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Expertise & Passion

We are a team of auto mechanics, qualified mechanical engineers, and car enthusiasts. We all share a passion for cars and vehicles in general – electric and hybrid ones included too!

Our Goals

We aim to provide accurate and up-to-date information about common and uncommon automotive issues. We also share interesting automotive news and facts based on research and statistics from a wide array of credible sources.

Our articles and guides are based on automotive and mechanic expertise and backed by thorough, fact and science-based research. We aim to help like-minded car owners and enthusiasts make the most out of their vehicles and resolve any issues they may face promptly, effectively, and economically. The technical aspects of cars and vehicles are full of jargon and technical intricacies. One of our goals is to demystify and simplify vehicle terms and functions, so more car owners understand them.

Purpose & Ethos

Ultimately, we believe that well-informed and educated drivers are safer drivers. And this constitutes the ethos and purpose of our blog.

Andrew Ray
Chief Editor

Andrew is an automotive technician with 10 years of experience mainly in American and Japanese cars, covering everything from routine vehicle maintenance and engine inspections to tire rotation.