In this day and age, a car is more of a necessity than a luxury, which doesn’t mean that you can’t upgrade your car’s features to be luxurious. This is primarily meant for the sound system.

There’s nothing better than driving with awesome car speakers which let you forget everything and enjoy the ride even more. But common myth is 2-way vs 3-way speakers, which is the best for your car.

There are certain types of car speakers, and truth be told, they’ve different features. So how do you know is 2-way or 3-way car speakers are more suitable for your car?

Well, it’s simple really, all you have to read this article!

Speakers Sound Mechanism: How Does It Work

Speakers’ Sound Mechanism

Thanks to the different degrees of the sound wave, there are different effects speakers can produce. 2-way and 3-way speakers, specifically, adopt these differences and are able to produce different sound waves.

Shorter wavelengths are produced with higher pitches, whereas longer ones are created with low pitches. This is the main difference between different kinds of speakers.

What is a 2-Way Speaker?

The 2-way speaker is more commonly known as the co-axial speaker. It’s a unique combination of a woofer and a tweeter. Instead of the woofer, sometimes a large speaker is used.

The woofer is able to produce lower frequencies (from 3 KHz to 20 KHz), whereas the tweeter produces sounds of higher frequencies (from 30 hertz to 60 hertz). This allows the 2-way speaker to cover a lot of ground when it comes to wave sounds.

What is a 3-Way Speaker?

We have the 3-way speaker which is the combination of the two aforementioned features with another component added. This component is called mid-range. You might know this speaker better under the name “tri-axial speaker”.

It’s able to produce a frequency from 160 hertz to 5.3 KHz! The added component is there to balance the two amplitudes. It creates sounds which seem normal to the human ear and thereby generates the giant slope.

If more detailed sound and an expansion of high pitched frequency is the goal, then a 3-way speaker will have a super tweeter instead of a mid-range.

2-Way vs 3-Way Speakers

2-way and 3-way speakers

There are a few fronts on which we need to compare these two types of speakers in order to establish which one is considered better and more preferable for you and your car.

Keep in mind that these comparisons are based on the speakers’ specifications and that your preference might disagree, which is completely fine.

1. Size

Believe it or not, size definitely makes a huge impact on the quality of sound you will receive. The bigger the speaker, the better it’s able to maintain and produce the desired sound waves.

This is because a large woofer or speakers is able to accommodate more air movement when getting the bass frequency, for instance. That being said, you should know that the larger speaker doesn’t allow for faster air movement. And this is definitely required for high quality performances.

It’s the tweeters job to handle the speed of the air, and the smaller it is, the better. And the mid-range component is, like its name says, mid-range. It’s smaller than a speaker or woofer but larger than a tweeter.

So now that you know how size contributes to the sound, you can see how the 2-way and 3-way speakers are able to produce the sound waves on aforementioned frequencies.

2. Drivers

Drivers are also an important feature when it comes to the quality of sound.

2-way speakers have two drivers. One is in charge of frequencies which go into the tweeter, while the other controls the low and mid-range frequencies.

On the other hand, we have the 3-way speaker which has three drivers: those mentioned with the 2-way speaker and an extra one. This extra one gives it a bit of an edge, as this driver intercepts the low to mid-range input.

As we’ve said, this contributes to the making of sounds more natural for the human ears.

This is because the driver comes with a bunch of filters which intercept the various ranges. Let’s not forget that the 3-way speaker also has another component for detailing.

What is a Crossover?

The crossover is responsible for splitting the audible frequency between different speakers. Though, what’s inconvenient is that it tends to taper off and both ends of the frequency. This means that it isn’t able to split the ranges at the beginning and ending of a specific frequency.

This issue is the reason why it’s so important that your speakers are finely tuned and that they have a good output so as to avoid the overlapping.

The crossover device maintains the balance of sound by throwing away either too little or too much sound. So if you want your speakers to be finely tuned, remember to set the crossover option.

Our article so far has shown that the 3-way speaker is able to perform better due to its extra features, but it’s the proper set up of the crossover which determines the best quality of sound.

You’ll need to pay attention to its quality, cabinet, design, and match for the speakers.

Which is Preferable?

If you take into account all the factors we have provided above, you’ll be quick to say that the 3-way speaker is better for you and your car. But don’t be too sure. The crossover is very important, and because of it, it doesn’t really matter if you have a high quality 2-way speaker or an average 3-way speaker.

You should also take into account what kind of music you’re going to be listening to. What’s more, remember that there are various speakers of both kinds and that you should do your research before purchasing any.

Then, once you’ve done these steps and taken everything into consideration, you’ll be able to say which of these two speakers you prefer.

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And with that, we mark the end of this article. Hopefully, you’ve learned something new and are now ready to apply it to your car. As you already know, car speakers are truly one of the best ways to upgrade your vehicle and give your friends something to talk about.

Just imagine, the wind in your hair, driving down the highway without a care in the world, all the while your speakers are booming your favorite tunes of the highest quality.

Prepare to enjoy the ride!