one from Airdog uses the Two Pole Active Technology (TPA). It’s an active filtration technology, which makes use of ionic wind and optimized air for filtering the unwanted particles. Due to the electrical filtration, the efficiency of removing bacteria and other allergens is close to 99.9%. Even after cleaning the smoke of more than 400 cigarettes, the effectiveness of the gadget drops only by 0.2%. When filtering the same number of cigarette smoke, the efficiency of a HEPA filter reduces by 50%. Furthermore, the device can remove particles as small as 0.1 microns making it one of the best car air purifiers in the market.

Ease of maintenance

Most of the HEPA requires monthly or half-yearly replacements of the filters, but TeslaAir uses non-consumable electric plates, which are hand washable and requires no replacement. It takes less a minute to clean the plates, and you need to wipe them once every 2-3 months.

Noiseless operation

TeslaAir boasts of using the whisper-quiet technology, which produces 35dB, 45dB, and 52dB sound on the three fan speeds. The sound level is very low and doesn’t cause a distraction while driving.

Other features

The air purifier is equipped with smart, automated technology that automatically switches on when the car starts and switches off on reaching the destination.


6. Twinkle Birds Car Air Purifier

The purifier is one of a kind because it reduces the presence of dust, molds, pollens, and other airborne allergens.Twinkle Birds Car Air Purifier It can also minimize the strong odor from cigarettes, smoke, spilled food, and even a pet’s odor. Apart from providing 99.9% efficiency, the air purifier safely cleans the air without causing any harm to the environment or your body. Even though it’s small in size, it’s one of the most potent ionizers in the market. It lacks maintenance cost and is available at an affordable price. You will never face any problem when using the air purifier.


It boasts of a sleek design and unique geometric shape, which makes the product distinctive and adds an aesthetic value to the car. Furthermore, it has a unique blue LED crystal light, which enhances the overlook of the purifier. This microphone-shaped air purifier is a must for those who like to breathe clean air while driving.


The product uses an ionizer to purify the air. It releases more than 5.6 million negative ions, which attaches to the positive ions making the particles heavy, and they’re unable to stay afloat in the air. These particle breaks down, thereby filtering the air. Furthermore, it uses innovative multi-needlepoint ionization technology. With the help of technology, you can effectively clean the air and breathe fresh air every time you enter the car. Furthermore, it releases ozone in the permissible limit, which helps in removing odor inside the car. Also, the gadget is 16.7% more potent than other ionizers in the market.

Ease of operation

It features a powerful 2.1A dual USB charger, which helps in easy and lighting fast charging. Using the charger, you can even charge your phone or tablet while driving.


The company offers a lifetime warranty on the product. Also, you will not spend any money on service because you don’t have to replace the filter or refill the scent. Also, the company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on the product.


7. Craftronic 2-in-1 Car Air Purifier

This mini purifier from Craftronic takes up no space, and you can directly plug into the 12V power supply of your Craftronic 2-in-1 Car Air Purifiercar. It continues to produce the negative ions as long as the car is running, thereby ensuring you breathe fresh and pure air every time you sit in the car. Furthermore, due to the lightweight nature and compactness, you can place the Craftronics anywhere and take it with you in any vehicle. Also, the company offers 28-days health benefits because it effectively neutralizes the germs and destroys all the airborne pollutants. On using the purifier regularly, you will start feeling the change in the environment and your health in 28-days. Craftronics offer 2-years warranty, 90-day money-back guarantee, and lifetime tech support. Also, for the price you pay, you will never face any disappointment because it will ensure a healthy driving environment.


The nano active ionic purifier can release up to 5.6 million negative ions, which are sufficient enough to get rid of PM2.5, odor, formaldehyde, gases, cigarette smoke, gases, bacteria, virus, and even formaldehyde. The negative ions help in reducing the airborne particles that can cause potential allergies and skin irritation. Furthermore, the ions help in boosting the immune system by removing all the unnecessary particles from the air. Interestingly, the purifier uses the same technology as Mercedes Benz’s air balance. The technology is also used in offices, industrial, and restaurants to keep the food fresh for a long time.

Ease of operation

The gadget purifies the air 17% faster than most of the car air purifiers in the market. Furthermore, it features a dual Qualcomm 2.0 fast charge USB port. It has a blue LED light, which glows to tell if the purifier is sanitizing the environment or not.


It can surpass the smoke dispelling test, which can effectively remove the smoke within 10 seconds of operation. Though the product releases ozone to remove the harmful viruses and bacteria, the quantity of ozone is within the permissible limit.


8. Jaywayne Air Purifier

Some odors are so powerful that you require a specialist air purifier to get rid of them. For example, the smell of Jaywayne Air Purifierdecaying food or even vomit can make your car a nasty place. But, Jaywayne air purifier is the perfect solution because apart from removing the most potent odor, it purifies the air inside the vehicle. It’s made from durable ABS material and can adequately cover an area more than 10 square meters, making it perfect for all models of car. Apart from cleaning the indoor air, the gadget boasts of a high efficiency rate, which translates to higher purification. It ensures that you breathe clean air every time you step out in your car. Apart from using the car air purifier in a vehicle, you can use it in your baby’s room, toilet, desktop, or even your bedroom. The gadget will never fail to impress, and you will keep coming back to the purifier.


The device features HEPA filters that can effectively remove fine particles as small as 0.3 microns. Due to the filters, the gadget can remove PM 2.5, which helps in improving the overall health. It also boasts of negative ion generator technology, which features 360o air inlet filter design. The air purifier can release up to 4 million negative ions per second, without releasing the harmful ozone. Apart from filtering the fine particles, the air purifier helps in emotional lifting. You will never repent the decision to buy the product from Jaywayne.

Ease of operation

It features a one-touch smart switch for switching on and off the device. The air purifier comes with three modes including, sleep mode, spray mode, and comfort mode. It also boasts of the high-quality motor, which provides a noiseless operation allowing you to drive without facing distractions. Furthermore, the purifier works with a 5V USB and supports all the standard USB power supply.

Ease of maintenance

The air purifier filters are easy to maintain because you can replace them with ease.



It’s one of a kind air purifier because it’s compact, portable, sleek, and stylish. Due to the lightweight nature, you THE THREE MUSKETEERS III Air Purifiercan easily carry the device from one car to another. Also, the device can cover an area up to 6 square meters, making it perfect for any vehicle. Interestingly, it features a nightlight function, which can work as a nightstand in the car or your room. Using the nightlight, you can quickly locate the air purifier at night. Unlike other air purifiers, this one can remove 99% of indoor pollutants, making it one of the best air purifiers available in the market. You will never repent the decision of buying the air purifier because it provides you clean air while driving.


It boasts of a unique three-stage filtration system comprising of a true HEPA filter, activated carbon, and filtration of mesh. In the first stage, you can effectively remove 99.97% of odor, pollen, germ mold, pet dander, and even smoke. It improves air quality. It can remove particles as small as 0.3 microns.  The next stage is the activated carbon, which further enhances the air purification process. Furthermore, the last stage comprises filtration mesh, which cleans out the remaining airborne particles.

Ease of operation

The device works using a simple ON/OFF button and uses an input of 5V. You can also connect the gadget to 10,000mAh mobile power, and it will work for 10 hours without any issue.

Other features

Air purifier comes with 3-stage fan speed, including sleep mode, high-mode, and even speed mode. Using the three fan speed, you can effectively filter out all the airborne particles and other unwanted odors from the car. Furthermore, it boasts of a noiseless operation allowing you to drive the car without facing any distraction. It emits sound less than 30dB, which is as good as silent operation.

Ease of maintenance

The filter is easy to remove and replace, thereby helping you maintain the device without spending too many dollars.


10. Enoch Car Air Purifier

Are you tired of breathing impure air every time you enter your vehicle? If yes, you need a good quality air purifier Enoch Car Air Purifierlike the one from Enoch. The purifier is a new way of cleaning out the air and providing fresh air while driving. Apart from removing airborne particles and harmful bacteria, the air purifier enhances blood circulation by improving the flow of oxygen. Also, the purifier works as a great air freshener because it’s a powerful odor eliminator. Furthermore, the air purifier comes in three different colors, including rose gold, black, and silver. For the price you pay, you will never face any disappointment because it will effectively remove all the impure particles from the air.


This 2-in-1 car purifier provides filtration through ionization and works as a fantastic air freshener. The device can release up to 5.5 million negative ions. It purifies the air by attaching to the positively charged particles. The combination of negative and positive ions forms a dense particle, which cannot float in the air for a long time. When the dust particles fall, you automatically breathe fresh air. Furthermore, the efficiency rate of the gadget is 99%, as it removes odor, smell, and dust. It can remove benzene and formaldehyde from the air, thereby protecting your lungs.

Fragrance and odor

The air purifier produces an odor similar to the smell of the first rainfall. It also releases ozone that helps in neutralizing the odor from the car. Furthermore, the quantity of ozone released is within the permissible limit, and it will not affect your health in any way.

Other features

The device boasts of a blue LED light on the top, which glows in the night and helps you to locate the purifier in the night. Furthermore, it comes with a dual 2.1 A USB port, which allows you to provide robust and fast charging. Apart from keeping the cabin fresh, it improves the aesthetics and looks of the car.


The company offers a 1-year manufacturing warranty on the air purifier.


11. QUEENTY HEPA Car Air purifier

The compact and elegant looking car air purifier is a perfect addition for those who hate pet danders, odors, and QUEENTY HEPA Car Air purifierdust particles in their car. It creates a fresh-smelling fragrance, which enhances the driving experience. Furthermore, it’s perfect for those who suffer from allergies, asthma, sneezing, cough, and even stuffiness. It not only allows you to breathe fresh air, but it helps in enhancing the aesthetics of the car. When used regularly, the gadget can work for six months, after which you need to change the air filter. Furthermore, for the price you pay, the purifier offers excellent filtration properties.


It’s a three-stage filtration air purifier comprising of pre-filter, HEPA filter, an activated carbon filter. The combination of these three-stages helps in removing 99.9% pollen, smoke, dust, dirt, and even odor. It can also filter out particles as small as 0.3 microns and effectively removes PM2.5 from the air. However, the gadget doesn’t release any ozone or UV light, thereby making it environment friendly.


It comes with a crystal body featuring dual fans in the air outlet. Queenty has an elegant looking body and features a base made from stainless steel. Furthermore, it comes with anti-slip rubber mats that protect the car from potential damage due to friction. It also has eight LED indicator lights that are on when the purifier is filtering the air.

Ease of operation

When connected to a cigarette lighter, the device automatically starts. It uses DC 12-24V dual port charge, which helps in saving power. Furthermore, it produces a sound level of less than 55 dB, which will not distract you while driving. Due to the low sound level, the air purifier provides a peaceful and restful environment.

Other features

If you want a desired fragrance in the car, you can add your favorite essential oil in the diffuser and enjoy the smell while on the move. Furthermore, it has a CADR rate of 50 for both dust and powder.


12. econoLED Car Humidifier

A majority of the people who use diffusers are often worried about damaging the interior of their car. But, the econoLED Car HumidifiereconoLED car humidifier is different because it doesn’t produce any liquid that can potentially harm the leather seats or the memory foam. It’s an advanced diffuser, which removes all the harmful chemicals and bacteria from the inside of the car. Interestingly, the company offers a one-year replacement warranty meaning that if something goes wrong, you don’t have to spend any money unnecessarily. Apart from killing bacteria, it can remove smoke, dust, and even purify unpleasant odor and bad smell. For the price you pay, it’s one of the most advanced diffusers available in the market.


The car diffuser from econoLED can work as a humidifier and an aroma diffuser. To start the process, you have to fill the device with water along with one-two drops of essential oil. However, remember not to use more than two drops of essential oil as it can block the outlet of the air. The smell of the essential oil helps in relieving the mood and removing everyday tension. Furthermore, the device emits a cool mist, which adds additional moisture to the air. It helps in eliminating sinuses, dry skin, lips, and coughs. Apart from producing your favorite fragrance, the air purifier removes harmful bacteria, germs, and viruses.


The gadget comes with a 2-hour automatic power off, which automatically shuts down the system to prevent problems when the purifier runs out of water. The water tank has a capacity of 50 ml and boasts of a spray volume of 25 ml/hour. Furthermore, the water tank can rotate at 180 degrees and features advanced mist technology. Apart from being laden with the latest technology, the purifier results in the fresh air, which you can breathe while driving.

Other features

To further improve the aesthetics of your car, the purifier comes in two distinct and bright colors. Furthermore, you have to plug into your DC jack swivel in a direction you want to spray the diffuser.


13. FRiEQ Car Air Purifier

Without a doubt, your car’s interior is a hub for germs, bacteria, and unwanted harmful chemicals. If you’re facing FRiEQ Car Air Purifierregular smell problems, you require a good quality air purifier like the one from FRiEQ. It’s a great value option because it helps in the powerful removal of odor, bacteria, and even viruses. You drive in a clean environment every time you use the FRiEQ air freshener. Irrespective of the size of your car, the purifier will clean out any amount of polluted air from the vehicle. Unlike other purifiers, the lifespan of the product is 12-months because it doesn’t feature a replaceable or cleanable filter. However, due to the low price point, you will not mind replacing the purifier. You will never repent the decision of buying the air purifier from FRiEQ.

Design characteristics

FRiEQ is an elegant looking microphone shaped purifier, which features a crystal decoration on the top. It boasts of a stylish barrel design at the bottom, thereby enhancing the look of the car’s interior. The blue LED light improves auto decorating and lets you know whether the device is on or off. Also, the overall design is lightweight and compact, allowing you to use it in any car.


The purifier works by creating a natural flavor in the car, and it does this by removing the dispelling bad odor, eliminating bacteria, and killing the harmful viruses. It’s an ionizer, which releases 4.8 million negative ions for every cubic centimeter. Due to the ionization, the gadget can remove PM2.5 particles by generating a safe amount of ozone. It can effectively reduce benzene, formaldehyde, leather, smell, and other harmful gases.

Ease of operation

The purifier doesn’t feature any buttons or controls. You have to plug-in the device in the cigarette outlet, and you are good to go. Unplug the device when you feel the air inside is fresh and healthy to breathe.


14. MELISSA’S AIR EFFECT- Car Air Purifier

The air purifier might be small, but it,s loaded with features that can effectively remove microbes, dust, and all MELISSA’S AIR EFFECT- Car Air Purifierairborne allergens. Also, the small gadget is perfect for getting rid of the nasty cigarette smoke and petrol smell. It will protect you from environmental pollution and ensure a healthy driving environment. Furthermore, the device is easy to charge as it comes with a 2.1A dual USB port that you can use for charging your mobile phones and other small electronic gadgets. This car purifier from Melissa is worth a try, and you will keep coming back to it. For the price you pay, the gadget offers some unique features that will keep you miles away from respiratory problems.


Melissa understands the requirement if modern-day vehicles and uses the ionizer for filtering out unwanted particles from the air. The device can emit 5.6 million negative ions, which attracts the positively charged ions such as dander, dust, vapor, smoke, and allergens. When a negative charge ion combines with a positive ion, the particles become too heavy to float in the air. They can no longer harm the body. Interestingly, it releases negative ions with a safe amount of ozone. As a result, the purifier can remove PM2.5, VOCs, and even formaldehyde. The device makes use of multi-needlepoint ionization for maximum ion release and air purification.

Coverage area

The gadget can effectively purify the air in an area less than 15m3. Due to the small size and coverage area, it’s perfect for improving the air quality in the car.

Other features

It boasts of an LED indicator that glows every time the device is working. The faint light helps you locate the device and charger in the night. Furthermore, the USB charger is compatible with iOS, Android, and other devices, thereby allowing you to charge the air purifier anywhere.


15. MILI Car portable Air Purifier

Another filter on a budget is the Mili car purifier, which not only removes the harmful air-borne germs but also MILI Car portable Air Purifieroutputs a pleasant smell for an enriching driving experience. It uses the latest technology because of which it can remove dust, pollens, smoke, and much more. Due to the compact size, you can place the device in your car’s cup holder and ensure a healthy surrounding. Along with the purifier, Mili provides a 12V cigarette lighter and a USB 5V charger for charging the portable device. When you buy the device, you’re covered by the 12-month warranty. Also, the company provides a 100% satisfaction guarantee on the product, or you can return the product.


It comes with a HEPA filter and ionizer, which effectively filters the air inside the car. The double purification method helps you breathe fresh air every time you drive. With a CADR of 15m3/h, the device can filter out PM 2.5, odor, pet dander, smoke, dust, allergies pollen, and even air-borne particles. Furthermore, the filter has a capacity of covering up to 15m2 of area, making it perfect for your vehicle. Interestingly, it has an aroma function at the bottom wherein you can place the essential oil. The device slowly releases the perfume as the purification process begins.

 Ease of operation

Unlike many filters that require pushing of buttons to change the settings, you can control the device by moving the hand above the screen. While the device is working, you can change the speed using gesture control. You can gesture control the device to shut off when not in use.


The device emits less than 25 dB of sound, making it a noiseless purifier. Instead of getting disturbed by the unwanted noises, you can drive with concentration while the purifier does its job.

Other features

It features an LED screen display, which displays the level of PM 2.5. The screen allows you to monitor the air quality level. It shows an air quality index ranging from 0 to 25.