Car vacuum cleaners come in many designs and forms, the most common of which is the handheld car vacuum. Top 15 Best Car Vacuum Cleaners in 2018 cleaner.
Car vacuum cleaners come in many designs and forms, the most common of which is the handheld car vacuum. Top 15 Best Car Vacuum Cleaners in 2018 cleaner.
Continuous usage of weak or poor-condition batteries can cause damage to the internal parts of the engine. The low voltage can lead to overheating, resulting in potential damage to the engine’s function.

Choosing the right battery brand is critical for your car’s operation since it is one of those components of the vehicle your car needs to operate effectively. A good-quality car battery is not only necessary for getting better performance but also for enhancing engine capacity. But what makes a battery better than the rest? This article explores exactly that.

Short on Time – Here’s a Quick Summary

Based on our research and international battery safety standards, we have listed the 10 best car battery brands you will regret missing – 1. Odyssey 2. Duracell 3. Century Yuasa 4. ACDelco 5. Bosch 6. Varta 7. Exide 8. Energizer 9. Optima 10. Powerline.
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Things to Consider While Selecting a Car Battery

Choosing a high-quality battery is essential for a reliable and long-lasting ride. However, it gets challenging for automotive drivers to get the correct battery suitable to their vehicles’ needs. This section will guide you through selecting the right battery for your car.

Car vacuum cleaners come in many designs and forms, the most common of which is the handheld car vacuum. Top 15 Best Car Vacuum Cleaners in 2018 cleaner.
While today most car batteries are maintenance-free, it is recommended to get your battery tested by a mechanic every year once it is 2 years old.
Car vacuum cleaners come in many designs and forms, the most common of which is the handheld car vacuum. Top 15 Best Car Vacuum Cleaners in 2018 cleaner.

Consider the following things while selecting a car battery.

Battery specifications

The first thing to consider is your battery’s specifications according to your car’s requirements. You can find them in your owner’s manual. A battery should be according to your car and your driving needs.

  • Size: The size of the battery according to your car make and model, as any battery that is too small or too big won’t fit in your car.
  • Battery Age/ Life Expectancy: The car’s battery life defines how long a battery will work under regular operation. Don’t risk getting a low-quality battery that can’t guarantee life expectancy.
  • Reserve Capacity: It indicates how long a battery can run a vehicle if the charging system fails. Batteries with higher reserve capacity can supply power for almost 2 hours.
  • Cold-Cranking Amps (CCA): These indicate how well a battery can start an engine in cold weather.
  • Warranty: Warranty can also be a deciding factor as it indicates the quality of a battery. A more extended warranty refers to better batteries.

Battery Maintenance

You can purchase two types of batteries today according to your choice.

  • Maintenance Free: These batteries have the advantage of worry-free operation since there is no need for electrolyte monitoring. Usually, these batteries come at a higher cost than others.
  • Maintenance Required: These batteries are usually cheaper but require battery monitoring. You will have to check the electrolyte levels and maintain them.

Standards and Certifications

Different countries have regulations and mandatory certifications for car batteries that ensure the battery meets all the transportation safety requirements and standards set by the government and regulatory bodies. Some of these include.

  • UL Certification: UL-certified batteries signify that they have been tested to meet nationally-recognized safety standards.
  • IEC 60086: This international standard requires battery manufacturers to ensure battery function and safety.
  • SAE: Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) standard has set a minimum set of criteria acceptable for lithium-based battery systems used in a vehicle.
  • UN/DOT 38.3. It is testing that ensures the safety of lithium batteries during transportation. The transport of these batteries is subject to national and international regulations.
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What are the Top Car Battery Brands?

High-quality and certified car batteries enhance your car’s performance and have the ability to support various car systems. In addition, regular battery maintenance and replacement ensure cost savings and enhance the car’s efficacy.

Battery inspection should be a part of your car maintenance, as being mindful of your maintenance ensures battery longevity and improved car performance.

Go through the following list to learn about the best battery brands and their different series.


Odyssey is one the best battery brands that produce a good range of battery series, including Performance Series, Extreme Series, and Pro Series. All Odyssey batteries are high-performance and provide enormous cranking power and deep cycle reserve power. Thanks to its sealed AGM design. Odyssey batteries never need to have any water or electrolyte. Its best batteries include.

  • Odyssey 34/78-PC1500DT: Best for extreme temperatures, Odyssey 34/78-PC1500DT is highly temperature tolerant. It can even operate at temperatures ranging from -40°C to 45°C. As claimed by the company, this battery has double the power and triple the life of conventional batteries.
  • Odyssey PC680: The Odyssey PC680 battery, red top, has a longer service life than other batteries ranging from 3 to 10 years. It has the highest recharge efficiency and is vibration resistant. Moreover, Odyssey PC680 is extremely temperature tolerant.


Regarding car batteries, Duracell delivers top-performance batteries that are reliable and durable. It has a variety of car batteries that provide excellent capacity performance and cold-cranking amps. Different series of Duracell batteries include Advanced, Starter, Extreme EFB, and Extreme AGM. Duracell batteries offer optimum power and are ideal for modern vehicles. Two of its best batteries are given below.

  • Duracell Starter DS44: This Duracell battery is ideal for car owners looking for an optimal price and performance ratio. It uses modern full calcium technology and ensures leak protection.
  • Duracell Advanced DA 70: This battery is well-suited for modern car demands and provides improved starting power. Additionally, it protects against backfire, providing optimized cold cranking values.


Yuasa is responsible for producing top-quality automotive batteries. Also, Yuasa car batteries are built with dependable starting power and provide the best performance to handle modern vehicle demands. Moreover, its batteries excel in reliability and long-lasting capabilities. Packed with the latest technology, Yuasa batteries are designed for stress-free power. Moreover, all batteries are NCC verified. Two of its best batteries include.

  • Yuasa Silver 5000 Battery Range: This range of Yuasa batteries is suitable for car owners looking for high-performance batteries. Yuasa Silver 5000 range has a sealed, maintenance-free design with improved starting performance.
  • Yuasa YBX9000: Best for large cars, Yuasa YBX9000 is filled with additional starting power required for more powerful vehicles. It can even provide up to 360,000 engine starts.


Known for high performance, ACDelco batteries are certified and meet all the required industry standards. Its battery can even withstand corrosive situations. Moreover, ACDelco batteries have large reservoirs that can hold a charge for several years. Below are two of its best batteries.

  • ACDelco Gold B24R Battery: This battery features an Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) design and is well-suited for hybrid vehicles that need optimal performance. Its valve-regulated gas recombinant technology can provide improved cycle life and durability.
  • ACDelco GOLD (Professional) 42-Month Battery: This ACDelco battery is suitable for various applications, including cars and trucks. It is designed to protect against road vibrations that extend battery life. Also, it can deliver 42 months of maintenance-free performance.


Bosch is a brand that produces reliable and premium car batteries. It consists of different batteries, including S3 Value Performance, S4 Quality Performance, S5 Premium Power, and S6 High-Performance AGM. For older vehicles, S3 can prove to be the right choice. Its high-performance batteries include.

  • Bosch S4 096: Bosch S4 096 is one of the most popular bosch batteries from the S4 series. As stated by the brand, this battery is two times more efficient in terms of performance than other standard car batteries.
  • Bosch S5 A08: This battery is suitable for larger cars and perfectly combines power and performance. Moreover, it has a capacity of 70 Ah. The Bosch AGM technology ensures a longer service battery life.

Bosch is my go-to brand when it comes to car batteries. They offer high-performance car batteries and excellent customer service. I used the S5 Bosch battery in my BMW, and my car hasn’t skipped a beat, with no dimming lights or anything. So far, there has been no problem.


Varta produces many durable and reliable automotive batteries trusted by drivers globally. Its batteries are designed to improve thermal stability. Moreover, Varta batteries use EFB-enhanced technology that doesn’t require the deep-cycling present in an AGM battery. Its best batteries include.

  • Varta Blue Dynamic C22: Designed for small and medium cars, Varta Blue Dynamic C22 meets all the OEM criteria. Moreover, it offers extra starting power and high performance for much longer.
  • Varta D15 Silver Dynamic 027: Perfect for non-start-stop technology, Varta D15 offers superior starting power, meeting the toughest energy demands without compromise. It is well-suited for highly equipped cars.


Exide offers reliable car batteries with excellent spill-resistant characteristics. It is the go-to brand for most car owners due to its quality and reliability. Moreover, you can choose from a vast range of Exide batteries, including Exide Gold, EPIQ, Matrix, Express, and more. In addition, Exide offers reliable warranty protection for its batteries, which can be replaced easily in a rare situation of battery breakdown. Its best batteries include.

  • Exide 096 AGM Battery: Exide 096 AGM is a powerful car battery that offers high performance and is backed by a three-year guarantee. Moreover, it is suitable for cars featuring a stop-start functionality.
  • Exide EA612 Premium Battery: Exide EA612 is a high-quality battery with a cold cranking current of 600A. Moreover, it recharges up to 1.5 times faster.


Energizer is another best battery brands that provide reliable starting power and durability to fulfill your vehicle’s battery needs. A special safety lid in each Exide battery helps protect the battery and engine from sparks. As claimed by the manufacturer, Exide premium batteries can recharge twice as fast as conventional batteries, with extended withholding power. Two of its best battery variants are given below.

  • Energizer Premium Max AGM: This battery entails a combination of high-quality and premium performance. It offers higher service life and reliability for SUVs and mid-range vehicles. Moreover, AGM technology fulfills the energy demands of start-stop vehicles.
  • Energizer Plus: Energizer Plus is well-suited to the demands of mid-range vehicles and provides enough starting power to conventional cars. It uses stamped grid technology and is maintenance-free.


Optima batteries are AGM lead-acid batteries and are considered an excellent choice by many automotive drivers. The company makes three types of batteries – Red Top, Blue Top, and Yellow Top. Each of them is designed with a particular purpose in mind. Optima batteries are leak-free and tend to last longer than other batteries.

  • Optima 35 RedTop: Optima RedTop comes in different sizes and is designed for all types of vehicles and weather conditions. Moreover, It delivers more enhanced starting power than other batteries.
  • Optima BlueTop: Available in two versions, Optima BlueTop, fulfills different vehicle needs. Also, it is available in various sizes and is maintenance-free.
  • Optima YellowTop: As claimed by the producer, Optima YellowTop is one of those batteries with dual-use capabilities. It is ideal for vehicles having complex electrical accessories and features.


DieHard manufactures batteries that meet modern vehicle demands and last longer. They use the latest technology to help improve the vehicle’s performance. Different DieHard battery variants include DieHard Red, Gold, Platinum, and DieHard Platinum AGM. Its best batteries include.

  • DieHard Gold 640 CCA: This battery is designed to supply maximum power even in adverse climatic conditions. It will reliably work in both hot and cold weather.
  • DieHard 38188 Advanced Gold AGM: This battery features a spill-proof design and is reliable for severe weather conditions. Moreover, it uses AGM technology for high power and performance.
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The below table provides more information about the best battery brands.

Battery BrandsEstablishedQualitiesBattery TypeBattery StandardsAverage LifeOverall rating
Odyssey1996High power, ReliableSealed Valve Regulated Lead AcidDOT, IEC3-5 years4.1
Duracell1924High-quality, Long-lastingSealed Valve Regulated Lead AcidBIS certified ANSI IEC4-5 years4.0
Yuasa$1917Superior power, Corrosion resistantLithium-ion lead-acidUKAS BCI SAE3-5 years4.2
ACDelco1916Self discharge, Corrosion resistantAGMIEC, SAE4-5 years4.1
Bosch1886Long lifespan, Temp-variable resistance, Spill-freeLead-acidIEC UL8-9 years4.5
Varta1887Longer life, Less corrosionFlooded Lead-acidDIN IEC SAE5-6 years4.5
Exide1888Robust design, High reliabilityFlooded lead-acidISO/IEC4-6 years4.1
Energizer1896Vibration resistantLithium-ion lead-acidANSI IEC4-5 years4.2
Optima1972High starting power, High performanceSpiralcell technology AGMIEC ANSI4 years4.3
DieHard1967Better lifespan, Reliable, High starting powerFlooded lead-acid and AGMANSI IEC3-5 years4.2

Here is a list of a few trustworthy brands that couldn’t make it to our top battery brands but are worth mentioning.

  • XS-Power: XS Power batteries are good enough to provide sufficient power to your cars. Moreover, they can handle high vibrations and are available for power sports, marine, racing, passenger vehicles, etc.
  • ExpertPower: These batteries are excellent and lightweight. ExpertPower has 3 batteries, including LifePO4, Power Station, and Sealed Lead Acid, all serving different purposes.
  • NAPA: Napa is another worth-mentioning battery brand that offers highly-durable and dependable service batteries. 
  • Powerline: Powerline offers a wide variety of batteries for cars and trucks. Being an affordable battery brand, Powerline ensures to cut down on costs while maintaining quality. Moreover, Powerline car batteries are designed to cope with modern vehicle demands.
  • Interstate: Interstate is one the best battery brands in the industry that produces maintenance-free batteries. Its batteries are available for different applications, such as RVs, agricultural, automotive, and garden autos.
  • Antigravity Batteries: Antigravity batteries are among the lightweight car batteries that offer twice the cranking power of a standard lead-acid battery. Moreover, Antigravity’s internal protection and monitor keep you protected.
  • Shield Batteries: Shield batteries are made up using the latest technology in design and quality materials. They deliver reliable and high-performance batteries available for different applications.
  • Duralast: Duralast batteries offer high performance and longer battery life. Its Gold range offers superior power and reliability.
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Car battery Brands to Avoid

While there are several good battery brands, a few battery brands are not worth spending money on them. This section will provide information about those batteries you should avoid.

  • SF Sonic Battery: Batteries of this brand are not good enough to be used in cars. Also, their batteries are more prone to failure. And the worst part is their service.
  • Livfast Battery: Livfast produces low-quality batteries and has poor customer service. Also, their replacement warranties are not what they claim.
  • Century Batteries: Century brands used to be reliable in the past but not anymore. The batteries it produces must be put up to the level and get dead early even before its warranty.
  • Biltema Batteries: The quality of Biltema products is dropping day by day. They have yet to deliver high-quality products. Also, their customer service is poor. 

Drawbacks of Using Low-Quality Car Battery

People often look for cheap battery brands without understanding the damage they can provide to them and their vehicles. Typically, products sold at low prices can sometimes be problematic. So, it’s always recommended to maintain the quality, no matter how high you have to pay. Battery explosions cause over 22,000 injuries a year. According to NHTSA, battery-related problems became the cause of almost 66% of accidents in Germany.

Some drawbacks of using low-quality batteries are given below.

  • Low-quality batteries are often made from substandard parts that can cause damage to your vehicle and engine’s internal components.
  • Possibility of low power supply even if they are correctly charged.
  • They lack a warranty, meaning you can’t get them replaced for free if minor damage occurs.
  • Cheap car batteries may save money instantly, but the need to charge batteries or replace them may add extra cost to your pocket in the long run.
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Batteries are essential as they provide sufficient power for your vehicles to start and operate. The battery brands mentioned above, including Optima, Yuasa, Duracell, Bosch, etc., are all reputable and produce high-quality car batteries. Never compromise on your car’s power supply; always use the best battery brand to ensure maximum output.

However, the choice of battery depends on your car’s needs. Therefore, before purchasing any recommended batteries, you should check your car’s battery specification in the owner’s manual to avoid further inconvenience.


A new car battery can last up to 2 weeks without driving. However, driving your car at least 30 minutes a week is recommended. It would be better if you could start your engine daily.

Generally, starting an engine in hot weather is easier than in the cold. Cold-cranking amps refer to the ability of batteries to start in cold weather. Most vehicles may need between 250 – 650 cold-cranking amps, depending on your engine’s size.

The reserve capacity of a battery is a measurement of time that defines the number of minutes a fully charged battery can deliver 25 amps of current before it is fully discharged.

Generally, it will take about 2 to 4 hours to charge a car battery to start the engine. However, charging it with a 4-8 amperes charge will take about 10-24 hours. Therefore, you should recharge your battery slowly to maximize its life.

There can be various reasons for this. The most common include electrical devices, lights left running, a defective alternator or charging system, or maybe extreme weather. Also, if your car battery is draining fast, it’s time to get a battery replacement.